Kentucky: House Votes Overwhelmingly in Favor of Medical Cannabis Access


Members of the Kentucky House of Representatives voted by a margin of more than two to one in favor of legislation, House Bill 136 , facilitating medical cannabis access. Andy Beshear , who has previously expressed a willingness to vote in favor of legalizing medical cannabis.

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Study: Medical Cannabis Access Associated with Fewer Workers’ Comp Claims


The enactment of state-specific medical cannabis access laws is associated with a decline in workers’ compensation claims, according to data published in the journal Health Economics.

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The Veterans Equal Access Act Reintroduced


1647 , the Veterans Equal Access Act, which expands medical cannabis access to eligible military veterans. Blumenauer said, “For too long, our veterans have been denied access to highly effective medical marijuana treatment for conditions like chronic pain and PTSD.

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Arizona: Supreme Court Rules That Concentrates Are Legal Under State’s Medical Cannabis Access Law


Manufacturing and possessing concentrated forms of cannabis are legally protected activities under the state’s medical cannabis access law, according to a unanimous decision issued today by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania: Health Officials Expand Medical Cannabis Access Program


Pennsylvania health officials have expanded the pool of patients eligible to receive medical cannabis access. An estimated 110,000 patients and over 1,600 physicians currently participate in the state-sponsored access program.

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Congress Should Lift the Ban on Medical Cannabis Access for Military Veterans


Americans in 33 states and the District of Columbia have legal access to medical marijuana under a doctor’s authorization. But this same access is often lacking for many military veterans.

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Study: Pain Patients Report Significant Health Improvements Following Enactment of Medical Cannabis Access Laws


Those suffering from chronic pain report significant improvements in health following the passage of medical cannabis access laws, according to data published in the journal Forum for Health Economics & Policy. Legalization Medical Marijuana Opioids SCIENCE medical cannabis opioids pain

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Study: Adult-Use Cannabis Access Associated with Decreased Sales of OTC Sleep Aids


Adult-use retail cannabis access is associated with a decline in the sales of over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aid medications, according to data published in the journal Complimentary Therapies in Medicine.

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Rep. Lee: Fight to end restrictions on veterans’ access to medical marijuana


Yet, even in the majority of states where medical cannabis is legal, VA physicians are prohibited by federal law from filling out a state-legal medical marijuana recommendation form. Barbara Lee is a member of Congress representing California’s 13th District.

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New York: Empire State NORML Files Suit Seeking Patients’ Access to Medical Cannabis While on Probation


Empire State NORML and others are suing the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Services (DOCCS) so that qualified patients may access medical cannabis products while on probation. Petitioners argue that the state’s medical cannabis access law explicitly forbids state officials from taking discriminatory actions against qualified patients.

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Delaware cannabis advocates rally for increased medical access with home grow!


Patients are legally permitted to cultivate medical cannabis in about half of the states that regulate its use and distribution. Allowing patients to grow their own cannabis at home could dramatically increase access. For some patients, proximity to a dispensary can often be a challenge as they must drive long distances to access medical cannabis.

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Marijuana Arrests After Legalization

Project CBD

The impressive medical properties of cannabis have been a major factor in the push to legalize cannabis. But the importance of social justice, beyond medical access, can’t be overstated

NORML Canada Launches Post-Legalization Platform on One Year Anniversary of Marijuana Legalization


NORML Canada launches official Post-Legalization platform to focus advocacy efforts on reforming Canada’s legal Cannabis system. 1) Increased Access. 2) Transitioning “Unregulated Market” into the legal framework.

New Mexico: Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization, Other Reform Bills


State lawmakers have approved a series of bills reducing penalties for marijuana possession offenses and strengthening and expanding legal protections for medical cannabis patients. Senate Bill 406 expands medical cannabis access and provides important new patient protections.

New York: An Analysis of Governor Cuomo’s Legalization Proposal


A complex and comprehensive plan laid out in over 200 pages of legislative text, the CRTA would implement one of the most tightly regulated, highly taxed and heavily controlled legal cannabis markets in the world. 2020 ACTIVISM Advocacy GOVERNMENT Legalization NORML Chapters Policy SOCIETY

Illinois Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana


Pritzker has signed legislation legalizing the adult use of marijuana and regulating its commercial production and retail sale. Patients enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program will be legally permitted for the first time to personally cultivate up to five marijuana plants.

Lawyer Heading Up Regulate Florida Wants Cannabis Legally Accessible To Eveybody Over 21

Cannabis Law Report

Regulate Florida is petitioning to make marijuana legally accessible to anybody age 21 and over — and regulated like alcohol. The Miami New Times reports that Florida lawyer Mike Minardi, who heads Regulate Florida, is just one of 26 active petition drives affected by the new law.

Maelstrom of Morality – Medical Dispensaries return to B.C. court with an Appeal

Cannabis Life Network

Supreme Court decision that had ordered them to shut down, keeping in time with the initial launch of the coincidental federal legalization late last year. Vancouver‘s unlicensed medical dispensaries returned to court this week, appealing a December 2018 B.C.

The Battle for California Cannabis Access is a Roadmap for States Considering Legalization

Canna Law Blog

Over the last few years, California has gained a reputation of being a state where cannabis is completely legal and out in the open. California Federal law and policy Legal Issues

US House passes landmark bill giving pot businesses access to banking

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House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would grant legal marijuana/pot businesses access to banking, a measure that would clear up a longstanding headache for the industry. The U.S.

Marijuana Legalization Measures Gaining Momentum In Several States


Lawmakers in several states have recently moved forward legislative proposals to either legalize or decriminalize marijuana-related activities. LEGALIZATION. Chris Sununu, who has pledged to veto any legalization bill, “regardless of what the language looks like.”

A Dispensary Dichotomy – Why Activists Are Needed on Both Sides of the Brick and Mortar

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Addiction Specialists Advocate for Easier Access to Legal Cannabis


Unfortunately, access is an issue for some people, such as those in parts of Vancouver, where the cannabis shops are spread unrealistically thin. Access is Crucial. . Individuals looking to purchase legal cannabis will likely just continue dealing with the black market, since it could be a logistical nightmare to make the trip to a dispensary. Long before legalization, we supported cannabis for its medical benefits.

Is legalization bad for medical cannabis patients?


Patient advocates say increased costs and access issues are a blow to medical cannabis patients' rights now that all adults can legally consume cannabis in Canada. The post Is legalization bad for medical cannabis patients?

Federal Lawmakers Aim To Legalize Marijuana This Year


I introduced S.420, my bill to legalize and responsibly regulate and tax marijuana,” Wyden tweeted on February 8. “It’s NEW: I introduced S.420, my bill to legalize and responsibly regulate and tax marijuana.

Medical Cannabis is Legalized in the U.K., but Suffers from Access Issues


But according to the Independent , the fight for access is still not over. legalized medical marijuana on November 1 st of last year – roughly 18 years after one of its closest Commonwealth allies, Canada, set up its own medical cannabis program in 2001. The Independent explains: “Since the rescheduling, many NHS patients have been frustrated by what they see as a slow and bureaucratic system that has denied them access to cannabis treatments.

U.S. Banks Pushing for Access to Legal Marijuana Industry


Banks Pushing for Access to Legal Marijuana Industry. In yet another unprecedented leap forward, United States banks are asking Congress to protect them from federal prosecution over dealing with legal marijuana businesses, according to U.S. Under the current system, more than half of the states legalized marijuana to some degree. Banks simply want clarification as to whether they can safely do business in states where cannabis is legal.

Move Legalization Forward in New Jersey


Several bills have been introduced in the state legislature, ranging from legalization to expungement, and the fight for freedom has never been more widely supported than now. 2318 would allow for expedited expungement of records for those previously convicted of a marijuana crime upon passage of decriminalization or legalization measures in the state of New Jersey, as long as those past violations are no longer considered a crime under state law.

Georgia’s New Law Will Finally Allow Access to Cannabis Oil


Patients will finally be able to legally purchase the low-THC cannabis oil that they've long been allowed to possess. The post Georgia’s New Law Will Finally Allow Access to Cannabis Oil appeared first on Leafly. Politics Georgia medical marijuana

When Two Friendly Foes Find Common Ground – A Lift & Co. Conference Conversation

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Do you risk your personal freedom so that others can access the medicine they need or do you stay safe while those […]. Blog Business Cannabis 101 Cannabis Canada Cannabis Legalization Cannabis News Culture Featured Health Law Marijuana News Politics cannabis access cannabis canada compassion club dispensaries effect legal cannabis store legal retail cannabis Licensed Producer Lift & Co.

Gifting medical pollen – Overtaking legal genetics

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When cannabis was initially legalized, Canadians were granted federal permission to legally grow their own cannabis, but without access to legal propagation materials.

Bill Blair Confident that Accessibility to Legal Cannabis Will Shrink the Grey Market


According to Global News ¸ Blair believes that squashing supply and accessibility problems will attract consumers back to the open market as we continue weathering the storm for prices to drop. That being said, we always like to provide good news about the status of legalization.

Opinion – Transparency in the Cannabis Market is All I Want for Christmas

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Blog Business Cannabis 101 Cannabis Canada Cannabis Legalization Culture Featured Marijuana News access lab testing raids transparency transparent cannabisAh the holidays, a time for surprises and to share each other’s experiences.

Rep. Nadler: You and I are going to legalize marijuana


Allows the existing state-legal marijuana industry to access financial services and enjoy the standard tax treatment available to all legal businesses. Jerry Nadler is the Representative of New York’s 10th Congressional District.

What will unrestricted access to Medicinal Cannabis look like in Australia?

MGC Pharma

What will unrestricted access to Medicinal Cannabis look like in Australia? A word from Ron Lipsky, Manager of Business Development and International Relations at MGC Pharmaceuticals Right now in Australia, access to Cannabis-based treatments is heavily restricted.

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