Cannabis Oil and Hemp Oil Are Not The Same; The Shocking Differences In Safety


Hemp oil that contains CBD is often sold as a dietary supplement, and is most commonly packaged in small bottles and and applied with a dropper. Cannabis & Hemp Products cannabinoids CBD CBD Oil hemp Marijuana Safety

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ElleVet Sciences Publishes Safety Study On CBD For Animals

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ElleVet Sciences is pleased to announce the results and publication of the first safety study on the use of hemp CBD/CBDA. The 12-week safety study, conducted by Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, DVM, Ph.D., Statistical analysis was performed with a commercially available software package (JMP 12.0,

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Update 7 March 2019: New Resources for Packaging and Labeling of Cannabis and Cannabis Products

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The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) regulations for cannabis, approved and adopted on January 16, 2019, clarified and updated the packaging and labeling requirements for all cannabis and cannabis products sold within California ( §40400-40417 ). Packaging and Labeling FAQs.

US Hemp Roundtable Supplies Open Report / Information Package on Hemp, CBD

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Hemp Roundtable (“the Roundtable”) appreciates the opportunity to provide comments to FDA in response to its request for scientific data and information about the safety, manufacturing, product quality, marketing, labeling, and sale of products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds.

Press Release: “Governor Northam Unveils Bold Criminal Justice Reform Agenda – Legislative package includes marijuana decriminalization, parole reform”

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In addition, the Governor’s legislative package would expand parole consideration to individuals impacted by the Fishback v. This administration continues to demonstrate its dedication to comprehensive criminal justice reform,” said Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian J.

Edibles Safety Q&A with Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer for S?RSE

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RSE Technology around the world of edible safety and here are the highlights of the interview: Can you explain the concept of edibles expiring? That said, they do differ from product to product, which is why it’s important to understand the terminology of packages and labels.

Are You Compliant? A Guide to California’s Cannabis Product Packaging Rules for 2018

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Last week, we spoke about the importance of child resistant packaging to California’s regulations for cannabis packaging. The Importance of Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging. Child-resistant packaging is the centerpiece of California’s cannabis regulations and rightfully so.

Potency of Wisconsin THC Cartridges May Be Higher Than Claimed


A Wisconsin operation that manufactured thousands of vaping cartridges a day may have been packing them with far more THC oil than the packaging claimed, authorities said Wednesday. Industry Politics vape safety wisconsin

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Rep Heck: We’re late to implement the SAFE Banking Act. Read his press release, the draft bill & full meeting package

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Since state and federal law are not aligned on the issue, legal and legitimate businesses are forced to operate on a cash-only basis creating a serious public safety risk for employees, businesses and communities, as well as providing an opportunity for tax evasion, money laundering and other white-collar crimes. To continue to do nothing to protect public safety would be negligence.”. Full meeting package available . FIRST CONGRESSIONAL HEARING HELD ON CANNABIS BANKING.

The Week in Weed: May 22, 2020

The Blunt Truth

Supporters of medical cannabis in Nebraska are also dealing with safety concerns. Week in Weed arizona ballot measures banking massachusetts mitch mcconnell nebraska pets safe banking act stimulus package

The Week in Weed: April 24, 2020

The Blunt Truth

The lack of funding for marijuana businesses in the stimulus packages, the halt to state legalization efforts, the issues surrounding Massachusetts (yes, those continue), even Mexico’s decision to legalize cannabis – all are caused or colored by the coronavirus.

Chairwoman Velázquez Introduced Bill To End Marijuana Prohibition And Promote Small Businesses


House Small Business Committee Chairwoman Nydia Velázquez along with Representatives Jared Golden and Dwight Evans introduced a package of legislation, ( H.R.

Attorneys General Push for Marijuana Banking Reform


“First, threats to public safety caused by a cash-intensive business model, often the target of criminal activity, have intensified in the months since the pandemic began.

A NORML Reminder: Beware of COVID-19 Cure All Claims


For example, one recent CBD provider recently received warning letters from the US Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission for improperly marketing the agent as a key component of its COVID-19 prevention package.

Oklahoma governor puts pen to paper on medical marijuana legislation

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The new law will set up guidelines for inventory testing and tracking, advertising, packaging and labeling, among other things. It also allows employers to fire medical marijuana users in certain “safety-sensitive jobs” who test positive for cannabis use.

Associated Press: Many Commercially Marketed CBD Products Tainted With Psychoactive Adulterants


It acknowledged that the packaging and labeling typically fails to identify the manufacturers of the products. Not a single product tested contained the precise amount of CBD that was advertised on the packaging.

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NY Senator Wants Cannabis Legalized as Part of Criminal Justice Reform


Legislative Package Urged in New York. A recent Press Release from a New York Senator Julia Salazar, explains why legislators should approve the Safer NY Act package right now. Civil unrest continues.

New Trademark Litigation Against “Stoney Patch” Cannabis Products Calls Out an Industry Trend of Copycats

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Defendants have adopted the confusingly similar brand name STONEY PATCH, have copied the look of MCI’s actual product, and have copied the look of the packaging that has long been associated with MCI’s SOUR PATCH candies.

OR Hemp Company Kept Workers In A Condemned Building Exposing Them To, “rodents, standing water and insects”

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an unincorporated area outside of Josephine County, have been fined by the state for allegedly housing workers at a vast hemp trimming and packaging facility where there were egregious safety and health violations. Five employers who co-own a hemp facility in Murphy, Ore.,

Marijuana Edibles: Everything You Need to Know


CannaMD has contacted Florida’s leading medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs) , who say they’re now just waiting on the Department of Health to issue rules regarding packaging and other essential requirements. Safety of production and packaging.

OLCC Issues Marijuana Product Recall

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Portland, OR — The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is issuing an immediate health and safety advisory due to the identification of potentially unsafe pesticide residue on plant material used in a packaged retail marijuana product. January 16, 2020.

Health Canada: Backgrounder: Final regulations on new cannabis products

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Placing a limit of 10 mg on the amount of THC that can be in a package of edible cannabis. Requiring child-resistant and plain packaging for edible cannabis to lower the risk of accidental consumption and make packages less appealing to young persons. June 14, 2019.

SAFE Banking and Steps That Can Be Taken in Support of It


This is important for the safety of cannabis workers (to reduce the risk of robberies), for the efficiency of businesses (thus helping reduce prices) , and now for public health (to reduce the reliance on cash, which could have the virus on it). This is a little bit of a dive into the current state of SAFE, its possible passage via the stimulus package, and the steps you or your org can take that would be timely and effective in support.

Consumer Brands Association Forms Expert Board to Provide Strategic Oversight of Advocacy Approach to CBD

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The Consumer Brands Association today launched an advisory board to guide the organization’s work to enhance safety and ensure appropriate oversight in the burgeoning cannabidiol (CBD) market for consumer packaged goods (CPG). Public health and public safety are interconnected.

California Cannabis: Where Prop. 65 and Labeling Rules Meet

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Our California cannabis attorneys have been getting inundated with packaging and labeling review since each California cannabis licensing agency adopted its final rules in January 2019, and even before that when the rules were under consideration.

State of the State: Washington Regulators Turning a New Leaf (Part 2)

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Violations that create a direct or immediate threat to public health, safety, or both. These penalties would not allow the LCB to cancel a license on a first offense but do threaten public safety. Violations that create a potential threat to public health, safety, or both.

Cannabis Sustainability: Scope and Solutions

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Yet, in order to market a business’s commitment to consumer safety and environmental integrity, these values need to be communicated—but how?” Another way cannabis companies are hoping to become more sustainable is through packaging changes. Sana Packaging.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Maine

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The state has adopted labeling requirements for packaged and unpackaged Hemp-CBD foods. Include a disclosure statement that the food product has not been tested or evaluated for safety.

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Marijuana Edibles: A Beginner’s Guide

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edibles can be purchased as commercially-packaged products at local marijuana dispensaries in states where marijuana is sold. Safety Tips and Advice. Marijuana edibles are a tasty alternative to smoking or vaporizing cannabis.

The FDA Continues to Chase CBD Companies

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There are many unanswered questions about the science, safety, effectiveness and quality of unapproved products containing CBD, and we will continue to work to protect the health and safety of American consumers from products that are being marketed in violation of the law.

DIY Marijuana Topicals: Pain Relieving Frankincense and Cannabis Massage Oil

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Packaging and Storing the Marijuana Massage Oil. Of course, for massage oil, sometimes you just want a plastic bottle for convenience and safety’s sake. Note: You can make this DIY Cannabis Massage Oil in THC and/or CBD versions!

Top 5 Tips When Using CBD Oil For Alzheimer’s And Dementia

United Patients Group

This article looks at the links between CBD and Alzheimer’s disease , and attempts to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding safety, effectiveness, and reliability in the long term. Top 5 Tips When Using CBD Oil For Alzheimer’s And Dementia.

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Travel with Cannabis?

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More importantly, it is clearly stated that medical marijuana is safe to be packaged on carry-on bags and checked bags- with special instructions. Just like your vaporizers just make sure to pack it within your carry on and get creative with the packaging.

Canadian Advertising and Promotion Regulations Really Are As Strict As We Thought

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Promotions and product packaging and labeling that contain associations with, or that evoke a positive or negative emotion about or image of, a way of life such as one that includes glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring.”.

California Cannabis: Breaking Down the CDPH Permanent Regulations

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This post will cover the main changes (in our opinion) regarding the California Department of Public Health Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch’s (“CDPH-MCSB”) permanent regs. Packaging.

Virginia: First Day In & Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano Says No To Adult Cannabis Prosecutions

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Factors that could determine what marijuana charges are brought by prosecutors include but are not limited to, the amount of marijuana present, the packaging and division of marijuana, and any accompanying drug or drug-sale paraphernalia, according to Descano’s office. .

Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/10/20


A package of bills is pending that addresses expanding the process for the expungement of past convictions, which could impact those with prior marijuana-related convictions. The package of bills was already approved by the House and is pending action in the Senate.