Federal Appropriations Bills Include Limited Cannabis Protections


This language was first introduced to the House in 2001 and for the first time in history, it is now included in what is referred to as “the base text,” meaning that its inclusion did not require a vote.

Cannabis Terpenes, Part 3: A Few of Our Favorite Terpenes


Edition (2001): Medicinal plants contain a variety of bioactive compounds such as terpenes, which are composed of essential oils. Cannabis has been a source of food, fuel, paper, and building materials, a textile fiber, and a folk medicine remedy for thousands of years.

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Jamaican Lion: The Industry’s First Comprehensive Cannabis Reference Genome

Medicinal Genomics

The completeness of the human genome that was celebrated at the White House in 2001 is 10-fold lower in quality compared to the cannabis genome we’ve just released.

Terpene Spotlight: Phytol


Edition (2001): Medicinal plants contain a variety of bioactive compounds such as terpenes, which are composed of essential oils. As the cannabis plant gains more notoriety for its medicinal uses, more research is proving what humans have known for centuries. Cannabis possesses healing properties which can aid in a patient’s overall healthcare routine.

Terpene Spotlight: Pulegone


Edition (2001): Medicinal plants contain a variety of bioactive compounds such as terpenes, which are composed of essential oils. Cannabis has been used for human consumption for centuries. Cannabis has been a source of food, fuel, paper, and building materials, a textile fiber, and a folk medicine remedy for thousands of years. As the cannabis plant gains more notoriety for its medicinal uses, more research is proving what humans have known for thousands of years.

Idaho: Legislation to legalize hemp  introduced in Senate

Cannabis Law Report

Idaho News 2 reports. Growing hemp would be legal in Idaho under proposed legislation introduced Tuesday. The Senate Health and Welfare Committee voted to clear the way for a hearing on the bill brought forward by Republican Rep. Dorothy Moon.

Grading the Presidential Candidates on Marijuana: Michael Bloomberg

Canna Law Blog

History with marijuana legislation: In 2001, Bloomberg was elected mayor of New York City as a Republican. The topic of cannabis was first addressed publicly by Bloomberg in 2001, when he was asked in an interview if he had smoked marijuana.

New Insights in the Cannabis Genome will Be Shared at CannMed 2018

Medicinal Genomics

In the video below, Chief Science Officer Kevin McKernan reveals that the Medicinal Genomics team has surpassed the standard set by the Human Genome Project in 2001.

Cannabis For Fibromyalgia

Dr. Michele Ross

PLoS One, 2001. What Are The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues. It is often diagnosed by pressing on tender points throughout the body that results in pain upon light touching.

Jamaican Scientist Says He’s Revived Bob Marley’s Favourite Ganja (Cannabis) Strain

Cannabis Law Report

” The Jamaican doctor started growing cannabis in 2001. A “supreme” ganja which disappeared decades ago and was originally smoked by Bob Marley is being recreated by a Jamaican scientist.

Marijuana for Nausea: Helping Cancer Patients for Decades


Marijuana for nausea became FDA approved and available for medicinal use in 1985 in the US, and Canada legalized it for these purposes back in 2001. It took a lot of time for humanity to “rediscover” the medical potential of cannabis.

A Shift in Nomenclature for Hemp-CBD Products

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Part of the impetus behind this movement might be linked to a 2001 court decision pertaining to the status of lovastatin, a compound found in red yeast rice. … FULL SPECTRUM HEMP?

Hemp 108

Hemp CBD Across Europe: The United Kingdom

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Because industrial hemp falls under the definition of genus Cannabis, UK law treats it as a controlled drug in Class B of The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (“MDA”) and Schedule 1 of The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 (“Regulations”).

Pets 76

Women, Cannabis, CBD, Emotions and Moods


Dr. Chin is an osteopath with clinics in New York and California who has been integrating medical cannabis with treatments for children and families since 2001. From anxiety and depression to menopause and mood disorders, cannabis can provide emotional relief for women.

Should Your Labels Include the Term “CBD”?

Canna Law Blog

As we previously explained, the main impetus behind this movement seems to have stemmed from a 2001 court decision regarding the status of lovastatin, a compound found in red yeast rice , which was historically used for healing purposes.

CBD 87

Can cannabis products be used to increase overall health and well-being?

Leaf Science

This was 17 years behind Canada however, who legalized cannabis for medical purposes in 2001 and way behind some American states such as California who legalized medical cannabis in 1996, where patients could access cannabis with the infamous ‘green card’.

Mike Bloomberg Says Legalizing Marijuana Could Make Young People ‘Ruin Their Future’ – His Presidential Ambitions Thwarted Nobody Cares

Cannabis Law Report

The 2001 American Samoa Drug Threat Assessment produced by the National Drug Intelligence Center notes that marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug on the island, though at 25% for youth lifetime use, its prevalence is just over half that of mainland America’s 47%. [2].

Luxembourg Planning to Legalize Cannabis


Furthermore, the drug was decriminalized in 2001. Although marijuana reform made it across the Atlantic in recent months, one Luxembourg plans to ride the green wave all the way through, according to The Guardian.

UK – BMJ Report: ” Medical cannabis: patients turn to private clinics because of NHS void”

Cannabis Law Report

A change to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 moved cannabis from a schedule 1 drug (having no unique medical benefit) to schedule 2 (which doctors can prescribe in certain situations). How will private clinics start seeing patients who request medical cannabis based products when NHS doctors seem unable to? Elisabeth Mahase investigates.

Doctors to Debate Medical Pot as More Patients Expected to Ask for Prescriptions

Puff Puff Post

Canada began providing limited legal access to dried marijuana starting in 1999, before patients could possess it with a doctor’s authorization for medical purposes starting in 2001.

How Medical Marijuana Helps Nausea


In fact, a 2001 systematic review found that cannabinoids worked better than prochlorperazine, metoclopramide, chlorpromazine, thiethylperazine, haloperidol, domperidone, and alizapride for alleviating chemotherapy-induced sickness.

Can Cannabis or CBD really help with your pain?


The first Pain Awareness Month took place in 2001 when the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) led a coalition of groups to establish September as Pain Awareness Month. You deserve to be pain free.

Cannabis as Medicine: 101

Puff Puff Post

This brought the legislative act known as the Medical Marijuana Access and Resources (MMAR) into legislature on July 30 th , 2001 permitted patients access to cannabis for medicinal purposes, from Licensed Producers approved by Health Canada.

You Can Now Smoke and Buy Weed in Canada

Otherside Farms

In 2001 the use of medical marijuana was approved in Canada. Only 10% corresponded to therapeutic marijuana , legal in Canada since 2001.

Where is Marijuana Legal Outside Of The U.S?

The Herb Collective

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001. It is important to know where marijuana is legal when traveling abroad. Countries like Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, and Malaysia carry a death penalty for marijuana use.

Pushing Cannabis into Modern Healthcare


Canada has been at the forefront of shaping much of the rhetoric surrounding cannabis since 2001. Changing Cannabis Conversations Worldwide. While Canada’s medicinal cannabis framework has gone through many iterations, Canada has led the way in showing to the world how to think about cannabis.

Medical Cannabis is Legalized in the U.K., but Suffers from Access Issues


legalized medical marijuana on November 1 st of last year – roughly 18 years after one of its closest Commonwealth allies, Canada, set up its own medical cannabis program in 2001. In November of 2018, the United Kingdom finally made medical marijuana available through their National Health Service (NHS) – one of the country’s publicly-funded healthcare systems. But according to the Independent , the fight for access is still not over.

3 Myth-Busting Facts About Marijuana

Cannabis Law Report

Instead, the Portuguese introduced new laws in 2001 which decriminalized all drugs, albeit without actually legalizing them. Pot, weed, ganja, hashish, hemp, marijuana. They’re all words that are tied to what’s actually quite a pretty herbaceous flowering plant.

McCarthy Tétrault LLP: Canada: 2019 Canadian Federal Budget Commentary – Tax Initiatives

Cannabis Law Report

In an effort to simplify compliance and to adjust to new products, Budget 2019 proposes that the new classes of cannabis products be subject to excise duties under the Excise Act, 2001 based on the quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound found in the final product.

Guest Post: Denmark’s pilot pharma trial attracts first-movers

Cannabis Law Report

They are learning quickly from the successes and failures in Canada’s legal medical cannabis program that has been active since 2001. Denmark’s pilot pharma trial attracts first-movers. By Arundati Dandapani. Europe is open for business, and Denmark wants to be the first-mover.

UK Baker & McKenzie Article – United Kingdom: London’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic Opens to Waiting List

Cannabis Law Report

The opening of private cannabis clinics in the UK is in response to the British Home Office making medicinal cannabis legal from 1 November 2018, reclassifying it from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 under the 2001 Misuse of Drugs Regulations.

Open Secrets.Org Releases Numbers on Cannabis Industry Lobbying Numbers in The US

Cannabis Law Report

All lobbying expenditures in the report come from the USA Senate Office of Public Records. Data for the most recent year was downloaded on October 23, 2019. The Cannabis Trade Federation have spent $760K of their members hard earned cash or should we say hard raised cash !! Here’s the lowdown.

Data 56

Woman Cures Stage 4 Lung Cancer w Coconut Oil and Cannabis Oil

Otherside Farms

Anti-Tumor Effects (news – 2001?). What to do if you had advanced stage 4 terminal lung cancer that doctors and mainstream medicine even admits it can’t cure? What if you live in a nation where marijuana is illegal but is actually the cure to your cancer?

Oil 78

DOJ Report: The Cannabis Effect on Crime: Time-Series Analysis of Crime in Colorado and Washington State

Cannabis Law Report

As Garland ( 2001 Garland, D. ( 2001 ). Abstract. Previous studies based on relatively weak analytical designs lacking contextualization and appropriate comparisons have reported that the legalization of marijuana has either increased or decreased crime.

Medical Marijuana Sales Increase Post-Legalization, but this May Not Last


Although Canada legalized medical marijuana in 2001 (for a limited number of conditions), almost 20 years of acceptance as a medicine was not enough to shake the stigma from staunch prohibitionists.