The Veterans Equal Access Act Reintroduced


1647 , the Veterans Equal Access Act, which expands medical cannabis access to eligible military veterans. Blumenauer said, “For too long, our veterans have been denied access to highly effective medical marijuana treatment for conditions like chronic pain and PTSD.

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My Legislation On Veterans Cannabis Access Was Just Heard


VA healthcare providers, however, are prohibited from providing the paperwork necessary to complete a state-legal medical cannabis recommendation, forcing military veterans to seek the advice of a private, out-of-network physician.

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Arizona: Supreme Court Rules That Concentrates Are Legal Under State’s Medical Cannabis Access Law


Manufacturing and possessing concentrated forms of cannabis are legally protected activities under the state’s medical cannabis access law, according to a unanimous decision issued today by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania: Health Officials Expand Medical Cannabis Access Program


Pennsylvania health officials have expanded the pool of patients eligible to receive medical cannabis access. An estimated 110,000 patients and over 1,600 physicians currently participate in the state-sponsored access program.

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New Mexico: Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization, Other Reform Bills


State lawmakers have approved a series of bills reducing penalties for marijuana possession offenses and strengthening and expanding legal protections for medical cannabis patients. Senate Bill 406 expands medical cannabis access and provides important new patient protections.

Illinois Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana


Pritzker has signed legislation legalizing the adult use of marijuana and regulating its commercial production and retail sale. Patients enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program will be legally permitted for the first time to personally cultivate up to five marijuana plants.

Addiction Specialists Advocate for Easier Access to Legal Cannabis


Unfortunately, access is an issue for some people, such as those in parts of Vancouver, where the cannabis shops are spread unrealistically thin. Access is Crucial. . Individuals looking to purchase legal cannabis will likely just continue dealing with the black market, since it could be a logistical nightmare to make the trip to a dispensary. Long before legalization, we supported cannabis for its medical benefits.

Marijuana Legalization Measures Gaining Momentum In Several States


Lawmakers in several states have recently moved forward legislative proposals to either legalize or decriminalize marijuana-related activities. LEGALIZATION. Chris Sununu, who has pledged to veto any legalization bill, “regardless of what the language looks like.”

Federal Lawmakers Aim To Legalize Marijuana This Year


I introduced S.420, my bill to legalize and responsibly regulate and tax marijuana,” Wyden tweeted on February 8. “It’s NEW: I introduced S.420, my bill to legalize and responsibly regulate and tax marijuana.

Medical Cannabis is Legalized in the U.K., but Suffers from Access Issues


But according to the Independent , the fight for access is still not over. legalized medical marijuana on November 1 st of last year – roughly 18 years after one of its closest Commonwealth allies, Canada, set up its own medical cannabis program in 2001. The Independent explains: “Since the rescheduling, many NHS patients have been frustrated by what they see as a slow and bureaucratic system that has denied them access to cannabis treatments.

The Battle for California Cannabis Access is a Roadmap for States Considering Legalization

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Over the last few years, California has gained a reputation of being a state where cannabis is completely legal and out in the open. California Federal law and policy Legal Issues

Rep. Nadler: You and I are going to legalize marijuana


Allows the existing state-legal marijuana industry to access financial services and enjoy the standard tax treatment available to all legal businesses. Jerry Nadler is the Representative of New York’s 10th Congressional District.

U.S. Banks Pushing for Access to Legal Marijuana Industry


Banks Pushing for Access to Legal Marijuana Industry. In yet another unprecedented leap forward, United States banks are asking Congress to protect them from federal prosecution over dealing with legal marijuana businesses, according to U.S. Under the current system, more than half of the states legalized marijuana to some degree. Banks simply want clarification as to whether they can safely do business in states where cannabis is legal.

USA Dept of Justice Press Release: DEA Announces Steps Necessary to Improve Access to Marijuana Research

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DEA Announces Steps Necessary to Improve Access to Marijuana Research. I am pleased that DEA is moving forward with its review of applications for those who seek to grow marijuana legally to support research,” said Attorney General William P. Following. The Press Release in full.

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Georgia’s New Law Will Finally Allow Access to Cannabis Oil


Patients will finally be able to legally purchase the low-THC cannabis oil that they've long been allowed to possess. The post Georgia’s New Law Will Finally Allow Access to Cannabis Oil appeared first on Leafly. Politics Georgia medical marijuana

Move Legalization Forward in New Jersey


Several bills have been introduced in the state legislature, ranging from legalization to expungement, and the fight for freedom has never been more widely supported than now. 2318 would allow for expedited expungement of records for those previously convicted of a marijuana crime upon passage of decriminalization or legalization measures in the state of New Jersey, as long as those past violations are no longer considered a crime under state law.

Bill Blair Confident that Accessibility to Legal Cannabis Will Shrink the Grey Market


According to Global News ¸ Blair believes that squashing supply and accessibility problems will attract consumers back to the open market as we continue weathering the storm for prices to drop. That being said, we always like to provide good news about the status of legalization.

Attorney General Nominee Commits To Leave State-Legal Marijuana Programs Alone


His statements came response to questions from Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) — each of whom represent states where marijuana is legally regulated for either medical or recreational purposes. Advocacy Attorney General GOVERNMENT Legalization Policy SOCIETY

Proposed Legislation: Ensuring Safe Capital Access for All Small Business Act of 2019

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Chairwoman Velázquez Announces Bills to Open SBA Programs to Legal Cannabis Businesses. 3540, the Ensuring Safe Capital Access for All Small Businesses Act of 2019. 3543, the Ensuring Access to Counseling and Training Programs for All Small Business Act of 2019.

Tim Hortons’ WiFi Blocks Legal Cannabis Websites


Yet illicit cannabis sellers still remain accessible on their network. The post Tim Hortons’ WiFi Blocks Legal Cannabis Websites appeared first on Leafly. Canada Lifestyle business cannabis business lifestyle

What will unrestricted access to Medicinal Cannabis look like in Australia?

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What will unrestricted access to Medicinal Cannabis look like in Australia? A word from Ron Lipsky, Manager of Business Development and International Relations at MGC Pharmaceuticals Right now in Australia, access to Cannabis-based treatments is heavily restricted.

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The Latin American Cannabis Landscape – Part Two: Regulated Markets and Patient Access


A regulatory framework for medical cannabis was first implemented in 2013 when Uruguay pioneered and paved the way through to legalization. This figure is limited due to the variance in the way jurisdictions across the region have legalized cannabis for particular medical conditions. Legal access does not necessarily equate to financial access. Increased education, scientific research, and access leads to increased acceptance.

Survey Says US Bankers Want Access To Cannabis Industry – 89% In The West Want Change

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Without access to banks, many cannabis companies, including growers and retailers, face a significant burden operating as cash-only businesses. For instance, some struggle to pay tax in states that have legalized marijuana.

Cities Across Michigan Ban Legal Marijuana Sales


Similar to other states that have legalized adult-use marijuana like Colorado , California and Oregon , it’s up to municipal governments in Michigan to decide if legal marijuana businesses can operate within their communities.

Georgia’s Governor Signs Bill Into Law That Allows Medical Cannabis Patients To Access Cannabis Oil That They Could Already Access

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Why did this process of giving patients access to what they already have take 6 years ! Here’s the ABC article …… Some Georgia patients will soon be allowed to legally buy the marijuana they are already allowed to possess. We ask.

When Will Marijuana Be Legalized In Oklahoma?

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One of the most pressing debates of our time surrounds the legalization of marijuana, and while many states are making progress, some still haven’t taken the full leap. Is MMJ legal in Oklahoma? However, recreational marijuana is absolutely not legal !

Special Report: Current Issues in Marijuana Regulation – Veterans Struggle to Gain Access to Medical Marijuana

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Veterans Struggle to Gain Access to Medical Marijuana. Despite this expansion military veterans often face greater obstacles to gaining access to medical marijuana than other groups. Several veteran’s groups advocate for greater access to medical marijuana.

New Legislation Introduced To Protect State-Legal Marijuana Programs


Further, numerous studies have identified an association between cannabis access and lower rates of opioid use, abuse , hospitalizations , and mortality.

Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South


The American South has been one of the toughest (weed) cookies to crack when it comes to marijuana reform, despite legalization’s wildfire spread over the past half-decade. To be fair, Democrats didn’t mention weed legalization on their party’s official platform until 2016.).

Canada’s Organic Flower Investments Group Buys Trichome Cannabrands To Access Cannabis Trademarks In Canada

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Document: Patient’s Guide To CBD (2019) Americans For Safe Access 2019

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Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists, and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic uses and research. TABLE OF CONTENTS. FOREWORD.

Legal Cannabis Spurs Increase in Cookie Sales, According to Study


Furthering the mystery of the cannabis-induced munchies, adults with safe, reliable access to legal recreational-cannabis spend more money on cookies, ice cream, and chips than their counterparts, according to a new study.

Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana CEO Asks Why Patients Are Being Taxed

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Founded in 2014, Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM) (Canadiens pour l’accès équitable à la marijuana médicale (CAEMM)) is a federal non-partisan, non-profit, patient-run organisation dedicated to protecting and improving the rights of medical cannabis patients.

U.S. Virgin Islands Finally Legalizes Medical Marijuana


After four years in the making, medical marijuana is finally legal in the U.S. After such a prolonged beating, I don’t know how to feel, except relieved for the people who will finally have access to healthy, effective, and affordable medicinal cannabis,” Sen.

New York Governor Cuomo Leaves Marijuana Legalization Out of State Budget


Legal Advisor to Roc NORML, and Mary Kruger, Start SMART NY Coalition Member and Executive Director of Roc NORML. Sixty-five percent of New York residents support the legalization of cannabis. Cannabis legalization was not included in the 2019 – 2020 New York State Budget. Beyond the possibility that New York may see unified control disappear in upcoming elections, if New York to wait until 2020 or longer, the probability of federal legalization drastically increases.

Marijuana Officially Legal in Illinois


In May Illinois sent a marijuana legalization bill to Governor J.B. On June 25 th , Pritzker signed the bill, officially making Illinois the 11 th state to legalize cannabis, and only the second state to pull this off through its legislature, according to Vox. Other states passed legalization through ballot initiatives. But like any legalization law, Illinois has its own unique conditions and benefits. Personal growing will only be fully legal for medical use.


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In 2015, Louisiana lawmakers legalized medical marijuana. The fact that medical marijuana is available in Louisiana at all shows how far marijuana legalization advocates have come, but the serious restrictions on the program show there is a long way to go. In Louisiana, even if the medical program is successful and support grows for recreational legalization, the infrastructure simply will not be there for a quick transition.