UK : We The Undersigned & Seed Our Future Issue Joint Communique On UK Govt & “Continued Inclusion of Cannabis Within MoDA 1971 and MDR 2001.”

Cannabis Law Report

The release entitled Counter Evidence Report for the Claims used by the UK Government to Justify the Continued Inclusion of… Read More. Global Forum UK Advocacy

Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis: Is Cannabis a Nootropic that Boosts the Brain?


In the film How High (2001), the characters Silas (Method Man) and Jamal (Redman) use a magical cannabis strain that allows them to ace their college entrance exam.


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Canadian Cannabis: A Love Story, or International Rights and Legalization

Cannabis Life Network

Since 2001, cannabis has been legal for medicinal use by Canadians. International rights form the foundation for modern nation-states. Insofar as states are considered civilized, they adhere to human rights more, not less. Decriminalization continues to make marks on the international stage.

Bad or brilliant timing? The Chillwack cannabis retailer that opened as Covid hit

Cannabis Life Network

Vikram Sachdeva moved to Canada in 1999 and in 2001 he finished his hotel management certificate. Opening a business at the beginning of a pandemic is likely far from any entrepreneur’s business plan.

“Receivership Sale” AgTech Scientific Group Firesale Of It’s Greenhouse Facility Outside Lexington

Cannabis Law Report

The complex in Bourbon County, Kentucky, was built in 2001 to grow ornamental flowers and was converted to cultivate hemp for CBD in 2019. Hemp Industry Daily reports.

Answer of the Day for Apr 29, 2021


2001; 56: 1059-1068. Is marijuana a sedative or stimulant? Marijuana is a CNS depressant and may cause drowsiness or somnolence. Its CNS depressant effects are additive with other CNS depressants, including opioids.

Sleep 56

Weekly Cannabis Roundup November 5


The researchers analyzed the records of every recruit who entered the Army between 2001 and 2012, identifying a distinct difference between recruits with only a history of cannabis use and those who also had misconduct offenses.

Federal Appropriations Bills Include Limited Cannabis Protections


This language was first introduced to the House in 2001 and for the first time in history, it is now included in what is referred to as “the base text,” meaning that its inclusion did not require a vote. In a change of trajectory, the powerful Appropriations Committee in the House of Representatives has for the first time included limited protections for cannabis businesses engaged in the legal marketplaces in 33 states.

Political Parties In Portugal Propose Adult Use Laws

Cannabis Law Report

In 2001, the country decriminalised the personal possession of all drugs as part of a wider initiative focused on public health.

Terpene Spotlight: Phytol

Edition (2001): Medicinal plants contain a variety of bioactive compounds such as terpenes, which are composed of essential oils. As the cannabis plant gains more notoriety for its medicinal uses, more research is proving what humans have known for centuries. Cannabis possesses healing properties which can aid in a patient’s overall healthcare routine.

Tasmania: Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) Says How About Decriminalizing Cannabis. State Attorney General Says No Way Jose

Cannabis Law Report

The ALA has drafted the Cannabis Decriminalisation Bill 2021 to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act 2001 to decriminalise the non-commercial cultivation, possession, and use of small quantities of cannabis. “We Mirage News reports.

Cannabis Terpenes, Part 3: A Few of Our Favorite Terpenes

Edition (2001): Medicinal plants contain a variety of bioactive compounds such as terpenes, which are composed of essential oils. Cannabis has been a source of food, fuel, paper, and building materials, a textile fiber, and a folk medicine remedy for thousands of years. THC and CBD are two popular cannabinoids, and have been used medicinally for centuries. But now, science has proven that there’s far more to the cannabis plant than just those two beneficial compounds.

Terpene Spotlight: Pulegone

Edition (2001): Medicinal plants contain a variety of bioactive compounds such as terpenes, which are composed of essential oils. Cannabis has been used for human consumption for centuries. Cannabis has been a source of food, fuel, paper, and building materials, a textile fiber, and a folk medicine remedy for thousands of years. As the cannabis plant gains more notoriety for its medicinal uses, more research is proving what humans have known for thousands of years.

Obituary: Renowned medical cannabis advocate Tomáš Zábranský passes at age 52

Cannabis Law Report

in epidemiology, hygiene, and preventive medicine from the same university in 2001.

Hemp 87

Malta: Prison over 0.02 grams of cannabis, and a 20-year wait for justice to be served

Cannabis Law Report

Arrested in 2001 but arraigned 18 months later, Eugenio Camenzuli posted a guilty plea on his first sitting in 2006, but spent 20 years before an appeal overturned a prison sentence for just 0.02g of cannabis. Malta is not a place to engage with any form of govt or authority.

Studying while high: is it a good idea?

The Cannigma

One 2001 study on chronic cannabis users found no significant differences in attentional processing between the placebo group and those who had just used cannabis. Can cannabis help you focus and motivate you to study more effectively? Like all substances designed to help you, it depends.

Jamaican Lion: The Industry’s First Comprehensive Cannabis Reference Genome

Medicinal Genomics

The completeness of the human genome that was celebrated at the White House in 2001 is 10-fold lower in quality compared to the cannabis genome we’ve just released. Since then, major breakthroughs in sequencing technology have enabled their reference of the cannabis genome to greatly exceed the standards set by the Human Genome Project in 2001.

Grading the Presidential Candidates on Marijuana: Michael Bloomberg

Canna Law Blog

History with marijuana legislation: In 2001, Bloomberg was elected mayor of New York City as a Republican. The topic of cannabis was first addressed publicly by Bloomberg in 2001, when he was asked in an interview if he had smoked marijuana.

Serbian Patients Face Jail as Medical Marijuana Legalisation Stalls. so far 20 have gone to jail

Cannabis Law Report

Few medicines have helped him, but his condition drastically improved after he started treating himself with cannabis oil in 2001. “I

Simplifya Announces the Appointment of Mercury Payment Systems Inc. and MassPay Incorporated Cofounder Jeffrey B. Katz to Its Board of Directors

Cannabis Law Report

In 2001, Jeff Katz co-founded MPS and aligned with POS developers and resellers to deliver payment processing to restaurateurs and retailers. Katz Brings 20 Years of POS, Fintech, Technology, Investment and Leadership Expertise to the.

Idaho: Legislation to legalize hemp  introduced in Senate

Cannabis Law Report

Idaho News 2 reports. Growing hemp would be legal in Idaho under proposed legislation introduced Tuesday. The Senate Health and Welfare Committee voted to clear the way for a hearing on the bill brought forward by Republican Rep. Dorothy Moon.

UK: Tory MP Crispin Blunt At Loggerheads With The Home Office Over Psilocybin Research

Cannabis Law Report

We currently have no plans to reschedule psilocybin under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001.”.

Does Your Health Insurance Policy Cover CBD And Medical Marijuana Use?

United Patients Group

In its 2001 ‘Notice of rejection of a petition to reschedule marijuana,’ the DEA stressed its primary objection to the rescheduling of cannabis. Suppose you reside in a state where medical marijuana and CBD usage is allowed (35 countries by 2020).

Psych Newsletter UK Interviews MP, Crispin Blunt

Cannabis Law Report

In the report we go over a brief history of psilocybin, its medical use, modern research and the barriers to research in the UK due to psilocybin’s Schedule 1 status under The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001,’ outlined Davis. ‘We Here’s the introduction to the interview.

Article: The narco-terrorist Taliban

Cannabis Law Report

The announcement of the interim government’s composition then dashed any remaining (naive) hope that this Taliban regime would be different from the one the United States and its allies ousted in 2001. Published at ASPI. The narco-terrorist Taliban.

Should Insurance Companies Cover Cannabis? New Jersey Thinks So!


Twenty years later, after exhausting all medical avenues, including becoming addicted to opioids , the State Appellate Division ruled that M&K Construction has to reimburse Vincent Hager $616 a month to cover the medical marijuana he uses as a treatment for the injuries he received in 2001.

Cannabis laws in Japan: Is weed legal?

The Cannigma

The Tokyo Marijuana March has been held since 2001, though it’s a much more reserved and smoke-free event than its counterparts in many other countries.

Law 97

Is weed legal in Sweden?

The Cannigma

A 2014 report found that cannabis use is now higher in Sweden than in Portugal, which decriminalized drug possession in 2001. Medical: legal Recreational: illegal.

New Insights in the Cannabis Genome will Be Shared at CannMed 2018

Medicinal Genomics

In the video below, Chief Science Officer Kevin McKernan reveals that the Medicinal Genomics team has surpassed the standard set by the Human Genome Project in 2001. Thanks to funding from the DASH network, Medicinal Genomics is currently working on a project to create a more complete cannabis reference genome. Medicinal Genomics was the first company to sequence the cannabis genome in 2011, but the limitations in sequencing technology left some of the genetic information incomplete.

Article – Dechert LLP: Medicinal Cannabis in the UK: Fund Structuring, Investment and Listing Considerations

Cannabis Law Report

Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (MDA 1971); Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 (MDR 2001); Medicines Act 1968 and Human Medicines Regulations 2012. MDR 2001. Section 16A MDR 2001. 5 MDR 2001: [link]. JULY 21, 2021.

California’s Largest Wholly-Owned Cannabis Company Hires Nationally-Recognized Business Builder and Innovator Denyelle Bruno as CEO

Cannabis Law Report

in 2001). SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Perfect Union announced Denyelle Bruno as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead its rapidly growing cannabis enterprise in the world’s largest legal market.

Does weed lower testosterone?

The Cannigma

Interestingly, in a 2001 study on mice, anandamide, which acts in a similar way to THC by binding with CB receptors, was found to suppress testosterone levels, perhaps fuelling the theory that THC must do the same.

Cannabis For Fibromyalgia

Dr. Michele Ross

PLoS One, 2001. What Are The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues. It is often diagnosed by pressing on tender points throughout the body that results in pain upon light touching. Fibromyalgia flares occur when symptoms rapidly increase in severity or number; these flares may last for days or weeks and are often dependent on stress levels or triggers like poor diet.

Mixing weed and alcohol: the good, the bad and the ugly

The Cannigma

These findings mirror those of a 2001 trial, in which the subjects who consumed alcohol along with cannabis “reported more episodes of euphoria and had higher plasma THC levels.” Taken responsibly, both alcohol and cannabis can be a great time. But what about when you mix the two?

Executive Spotlight: George Jage

Cannabis Law Report

Prior to founding Jage Media and its properties, George was Co-founder & Exec VP of the Off-Price Show (1993 – 2001), Co-founder & CEO of World Tea Media (2002 – 2012), and Group Director of the Beverage Group at F&W Media (2013 – 2014).

Media 91

Marijuana for Nausea: Helping Cancer Patients for Decades


Marijuana for nausea became FDA approved and available for medicinal use in 1985 in the US, and Canada legalized it for these purposes back in 2001. It took a lot of time for humanity to “rediscover” the medical potential of cannabis. Although there’s still a long way to go, cannabis has been accepted by many as a tool for treating regular nausea, but also nausea caused by chemotherapy. Nausea was actually one of the main reasons why medical cannabis became legal in some US states.

7 Tips to Sleep Better

United Patients Group

Sinauer Associates; 2001. Of every three people who go to bed each night, one is likely to be tossing and turning until they hear the chirping of the morning birds. Almost 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders , with insomnia being the most common form. .

Sleep 52