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What are Cannabis Inhalers & Do They Work?


A generation ago, a cannabis user might have just a handful of ways to enjoy their favorite strain: if they did not want to smoke it directly, the only other option was to melt the cannabis into butter and make some baked treats.

5 common cannabis growing mistakes and how to avoid them

The Cannigma

Growing award-winning cannabis doesn’t happen overnight. Even pro marijuana breeders experience their fair share of mistakes on the way towards mastery. Chances are, you’ll run into a few issues on your first couple of cultivation attempts.


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36 cannabis predictions for 2022 guaranteed to come true


In 2022, look for legalization in Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas—but don't expect it to pass in Congress. The post 36 cannabis predictions for 2022 guaranteed to come true appeared first on Leafly. Politics cannabis legalization cbd FDA legalization predictions

Getting Gelly with It: How Gel Might Transform Cannabis Treatments

Cannabis Life Network

What if I told you that medicinal cannabis could take a new form soon? This upcoming gel might transform cannabis treatments. PreveCeutical, a pharmaceutical company based in Vancouver, recently acquired the rights to commercialize “Sol-Gel” technology.

Where the Money Grows: Learning the Industry Trends in Medical Cannabis, Recreational Marijuana, Hemp, and Beyond

Speaker: Jonathan Bench, International Cannabis and Securities Business Attorney at Harris Bricken

The U.S. cannabis industry is still in its infancy, even though states began engaging with legalization in one form or another in the late 1990s. Today, many opportunities exist for individuals and businesses that want to engage in the industry. Join international cannabis and securities business attorney Jonathan Bench as he provides some pitfalls and best practices for companies & individuals looking to engage with the U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Does Weed Reduce Swelling?


Using cannabis as medicine has gained more acceptance over the past twenty or so years. Today, millions of Americans support legal cannabis, and more than five million are registered medical patients.

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Cannabis Cup 2021 winners and where to buy them


1 year. 10 states. 16 cannabis contests. Shop the winners today. The post Cannabis Cup 2021 winners and where to buy them appeared first on Leafly.

Article: New UAE drug law: Is carrying e-cigarettes with cannabis extract still illegal?

Cannabis Law Report

Legal experts have clarified if penalties still apply to those bringing products or food mixed with narcotics into the country.

Can Marijuana Cause Diarrhea?


No one likes to talk about it, but at one point or another, everyone has experienced issues while going #2. Anecdotal stories, in particular, abound about problems arising in cannabis use. But the question remains, can marijuana actually cause diarrhea?

Cannabis Consumers: The Dream Demographic?


More and more companies are realizing that cannabis consumers may just be their dream demographic. Bloomberg explains that the cannabis demographic is becoming so attractive to companies that “some consumer-goods and technology companies are actively courting them as customers.”

12 strains to pair with 2021’s best streaming shows and movies


2021 was full of excellent televlsion series and documentaries. Find out the best strains to pair with the best 2021 streaming shows. The post 12 strains to pair with 2021’s best streaming shows and movies appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle documentaries hbo Hulu netflix pairings strains tv

MJ Biz Daily’s Top 5 Charts That Explain The Cannabis Industry’s Unpredictable 2021

Cannabis Law Report

If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. EDITOR: Heather Allman. PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. 5 charts that explain the cannabis industry’s unpredictable 2021. By Andrew Long , Data Reporter. December 29, 2021 – Updated December 29, 2021.

Is Marijuana Bad? Understanding the Side Effects of Marijuana


The term “side effects” has negative connotations, but there are two sides, pun intended, to the story of the effects of marijuana use.

This terpene makes pain relief better and worse, via the CB1 receptor

Cannabis Life Network

Plant medicines are incredibly useful, but difficult for researchers to understand due to a mixture of functions. For example, a new study discovered an intricate relationship between certain terpenes, THC, and pain management.

Marijuana Laws: A Look Back at 2021


In contrast to a year of headlines dominated by divisional politics and Covid-19 warnings, 2021’s news on the medical marijuana front is decidedly positive.

Sproutly Issues Shares in Lieu of Semi-Annual Interest Payment

Cannabis Law Report


Cannabis cultivation checklist: all you need to know to make your plants thrive

The Cannigma

Marijuana doesn’t miraculously “grow like a weed.” ” OK, if you were to toss a few seeds outside, they may grow into fantastic cannabis plants, but that’s not how it usually happens.

Why you should start growing your own cannabis with Homegrown Cannabis Co.


Every considered growing your own? It's easier than you might think to get started with some help from Homegrown Cannabis Co. The post Why you should start growing your own cannabis with Homegrown Cannabis Co. appeared first on Leafly.

New German Government Plans to Legalize Recreational Cannabis


From accelerating the phasing-out of coal to wanting the German roads to be driven on by electric vehicles, the new German government promises a new age. Among the new and the soon-to-be-changing is the fact that the new government has pledged to legalize cannabis.

Natural Healing Center files lawsuit against City of San Luis Obispo

Cannabis Law Report

Local media KSBY reports. The Natural Healing Center (NHC) is suing the City of San Luis Obispo and the City Council for terminating its cannabis operator permit.

Media 83

Do CBD Creams Really Work?

Cannabis Life Network

Have you ever bought a product that didn’t work? If so, you’re not the only one. Many consumers are on a constant search to look for all sorts of products from lotions to creams promising amazing results especially when it comes to rest and recovery.

CBD 77

Want to exercise more, eat less, or quit smoking? THCV could kickstart your New Year’s resolutions


Studies show that THCV boosts energy, curbs appetite, and has nicotine craving suppression effects. Find THCV gummies for you. The post Want to exercise more, eat less, or quit smoking? THCV could kickstart your New Year’s resolutions appeared first on Leafly.

Analysts Envision a $33.2 Billion Medical Cannabis Market By 2027


Over the last few decades, the cannabis plant and its many components have been the focal point of research and stiff debate.

Former narcotics detective faces felonies over alleged southern Oregon marijuana grow

Cannabis Law Report

Oregon Live reports… KLAMATH FALLS — A former narcotics detective and current reserve officer was arrested this week after a drug task force found about 1,200 illegal marijuana plants growing on his property in southern Oregon.

Hemp 82

Oregon Cannabis: State of the State (2021)

Canna Law Blog

Welcome to the sixth annual “State of the State” post on Oregon cannabis.

Holiday Cheers To The New CBD Laws in California

Cannabis Life Network

The wintry chill is quite comfortable for CBD-related businesses, with new CBD laws and regulations coming to force in California jurisdictions in the first part of October with the passing of Assembly Bill 45.

Law 74

Why Do Drug Smugglers Still Risk Moving Cannabis?


In early December, U.S. Border Patrol agents seized 900 pounds of cannabis —worth an estimated $704,592—that was attempting to make its way across the borders from Mexico to America at the Rio Grande river. Despite the increasing cannabis legalization in the U.S.,

Alert: Filed Amicus Brief in Case Asking SCOTUS to Rule on Whether Medical Cannabis Costs Can Be Reimbursed by Employers

Cannabis Law Report

New York, NY: Lawyers are petitioning the Supreme Court to rule on the issue of whether employees can be reimbursed for their medical marijuana-related costs through their workers’ compensation insurance plans following divergent rulings from various state supreme courts.

How to find Montana’s open adult-use cannabis stores


Recreational weed stores open on Jan. 1, 2022. Find the store nearest you on New Year's Day and join the celebration. The post How to find Montana’s open adult-use cannabis stores appeared first on Leafly. Strains & products cannabis stores Montana

Announcing the Psychedelics Law Blog!

Canna Law Blog

Harris Bricken is pleased to announce the Psychedelics Law Blog ! The Psychedelics Law Blog is a forum for discussing and analyzing the impact of psychedelics laws and reform on industry stakeholders, including health care operators, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, advocates and others.

Law 71

Kentucky Governor Wants Interstate Cannabis Sales for Farmers


Kentucky might be famous for more than just bluegrass soon. In fact, it might soon be famous for its green grass, that is to say, cannabis. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has high hopes for the upcoming legislative session in the state of Kentucky.