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Amid Vape Pen Lung Disease Deaths: What Exactly Is Vitamin E Oil?


After six suspected vape pen deaths, chemists and doctors explain why vitamin E oil is a problematic additive. The post Amid Vape Pen Lung Disease Deaths: What Exactly Is Vitamin E Oil? appeared first on Leafly. Health concentrates regulations safety vape pens

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Cannabosides, A new class of cannabinoid Prodrugs

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As we discussed, your liver possesses it’s own strategy to metabolize cannabis. But other than inside your body, how does one boil cannabis down into water-soluble Prodrugs? Prodrugs are medications or compounds that need to be metabolized (ie.

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What Are The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana?


If ever a subject was considered controversial, it has to be the legalization, potential benefits and dangers of the use. Continue Reading. The post What Are The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana? appeared first on Greencamp. Health

Health Officials Still Puzzled as Reports of Vaping-Related Illnesses Mount


On September 6 th , we published a story about the recent string of vaping illnesses being reported across the U.S. Originally, health officials suspected vitamin E acetate – an oily vitamin E extract found exclusively in THC vape liquids and cartridges.

What Is CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) & What Does This Cannabinoid Do?


Learn more about the cannabis compound CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) and how this cannabinoid eventually creates the many other cannabinoids we know and love like THC and CBD. The post What Is CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) & What Does This Cannabinoid Do? appeared first on Leafly.

Head of ABA American Bankers Association Predicts House of Reps To Pass Cannabis Banking Legislation By Halloween

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Marijuana Moment reports… Here’s the introduction to the report.

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Why Requiring Testing for Clostridium botulinum on Cannabis is a bad idea

Medicinal Genomics

A previous version of draft guidelines for cannabis testing in Florida listed Clostridium botulinum as a target for microbial testing. On the surface, this seems like a prudent action. After all, C. botulinum is a nasty organism that is responsible for a life-threatening disease called botulism. .

Grading the Presidential Candidates on Marijuana: Donald Trump

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Over the course of of ten weeks, we recently ran a series of blog posts that take a close look at the Democratic Party candidates for President in 2020. We examined each candidate’s historic approach to marijuana law and policy, and we also canvassed their current respective stances on marijuana.

U.S. vaping concerns loom as Canada legalizes pot devices

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TORONTO — A wave of illnesses and deaths in the U.S. linked to vaping products may dampen demand for soon-to-be-legal cannabis vapes in Canada later this year, industry watchers say.

Is Vaping Cannabis Safe? What You Need to Know.


Given recent events reported in the news about illness, lung damage and deaths from vaping , we wanted to provide you with information about vaping cannabis. We’ve been proponents of vaping over smoking cannabis for a few years now.

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Cannabis Vaping Concerns Call for Increased Regulations and Oversight


The Trump administration is sounding the alarm against the manufacture and marketing of certain vape products at a time when health officials nationwide are scrambling to determine why some consumers are suddenly becoming sick from the use of certain vaping devices.

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This Is the First Hemp Strain to Be Awarded a US Patent


Famous for the iconic Charlotte’s Web strain and fresh from a big IPO, Colorado’s Stanley brothers have secured the first US patent for a hemp plant. The post This Is the First Hemp Strain to Be Awarded a US Patent appeared first on Leafly.

Cannabis Wellness: Why Is Weed Branded As a Wellness Product?


Cannabis has come a long way since its days of prohibition and the “war on drugs” that labelled it a. Continue Reading. The post Cannabis Wellness: Why Is Weed Branded As a Wellness Product? appeared first on Greencamp. Health

Cannabis producer CannTrust lays off 180 workers after regulatory problems

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VAUGHAN, Ont. CannTrust Holdings Inc. is laying off about 180 people — about 20 per cent of the Ontario-based cannabis company’s workforce — following repeated problems with both its product and how it has been produced.

Battle of the Weedwork Stars, Episode 1

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For those of you in the dark about Florida’s Medical Marijuana Program, I’ve been attempting to light up the dim corners of Florida: The Nation’s Fastest-Growing Medical Marijuana Market , according to The Miami New Times.

Why Does High-THC Flower Dominate the Cannabis Market?


Potency is king in the cannabis market, but not everyone is looking to get zonked. Why hasn't low-THC flower caught on? The post Why Does High-THC Flower Dominate the Cannabis Market? appeared first on Leafly. Industry potency strains THC

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Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Illinois

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp.

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Aurora Cannabis misses own guidance with weaker revenues in fourth quarter

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EDMONTON — Aurora Cannabis Inc. missed its own early guidance as it lost $2.2 million in the fourth quarter of $98.9 million in net revenues. Revenues increased from $19.1 million a year ago and were up 52 percent from $65.1 million in the prior quarter.

Executive director of Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Commission resigns

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The Sun reports… Joy A. Strand, a health care executive who joined the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission in December 2017, led the commission for nearly two years.

Could Trump Pull a ‘Cannabis Surprise’ in 2020? It’s Not Impossible


At this year's NORML political conference, the halls were buzzing with people power. The post Could Trump Pull a ‘Cannabis Surprise’ in 2020? It’s Not Impossible appeared first on Leafly. Politics Congress legalization The Haymaker

Fotonica Introduces EVA 3, The Future Of Horticulture Smart Lighting

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The innovative Eva 3 utilizes a unique electrical operation technology that enables growers to implement specific light recipes and growth protocols to enhance optimal crop yield biomass and quality while reducing energy consumption.

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CannTrust affirms its commitment to regulatory compliance and restoring trust

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As part of its Review of Operations, CannTrust reduces workforce and spend while preserving key talent. The post CannTrust affirms its commitment to regulatory compliance and restoring trust appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks.

Canadian Lawyer To Challenge Incoming Rules On THC Strength For Medicine

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Attorney John Conroy is reported to be preparing a court challenge to the new rules, as first reported by Georgia Straight : In a phone interview with the Georgia Straight, John Conroy said the looming limits of 10 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) per package of edible cannabis, 10 milligrams of THC per unit of cannabis extracts, and one gram per package of cannabis extracts fall far short of what’s required by some medicinal users. The prospective case involves an unnamed mother of a young child who requires high-end extracts to treat multiple seizures. “You’ve got kids with significant medical issues whose parents have got them medically approved for high-end concentrate extracts—and they still won’t be able to get them legally,” Conroy said. “So the government is once again failing to prevent the violation of the constitutional rights of medically approved patients.”. From the very beginning of the legal cannabis industry launching in Canada, and many parts of the United States, cannabis opponents and regulators have made a huge push to limit the amount of THC that a consumer or patient can purchase. A lower THC limit may be fine for new cannabis consumers that have a low tolerance, however, for even semi-regular cannabis users a 10 mg THC limit is unreasonably low, and as John Conroy points out in the linked-to article, it can be devastating for patients. THE RULES. final-regulations-edible-cannabis-extracts-topical-eng. Cannabis Law News

Cannabis Strains That Are Unexpectedly Similar


We often think of sativas and indicas as being polar opposites in effect, but if you look closely at their cannabinoids and terpenes, you’ll notice that many of these strains are unexpectedly similar. The post Cannabis Strains That Are Unexpectedly Similar appeared first on Leafly.

California’s Legal Marijuana Market Outnumbered Three to One by Illegal Dispensaries


California has always been notorious for its massive grey market presence. High cannabis taxes and overhead costs make it impossible for legal establishments to compete with their illegal counterparts. This leaves the onus on the public to support legal dispensaries.

Vancouver doctor says vending-machine opioids a cheap way to save lives

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VANCOUVER — A doctor with an expertise in public health says he will soon be dispensing opioids through a vending machine in Vancouver‘s Downtown Eastside in order to prevent overdoses from fentanyl-laced street drugs.

Society of Cannabis Clinicians names Cannabis & Cannabinoid Research its official journal

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PRESS RELEASE: New Rochelle, NY, September 6, 2019 — Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research ( CCR ) is honored to announce that the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) has named CCR its Official Journal.

Starting to Homegrow? Here’s What to Look for in a Cannabis Grow Shop


Now that you've decided to start growing cannabis at home, where do you go for supplies and advice? Here's why you should trust your local grow shop. The post Starting to Homegrow? Here’s What to Look for in a Cannabis Grow Shop appeared first on Leafly. Growing growing tips

Cannabis Branding: New Rule Requires U.S. Attorney for Foreign Applicants and Registrants

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Earlier this summer, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced that as of August 3, 2019, all foreign-domiciled trademark applicants, registrants, and parties to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) proceedings must be represented by an attorney who is licensed to practice in the United States. This will apply to all trademark applicants, registrants, and parties whose permanent legal residence or principal place of business is outside the United States. These parties must all utilize a U.S.-licensed attorney to represent them in all USPTO trademark matters. In addition, the USPTO will require that all U.S.-licensed attorneys who represent anyone before the USPTO in trademark matters must confirm that they are an active member in good standing of their bar, and must provide their bar membership information. According to the director of the USPTO, Andrei Iancu: Businesses rely on the U.S. trademark register to make important legal decisions about their brands. In order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the register, for the benefit of all its users, the USPTO must have the appropriate tools to enforce compliance by all applicants and registrants. This rule is a significant step in combatting fraudulent submissions.”. It is likely that requiring a U.S.-licensed attorney in all trademark matters will also streamline the prosecution process, and will ensure that applicants are represented by a party who is familiar with U.S. trademark law. This will hopefully result in an improvement to the quality of trademark application submissions. This rule change should come as no surprise to those practicing in the space, since many other countries require a domestic attorney to represent foreign applicants. Beginning August 3 rd , pursuant to this rule , Canadian patent agents are no longer be authorized to represent Canadian trademark applicants, registrants, or parties before the USPTO in trademark matters. However, Canadian trademark attorneys and agents will continue, if eligible, to be recognized as able to represent their Canadian clients, although the USPTO will correspond only with the appointed U.S.-licensed attorney. This change is significant for foreign companies looking to protect their brands, and we recommend speaking with a U.S.-based trademark attorney now to prepare for this transition. This rule change will impact foreign cannabis companies seeking to protect their marks in the United States, where trademark protection for cannabis-related marks is extremely limited. Utilizing a foreign filing as the basis for your U.S. application where that foreign registration encompasses goods or services that are illegal in the U.S. won’t fly, and so foreign companies must strategize as to what goods and services they can legally sell and protect in the United States. A U.S. trademark attorney with experience in the cannabis space can help foreign countries develop an intellectual protection strategy for the U.S., and can help secure trademark protection to the extent possible. Even if your foreign company filed its trademark applications prior to the rule change, you will need a U.S.-licensed attorney to handle all future correspondence with the USPTO. Now that this rule change is in effect, all foreign cannabis companies seeking or holding trademark protection in the U.S. should secure an experienced U.S. trademark attorney to facilitate the trademark prosecution process. Business Basics Intellectual Property/Branding International

Tilray Joins Phase 2 of the Shoppers Drug Mart and TruTrace Technologies Pilot Program for Validation of Medical Cannabis

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TORONTO, Sept. 11, 2019 /CNW/ - TruTrace Technologies Inc. CSE: TTT) (OTCQB: TTTSF) ("TruTrace" or the "Company"), creator of the first fully-integrated blockchain platform that registers and tracks intellectual property for the cannabis industry, is pleased to announce that Tilray Canada Ltd.