January, 2019

Attorney General Nominee Commits To Leave State-Legal Marijuana Programs Alone


In Senate testimony today, nominee for Attorney General William Barr committed to not use the limited resources of the Department of Justice to prosecute state-regulated and compliant marijuana businesses.

Dr. Ethan Russo: CBD, the Entourage Effect and the Microbiome

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Marijuana and Exercise: How Cannabis Can Help Your Workout

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Guest Post by Lanny Swerdlow, RN, LNC. Turns out marijuana and exercise are a match made in heaven. Let’s explore! Improving one’s health is the most frequent New Year’s resolution and the number 1 route chosen to improve health in these New Year’s resolutions is exercise.

Watch This: Rejected Cannabis Super Bowl Commercial


The post Watch This: Rejected Cannabis Super Bowl Commercial appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle

Jamaican Lion: The Industry’s First Comprehensive Cannabis Reference Genome

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Medicinal Genomics Corporation (MGC), a pioneer in using genomics to improve the transparency, safety and yield of cannabis has today announced the industry’s most comprehensive Cannabis reference genome, a high quality de novo genome assembly of the Jamaican Lion cannabis strain.

Marijuana article strikes a nerve

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The joint you smoked last night won’t give you schizophrenia. It also won’t make you assault your neighbor. You might not know that after reading a recent New Yorker article that draws connection between marijuana use, schizophrenia and violent crimes in Washington.

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Some recent highlights and curiosities from the amazing world of cannabis science and therapeutics: CBD and autism. In his first article of the new year, Raphael Mechoulam and other Israeli scientists look at the “real life experiences of medical cannabis treatment in autism.”

What Is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil? What Is the Best Way to Store CBD Oil?

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Ask Cheri: What is the shelf life of CBD Oil and what is the best way to store CBD oil? Great questions Jodi. Instead of answering this question myself, I am going to turn it over to CBD expert Joy Smith, of Joy Organics , a full spectrum (minus THC) CBD hemp oil company. Take it away Joy!

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Home Cannabis Deliveries Approved in California


Recreational marijuana sales have been legal in California for a full year now, but some people in communities where commercial dispensaries have been banned do not have easy, reliable access to legal products.

Why the legalization of edibles and concentrates will be worse than you think

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If you thought that the Canadian government’s legalization of cannabis was already bad enough, it’s about to get much worse with the impending legalization of edibles and concentrates this October.

This Canadian Cannabis Advisory Ad Is Full-On Trippy


A provincial government breaks new ground in the "Just Say No" tradition. Seriously, you gotta watch this. The post This Canadian Cannabis Advisory Ad Is Full-On Trippy appeared first on Leafly. Canada Politics

New Legislation Introduced To Protect State-Legal Marijuana Programs


Representative Lou Correa (D-CA) has introduced HR 493 : The Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act, which would codify the protections that were outlined in the now-rescinded Cole Memo.

Legalization Sparks Boom in Once-Stigmatized Field of Marijuana Research

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VANCOUVER — Dr. Mark Ware has devoted the past 20 years of his career to studying marijuana, and he can remember some “dark, lean” periods when he had to fight for meagre funding. There were times when I was told you couldn’t even use ‘cannabis’ and ‘research’ in the same sentence,” he recalled.

Pain Management: Why Cannabis Provides a Safer Alternative to NSAIDs

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Guest Post by Lanny Swerdlow, RN, LNC. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are used daily by over 17 million Americans to treat headaches, arthritis, sports injuries, menstrual cramps and a litany of other debilitating ailments.

Marijuana Possession Cases No Longer Prosecuted In Baltimore


Baltimoreons will no longer find themselves in court for possessing cannabis. Taking the initiative to reform local cannabis policy from within, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby declared that they will not prosecute any marijuana possession cases moving forward.

What Organigram isn’t telling you about the class action lawsuit over tainted weed

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Organigram, a New Brunswick-based licensed producer, announced in a Jan. 18 press release that the class action lawsuit it’s facing over the use of banned pesticides in its medical cannabis will proceed to trial.

The Latin American Cannabis Landscape


Hola 2019! Here’s to 365 days to plant new seeds and harvest what has been planted years prior. In regards to the cannabis plant, Uruguay planted the seeds in Latin America. In December 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalize cannabis nationwide for medical and non-medical purposes.

Bicameral Legislation To Force The VA To Conduct Research


Representatives Lou Correa (D-CA) and Clay Higgins (R-LA) and Senators Jon Tester (D-MT) and Dan Sullivan (R-AK) have introduced legislation, HR 712 / S.

NORML’s Madeline Martinez Says Cannabis Social Consumption Bill SB 639 About Civil Rights

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How Much Marijuana? How to Determine Your Personal Ideal Cannabis Dosage

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There simply is NO SUCH THING as a single ideal cannabis dosage! This fact continually frustrates budding cannabis cooks (pun intended) who want an easy answer. We hear a lot about cannabis edibles dosages. States are imposing arbitrary dosage caps (usually 10 mgs. per serving).

Thailand Legalized Medical Marijuana


Making history as the first country in Southeast Asia to do so, Thailand legalized medical cannabis on December 24, 2018. The amendment was passed by the National Legislative Assembly with a final tally of 166 to zero, and 13 members abstained from the vote.

Dispensary owner Dana Larsen on why he’s staying open despite court order to close

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Dana Larsen, the owner of The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, told CLN why his dispensary will remain open despite a recent BC Supreme Court ruling that ordered his and a few dozen other dispensaries closed.

The Biggest and Best CBD Strains Money Can Buy


At the risk of generalising, most cannabis users are all about tetrahydrocannabinol. THC being the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for delivering that uplifting ‘high’ that’s synonymous with cannabis consumption.

Rep. Blumenauer: Now more than ever, it’s our time


Earl Blumenauer is a member of Congress representing Oregon’s 3rd district. Nearly my entire career as a public servant, I’ve been proud to work with NORML to build understanding and consensus on the need for cannabis reform since 1973.

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10 of the Top US Cannabis Movers and Shakers

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With cannabis legalization fever heating up across the globe, and much speculation that the plant will be made legal at federal level in the States in the near future, some serious cannabis movers and shakers are cementing their legacies, while new names are starting to emerge.

How Much CBD Should I Take? Essential CBD Dosing Info You NEED

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Ask Cheri: CBD Dosing Help. Dear Cheri, How much is a good CBD dose for a beginner? Like everything associated with cannabis dosing, both THC and CBD, there simply is no one answer to that question that works for everyone. And being a “beginner” has little to do with it.

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Kentucky Lawmakers Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana


House Bill 136, an amendment to legalize medical marijuana, was introduced in the Kentucky Legislature on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Sponsored by Rep. Diane St. Onge, R – Fort Wright, and Rep. Jason Nemes, R- Louisville, this legislation aims to help suffering residents in The Bluegrass State.

Cannabis and the Opioid Crisis in America


Reading the statistics associated with the American opioid crisis is a staggering endeavor. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), almost 50,000 people died of opiate-related overdoses in 2017.

Wake and Bake: 10 Rules to Live By


Get it right with a good morning smoke and you’re set for one hell of a day. Get it wrong and the rest of your day could be a disaster. To some, it only qualifies as a ‘wake and bake’ if you literally reach for your weed stash the moment you wake up. If you […].

Gubernatorial Report Card: Learn Where Your Governor Stands on Marijuana Policy


To kick off the 2019 state legislative season, NORML is pleased to release our 2019 Gubernatorial Scorecard.

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Meet the man budding to smash diabetes with cannabis therapy

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A skeptic all his life, it was not until Martin Tindall walked around a Colorado dispensary and saw firsthand how cannabis could lengthen and save lives did he become a believer.

How Much CBD Should I Take? Essential CBD Dosing Info You NEED

Cannabis Cheri

Ask Cheri: CBD Dosing Help. Dear Cheri, How much is a good CBD dose for a beginner? Like everything associated with cannabis dosing, both THC and CBD, there simply is no one answer to that question that works for everyone. And being a “beginner” has little to do with it.

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First Legal Medical Marijuana Now Planted in Arkansas


For the first time in nearly a century, cannabis seeds have been legally planted in Arkansas. The state awarded a total of only five licenses for medical marijuana producers, and BOLD Team Cultivation is officially the first to begin the process.

The future of pot in Washington: State regulators talk marijuana ahead of 5-year anniversary of sales

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SPOKANE — Nearly five years on, regulators of Washington state’s legal marijuana industry say there’s more work to be done on keeping pot out of the hands of children and assisting growers facing falling revenues due to a glut of product. “We

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