Mexico Decriminalizes Recreational Cannabis

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The laws against recreational cannabis in Mexico got struck down on Monday. The post Mexico Decriminalizes Recreational Cannabis appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Israel Poised to Decriminalize Recreational Cannabis Use

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The proposed regulations, which are expected to be approved in the coming days, would decriminalize personal cannabis use and expunge the criminal records for those convicted in the past in the majority of cases. Cannabis Law News


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Thailand Decriminalizes Cannabis, But Not Really

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This constitutes a milestone for cannabis reform in the country and the region at large, but the Thai changes fall short of the “decriminalization” widely touted in the press. In addition, the recreational use of cannabis remains illegal, even in the case of low-THC cannabis.

Wisconsin Governor Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana And Decriminalize Recreational This Year


Evers aims to legalize medical cannabis, decriminalize recreational possession and use, and expunge qualifying arrest records. Our budget will decriminalize possession of marijuana in amounts of 25 grams or less, and we’ll also be creating a path for expungement for these crimes for those who’ve completed their sentence or probation,” wrote Evers on Twitter. Decriminalization, Not Legalization.

Cannabis Decriminalization Reduces Racial Disparity, According to New Data


Black Americans are being arrested for cannabis possession laws at a rate of nearly four times that of white Americans despite the fact that the groups consume cannabis at similar rates. Decriminalization: The Key to Equality.

U.S. Senators Urge DOJ To Decriminalize Cannabis


6, the senators sent a letter urging the Department of Justice (DOJ) to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level. While Congress works to pass comprehensive cannabis reform, you can act now to decriminalize cannabis.” United States Sens.

The Differences Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis

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More and more states are considering and passing adult-use marijuana regulations, which give all adults over the age of 21 legal access to a variety of cannabis products for recreational use. Recreational Cannabis Costs More.

Israel: Ministerial committee advances cannabis decriminalization

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By the end of September, the government expects Israelis will be able to carry 50 grams of cannabis, or 15 seeds, for recreational use, and reclassify CBD as a food additive. The law would also change the current fines system for cannabis use in public. The Jerusalem Post is reporting.

Australia – Mind Medicine Say That New ACT Drug Rules Decriminalize MDMA & Other Compounds For Recreational Use But Not For Therapy

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Furthermore, “ Clinical usage of MDMA and psilocybin in psychotherapy is significantly safer than recreational usage. Here’s what they say. Decriminalisation in the ACT but still illegal to do TGA-approved psychedelic therapy.

Legislative Members Prepare to Review Ohio’s Recreational Cannabis Campaign


The proposed bill, which prompts legislators to regulate adult-use (recreational) cannabis in the same way as alcohol, must now be considered by legislative members before undergoing a ballot vote in November. Recreational Cannabis Won’t Happen Without Ballot Vote.

Decriminalization bill fails day after North Dakota Senate defeats recreational marijuana – Cannabis Business Executive


North Dakota’s Senate dealt another blow to recreational marijuana legislation on Friday, voting down a bill to decriminalize possession of small quantities of the drug and paraphernalia. Kristi Noem , marijuana decriminalization , marijuana legalization , north dakota marijuana , Rep.

Thailand Decriminalizes Kratom in Amended Narcotics Act

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2522 (1972), effectively decriminalizing the consumption, production, disposal, import, export, and possession of kratom, for any purpose and in any quantity or form, effective August 24, 2021. The Act on Legislative Drafting and Evaluation of Law B.E. AUTHORS. Suruswadee Jaimsuwan.

ICBC Report: MPs Introduce Cannabis Decriminalization Measure In Lithuania

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Lithuania may not be the first place that you think of when it comes to cannabis policy reform, however, efforts to reform the nation’s cannabis laws are underway in the European country, which is located in the Baltic region of the continent.

New Jersey Legislature to Finalize Cannabis Legalization Bill


Legislators were unable to agree on legalization or a simple decriminalization bill. Cannabis News cannabis law decriminalize cannabis decriminalize marijuana marijuana law new jersey recreational marijuana

New Jersey Governor Signs Laws To Legalize Marijuana Use, Decriminalize Possession


Phil Murphy signed into law legislation setting up a recreational marijuana marketplace, decriminalizing cannabis and loosening penalties for possession. The post New Jersey Governor Signs Laws To Legalize Marijuana Use, Decriminalize Possession appeared first on SpeedWeed.

Florida Representative Introduces Marijuana Decriminalization Bill


In a rather unexpected turn of events, one Democratic representative from Florida filed a bill that would decriminalize marijuana. With this in mind, the very idea of loosening laws around recreational use seems out of reach for the time being. His aim is to make Florida the 27 th state to decriminalize the drug. Also known as HB-25 , the bill puts forward the usual reforms that come with decriminalization. Jones’s law also covers edibles.

New York State Decriminalizes Marijuana After Failed Legalization Attempt


While lawmakers, lobbyists and everyday proponents hoped to see recreational dispensaries open their doors, the legalization bill was ultimately stalled after it hit too many political roadblocks. According to ABC News , lawmakers finally voted to decriminalize marijuana after a marathon session that ended on June 21 st , just before 6:00 AM. Andrew Cuomo, who is expected to sign it into law.”. Decriminalization measures are definitely not new to the U.S.

Celebrating Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales in New Mexico


New Mexico’s Recreational Adult-Use Cannabis Market Already Seeing Great Success. Recreational cannabis sales kicked off in New Mexico on April 1st with a blazing success. Some people said they waited as long as 2 hours in line to purchase recreational cannabis.

Switzerland’s Federal Court Has Decriminalized Minor Possession Of Cannabis

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In a move that is well-timed – namely right before the new Swiss recreational cannabis trial begins, the Swiss Federal Court of Justice has decriminalized minor possession of cannabis. Switzerland’s Federal Court Decriminalizes Minor Possession Of Cannabis. ICBC report.

Louisiana Is Blazing Trails With New Cannabis Laws


In addition to numerous expansions to the state’s medical marijuana (MMJ) program, the state’s decriminalization of cannabis went into effect in August, beginning the reversal of decades of harm done by the war on drugs.

Why Decriminalizing Hard Drugs Could Be More Helpful Than You Think


Oregon became the first state in America to decriminalize all drugs. This new form of law in America treats drug users as individuals that may have a medical problem rather than as criminals. Decriminalizing Hard Drugs Isn’t The Same as Legalizing Them.

New Jersey Recreational Marijuana Law Provides Significant Employment Protections to Marijuana Users

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New Jersey recently enacted a law permitting personal, nonmedical use of marijuana for individuals age 21 and over. Separate laws decriminalize marijuana and hashish possession and set out the penalties when individuals under age 21 use or possess marijuana or hashish.

Kratom: Thailand Amends Narcotics Act To Decriminalize Plant / Compound

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With the law effectively decriminalising the plant Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as kratom, effective from Monday, many people are looking forward to using the herb openly without the threat of prosecution. Most, he insisted, do not treat kratom as a recreational drug.

Thailand Becomes First Asian Country to Decriminalize Marijuana

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However, the changes in the country’s laws only decriminalize marijuana, not legalize it. Legal experts also said issues remain around whether the changes extend to recreational use of marijuana. After that time period, it becomes law.

First part of New Mexico’s recreational cannabis law takes effect this week

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Legalization of personal use of cannabis comes months ahead of a legal industry in the state for production and sales of recreational cannabis and other products containing THC, the plant’s psychoactive component.

Idaho Activists Push for Cannabis Decriminalization After Lawmakers Try to Ban it


Currently, Idaho is only one of three states that do not have some form of medical cannabis or recreational cannabis law in place. Will the initiative to decriminalize cannabis make the 2022 ballot for the state of Idaho?

Israel Declares Plans to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in Less Than a Year


Israel has announced that they plan to legalize recreational cannabis within 9 months. Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn stated that Israel is planning on legalizing recreational cannabis while balancing “liberalism and responsibility”. .

Nebraska Makes a Push for Medical and Recreational Legalization


Ordinarily, we’ll see a state decriminalize cannabis first. Decriminalization is more of a legal reform than a lifestyle reform since it doesn’t actually affect the legality of cannabis—it only affects the penalties for use and possession.

Israel: Cannabis decriminalization bill fails to get Knesset majority losing 52-55

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The Jerusalem Post reports.

Hawaii Gov Accedes To Cannabis Decriminalization

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David Ige (D), who has at times expressed serious concerns about marijuana policy reform, announced that he will allow a legislature-passed bill to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis to go into effect.Ige didn’t include the decrim proposal in a list of legislation he intends to veto by Monday’s deadline.” Cannabis Law NewsMarijuana Moment reports”Hawaii Gov.

Cannabis And National Decriminalization: The Story So Far


Unraveling marijuana laws could be a long, tedious process, but some lawmakers have said they’re ready to try. At the federal level, cannabis continues to be prohibited across the board, resulting in a legally dubious gray market operating in the 42 states with loosened marijuana laws.

Why Is Recreational Marijuana Not Legal In Florida?


that have legalized recreational marijuana. Recreational Cannabis sales are big business in the U.S. Groups such as Make It Legal Florida have been working to collect enough signatures that would result in putting the legalization of recreational use on the 2022 ballot.

Virginia Cannabis Laws Are Downright Confusing


Virginia just became the first state in the south to pass a law allowing adult-use cannabis. The cannabis available in the state is not considered worthy of medical or recreational status according to consumers throughout Virginia. Virginia is for Lovers.

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Cannabis laws in Germany: Is weed legal?

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Medical: Legal Recreational: Largely decriminalized. Despite Germany’s very expansive medical cannabis program, the country still has not legalized recreational cannabis. The post Cannabis laws in Germany: Is weed legal?

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Tory Powerbroker William Hague Says It Is Time To Decriminalize Cannabis

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He added: ‘Recreational drug use is no longer unmentionable but in most governments the issue of drug addiction remains unresolvable. ‘Many Tories are reluctant, as I was two decades ago, to abandon a ”tough” law and order approach.’

First Recreational Marijuana Bill Introduced in Ohio


On Thursday, two Democratic state House representatives there—Casey Weinstein and Terrence Upchurch—introduced legislation to legalize and regulate the cultivation and sale of recreational marijuana in the state. A pair of Buckeye State lawmakers are ready to put the “high” in Ohio. .

The Future of Federal Marijuana Laws Remains Dazed and Confusing


federal law as a Schedule 1 drug puts us far behind our international partners and scientific competitors, including the U.K., Most Americans have access to either medical or adult-use cannabis under state laws. Marijuana’s categorization under U.S.

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