Pennsylvania: Health Officials Expand Medical Cannabis Access Program


Pennsylvania health officials have expanded the pool of patients eligible to receive medical cannabis access. The State Health Department Secretary publicly announced on Thursday that patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders and/or Tourette’s syndrome will be eligible to receive recommendations to legally access medical cannabis products. John Fetterman called the changes “a truly powerful expansion” of the state’s program.

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Pediatric Medical Cannabis Access in Schools

Americans for Safe Access

A national perspective on safe access for students. At ASA, our goal is to ensure that every state has sensible cannabis policies that create safe and legal access for all patients.

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Mississippi Becomes 37th State to Legalize Medical Cannabis With a Law that Provides Limited Access to Patients

Americans for Safe Access

of votes in favor), which authorized the state’s department of health to create a medical cannabis program. Patients across the state should have equitable access to this treatment option and should not be burdened by localities that wrongly choose to opt out of the law

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Executive Action Can Close the Medical Cannabis Access Gap for Veterans

Americans for Safe Access

Despite the fact that 36 states have reformed their laws to provide for safe and legal access to cannabis for qualifying patients, veterans living across these states still face a confusing system of federal and state laws regarding physician engagement and affordable access.

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Alabama: Senate Advances Medical Cannabis Access Measure


Senate lawmakers approved legislation yesterday that seeks to regulate patients’ access to select medical cannabis products. Last year, members of Senate similarly approved medical cannabis access legislation, but that effort was opposed by the House.

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New Legislation Introduced To Protect State-Legal Marijuana Programs


The most essential component in creating a stable business environment to meet consumer demand is certainty, and that is what states and businesses would have with Congressman Correa’s legislation to protect state-lawful programs from potential rouge US Attorneys under a Department of Justice likely to be led by known drug warrior William Barr. To date, these statewide regulatory programs are operating largely as voters and politicians intended.

Attorney General Nominee Commits To Leave State-Legal Marijuana Programs Alone


His statements came response to questions from Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) — each of whom represent states where marijuana is legally regulated for either medical or recreational purposes. Moreover, an estimated 73 million Americans now reside in the ten states where anyone over the age of 21 may possess cannabis legally. The percentage is the highest level of support for legalization ever reported in a nationwide, scientific poll.

Over 40 Members of Congress Request SBA Access For Small Marijuana Businesses


“Many of these establishments are small-to-medium size operators, with their employees keeping their doors open without access to the support systems in place for other businesses, thus depriving them of potentially lifesaving protections.”

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How Medical Cannabis Programs Differ Throughout the United States


Medical cannabis is legal in 37 states, including our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Nineteen states have legalized recreational or adult-use cannabis. There are many existing differences between medical cannabis programs from state to state.

Minnesota: Regulators Okay Patients’ Access to Cannabis-Infused Edible Products

Cannabis Law Report

Under the plan, patients in the state’s medical access program will be able to purchase marijuana-infused gummies or other similar chewable products beginning on August 1, 2022. Minnesota lawmakers legalized patients’ access to limited formulations of cannabis in 2014.

Louisiana Expands State Medical Marijuana Program


New laws expanding the medical marijuana program in Louisiana went into effect on August 1. Previously, the number of physicians that were allowed to recommend medical marijuana therapy was limited and so were the conditions that would qualify a person for the program.

Medical Cannabis Oil Distribution On The Horizon In Georgia


As a beacon of hope for patients in Georgia, an executive director has finally been appointed by the Access to Medical Cannabis Commission to oversee the next stages of development for the state’s medical marijuana program. Program Expansion.

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Switzerland Makes Way for Easier Access to Medical Cannabis


Decriminalization and legalization of cannabis may be gaining ground but patients in certain countries are still struggling to access medical cannabis through the legal market. What Is The Current Legal Status Of Cannabis In Switzerland? .

Revamping Texas’ Medical Cannabis Program Is the Key to Ending the State’s Opioid Crisis


opioid epidemic, which claimed a record number of lives in 2021 , is the result of America’s faulty regulation of these powerful pain-killing drugs and a widespread lack of access to safe and adequate pain management solutions. Vital Changes to Texas’ Medical Cannabis Program.

Virginia: Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect July 1


And while we applaud Governor Northam, his administration, and the legislature for taking this step, it’s critical that they work swiftly to legalize and regulate the responsible of cannabis by adults and begin undoing the damages prohibition has waged on tens of thousands of Virginians.”

Congress Should Lift the Ban on Medical Cannabis Access for Military Veterans


Americans in 33 states and the District of Columbia have legal access to medical marijuana under a doctor’s authorization. But this same access is often lacking for many military veterans. physicians “from completing forms or registering veterans for participation in state-approved [medical marijuana] program[s].” That is because the current policy of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs explicitly prohibits V.A.

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Virginians No Longer Need a Medical Cannabis Card to Access their Stash


This month, patients will no longer require a medical cannabis card to participate in Virginia’s medical cannabis program. Patients no longer need to register through the Board of Pharmacy in order to legally buy medical cannabis in Virginia.

Oregon is Setting the Foundation for its Psilocybin Therapy Program


The first legal psilocybin therapy program to take shape in America is slowly progressing in Oregon. Kate Brown conducts regularly scheduled monthly meetings with a goal of shaping the nation’s first Psilocybin therapy program.

Can Texas Build a Working Medical Cannabis Program in 2019?


In 2019 Texans will find out whether lawmakers are ready to build a viable medical cannabis program or whether old-fashioned politics will limit access to effective medicine. The post Can Texas Build a Working Medical Cannabis Program in 2019? Health Politics decriminalization laws legalization medical marijuana qualifying conditions texas

Tribe is Expanding Cannabis Cultivation, Overgrowing the State Program


South Dakota still has harsh penalties surrounding cannabis consumption, and its newly instated medical cannabis program remains heavily restricted. Voters legalized medical cannabis in South Dakota via ballot initiative on November 3rd, 2020.

Newly Published Paper: Not a SAFE Bet: Equitable Access to Cannabis Banking, An Analysis of the SAFE Banking Act

Cannabis Law Report

Ohio State Legal Studies Research Paper No. According to its sponsors and supporters, the Safe and Fair Enforcement (‘SAFE’) Banking Act would help address the challenges faced by small cannabis businesses that cannot currently access banking services or loans.

Tennessee Broadens its Medical Cannabis Program


Wait, Tennessee has a medical cannabis program? I was born and raised in East Tennessee, and I moved to Oklahoma because medical cannabis is not legal nor accessible in Tennessee. The Evolution of Tennessee’s Medical Cannabis Program.

New York: An Analysis of Governor Cuomo’s Legalization Proposal


A complex and comprehensive plan laid out in over 200 pages of legislative text, the CRTA would implement one of the most tightly regulated, highly taxed and heavily controlled legal cannabis markets in the world. development and hiring programs.

Canada Opens Access for Psilocybin and MDMA Therapy

Cannabis Law Report

Thus, providing a new pathway for patients to access psychedelic treatment, and another example of the medicinal approach to psychedelic legalization. Timeline of Medicinal Legalization in Canada. 56(1) only restores the possibility of accessing restricted drugs though SAP.

How Texans Fight for Medical Cannabis Access


One is an advocacy group based in the Dallas area, called Safe Access Texas. When asked about medical cannabis initiatives, Hughes responds, “in Texas there’s a weak program.”. Benefits to solid medical programs are evident in states like Maryland. “As

New York: Empire State NORML Files Suit Seeking Patients’ Access to Medical Cannabis While on Probation


Empire State NORML and others are suing the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Services (DOCCS) so that qualified patients may access medical cannabis products while on probation. Petitioners argue that the state’s medical cannabis access law explicitly forbids state officials from taking discriminatory actions against qualified patients.

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Hawaii Just Launched a New Medical Marijuana Program for Visitors

Cannabis Law Report

Tourists can apply for the 329-V card, which provides legal access to the state’s medical cannabis dispensaries … Read More. The post Hawaii Just Launched a New Medical Marijuana Program for Visitors first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

Austin First Responders May Get Access to Medical Cannabis


37 states have now legalized medical cannabis (MMJ). While most residents in these states only need to have a qualifying condition to get access, residents who belong to certain professions—such as healthcare workers—are prohibited from consumption regardless of medical need.

South Dakota: Opposition Group’s Polling Shows Voter Support for Marijuana Legalization Initiatives


According to the survey results, some 70 percent of respondents back Initiative Measure 26 -- which establishes a medical cannabis access program -- and some 60 percent of voters support Constitutional Amendment A, which legalizes the adult-use marijuana market.

Massachusetts: Cannabis Control Commission Launches Programming for Massachusetts’ Third Cohort of Social Equity Program Participants

Cannabis Law Report

WORCESTER, MA— The Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) hosted a virtual orientation seminar on Thursday, March 3 for participants of the third cohort of Massachusetts’ first-in-the-nation Social Equity Program.

Psilocybin Patenting and the Threat to Patient Access

Cannabis Law Report

Oregon’s developing psilocybin program is nothing short of revolutionary and provides an opportunity to investigate the potential of psilocybin in treating a myriad of mental health conditions. Threat to Patient Access in Oregon. By Brett Mulligan.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has released a report examining the efficacy of state medical cannabis laws.

Cannabis Law Report

The organization has, they say, ……evaluated patient access, affordability, equity, and product safety. Chris Rabb (D-District 200) said the report has served as a resource he utilizes to ensure all Pennsylvanians have access to medical cannabis. “As

Leafly Launches Unique Data-Sharing Program to Advance Cannabis Research

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The Leafly + University program allows accredited cannabis researchers to access proprietary data from one of the world’s largest cannabis information resources, at no cost. For more information on the Leafly + University cannabis research program, visit:

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McMaster University Launches “Science of Cannabis” Program


In an unprecedented step forward, McMaster University launched its new marijuana education program in Canada, CBC News reveals. Referred to as their “science of cannabis” program, its goal is to provide a verifiable, facts-based approach to the risks and benefits of marijuana. The program consists of three different courses, open to: “…health, education, public service, and social and community services sectors across the country”. Science of Cannabis Program Long Overdue.

What The Relaxation In Access To Cannabis For Scientific Research Means For Medical Marijuana Development

MMJ Recs

The limit on where scientists could access cannabis for research was limited to just one facility at the University of Mississippi. But what does new access to medical marijuana for scientific research in the United States mean for medical marijuana development?

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, What To Know

Cannabis Law Report

In 2016, Pennsylvania adopted Act 16, becoming one of 38 states that have medical marijuana programs in the United States. Dispensaries were declared essential businesses and patients were given access to telemedicine consultations to obtain medical marijuana user cards.

Is weed legal in Alabama?

The Cannigma

Medical: Legal, but limited Recreational: illegal Reciprocity: No. Alabama law does not allow the consumption, possession, or cultivation of marijuana for recreational purposes, but has approved the establishment of a medical marijuana program in February 2021.