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South African Research Team Says Cannabis is ‘Very Promising’ as an Opioid Replacement


What’s more, the soon-to-be-introduced strain is laden with myrcene and beta-caryophyllene terpenes. Unlike traditional methods of cannabis cultivation, aquaponics is a food production system that merges aquaculture (raising aquatic animals in tanks) with hydroponics (growing plants in water). milligrams.

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What is PGR cannabis and how can you spot it?

The Cannigma

In the mad scramble to capitalize on the higher demand for weed due to increased legalization, some cultivators have resorted to questionable growing methods. Arguably, the most notorious of these “cultivation hacks” is the use of PGRs. Even when you break these PGR nugs apart, the rich terpene profile isn’t there.

Trichome 140

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Ayr Wellness Introduces Award-Winning Cannabis Brand Lost in Translation (LIT) Across Four Additional States

Cannabis Law Report

Lost in Translation is a culmination of decades of West Coast breeding and cultivation brought to new markets exclusively by Ayr . MIAMI, September 22, 2022 — Ayr Wellness Inc. OTCQX: AYRWF) (“Ayr” or the “Company”), a leading vertically integrated U.S. OTCQX: AYRWF) (“Ayr” or the “Company”), a leading vertically integrated U.S.

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Top 10 Best Strains for Making Extraction & Concentrates

Marijuana Seeds NL

This gooey material is made in the trichomes of the marijuana plant and contains flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, essentially all of the compounds responsible for why people enjoy cannabis. . Over the years, extractors and cultivators alike are discovering that some strains output resin more vigorously than others.

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9 environmental factors of cannabis growth and development

The Cannigma

This is why The Cannigma Cultivation Guide doesn’t start with choosing your growing environment, lights etc – though we get to that as well. For example, shaded buds with less than optimal light exposure may grow slower or vary in cannabinoid and/or terpene concentration than sun-exposed flowers.

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Aquaponics: The future of sustainable cannabis is fueled by fish poop


The setup is similar to hydroponics, plant roots absorb the fish fertilizer and then purify the water before outputs are returned to the aquarium. This means cultivation is self-sustaining; reducing water, waste, and greenhouse emissions outputs. Aqualitas has a female-led cultivation team keeping a close eye on their koi.

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Strains Explained – Everything You Need to Know

The Joint Blog

Figuring out the terpene profiles and levels of cannabinoids in different strains will help you to figure out what you can expect from that specific strain. Names like these are generally for the cultivators themselves. If your aim is to optimize your crop yield then hydroponic is the way to go to maximize your results.

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