Fair Access Missouri files petition to legalize recreational cannabis

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Fair Access Missouri announced its filing with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday, saying that the coalition has worked “for years to establish open markets and fair rules” for entrepreneurs, patients and consumers.

Rhode Island Moves Forward With Recreational Legalization


Now, recreational cannabis will be legal too! Dan McKee signs the recreational cannabis bill, Rhode Island will become the 19th state in America to legalize adult-use cannabis. Recreational cannabis sales are set to kick-off for the holiday season in December.


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NYC Could Be Sparking Up Recreational Cannabis Sales This Fall


Lawmakers of the time limited public access to cannabis for strictly medical use back in 1914. The state legalized recreational-use cannabis last year and is gearing up to launch sales in the coming months. Cannabis prohibition started back in the early 1900s in America.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has released a report examining the efficacy of state medical cannabis laws.

Cannabis Law Report

The organization has, they say, ……evaluated patient access, affordability, equity, and product safety. It is ASA’s hope that the report will inspire a renewed commitment to patients by policymakers to improve state laws and end the federal prohibition once and for all.”.

California: State Grants Access to Medical Cannabis in Hospitals for Terminally-Ill Patients, Ryan’s Law

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Ryan’s Law” will expand end-of-life treatment and pain relief options for Californians. Ryan’s Law is named after Ryan Bartell, a California native and US Coast Guard veteran who tragically passed away in 2018 after a brave battle with pancreatic cancer. Cannabis Law News

Can A State Recriminalize Recreational Marijuana?

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The laws surrounding both recreational and medical marijuana (MMJ) are constantly changing. Just about every major election sees alterations to which states currently allow their citizens to use marijuana recreationally and/or for medicinal purposes.

Important Differences Between Recreational and Medical Cannabis

United Patients Group

Today, 35 states have legalized medical marijuana programs, and 14 states have permitted adults over the age of 21 to partake of recreational weed. Is there a difference between medical cannabis products and the marijuana available to recreational users?

Parolees Should Have Access to Medical Cannabis


For many patients, especially those in states where cannabis access has been extended to both medical and recreational markets, patients are now better served than they used to be. In many jurisdictions, parolees are unable to access medical cannabis because of their criminal record.

Switzerland Makes Way for Easier Access to Medical Cannabis


Decriminalization and legalization of cannabis may be gaining ground but patients in certain countries are still struggling to access medical cannabis through the legal market. In other words , recreational use of cannabis is illegal but the fines are becoming increasingly reduced.

The Cake House Vista is Now Recreational!

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–(BUSINESS WIRE)– #adultusecannabisvistaca –The Cake House Vista was granted their recreational cannabis license today to sell to any customer aged 21 and older! Offering Discounts for First-time Customers, Veterans, and Seniors. VISTA, Calif.–(BUSINESS

Why Recreational — Not Medical — Marijuana Access Reduces Opioid Overdoses

The Fresh Toast

New research shows recreational marijuana laws reduce annual opioid deaths by 20-35%. Continue reading Why Recreational — Not Medical — Marijuana Access Reduces Opioid Overdoses at The Fresh Toast. Cannabis Marijuana Legislation Medical Marijuana News addiction marijuana laws opioid crisis opioids study

Detroit’s new recreational cannabis ordinance challenged in lawsuit

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A chain of medical marijuana dispensaries filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court Wednesday challenging Detroit’s new recreational marijuana ordinance. ” The city’s law department said it had not had a chance to review the complaint and declined to comment Wednesday.

Recreational Cannabis Legalization Sparks Increase in Consumption, Study Reveals


Does recreational cannabis legalization contribute to a spike in consumption? Enactment of recreational cannabis laws is often framed as an issue of social and racial justice,” noted Martins, who is also director of Columbia’s Substance Use Epidemiology Unit.

Access, variety, and price key complaints in NY’s medical cannabis subreddit

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Chris, a 27-year-old from New York City who has been a medical cannabis patient for about a year and a half, said he’s been fortunate not to experience much hardship in accessing his medicine. Syracuse.com.

Celebrating Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales in New Mexico


New Mexico’s Recreational Adult-Use Cannabis Market Already Seeing Great Success. Recreational cannabis sales kicked off in New Mexico on April 1st with a blazing success. Some people said they waited as long as 2 hours in line to purchase recreational cannabis.

Louisiana Is Blazing Trails With New Cannabis Laws


The law used very specific language that allowed certain aspects of a medical cannabis program, such as prescriptions from doctors, but failed to address other factors such as cultivation and distribution.

Recreational Marijuana Laws: Everything you Need to Know

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The recreational marijuana proposal has been passed by the voters of Michigan in November. Today’s article is going to answer some of the questions related to the latest recreational marijuana law. Understanding the Difference Between Recreational and Medical Marijuana.

Recreational Marijuana: Impact on Traffic Deaths


When it comes to marijuana legalization, one of the opposition’s main concerns is whether legal access to cannabis will increase the number of drivers who operate a vehicle in an impaired state. The post Recreational Marijuana: Impact on Traffic Deaths first appeared on CannaMD.

Nearly 900 New Mexicans are applying to grow recreational cannabis

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Indy White is with Purlife, an Albuquerque-based medical marijuana dispensary now gearing up to serve the recreational market. Commercial recreational applications opened last Wednesday and, already, the New Mexico Licensing and Regulation Department is seeing big demand. “So

Does Medical Licensing Make Sense in Recreational Jurisdictions?

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States tend to start out with medical programs and later adopt recreational programs. What usually happens is that the recreational cannabis market swallows up the medical market. So people under 21 with qualifying conditions and a medical rec/card may be able to access cannabis.

Pennsylvania Governor Encourages Recreational Legalization to Help the State’s Economy  


Lawmakers are looking at ways to increase the state’s revenue, and to no surprise, some suggest legalizing recreational cannabis. Tom Wolf is one of those lawmakers who is pushing for the legalization of recreational cannabis. Current Laws Come With Hefty Penalties.

Announcement: California Department of Cannabis Control Debuts Data Tool Showcasing Access Areas for Cannabis Business

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This data helps Californians understand the work we have ahead of us in realizing the promises of cannabis legalization, including supporting access to a safe, legal, and equitable cannabis market across the state and combating the unregulated, illicit market”. SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(

Data 52

Congratulations to New Mexico for Recreational Cannabis Legalization!


Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation that officially legalized recreational cannabis for the state. When asked about recreational cannabis legalization Gov. Recreational cannabis helps boost tourism. What’s Permitted For Recreational Use.

Colorado may see its biggest overhaul of marijuana laws since recreational legalization – Cannabis Business Executive


As recently as 2014, the vast majority of medical and recreational cannabis sold in Colorado was flower and only 11% was the high-potency concentrates consumed through dab rigs or vape pens.

Israel Declares Plans to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in Less Than a Year


Israel has announced that they plan to legalize recreational cannabis within 9 months. Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn stated that Israel is planning on legalizing recreational cannabis while balancing “liberalism and responsibility”. .

Virginia Cannabis Laws Are Downright Confusing


Virginia just became the first state in the south to pass a law allowing adult-use cannabis. The cannabis available in the state is not considered worthy of medical or recreational status according to consumers throughout Virginia. Virginia is for Lovers.

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DEA Increases Access to Cannabis for Research Purposes


As the medical understanding of cannabinoid therapies and their actions become more advanced, hopefully, the United States federal government will be able to keep up and adjust laws pertaining to cannabis accordingly. “Cannabis should remain illegal because more research is needed.

DEA 56

Montana Legalizes Recreational Cannabis – But When Can Users Get It?


Montana’s House Bill 701 has been signed into law by Governor Greg Gianforte, making Big Sky Country the 16th state to legalize cannabis for recreational adult consumption. Like most recreational states preceding Montana in the move towards legalization, the state has had an existing medical marijuana (MMJ) program in place since 2004. Montana’s medical marijuana program will continue in tandem with the adult-use recreational cannabis in 2022.

Manzuri Law – Their Top 10 of 2021 – Cannabis Law News and Soft Predictions for 2022

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With a renewed focus on equity, justice reform, and ensuring Californians have access to healthcare – all issues intertwined with the cannabis industry – we don’t expect cannabis businesses to come off the essential biz list even after the public health emergency is in our rearview mirror.

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Why Is Recreational Marijuana Not Legal In Florida?


that have legalized recreational marijuana. Recreational Cannabis sales are big business in the U.S. Groups such as Make It Legal Florida have been working to collect enough signatures that would result in putting the legalization of recreational use on the 2022 ballot.

Cannabis laws in Texas

The Cannigma

Medical: Very limited Recreational: Illegal Reciprocity: No. Texas is the largest state in the US without legal recreational cannabis or a large-scale medical cannabis program. Patients do not need to register with the state or pay a fee to access the medical cannabis program.

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The Future of Federal Marijuana Laws Remains Dazed and Confusing


federal law as a Schedule 1 drug puts us far behind our international partners and scientific competitors, including the U.K., Most Americans have access to either medical or adult-use cannabis under state laws. Marijuana’s categorization under U.S.

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Cannabis 3.0 Accelerates Access to Consumer and Medical Research

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AI-Powered search platform maximizes access to publications. Virtual clinical trials, Artificial intelligence and secure crowdsourced cultural mapping have all helped fill the research knowledge gap quickly, bridging access to product knowledge like never before as Cannabis 3.0

Ohio Doubles Access to Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses


Those legalization efforts , including possession laws, would not have gone into full effect until Jan. We know that marijuana laws in Virginia and throughout this country have been disproportionately enforced against communities of color and low-income Virginians.”. Virginia Gov.

If Recreational Cannabis is Legal, Why Keep a Medical Card? One Answer: Employment


The November 2020 election was a great win for advocates for cannabis legal reform , with four states voting to legalize recreational cannabis, joining the 11 other states that have decriminalized recreational cannabis use. ” What Federal Law Says.

Which California Cities Don’t Have Recreational Marijuana Retailers?

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However, although recreational cannabis is legal, there are some cities and counties throughout the state that have made it very hard (or nearly impossible) for recreational marijuana users to buy cannabis products. This is because these areas have banned recreational marijuana shops from being set up (often by refusing to approve business plans). Which California cities don’t have recreational marijuana retailers?

Virginia lawmakers agree on recreational marijuana legalization


Virginia lawmakers on Saturday narrowly approved compromise legislation legalizing a commercial recreational marijuana program that could generate nearly $1.5 1, 2024 enactment date for the law.