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Ohio Votes To Legalize Recreational Cannabis


Last night, Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed Issue 2 officially legalizing recreational cannabis. This makes Ohio the 24th state to legalize recreational use. ” What Ohioans Can Expect When The Recreational Market Opens The new law takes effect on December 7th — 30 days after the vote. Absolutely not!

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Why can Legislature change new Ohio recreational marijuana law?

Medical Marijuana Program Connection

Ohio voters made the Buckeye State the 24th to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. The ballot measure, known as Issue 2, passed in the Nov. Read More


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Ohio Legalizes Adult Recreational Use of Cannabis

Medical Marijuana Program Connection

Earlier this month, Ohio joined the growing number of states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The new law, which becomes effective December 7, Read More

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Nevada Supreme Court Holds Recreational Cannabis is Not a “Lawful” Off-Duty Product

The Blunt Truth

In the last two years, more jurisdictions have passed laws providing employment protections to applicants and employees using cannabis on their free time, including in New York , Washington, DC , and California. Ceballos v. Ceballos v. NP Palace, LLC , Aug. 11, 2022.). As a result, the employer terminated the plaintiff.

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What’s the Difference Between Medical & Recreational Marijuana?


While conflicts between federal and state law may lead you to think otherwise, figuring out cannabis (and the difference between medical and recreational marijuana) isn’t that complicated at all. Medical Marijuana Vs. Regular Recreational Marijuana Or “Weed” So what is the […]

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Understanding Medical Marijuana Laws in the United States

MMJ Recs

The landscape of medical marijuana laws in the United States is complex and continually evolving. With federal and state regulations, varying laws by state, and ongoing updates, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of this ever-changing field. Idaho: Idaho has strict marijuana laws and does not have an MMJ program.

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Cannabis laws in Bangladesh

The Cannigma

Medical: illegal Recreational: illegal Bangladesh maintains stringent cannabis laws that underscore a rigorous stance on its possession, use, and cultivation. Recreational cannabis use in Bangladesh Recreational cannabis use in Bangladesh is strictly forbidden.