Terpenes, Tinctures and the Entourage Effect

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What are Terpenes?* . Essential oils contain terpenes which all plants create. Terpenes define the smell and flavor of a particular cultivar even effecting its euphoric properties when combined with phytocannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD). Breaking down Terpenes.

Comparing the Effects of Tinctures vs Edibles


Tinctures and edibles are great products for people who want to add cannabinoids to their wellness regimen but prefer to stay away from inhaling vapor or smoke. Here is an overview of cannabis tinctures vs edibles, including a comparison between the effects of each.


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Terpenes in Cannabis: A Patient Overview

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The reason why it has such an effect on so many conditions is due in large part to the presence of terpenes within the plant and how these terpenes interact not only with other substances in the plant but with our own bodies through the endocannabinoid system. CBD Terpene Tinctures.

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures Properly


Cannabis tinctures offer a host of benefits. However, in order to get the most from your experience, it is imperative to learn how to use cannabis tinctures properly. How to Use a THC or CBD Tincture. How to Consume Cannabis Tinctures. 1 mg of THC tinctures.

What is the Difference Between Edibles and Tinctures?

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Did you know that more than 48 million people in the United States of America use cannabis tinctures and other cannabis products? Two of the most popular options in 2022 are tinctures and edibles. What Are Tinctures? Order Your Medicinal Tinctures Today.

Best strains and terpenes for ADHD

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To find the best kind of cannabis for you, focus on the cannabinoid and terpene profiles, rather than the strain names. There isn’t one “good strain” for ADHD- it’s a combination of the right cannabinoids, terpenes, and your personal preference. Best terpenes for ADHD.

Tips to help you choose the right cannabis terpene

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This functionality and differentiation are where terpenes come in. Terpenes are now a crucial factor that is helping many manufacturers to successfully bring their products to market. This post provides tips to help you choose the right cannabis terpene. .

Escape Artists Sleep Tincture Debuts in Colorado Market, Advancing Targeted Cannabinoid Wellness

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The Sleep Tincture is Escape Artists’ First Foray Into Dedicated Sleep Products With an Expanded Cannabinoid Profile. The lemon-chamomile Sleep Tincture is a targeted calming formulation containing 1.2mg of THC, along with CBD, CBN, CBG and select terpenes.

Full-Spectrum Tinctures Are Becoming The New Hotshot of the Weed Town! Here’s How!

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The full spectrum cannabidiol products encompass different cannabis plant extracts, terpenes, goodnesses of essential oils , and much more. For today, we are going to put some light over full-spectrum tinctures. . What is a full spectrum tincture?

Green-Flower Media—Things You Never Knew About Cannabis Tinctures

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9 Things You Never Knew about Cannabis Tinctures. “ Cannabis tinctures are quickly becoming the go-to delivery method for a lot of people. Cannabis tinctures are one of the best, most underrated delivery methods for cannabis. 1) Tinctures are an age-old remedy.

Gummies, tinctures, and a whole lot more for the people


Here’s why we love Koi CBD’s tinctures, gummies, and a whole host of other innovative products. Tasty tinctures. Koi’s most iconic product has to be their CBD tinctures. Cannabis tinctures 101: How to make, consume, and dose them. Presented By. Koi CBD. March 18, 2021.

Can CBD, CBN, THC and TERPENES help restore sleep cycles?

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Can CBD, CBN, THC and TERPENES help restore sleep cycles? Both cannabinoids and terpenes have sedating effects, which help people sleep 30 minutes sooner than before. Linalool – a lavender-scented terpene helps to increase the adenosine (sedating hormone) and drive people to sleep. Taking a CBD tincture is yet another option for you. But the most important ones are cannabinoids and terpenes, which we will discuss today.

Sleep 62

8 Reasons Why Adding Cannabis Tinctures Helps Prevent & Relieve Chronic Symptoms So You Can Feel and Perform Your Best Everyday


So, why in the world would anybody choose to use oral forms of cannabis like a tincture, oil drops, and capsules or topicals like gels, balms, and lotions? In my experience, tinctures and infused oil drops are cannabis’s most underutilized, underrated, and underappreciated form.

Hemp, Inc. Releases Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls Infused with Hemp Terpenes

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OTC PINK: HEMP), one of the leading innovators in the CBD/CBG market, presents its third new powerhouse product from its highly potent CBD/CBG portfolio: Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls infused with bold, aromatic Hemp Terpenes. April 07, 2022 13:29 ET | Source: Hemp, Inc.

The Best Pre Roll Brand in 2021: Meet Project Fusion

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For more information on Chemistry’s entire product line of tinctures , cartridges , diamonds , and more, and their impressive line of live resin infused pre-rolls, visit them here. .

Concentrates: A Buyer’s Guide

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In the case of cannabis, ‘the good stuff’ is mostly cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and terpenes. With concentrates, you can mix and match different ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes to produce desired effects, many of which can be useful in treating different ailments.

What to Know About the U.S. Law and Industrial Hemp

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What to Know About the U.S. Law and Industrial Hemp. All cannabis is cannabis, but some cannabis is hemp. To many laypeople, this delineation is exceedingly confusing; after all, much of the Western world has used the term “hemp” to refer to all cannabis for centuries.

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Stories of Hope: From Tragedy to Triumph and Beyond

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We welcomed 2021 and looked forward the year ahead. My hope for you and your family as spring has sprung, is peace, happiness & healing. I am so sorry for the loss of your Corinne and how difficult this was and continues to be. Thank you John, for sharing your journey of grief with us.

Stories of Hope: Sean Kennedy – PTSD to Living Life Again

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Aloha John, I’ve enjoyed the beneficial and empowering information via your email list ever since watching your heartfelt documentary on the myriad wonders of The Sacred Plant. My story with this deeply medicinal herb began a long time ago as a recreational consumer of cannabis.

Stories of Hope: Head Injuries to How I Got MY Life Back

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Emily’s Story of HOPE. My name is Emily and I make use of Medical Cannabis daily to help treat seizures that have come about from multiple head injuries. My first head injury occurred when I was a teenager and was crossing a very busy street while riding my bike.

Stories of Hope: A Tennis Success Story, Ibuprofen to CBD!

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Cannabidiol cannabinoids CBD CBD Terpenes Tincture Chronic Pain endocannabiniod system entourage effect Hemp hope ibuprofen mental health Pain PTSD Stories of Hope Tennis terpenes THC THCA United Patients Group United States Cannabis Laws USTA vitamins

Stories of Hope: Heartbreak, Grief and Hope

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Hi John, I am honored to submit my story of HOPE after I first heard your story several months ago when I was listening to the cancer summit given by Jeff Hays and Dr. Patrick Gentempo. I was very inspired by your talk about how you and your wife helped your father-in-law heal from brain cancer.

Stories of Hope: My Whole Family has Greatly Benefited from Medical Cannabis

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I am in Toronto Ontario. We have federal and provincial legal cannabis laws for medicine and recreation and we can grow our own plants indoors or outside. My whole family has greatly benefited from cannabis use. I have a sister in Texas; I taught her about CBD and she uses it now.

Protected: Concentrates: What are they?

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Cannabidiol cannabinoids CBD CBD Terpenes Tincture CBG CBN Chronic Pain chronic physiological Colorado Colorado Hemp Colorado Hemp CBD COVID-19 endocannabiniod system entourage effect Facebook full spectrum cannabis full spectrum hemp paste Hemp hope mental health Pain PTSD Steve Schultheis Steve's Goods CBD terpenes THC United Patients Group United States Cannabis Laws vitaminsThis content is password protected.

What Is Smokable Hemp Flower & Where Can You Buy It Legally?

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The hemp flower is rich in full-spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, the compound having an enticing smell and relaxing effect, which leads people to use it for smoking purposes. One of the growing trends in the CBD consumption market is hemp flower.

CBD Flower & Medical Cannabis: How to Choose the Right Vaporizer

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Another method of consuming cannabis is through edibles/tinctures. People consume medicinal cannabis using various methods. Some people may prefer smoking cannabis through a bong or even a rolling paper.

How Can CBD Oil Change Mental Health Treatment?

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The medical benefits of cannabis have been known to humanity for a long time now. Using cannabis compounds for medicinal purposes becomes more and more popular as the laws and society awareness changes.

Tips To Finding A Medical Cannabis Doctor You Can Trust

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Tips To Finding A Medical Cannabis Doctor. Cannabis is now legal in most states across the country, which makes it easily accessible to medical and recreational users. Scientific research and patient claims make medical Cannabis an attractive therapeutic option for patients today.

5 Essential Nutrients For Growing Cannabis

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Experienced or not, growing cannabis can be confusing for several reasons. Trying to choose the best nutrients for your cannabis farm doesn’t make things any easier. Look in the market, and you’ll find one too many nutrient companies all producing different fertilizers.

Stories of Hope: Chronic pain for life? But wait, I’m too young…

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Chronic pain for life? But wait, I’m too young…. About 10 years ago, my youngest daughter was terribly injured in a 5 car pile-up on a busy interstate at rush hour. Diagnosed with severe spinal injuries and chronic pain for life, she was devastated emotionally & physically.

Rare Cannabinoid Company Launches New Informational Website On THCV, CBDV, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDA, CBD, Delta-8-THC And Terpenes

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Rare Cannabinoid Company has launched a new website designed to help hemp and cannabis consumers learn how specific rare cannabinoids and terpenes may improve their mental and physical health. Meanwhile, terpenes are oils that also produce certain effects.

Top 5 Dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Not to worry, a cannabis tincture such as OM Elixirs can help your body slow down and prepare for a cozy night in. Top 5 Dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area. Curious what the best cannabis dispensaries in the Bay Area are? Here are our top picks.

Can You Benefit From CBD Oil This Winter?

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For many, winter means harsh weather conditions and the possibility of contracting several health issues. Learn how taking CBD oil can potentially help you manage these issues this winter. There are many useful properties in cannabis. For example, leaves of the hemp plant can be used for smoking.

Oil 74

Stories of Hope: Embarking on a Life-Changing Cancer Journey with my 58-year old son

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Little did I know what a life-changing journey we were embarking on when my 58-year old son Chris was diagnosed with stage 3 CR cancer 2 years ago. He declined surgery, opted for chemo/radiation, and began treating himself with cannabis oil inserted rectally.

Drawbacks to Canada’s New Commercial Micro-Grow License Procedures

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Canada Cannabidiol cannabinoids CBD CBD Terpenes Tincture endocannabiniod system entourage effect Health Canada Hemp Micro-grow license holders terpenes THC United Patients Group vaping

How to Smoke Hemp Flower: Different Ways for Different Perks

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The hemp flower has been one of the most growing trends among cannabis enthusiasts. No doubt, everyone loves the intense sense of awareness that comes with blunts of hemp flowers. In fact, smoking hemp flower is perhaps the best and most effective way to consume CBD.

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Stories of Hope: Living with Lupus but I’m Winning!

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I am a 68 year old woman who was diagnosed with Lupus, five years ago. Prior to that I endured surgeries totaling more than 15! I was taking steroids, anti-rejection drug, high blood pressure as well as other drugs for lupus. Yet, I still was in pain!