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Smartphone Sensor Data Could Detect Cannabis Intoxication With 90% Precision


The investigation assessed the suitability of using smartphone sensor data to detect cannabis intoxication, and it had promising results. ” Repurposing Smartphone Sensor Data. To detect the incidents of use among study subjects, information was gleaned from telephone surveys, phone sensor data, and self-reported cases.

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The Tax Foundation: States Projected to Post Higher Marijuana Revenues in 2021

Cannabis Law Report

Taxes play a crucial role in the success of marijuana reform, as competitive prices in a licensed market are key to convert illicit consumption to the legal market. In total, states with licensed markets collected $1.7 State Marijuana Tax Collections Continue to Grow. a) Average collections used to project full year collections.


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Cannabinoids for Tinnitus?

Project CBD

Whatever the precise nature of the phantom sound, it often comes with a constellation of symptoms related to the disruption such a condition can bring: sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, low mood, etc. While the collective evidence to date is mixed and inconclusive, it’s also incomplete. A review of the current literature.”

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A Recent Study Shows That Hemp Feed Can Help Decrease Stress in Cattle


Our most recent data shows how cannabinoids via industrial hemp decreased the stress hormone cortisol as well as the inflammatory biomarker prostaglandin E2. He adds, “The initial data we have collected is essential should industrial hemp and its by-product be considered by the U.S. The IH group spent a mean of 14.1

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What to Do About the Worrisome Cannabis Vaping Trend Among Adolescents


Based on the study’s data, the use of cannabis among 12th graders over the last several years has consistently remained around the 35% mark. Further, underage cannabis use poses fewer health and behavioral risks for teens than illegal consumption of alcohol. The Need for Education on Vaping.

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These 4 States Stand a Good Chance at Legalizing Recreational Cannabis in 2023


ounces of cannabis and up to 15 grams of marijuana concentrates, whereas individuals could grow six marijuana plants at home or 12 per household. ” Oklahoma On March 7, 2023, voters in Oklahoma will cast a collective vote on State Question 820. Adults would also be allowed to possess 2.5

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Study: Cannabis Produces “Antidepressant Effects”


In the novel study conducted by researchers at the University of New Mexico, nearly 2,000 people self-administered cannabis over a three-year period and reported their marijuana use via the Releaf App that was specifically designed for the study’s data collection needs.

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