New Mexico: Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization, Other Reform Bills


State lawmakers have approved a series of bills reducing penalties for marijuana possession offenses and strengthening and expanding legal protections for medical cannabis patients. DECRIMINALIZATION. LEGALIZATION.

Texas: Marijuana Decriminalization Bill to be Considered on House Floor


On Thursday, April 25, members of the Texas House of Representatives are scheduled to consider a marijuana decriminalization bill. Thursday will be the first time in decades that marijuana decriminalization will be discussed on the House Floor.

Wisconsin Governor Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana And Decriminalize Recreational This Year


Evers aims to legalize medical cannabis, decriminalize recreational possession and use, and expunge qualifying arrest records. Legalizing cannabis for a medicinal purpose in Wisconsin is inspired by Evers’ own experience with a debilitating disease.

Denver Decriminalizes Psilocybin

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jurisdiction to decriminalize psilocybin-containing mushrooms. jurisdiction has actually approved of the decriminalization of psilocybin, and this could have major effects throughout the nation. Decriminalization is a very different concept. Colorado Legal Issues

North Dakota Decriminalizes Marijuana


Whether it is decriminalization, medical permission or full-blown legalization, signature moves like these typically start and end with a decent amount of fanfare. According to Vox , the state decriminalized marijuana in early May, yet they didn’t make a peep. Doug Burgum signed a bill decriminalizing marijuana last week — but the issue got little to no attention from his office or news media. Decriminalization vs. Legalization – a Middle-Ground. .

Marijuana Legalization Measures Gaining Momentum In Several States


Lawmakers in several states have recently moved forward legislative proposals to either legalize or decriminalize marijuana-related activities. LEGALIZATION. Chris Sununu, who has pledged to veto any legalization bill, “regardless of what the language looks like.”

New York: the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA)


The bill would legalize the adult possession, use, and regulated sale of marijuana. Significant steps are taken in the amended MRTA to ensure racial justice and a small business-friendly industry, including: Creating a micro-licensing structure, similar to New York’s rapidly growing craft wine and beer industry, which allows small-scale production and sale plus delivery to reduce barriers to entry for people with less access to capital and traditional avenues of financing.

Move Legalization Forward in New Jersey


Several bills have been introduced in the state legislature, ranging from legalization to expungement, and the fight for freedom has never been more widely supported than now. 2318 would allow for expedited expungement of records for those previously convicted of a marijuana crime upon passage of decriminalization or legalization measures in the state of New Jersey, as long as those past violations are no longer considered a crime under state law.

Proposed Legislation: Ensuring Safe Capital Access for All Small Business Act of 2019

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Chairwoman Velázquez Announces Bills to Open SBA Programs to Legal Cannabis Businesses. 3540, the Ensuring Safe Capital Access for All Small Businesses Act of 2019. 3543, the Ensuring Access to Counseling and Training Programs for All Small Business Act of 2019.

Marijuana reform is budding in New Hampshire!


Several bills have been introduced in the state legislature, ranging from legal hemp production to adult-use marijuana legalization, and the fight for freedom has never been more widely supported than now. — Bipartisan bill HB 481 would legalize the personal adult-use, possession, cultivation, and retail sale of marijuana. We need your help to keep fighting to legalize marijuana nationwide.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/29


Guam became the first US territory to send a bill legalizing the adult-use of marijuana to the governor’s desk in 2019. New Jersey tabled a scheduled vote to pass adult-use marijuana legalization after falling just a few votes short of the threshold needed to pass.

U.S. Virgin Islands Finally Legalizes Medical Marijuana


After four years in the making, medical marijuana is finally legal in the U.S. Virgin Islands since 2014 when the legislation he introduced to decriminalize possession of up to one ounce was approved by the Legislature. Legalization Marijuana News Albert Bryan Jr.

Can Texas Build a Working Medical Cannabis Program in 2019?


In 2019 Texans will find out whether lawmakers are ready to build a viable medical cannabis program or whether old-fashioned politics will limit access to effective medicine. Health Politics decriminalization laws legalization medical marijuana qualifying conditions texasThe post Can Texas Build a Working Medical Cannabis Program in 2019? appeared first on Leafly.

Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South


The American South has been one of the toughest (weed) cookies to crack when it comes to marijuana reform, despite legalization’s wildfire spread over the past half-decade. To be fair, Democrats didn’t mention weed legalization on their party’s official platform until 2016.).

New York Governor Cuomo Leaves Marijuana Legalization Out of State Budget


Legal Advisor to Roc NORML, and Mary Kruger, Start SMART NY Coalition Member and Executive Director of Roc NORML. Sixty-five percent of New York residents support the legalization of cannabis. Cannabis legalization was not included in the 2019 – 2020 New York State Budget. Beyond the possibility that New York may see unified control disappear in upcoming elections, if New York to wait until 2020 or longer, the probability of federal legalization drastically increases.

Texas Police Chiefs Association Hold Marijuana Press Conference


It was disappointing to see Law Enforcement advocating for policy that continues to saddle Texans with criminal records and all those collateral consequences as well as putting fear ahead of regulated patient access to medical marijuana. Our research has found that marijuana in legalized states can increase crime, negatively impact public health, place additional strain on social services, fail to eradicate criminal enterprises, and that expenditures often outpace revenue collection.

What Is the MORE Act, and How Could It Change Marijuana Policy Forever?


The MORE Act, which was introduced to the US Congress last month, would completely decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. The issue isn’t if marijuana will be legalized anymore. It’s actually a reestablishment of the legal term [for] cannabis.

Policy 238

Political Landscape Now Favours Legalization


The federal legalization of marijuana in the U.S. The most notable development is of course Illinois, which recently became the 11 th state to legalize recreational marijuana. Has Access to Marijuana. . Things have come a long way since California broke the ice, legalizing medical marijuana in 1996. With Illinois implementing a cannabis overhaul, a total of 11 states legalized the drug completely.

Canada Inspires Legalization Proponents in Other Nations


Despite the difficult rollout, there is no doubt that Canada’s decision to legalize cannabis has been monumental. As the first G7 country to fully lift prohibition on the drug, Canada has sent a clear message that legalization is nothing to be feared.

Article: Marijuana Legalization: Mexico Will Seal the Deal!

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Marijuana legalization is a trending topic in many countries. In 2013, Uruguay was the first country to legalize recreational cannabis. Canada followed suit and legalized marijuana in 2018. Now, we have to see when cannabis becomes legal.

Historic: Judiciary Committee Chairman Introduces Bill To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition


The American public is overwhelmingly ready to legalize marijuana, their elected officials in Washington need to finally start representing the will of the people and advance this sensible legislation,” said NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri.

US Military Increase In Positive THC Drug Tests In Legalized States

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” As the report notes, the Army studied the effects or marijuana legalization and whether it correlated with an upward trend in drug pops over the past several years.

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Sen. Schumer And Rep. Jeffries To Introduce Comprehensive Marijuana Reform Legislation


At a time when 68 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization, including outright majorities of Democrats (77 percent), Independents (62 percent), and Republicans (57 percent), it is time for ending federal prohibition to become a truly bipartisan issue in the eyes of voters.”

NORML’s 2020 Democratic Primary Marijuana Straw Poll


She remained generally opposed to legalization, while supporting states having the right to reform their own policies, until she clarified her stance as being in support of it after announcing her 2020 presidential campaign. States are moving forward on decriminalization and legalization.

New York’s Marijuana Legalization Bill “Dead for Now”


Unfortunately, like New Jersey, New York’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana appears to be a no-go for at least one more year, repots The Wall Street Journal. In fact, many Democratic lawmakers – whom we would expect to be more receptive about legalization – were staunchly opposed to the measure. The failed bid at legalization could lead to other related legislation that will prove helpful from a health, legal and societal perspective.

Mid-Atlantic States Enact Historic Reforms, But Remain Stalled on Legalization

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New Jersey May Renew Push to Legalize Marijuana in 2019. Recent comments from Governor Phil Murphy and Senate President Steve Sweeney suggest one final legislative effort to legalize marijuana in 2019. The legislative effort to legalize marijuana thus appeared on indefinite hiatus.

Study: Medical Marijuana Legalization Associated With Lower Opioid Prescription Rates

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According to a new study published by the journal Preventive Medicine , medical marijuana legalization is associated with reduced opioid prescription rates. Second, changes in state cannabis law, whether decriminalization, medical legalization, or adult-use legalization.

Legalizing Marijuana Leads To Fewer Illegal Grow Sites In National Forests, Study Finds

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In news that Smokey Bear, iconic protector of all forests, would be happy to hear, research shows that reports of illegal marijuana grow operations on federally protected lands fell after states began legalizing it for adult use. Cannabis legalization is insignificant in Washington.

NY Daily News Publishes Opinion Piece By Two DA’s Saying It Is Now To To Legalize & Regulate Cannabis

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Legalize marijuana now, New York: Two district attorneys say the time has come to permit use of the substance. Alarmingly, the state’s continued failure to legalize marijuana has perpetuated significant racial injustices while constraining law enforcement resources.

New York: New Report Released Showing Ongoing Extreme Racial Disparities in Marijuana Enforcement at City and County Levels


At the same time, the bill would redirect tax revenue from a legal industry towards various programs that redress harms from the War on Drugs, while also increasing and improving public education and treatment programs geared towards responsible use, reducing overdoses, and saving lives.

Grassroots Activism and Marijuana Policy: A Winning Combination


When NORML was founded in 1970, roughly 12% of Americans supported legalizing marijuana. Currently sixty-five percent of adults nationwide support ending marijuana prohibition and establishing a regulated market where responsible consumers can legally purchase marijuana.

Policy 212

Weekly Legislative Roundup 6/21/19


House of Representatives just voted to restrict the Department of Justice from interfering with the states that have legalized adult-use marijuana. New York state lawmakers approved legislation on Friday to further expand cannabis decriminalization and expunge certain records.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/8/19


Legislation is pending, Senate Bill 182, to re-legalize the inhalation of herbal cannabis formulations for medical purposes. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of medical cannabis access in school. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of legalization.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/1/19


Governor of Pennsylvania, is beginning a state-wide listening tour to find out where PA residents stand on cannabis legalization. Manor Township, Pennsylvania is considering a proposal that would decriminalize cannabis possession.

The Marijuana Justice Act Introduced In Both Chambers Of Congress


“The Marijuana Justice Act seeks to reverse decades of this unfair, unjust, and failed policy by removing marijuana from the list of controlled substances and making it legal at the federal level.” ” “But it’s not enough to simply decriminalize marijuana.

Policy 285

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/20/19


A decriminalization bill was defeated in the Missouri House of Representatives this week. At a more local level, The city commissioners of Daytona Beach voted to decriminalize up to 20 grams of marijuana possession. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of decriminalization.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/18/19


At the state level, patients in Ohio and Oklahoma now have access to medical cannabis, as sales began in both states this week. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) of New York and Governor Gina Raimondo (D) of Rhode Island both included plans for cannabis legalization as a part of their budget proposals in their respective states. A medical cannabis access bill was signed into law in the U.S. Meanwhile, a decriminalization bill was defeated in the Virginia House this week.