Clinical Trial: Oral THC Administration Associated with Opioid-Sparing Effects


Trauma patients administered oral THC consume fewer opioids than do similarly matched controls, according to clinical trial data published in the journal Trauma Surgery & Acute Care. 2020 Opioids Research SCIENCE dronabinol Marinol opioids THC

Medical Cannabis Consumption and “The Munchies”

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Medical Cannabis Consumption and “The Munchies”. It has been known that cannabinoids like THC and CBD have an influence on how we as humans consume food, often playing a role in either weight gain or weight loss. Marijuana and body weight.

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CBD and THC Ratio

Cannabis Law Report

Many consumers love to smoke, vape, or eat marijuana because of its THC compound, which takes users to cloud nine after about 30 minutes of consumption. However, some people hate getting high, and even the lowest dose of THC-rich products could alter their thinking.

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What You Need to Know Before Vaping CBD


CBD cannabidiol CBD Oil marijuana consumption Marijuana Safety synthetic cannabinoids THC vape vapingCBD has various potential health benefits and could be a powerful treatment for several ailments, including depression, anxiety and epilepsy.

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THC Provides More Symptom Relief Than CBD, According To New Study


government and people who are uncomfortable with the high that is produced by the main psychoactive cannabinoid occurring in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), have accepted CBD with open arms in recent years by adding it to coffee, skincare regimens, and personal lubricant. CBD VS. THC.

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CBD Vs THC Benefits & More

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The two most common compounds found in the cannabis plant are CBD and THC. While CBD offers a more relaxing effect and uplifts the mood, THC is popular for its “high” effects. This is because, before the decriminalization of marijuana, it was the largest fund traded commodity.

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San Diego lab says almost 80% of illicit cannabis vape cartridges are ‘unfit for consumption’

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A local marijuana testing lab is releasing vape test results that are alarming. Almost 80% of the cannabis vape cartridges were tested and deemed “unfit for consumption.” The lab also discovered that half of the products had less than 50% THC in them.

Lab: Almost 80% of Unregulated Vape Cartridges “Unfit for Consumption”

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According to a marijuana testing lab in San Diego, almost 80% of the unregulated cannabis vape cartridges they tested were deemed “unfit for consumption”, reports ABC10 News. The lab also discovered that half of the products had less than 50% THC in them”, states the ABC report.

Cannabis and Sex: Is THC an Aphrodisiac?

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Does THC Increase Sexual Desire? So, IS THC an Aphrodisiac or Not? Cannabis has its own anandamide-like cannabinoid – the legendary psychoactive cannabinoid THC. The post Cannabis and Sex: Is THC an Aphrodisiac? by Lanny Swerdlow, RN, LNC.

Best Ways of THC Detox For You!

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However, perhaps it’s too late for that, in which case there are several ways to mask THC in your body. THC Detox: 3 Easy Ways to Flush THC Out of Your System. But how long does THC stay in urine? . Here are 3 surefire ways to perform a THC detox: #1.

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California: BCC Publish Statement On THC Vaping

Cannabis Law Report

Of the 29 samples, THC was identified in 82%. Of the individuals interviewed, 71 of the 86 individuals, which equates to 83%, reported consuming vaping products containing THC. The other 70 individuals surveyed reported buying THC vaping products from unlicensed sources.

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THC vs CBD: Whats the Difference?

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The first noted use of Marijuana as a drug came with various immigrants from Mexico who used it as an intoxicant. Thus, the war on Marijuana as a drug actually can be connected to a war on immigrants during the early 1900s. In many ways, Marijuana is a safer intoxicant than alcohol.

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Maine adopts official symbol for THC cannabis products

Cannabis Law Report

Maine has decided upon a new symbol that is to be used on marijuana products sold for adult consumption. To develop the symbol the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy partnered with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Florida House Passes Silly THC Cap, Frustrating Florida Voters


Bowing to pressure from the Governor’s Office, the Republican controlled House Health & Human Services Committee passed a cap on smokable marijuana at 10 percent THC. That ten percent cap is about half the potency of what’s currently available in the dispensaries, meaning patients would have to double their consumption to obtain medicinal relief. Rodrigues, he would probably point to a study associating cannabis consumption with the onset of psychiatric disorders.

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Why and How Does Marijuana Work? Understanding Cannabinoids

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Due to its psychoactive properties, THC gets all the hype, but it is only one of about 60 cannabinoids found in marijuana. Ingesting marijuana is just supplementing the cannabinoids that our body naturally produces. How Does Marijuana Work?: How Does Marijuana Work?:

Study: THC May Reduce Opioid Use in Trauma Patients

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According to a new study published in the journal Trauma Surgery & Acute Care , trauma patients who are administered THC capsules consume fewer opioids than do similarly matched control subjects. 66 patients participated in the study: Half received THC, and the other half did not.

Pennsylvania: Marijuana possession arrests decline statewide


Preliminary data*, released on request from the Pennsylvania State Police Uniform Crime Reporting System, reveals that overall arrests for marijuana possession showed a decline in 2019. Now, there is a clear downward trend in arresting marijuana consumers.”

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Marijuana Edibles: Everything You Need to Know


Florida’s medical marijuana community may soon have access to edible forms of cannabis. Once edibles are available in Florida, a growing number of medical marijuana patients may consider these products an attractive alternative or complement to smoked or vaporized marijuana.

Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South


Virginia has been one of the most reluctant states to consider marijuana law reform, though it recently began allowing some forms of cannabis oil for approved patients. Then, in 2017 and 2018, Virginia finally made some moves to establish its own medical marijuana industry.

Best cannabis strains for sleeping and insomnia + Infographic “Marijuana Consumption In The USA”

Cannabis Law Report

Recent studies have shown that marijuana can help people with various medical conditions. In some places, it is still illegal, but each year, more and more states pass laws that allow people to buy medical or recreational marijuana. Best cannabis strains for sleeping and insomnia. .

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NORML’s 2020 Democratic Primary Marijuana Straw Poll


The 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary is already heating up and we wanted to reach out to our supporters to take an early straw poll of who they think voters who prioritize marijuana law reform should support in that primary. Studies show over half of Americans smoke marijuana.

Insomnia is Treated Effectively with Medical Marijuana

Patients in Florida are receiving medical marijuana for Insomnia, find out if you qualify for medical marijuana in Florida click here. The primary cannabinoids responsible for the characteristic psychological effects of marijuana are THC (Tetrahydocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). With high doses of THC (50 to 210 mg) REM sleep was decreased in both regular users and nonusers. As with all medications, medical marijuana effects each person uniquely.

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Clarifying NY State Decriminalization and Marijuana Possession Related Penalties


There has been some confusion and misinformation circulating about what New York’s latest expansion of marijuana decriminalization means and what impact it will have on criminal prosecutions going forward. There are 2 provisions of New York’s Penal Law that relate marijuana-related offenses. THC and 2 1/2% THC by volume should be prosecutable only under the more lenient provisions of Penal Law 221.

Cannabinoid Therapies: Mental Health Treatment is Going Holistic

Cannabis Life Network

The earliest written record of cannabis consumption dates back to 2727 B.C. and the mythological Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. In both its psychoactive and industrial forms, it has been utilized by cultures around the globe for centuries.

Why Does Marijuana Make You Lose Weight?


So why are medical marijuana patients gaining weight when they need to, but losing weight when they don’t? Already know that medical marijuana is right for you? Marijuana & Obesity Rates. Don’t marijuana users consume more calories?

Eating Cannabis: A First Timer’s Guide to Marijuana Edibles


Since widespread legalization, marijuana has taken the country by storm and if you’re not munching on a cannabis candy, what are you doing? Marijuana edibles have shot up in popularity as they come with plenty of benefits. What Are Marijuana Edibles? THC Edibles.

Medical Marijuana Can Be Used to Treat Neuropathy

Exposure to toxins may damage nerves and cause peripheral neuropathy: medication toxicity, environmental or industrial toxins and heavy alcohol consumption. The compounds THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) found in cannabis signal the same cannabinoid receptors as anandamide. The College of Family Physicians of Canada concluded that there is evidence for the use of low-dose medical marijuana in refractory neuropathic pain in conjunction with traditional analgesics.

What are marijuana edibles?

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Marijuana edibles are food and drink products that have been infused with marijuana or marijuana products. So much so, that in some legal marijuana states the amount of edibles purchased makes up almost half of all marijuana sales. have legalized marijuana.

Beginner's Guide to Vaping Marijuana - 2020 Edition

The Herb Collective

You don’t have to know how to roll a blunt or have the actual marijuana plant in your hand to get stoned. Now that cannabis is legal, more people are starting to explore alternative forms of consumption. Vaping is controversial, but not all information about vaping applies to marijuana.

Eating Cannabis: A First Timer’s Guide to Marijuana Edibles


Since widespread legalization, marijuana has taken the country by storm and if you’re not munching on a cannabis candy, what are you doing? Marijuana edibles have shot up in popularity as they come with plenty of benefits. What Are Marijuana Edibles? THC Edibles.

New York Medical Marijuana Guide

Cannabis Law Report

Marijuana has been a long-standing subject of controversy in the U.S Even though 47 states have legalized cannabis for some forms of medical use , New York significantly falls behind its neighbors in terms of marijuana legislation. History of Marijuana Legislation in New York.

How to Detox from Weed

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Let’s not forget what is THC and what that means for our bodies. Well, this is a key component to understand how we can rid our bodies of THC. It’s important to note that THC detection varies from person to person. How many of us have been in either of these scenarios?

Marijuana and HIV: Can Weed Help HIV Patients


Marijuana and HIV are two topics that can come together. Marijuana is known to provide some benefits for these patients, and these claims are backed by medical research. Marijuana and HIV for Mental Health. Marijuana for a Better Appetite. Marijuana and HIV Chronic Pain.

How to Use Cannabis for your post-gym habits

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However, after cannabis made its way to the path of legality, many people have started experimenting with marijuana by adding it to their recovery process. Some use CBD, a nonpsychoactive form of cannabis, or THC. THC and CBD can help relax your body to maximize your recuperation.

Marijuana and Sex

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Can Marijuana Enhance Your Sex Life? But can consuming marijuana actually enhance the quality of your sex life? Thanks to the popularity of marijuana a number of companies have introduced strains and edibles to enhance sex. Examining the relationship between Marijuana and Sex.

Highly Potent Marijuana Has Health Experts Worried


It is common knowledge that the marijuana we have today is much more potent than what stereotypical hippies used back in the 60s and 70s. Of course, many people like having the option to buy dry herb with a THC level of 20 to 30% (or more, in a few cases). THC.”.

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What Marijuana Patients with Heart Problems Need to Know


In January of 2020, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a review titled Marijuana Use in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease. Marijuana Heart Study Summary. adults who have reported ever using marijuana have cardiovascular disease.