California: Which Set of Books?

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PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Let’s begin with an old joke…how many sets of books does a business need to keep? We will start with the IRS requirements for maintaining books and records for any business. These documents contain information you need to record in your books.

Book Review: Wigmore on Cannabis: The Forensic Toxicology of Marijuana for Lawyers and Other Medicolegal Professionals

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Canadian Blog SLAW writes…… Given the growing number of jurisdictions legalizing the sale and use of cannabis (including Canada in 2018) and the complexity of this drug, it became clear to the author that information, in the form of a book, was required.

Book Review: “The Little Book of Cannabis ~ How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life”

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A book Review: “The Little Book of Cannabis ~ How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life” by Amanda Siebert. I have been reading, researching, and writing, about cannabis for some time now. This is not altogether surprising given the fervor surrounding cannabis legalization.

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Attorney General Nominee Commits To Leave State-Legal Marijuana Programs Alone


His statements came response to questions from Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) — each of whom represent states where marijuana is legally regulated for either medical or recreational purposes. Advocacy Attorney General GOVERNMENT Legalization Policy SOCIETY

Colombian Marijuana Legalization Bill Gaining Huge Traction


A bill to legalize recreational marijuana is making its way through the political pipeline in Colombia. The biggest concession was when public consumption of cannabis was allowed by the courts, despite recreational cannabis being illegal. This follows the classic pattern of baby steps that ultimately lead to the final goal of total legalization. Regularization, Not Legalization”. . Some cannabis lines even have celebrity endorsements.

Federal Legalization – Then What?

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CPA’s “ PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. Federal Legalization – Then What? – It is fascinating to step back and observe how the mindset of many in the cannabis industry seems to work. Federal Legalization – Then What?

Mother Jones Admits it ‘Overstated’ Cannabis Mental Health Risks


Despite the early media attention for his book 'Tell Your Children,' some outlets are increasingly skeptical of author Alex Berenson's conclusions. The post Mother Jones Admits it ‘Overstated’ Cannabis Mental Health Risks appeared first on Leafly. Health Science & Tech legalization mental health war on drugs

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New York State Decriminalizes Marijuana After Failed Legalization Attempt


It is no secret that legalization was a major point of contention for New York state in recent weeks. While lawmakers, lobbyists and everyday proponents hoped to see recreational dispensaries open their doors, the legalization bill was ultimately stalled after it hit too many political roadblocks. The decision also allowed for the expungement of certain cannabis-related criminal records. Once enacted, the bill will usher in a new era of cannabis reform.

New Marvel Comics Plot Line Has The Kingpin Legalizing Cannabis In The World Of Super Heroes & Super Baddies

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As real-life elected officials in New York have fumbled their attempt to pass comprehensive cannabis legalization this year, the writers and illustrators at Marvel quite literally drew up their own blueprint for how it could be done and it is sort of scary in how accurate it appears to be.

NORML’s 2020 Democratic Primary Marijuana Straw Poll


She remained generally opposed to legalization, while supporting states having the right to reform their own policies, until she clarified her stance as being in support of it after announcing her 2020 presidential campaign. States are moving forward on decriminalization and legalization.

First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens On Hawai‘i Island


The two-and-one-half year wait is finally over for medical cannabis patients living on the Big Island of Hawaii, more accurately known as Hawai‘i Island. For the 6,659 registered medical marijuana cardholders, this is a day for the history books.

Tilray Inc. reports a Q2 loss of US$35.1M, up from Q1

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Cannabis company Tilray Inc. reported a loss in its latest quarter as revenue soared compared with a year ago before legalization of the recreational market in Canada late last year. based company, which keeps its books in U.S. NANAIMO, B.C.

How I Used Cannabis To Treat My MS, Chronic Pain, and Depression

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RELATED: How Cannabis Helps Me Be A Better Mom Despite My Chronic Pain & Illness. My husband suggested I look into cannabis. I was pretty skeptical of using cannabis to help me feel better medically, I always just thought cannabis was used for getting “high.”.

Travellers caught carrying small amounts of cannabis into Canada could be hit with fines

Although stiff criminal penalties will remain options on the books, the federal border agency is developing administrative sanctions to give it more flexibility to deal with people who arrive at the border with cannabis in the era of legal recreational use. Travellers caught sneaking small amounts of marijuana into Canada could soon be forced to pay fines.

Czech Republic May Cover Medical Cannabis as Part of Public Healthcare


According to Marijuana Business Daily , the Czech Republic was one of the first European countries to allow medical marijuana and the second to legalize home growth. To date, however no country offers medical cannabis as part of public or private prescription coverage.

DOJ Report: The Cannabis Effect on Crime: Time-Series Analysis of Crime in Colorado and Washington State

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Previous studies based on relatively weak analytical designs lacking contextualization and appropriate comparisons have reported that the legalization of marijuana has either increased or decreased crime. What actually happened to violent crime after Washington legalized marijuana.

Breaking the Cycle of Opioid Addiction using Cannabis to be Addressed during Upcoming Cannabis Nurses Network Conference

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Educational Session and Panel on Opioid Crisis will also include Professional Athlete Boo Williams, Noted Cannabis Author Uwe Blesching, PhD, and Hospice Nurse Marcie Cooper RN, MSN, AHN-BC. In addition, medical cannabis saves Medicare about $165 million annually in prescription costs alone.

NORML Remembers Dr. Mark Kleiman


Kleiman , an academic expert on cannabis policy who often shared and debated his well informed views on marijuana policy reform with those of us who were committed to advocating for a policy of adult use legalization. NORML regrets the passing of Prof. Mark A.

Cannabis Minor Possession Trial In New Orleans Ends In Mistrial As Pool Of Jurors Refuse To Hear The Case

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I hope you’ll think about it the next time you’re called for jury duty.Jurors in New Orleans did a noble thing: They refused to try a man for possessing cannabis on Bourbon Street. Cannabis Law NewsLeafly report.

Medical Cannabis and Pets

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Medical Cannabis and Pets, thanks to the fantastic research that has been done on medical cannabis. As far as legalization goes, South Africa is moving in the right direction. However, we don’t often hear about the medical use of cannabis for our family’s fluffy loved ones.

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Nantucket First Cannabis Retail Store Opens

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Here at CLR we believe Melville’s Moby Dick to be the great novel of the 19th century and that the search for sensible regulated cannabis nationwide seems in part to reflect Ahab’s endless search for the White Whale.

A Mother’s Journey Through The Medical Cannabis Labyrinth


It may be a myth but long-live the modern-day legend: the story of the legalization of medical cannabis in Greece. Jackie has been at the forefront of Greece’s cannabis initiative and is also bringing together mothers reaping the benefits of one of nature’s wonders – medical cannabis.

6 Historical Facts About Medical Marijuana

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Although medical marijuana is becoming legal in many parts of the world, its use as a medicine dates back thousands of years. As legalization continues to be passed worldwide we hope (and will continue to educate) to see cannabis federally legal in the US and in most countries by 2022.

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Society of Cannabis Clinicians names Cannabis & Cannabinoid Research its official journal

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PRESS RELEASE: New Rochelle, NY, September 6, 2019 — Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research ( CCR ) is honored to announce that the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) has named CCR its Official Journal.


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It also liberalizes 99%-pure CBD oil made from hemp (scientific name: Cannabis sativa L. What it means in a layman’s term is that 99%-pure CBD oil made from cannabis or hemp with a mix of very little psychoactive THC is no longer a narcotic under the Narcotics Act of 1979.

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Epilepsy families angry at lack of access to medicinal cannabis


Families of children with epilepsy say they are devastated after being denied prescriptions for medicinal cannabis. A law change on 1 November was designed to allow a small number of patients to be prescribed cannabis-based products by specialist doctors in the UK. People who suffer from conditions such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis have long claimed that cannabis-based products can help manage their conditions. Medical Cannabis Epilepsy Legal Cannabis Medical Cannabis

Rest in Peace Mark Kleiman, Giant of Cannabis Policy

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Kleiman was probably the most influential scholar on cannabis policy. He was a strong opponent of the War on Drugs going back to the early 1980s, yet he also opposed a full commercial model for marijuana legalization. Which Drugs Should be Legalized?

Terpene Spotlight: Geraniol

The Cannabis plant has been around for centuries. The history of cannabis cultivation in America dates back to the early colonists, who grew hemp for textiles and rope. Political and racial factors in the 20th century led to the criminalization of marijuana in the United States, though its legal status is changing in many places.”. While legal medical marijuana is still in its infancy in Florida, it has been well-documented that cannabis has been utilized as a medicine.

Is Cannabis Against Your Religion?


Is consuming cannabis a sin, haram, not kosher? In the Judaic tradition, scholars still debate the question of whether God meant Moses to use cannabis as part of an anointing oil when he spoke of a plant called kaneh-bosem , in Exodus 30:22-30. Tips for Growing Kosher Kush Cannabis.

Fox Rothschild Publish PDF, ” National Survey On Marijuana Law On Regulations”

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This pdf “e-book” has a publication date of 24 May 2019 and is authored by partners Joshua Horn & William Bogot. e-book-Marijuana-Mayv3. Cannabis Law News

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Back to the BRC: “The ability to tax cannabis is one of the main political reasons given to support recreational legalization. A successful tax system will need to raise money to pay for increased education, public health and enforcement costs associated with marijuana cultivation and use.”

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CPA’s” PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. . While we could devote a book length article to a present day critique of that report we are going to limit our thoughts to a review of the Tax Policy component of the report which appears on pages 48 through 56.

Elon Musk and Other Successful People Who Use Cannabis


The news has been all over the press with some mocking the billionaire’s newfound fondness for cannabis, while others celebrate his stepping out. Regardless of where you stand, it got us thinking of all the successful people who use cannabis and why Elon Musk is far from a new thing.

5 Cannabis Retreats You’ll Want To Add To Your Bucket List

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As cannabis legalization continues to spread throughout the United States, new experiences and trends begin to develop. We have curated a list of the top 5 cannabis retreats you need to add to your travel and bucket list. RELATED: The Best Subscription Boxes For Cannabis Lovers.

10 Cannabis World Records That Will Trip You Out

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At Custom Cones USA , we love all things cannabis, so we keep tabs on the most interesting cannabis world records. And so behold this impressive list of cannabis world records; no one can ever again say that pot smokers lack motivation.

How Cannabis Became Illegal: The Racist Ideology of Cannabis Control

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Today, more politicians and thought leaders are taking a stand supporting cannabis and related research than at any other time in living memory. The beginnings of America’s cannabis ban. One of the habits these new immigrants brought with them was the recreational smoking of cannabis.

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The World Health Organization Steps Up on Cannabis

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On February 1, it was reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) made some significant and long overdue recommendations with respect to cannabis. It is important to note that the WHO is not recommending the wholesale legalization of marijuana.

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Son of Former Pablo Escobar Associate Is South Florida Lawyer Now Lobbying The GOP In DC On Regulated Cannabis

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political establishment into supporting marijuana legalization. And that is how he got his start in cannabis. That cannabis came right from Pablo Escobar’s Medellín.”. I knew we weren’t going to convince some very conservative members on cannabis. Cannabis Law News