Cracking Down On Compliance

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Operational compliance has become paramount to the success of many cannabis businesses following new state regulations that went into effect earlier this year. For others, non-compliance has been a great downfall. MARGOLIN & LAWRENCE APRIL 30, 2019.

Why Marijuana Compliance is Important


One of the biggest advantages to legalization in Canada is the advantage of marijuana compliance. Even consumers have to comply with certain safety laws. Despite the Canadian cannabis industry being in its infancy, marijuana compliance has already either failed to prevent defects (as was the case with Redecan) or was flatly ignored (the situation with Bonify). As advocates for legalization, it is important to remember why marijuana compliance is important.

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CannTrust to Destroy Millions in Cannabis Products as it Struggles to Regain Compliance


CannTrust says that, once the non-compliant products are destroyed, it will leave room for cannabis that has been grown, processed, packaged, stored and monitored as per Health Canada’s regulations. WeedAdvisor’s Compliance Solutions. .

Update 7 March 2019: New Resources for Packaging and Labeling of Cannabis and Cannabis Products

Cannabis Law Report

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) regulations for cannabis, approved and adopted on January 16, 2019, clarified and updated the packaging and labeling requirements for all cannabis and cannabis products sold within California ( §40400-40417 ). Packaging and Labeling FAQs.

Are You Compliant? A Guide to California’s Cannabis Product Packaging Rules for 2018

Marijuana Packaging

Last week, we spoke about the importance of child resistant packaging to California’s regulations for cannabis packaging. The Importance of Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging. Child-resistant packaging is the centerpiece of California’s cannabis regulations and rightfully so.

Consumer Brands Association Forms Expert Board to Provide Strategic Oversight of Advocacy Approach to CBD

Cannabis Law Report

The Consumer Brands Association today launched an advisory board to guide the organization’s work to enhance safety and ensure appropriate oversight in the burgeoning cannabidiol (CBD) market for consumer packaged goods (CPG). Public health and public safety are interconnected.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/22


Lawmakers in Connecticut have introduced a package of bills specific legalizing and regulating the use and sale of marijuana by adults, and facilitating equity in the industry. Update: SB 5605 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Committee on Public Safety on 3/25 at 1:30pm.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/29


Lawmakers in Connecticut have introduced a package of bills specific legalizing and regulating the use and sale of marijuana by adults and facilitating equity in the industry. Welcome to the latest edition of NORML’s Weekly Legislative Roundup! The U.S.

What Are The New Changes Made By The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority In 2019?

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For patients in other professions where safety is not an issue, employers are not allowed to discriminate based on the employee’s status of testing positive for THC or having a license to use medical marijuana.

Cannabis Sustainability: Scope and Solutions

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Yet, in order to market a business’s commitment to consumer safety and environmental integrity, these values need to be communicated—but how?” Another way cannabis companies are hoping to become more sustainable is through packaging changes. Sana Packaging.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority announces legislative changes to program

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“OMMA(Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority) has reinstituted a project management structure to ensure compliance and timely implementation of the changes,” said Tom Bates, Interim Commissioner of Health. Packaging/labeling – HB 2612 and HB 2601 add packaging and labeling requirements.

CBD: New York Has A Zero Tolerance Approach

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The city’s health code prohibits adding the cannabis-derived chemical to products, including in packaged foods. 1, establishments still selling the products – in packaged or unpackaged form – may see violations from the health department, according to the agency’s website.

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Top Five Hemp Purchase Order Terms

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The seller should attach to each delivery a copy of a certificate of analysis (“COA”) from a licensed third-party lab that show compliance with this testing requirement. 3. Packaging & Labeling.

Details of Mexico’s Cannabis Draft Legislation Emerge


Packaging. . In terms of packaging, Mexico appears to have taken a page right out of Canada’s book. All packaging will have to be plain, with no opportunity for brand recognition.

California Cannabis: Where Prop. 65 and Labeling Rules Meet

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Our California cannabis attorneys have been getting inundated with packaging and labeling review since each California cannabis licensing agency adopted its final rules in January 2019, and even before that when the rules were under consideration. 65 compliance may be necessary.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Maine

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on a dry weight basis and that is grown or possessed by a licensed grower in compliance with this chapter” and “ includes agricultural commodities and products derived from hemp and topical or ingestible consumer products, including food, food additives and food products derived from hemp.”

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State of the State: Washington Regulators Turning a New Leaf (Part 2)

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Violations that create a direct or immediate threat to public health, safety, or both. These penalties would not allow the LCB to cancel a license on a first offense but do threaten public safety. Violations that create a potential threat to public health, safety, or both.

UK: New trade association launching today to lead CBD industry regulation

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The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis’ conference sees the launch of the association, a platform which brings together leading businesses and experts committed to fostering a legally compliant, socially responsible and innovative CBD industry, which puts customers’ safety first.

California Cannabis: Breaking Down the CDPH Permanent Regulations

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This post will cover the main changes (in our opinion) regarding the California Department of Public Health Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch’s (“CDPH-MCSB”) permanent regs. Packaging.

The Week in Cannabis: South Korea’s Cannabis Caution, Cultured Cannabinoids, & California’s New Rules

Marijuana Packaging

California’s New Packaging Rules and Regulations. The changes place the brunt of the responsibility for child resistance on dispensaries, giving manufacturers and producers until 2020 to get their packaging up to state compliance standards.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Florida

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp.

What Patients Should Know about Medical Cannabis in the Workplace

Canabo Medical Clinic

This is in compliance with legislation in several provinces about keeping workplaces and other buildings smoke-free. Observing safety protocols should be one of your top priorities. Ask your employer if they’ll consider adding this coverage to your medical benefits package or making it an option for you and your co-workers. The Cannabis Act made recreational cannabis legal across all of Canada in October 2018.

ICYMI: The BCC Drops its Final Regulations

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Packaging and Labeling : A few weeks ago, I wrote about the packaging and labeling mess that was likely to ensue if the December proposed regulations became the final regulations.

California Cannabis Bill Roundup for October 2019

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Seems like not a month goes by in California where the Assembly isn’t trying to pass a slew of cannabis bills to help regulate the state’s industry under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”).

Cannabis Testing + Branding = Business Building

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As an example, look at the bubble of CBD in the last year to see consumers swooning over science that is yet to be regulated and false or misleading packaging that profligates on shelves across the US. If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation.

Proposition 65: Yet Another Challenge for California Cannabis Businesses to Bend Their Minds Around

The Blunt Truth

Neither the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), nor its implementing regulations, reference or suggest that cannabis growers or retailers are subject to Proposition 65. To avoid becoming a target for enforcement, prospective and licensed cannabis businesses should add Proposition 65 to their legal and regulatory compliance checklist.

CannTrust Expects Significant Q1 Earnings


Entering the recreational arena presented a slew of regulatory hurdles and compliance requirements, which all cost a great deal of money. These include tracking, safety, efficiency and compliance – to name a few.

Washington: WSLCB Publish Their 2019 Cannabis Topics & Trends Alerts

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1, 2020 Effective Date for All Marijuana Products, Packaging and Labeling. 1, 2020 Effective Date for All Marijuana Products, Packaging and Labeling. On January 9, 2019 the Board approved a motion to make the effective date for all marijuana product, packaging and labeling requirements Jan 1, 2020. You can read more about product packaging and labeling requirements on the Understanding Board Interim Policies for Packaging and Labeling section of the LCB website.

Cannabis Company CEO Warns of Health Risks if Europe Does Not Regulate CBD Products


With no system of accountability in place, Duclos explains that there is no guarantee consumers are getting what they pay for: “Europe’s leading cannabis labs report that a large number of companies place products in the market with less CBD than they state on their packaging. When that time comes, a lot of businesses will need to watch their compliance.

CCT CET: Responsible Persons, “Collection & Remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] & Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]

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A licensed distributor may provide storage services to other licensees for only cannabis goods packaged as they will be sold at retail, cannabis accessories, and licensees’ branded merchandise or promotional materials. Packaging, and Labeling, and Rolling. (a)

The Top 5 Most Dangerous Cannabis Contracts in California

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In fact, after a few years and with the exception of competitive licensing regimes, state licensing slows down and is usually taken in-house by cannabis companies that formulate compliance teams.

Unfair Marketing Restrictions Are Stunting the Growth of Cannabis Brands

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Smaller platforms, unwilling to take the risk of an added compliance burden, follow their lead. Companies are often severely limited in what they say on their packaging (and those restrictions vary by state). Harris Damashek. GUEST WRITER. Chief Marketing Officer at Acreage Holdings.

Alcohol and Marijuana Companies Unhappy with Current Regulations


But branding limitations also can leave customers lost in a sea of plain packaging with no way to infer which product is better. Our government simply wants to ensure safety and avoid youth access, but there is such a thing as being too safe. In the meantime, WeedAdvisor will continue to offer its support in the way of business and compliance solutions to all branches of the industry.

Green Light Law Updates Latest From Oregon’s OLCC

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The featured speakers included, Danica Hibpshman, OLCC Director of Licensing, Madeleine Cane, OLCC Marijuana Program Coordinator, Anthony Geltosky, OLCC’s only Packaging and Labeling Specialist, Sunny Summers, ODA Hemp Policy Coordinator, Marry Anne Cooper, Oregon Farm Bureau and Ken Helm, State Representative. OLCC will be enforcing non-compliance with changes in ownership structure that are not pre-approved. Here’s Brads’ report which can be found at source at. link].

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Manzuri Law Blog Post: The Cannabis Advisory Committee: Going from Puppeteering to Action

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An-Chi Tsou is the principal at Tsou Consulting, LLC, specializing in state and local regulatory and legislative compliance, guidance, and advocacy. BLOG POST. Authored By: An-Chi Tsou.