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Federal Survey Identifies Marked Decline in Youth Marijuana Use


Data provided by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health finds that marijuana use fell significantly year-over-year among those ages 12 to 17.

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California Greenlights Hemp-Derived CBD Commerce

Project CBD

Will California’s new CBD law become the de facto national standard

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Is Marijuana a Natural Treatment for Malaria?


According to data from the World Health Organization, more than 400,000 people die of malaria every year around the world. Young children are the worst affected, with close to 70 percent of malaria fatalities in the age group under five years old.

5 creeper weed strains that’ll trick you into getting really stoned


With delayed effects, the high from a creeper strain seems to come out of nowhere. Be careful how much you smoke, because they’ll get you. The post 5 creeper weed strains that’ll trick you into getting really stoned appeared first on Leafly.

Where the Money Grows: Learning the Industry Trends in Medical Cannabis, Recreational Marijuana, Hemp, and Beyond

Speaker: Jonathan Bench, International Cannabis and Securities Business Attorney at Harris Bricken

The U.S. cannabis industry is still in its infancy, even though states began engaging with legalization in one form or another in the late 1990s. Today, many opportunities exist for individuals and businesses that want to engage in the industry. Join international cannabis and securities business attorney Jonathan Bench as he provides some pitfalls and best practices for companies & individuals looking to engage with the U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Analysis: ‘Government-Grade’ Marijuana More Closely Resembles Hemp, Has Little in Common with Commercially Available Cannabis??


Scientists reported: “Our results clearly demonstrate that NIDA cannabis samples are substantially genetically different from most commercially available drug-type strains and share a genetic affinity with hemp samples in several of the analyses.".

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How to Make THC Dabs at Home


Here is your complete guide to making THC dabs at home in this guest article by Eren Christen. Eren is a content manager at fvkasa, a platform dedicated to providing information people need to know about cannabis and its benefits.

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How a Georgia medical marijuana card changed my life


Cops stopped harassing me for smelling like weed. The post How a Georgia medical marijuana card changed my life appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle expungement Georgia medical cannabis medical marijuana police ptsd war on drugs

Maryland: Most Residents Want to Legalize Marijuana for Adult Use


Goucher polling dating back to 2015 has consistently reported that the majority of Marylanders endorse cannabis legalization. The post Maryland: Most Residents Want to Legalize Marijuana for Adult Use appeared first on NORML. Polling Goucher Poll Maryland survey

Harry Aslinger and the War on Drugs: A History of Politicking and Racism

Cannabis Life Network

For decades, cannabis users have struggled with criminalization and stigma. However, not all of us know about Harry Aslinger, the War on Drugs, and how his politicking and racism are at the root of anti-drug policies globally.

How to Make Cannabutter at Home


Making cannabutter at home is easy if you know a few simple tricks. Cannabutter, short for cannabis butter, is a staple for your marijuana edibles. Learn the step-by-step process to make cannabutter at home, along with how to use and dose cannabutter and where to store this popular weed edible.

Texas outlawed delta-8 THC, but the fight ain’t over


State officials declared delta-8 illegal, but industry officials are pushing back in court. Stay tuned. The post Texas outlawed delta-8 THC, but the fight ain’t over appeared first on Leafly.

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NORML Heads to Cannabis Week in NYC


Join us at CWCBExpo with a Complimentary 3-day Expo Pass just for NORML supporters, and save 20% on a Seminar Pass. The post NORML Heads to Cannabis Week in NYC appeared first on NORML. Events CWCBExpo event new york New York City NORML nyc

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Celebrity cannabis brands: what’s the buzz all about?

The Cannigma

Clint Eastwood and Justin Beiber both made headlines in and around the cannabis industry earlier this month, but for radically different reasons. For Clint Eastwood, the cannabis headlines came after he won a $6.1

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What are the Best Cannabis Concentrates for Beginners?


Breaking into the world of cannabis concentrates can be confusing for any beginner, whether you’re a MMJ patient or just a new rec user. What are concentrates? How do they differ from traditional flower that you smoke? Do concentrates affect you differently?

Florida judge rules in favor of Leafly and online cannabis ordering


Online orders were halted statewide in February. The ruling allows patients to order through Leafly again. The post Florida judge rules in favor of Leafly and online cannabis ordering appeared first on Leafly. Industry Politics court ruling Florida Leafly medical marijuana online ordering

NORML Remembers Bill Piper


NORML is incredibly saddened to receive the news that longtime drug policy reform advocate and ally William "Bill" Piper has passed away after a long battle with a personal illness.

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Cannabis on a budget: 10 tips for making your weed last longer

The Cannigma

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having an abundance of great weed all the time. You ditch the pipe and the one-hitter, invite friends over for smoke sessions without a special occasion, and discover your ability to make giant cone-shaped joints.

10 Best Weed Strains for Beginners


Buying — and using — cannabis for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. If you’re like many novice medical marijuana patients, you likely have a ton of questions like: Is all cannabis the same? What do I ask for at the dispensary?

How does delta-10 compare to delta-8 and THC?


Contributing writer Danté Jordan tries some new delta-10 products to see what they're all about. See how they stack up to THC and delta-8. The post How does delta-10 compare to delta-8 and THC? appeared first on Leafly. Strains & products delta-10 delta-8

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Don't miss the latest ASA Activist Newsletter!

Americans for Safe Access

Check out the October 2021 issue of the ASA Activist Newsletter for updates on developments that matter for medical cannabis advocates, including Congressional action on the revived MORE Act that could end federal prohibition.

Hemp firm launches blockchain effort to fund litigation

Cannabis Law Report

Hemp Industry Daily reports. An Indiana hemp company looking to finance a lawsuit to recover damages after its crop was destroyed in California is turning to an unusual source: blockchain investments in exchange for a cut of future legal awards.

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Leafwell’s Most Popular Medical Cannabis Articles of October 2021


Did you miss any of the educational blogs about medical cannabis and what it means to be a medical marijuana patient in the US? Here’s our round-up of the best article we published in October 2021. Click through to read each piece: What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Three years after legalization, what’s the state of the cannabis industry in Canada?

The Cannigma

For more than three years, Canada has had the sort of nationwide legal cannabis that people in the US can still only dream of. But where do things stand in the Canadian cannabis world in 2021, and how has the customer experience changed in the Great White North three years after legalization?

Psychedelics, Cannabis and the Stock Exchanges

Canna Law Blog

Last week, I came across an article surveying the 50 (!) psychedelics companies that are now publicly traded on U.S. exchanges— a handful of which we are proud to call our clients.

I’d Like A New Car Please……Police In Maine Aided Illegal Cannabis Operation Say Feds

Cannabis Law Report

This is not good. Could it be happening in other jurisdictions around the country? Westport News reports.

How to Make Cannabis Oil at Home


Making your own cannabis oil at home is easy if you know a few tricks. Learn how to make canna oil in your kitchen with our complete recipe and step-by-step guide. DIY Cannabis Oil: The Basics Homemade cannabis oil offers a variety of health and wellness benefits.

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What is THC? Experts Weigh in on its Benefits and Effects

United Patients Group

The interest around cannabis legalization has been growing in the U.S., and it’s not just because of politicians who admit to smoking cannabis, but also due to the medical benefits linked to cannabis use.

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These states could legalize cannabis next in 2022


Five states legalized in 2021. Here are the states most likely to follow in 2022. The post These states could legalize cannabis next in 2022 appeared first on Leafly. Politics connecticut Florida hawaii legalization minnesota new mexico New York pennsylvania

Law Firm Husch Blackwell Cannabis Group Releases New Podcast

Cannabis Law Report

Here’s what their press release says. The cannabis industry has exploded in the past decade, from a taboo topic to a multi-billion dollar industry. As the legal cannabis industry continues to evolve, it is crucial to stay on top of industry trends and the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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Why Are Cannabis Products Inconsistent?


As a medical cannabis patient, knowing what is in each product is key to getting the medical benefits you need.