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Grading the Presidential Candidates on Marijuana: Overall Rankings

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In a recent 13-part series, we reviewed the stance of each of the 2020 presidential candidates’ on marijuana, and we assigned each candidate a letter grade corresponding with our analysis. Our grading criteria is as follows: Current stance on marijuana : What have they recently said about marijuana legislation? When did they adopt this stance?

Study: Pain Patients Report Significant Health Improvements Following Enactment of Medical Cannabis Access Laws


Those suffering from chronic pain report significant improvements in health following the passage of medical cannabis access laws, according to data published in the journal Forum for Health Economics & Policy. Researchers affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and the Perelman School of Medicine assessed the impact of medical cannabis legalization laws on self-reported health outcomes.

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This new drug education program could actually keep teens safer


Moving beyond D.A.R.E., the new "Safety First" program is being tested in NYC and San Francisco. The post This new drug education program could actually keep teens safer appeared first on Leafly. Health drug education Education harm reduction prevention

Quebec Raises Minimum Cannabis Purchasing Age to 21 Amid Strong Criticism


In a move that can only be described as hypocritical, impractical and politically-charged, Quebec went through with its move to pass Bill 2. As CTV News reports, Quebec’s alleged goal is to protect youth from marijuana’s adverse effects. While there is no denying that, as a drug, cannabis has its risks, most critics argue that this is not the way to go.

Marijuana and Kidney Disease: A Scientific Overview


The effects of cannabis on various kidney disorders like CKD and AKI have been the subject of numerous scientific studies, Continue Reading. The post Marijuana and Kidney Disease: A Scientific Overview appeared first on Greencamp. Health

Most THC and CBD oil goes to waste in your body—here’s why


Bioavailability refers to the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into your bloodstream. Read more on how dosage and consumption method can affect how much cannabis your body uses. The post Most THC and CBD oil goes to waste in your body—here’s why appeared first on Leafly. Health cannabinoids

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The science on cannabis topicals for headaches


Can cannabis topicals provide relief for headaches? Here's what we know—and what we don't—about topical treatment of headaches. The post The science on cannabis topicals for headaches appeared first on Leafly. Canada Health headaches migraines topicals

There’s ‘Insufficient Evidence’ That Marijuana Alleviates Mental Disorders

The Fresh Toast

In what is being called the most comprehensive review around marijuana and mental health, researchers say the evidence isn’t there. Continue reading There’s ‘Insufficient Evidence’ That Marijuana Alleviates Mental Disorders at The Fresh Toast. Cannabis Medical Marijuana News ADHD anxiety Australia CBD depression mental health PTSD research study THC

Gifting cannabis to the terminally ill becomes tax-exempt in California


Under Prop. 64 it actually cost money to give away medicine to patients in need. But how much can growers afford to give? The post Gifting cannabis to the terminally ill becomes tax-exempt in California appeared first on Leafly. Politics California compassion laws philanthropy

Germany Considers Marijuana Legalization in a “Historic Policy Turn”


Germany is considering joining the list of industrialized nations who plan to legalize recreational marijuana in the near – albeit unspecified – future. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing party, the Christian Democratic Union, opened up to the idea of legalization in what German broadcaster Deutsche Welle calls “…a historic policy turn for the conservative party.”.

USDA Issues Hemp Regulations


The United States Department of Agriculture has issued interim rules governing the commercial cultivation of hemp. The rules are still subject to a mandatory 60-day public comment period following their publication in the Federal Register.

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The Top 10 All-American Cannabis Strains


Every cannabis connoisseur has their favourite region of origin. For some, nowhere has done bigger or more important things for cannabis culture than the United States. Indeed, it’s hard to dispute the fact that some of the most incredible cannabis the world has ever seen was born in the USA. But which are the best [ ] The post The Top 10 All-American Cannabis Strains appeared first on Legalize it. We Think So. Cannabis cannabis Strain

Italy new parliamentary cannabis legalization intergroup announced

Cannabis Law Report

A new parliamentary intergroup was announced in Italy on October 24, 2019. In just a few hours, the group gathered more than 50 members. Its primary objective is to set a schedule for the discussion of the 2016 citizens’ initiative for cannabis legalization. This initiative was supported by 60,000 signatures, and now a parliamentary debate is set to launch on the subject. The Business Deccan casts a business eye over the opportunity.

Should You Import Hemp to the United States?

Canna Law Blog

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived products has sparked strong business interest from foreign stakeholders. For the past few months, our firm has received numerous inquiries from existing and prospective clients about the legality of importing the agricultural crop and its derived products, particularly hemp-derived CBD (“Hemp-CBD”), to the United States.

Hemp 68

Michigan: Regulators Now Accepting Retail Marijuana Business Applications


State regulators have begun accepting applications from those wishing to open licensed retail cannabis facilities. Fifty-six percent of voters last November approved Proposition 1 — a statewide ballot initiative legalizing the adult use, cultivation, and retail marketing of marijuana. Representatives with the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency have spent the past months finalizing rules governing the licensing process for would-be retailers.

Retail 102

Who exactly is the Community Safety Unit keeping safe?

Cannabis Life Network

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, the Community Safety Unit raided The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary (TMCD) at 1182 Thurlow St. in the heart of the Davie Village neighbourhood in Vancouver’s West End. The raid left many baffled, as the long-running dispensary had been in the process of transitioning to the legal system, having already received their municipal […]. The post Who exactly is the Community Safety Unit keeping safe?

CBD Oil for Dogs

Cannabis Law Report

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the primary chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. It can be sourced from hemp or marijuana plants, but is generally sourced from hemp strains with high CBD and low THC content. Unlike THC, CBD does not make the user feel ‘high’ and in general is thought to provide the same, or similar health benefits that one would experience from using other forms of cannabis, such as medical marijuana, for instance. .

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BREAKING: USDA Releases Hemp Rules

Canna Law Blog

Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) released its interim hemp rules. This is a major step in the full implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill. These rules are not final but they will be effective as soon as they are published in the Federal Register. Stakeholders will have 60 days to submit comments on the interim hemp rules. Expect to see additional analysis of these rules on this blog in the coming days.

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Nevada NORML’s Veteran’s Virtual Lobby Day


To honor both those who have bravely served and those who still suffer due to federal cannabis laws, Nevada NORML will be hosting a unique event on Veteran’s Day.

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BREAKING NEWS: The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary on Thurlow, in Vancouver, raided by CSU

Cannabis Life Network

The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, located on Thurlow St. in Vancouver, B.C., has been raided by the province’s Community Safety Unit (CSU). The dispensary had been selling pot without a provincial licence, but had recently applied for one, and was taking the appropriate steps towards entering the licensed market. The Community Safety Unit, operating under the […].

Canada: Quebec Raises Legal Cannabis Purchasing Age to 21

Cannabis Law Report

The Quebec government’s contentious cannabis legislation that will impose some of the strictest rules in Canada has been adopted by the province’s National Assembly. On Tuesday, Legault’s government used its majority to pass Bill 2 which will raise the legal age to consume and purchase recreational marijuana from 18 to 21. The change will come into effect as of January 1, 2020.

Why the USDA Testing Rules Will Hurt the Hemp Industry

Canna Law Blog

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) released its interim final rule for the production of hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill. Although these rules are not final, they will go into effect once published in the Federal Register, at which point a 60-day public comment period will begin. Upon the publication of the rules, our firm provided a broad overview of the provisions found in the rules.

DEA 62

Why Is Oklahoma The Fastest-Growing MMJ State In The US?

MMJ Recs

What is the fastest-growing medical marijuana state in the US? Only a few years ago, a lot of people thought that Oklahoma would never even get as far as legalizing medical marijuana. But it may surprise you to learn that Oklahoma is the nation’s fastest-growing MMJ state. In the space of fewer than eighteen months, MMJ has been fully legalized in the Sooner State, and the remarkable medical marijuana boom in Oklahoma has amazed industry insiders.

CannTrust cutting as many as 140 jobs as it works to regain cannabis licenses

Cannabis Life Network

VAUGHAN, Ont. CannTrust Holdings Inc. shares fell Friday after the cannabis company said it is laying off as many as 140 people — roughly one quarter of its workforce — while it works to regain its federal licences to sell and produce pot. Its stock fell as low as $1.52 on the Toronto Stock Exchange, down roughly 13 per cent from its previous […].

Cannabis Economy – The Changing World Order

Cannabis Law Report

With the decriminalization of cannabis in Canda, as well as the United States of America, the world is about to witness a new world order. The decades-long war against drug cartels and illegal traders of cannabis is coming to an end. . It is not just the fight against illegal trade of drugs, but also the commercial benefits of marijuana which have led to its legalization. Weed lovers and hustlers are further supporting the use of marijuana on a global scale. .

Natural Products, the FDA and Cannabis Regulation

Canna Law Blog

I recently attended two events in Utah headlined by the United Natural Products Alliance (“UNPA”) where its President, Loren Israelsen , discussed the voluminous public comments received by the FDA in response its latest round of questions regarding how over-the-counter cannabis extracts like CBD should be regulated.

5 Reasons Why Culture Plating Should NOT Be Used for Microbial Safety Testing on Cannabis

Medicinal Genomics

Culture-based methods, such as plating, are considered by some to be the “gold standard” of microbial safety testing. After all, the method is used extensively in the food industry and is validated on a myriad of different matrices. . However, cannabis is NOT one of those matrices ! To date, there are no published manuscripts to support using culture-based plating methods on cannabis.

Glaucoma, Acne, psoriasis? What cannabinoids work?

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The age-old excuse, “it’s for my glaucoma.” ” Back when cannabis was stigmatized, CBD was not as well known and people relied on THC strains for everything. In the full and broad spectrum world of cannabis, there are only so many reasons for intoxication left. Remedies for deliberating conditions like Glaucoma and even acne may not […]. The post Glaucoma, Acne, psoriasis? What cannabinoids work?

OLCC Creates Podcast Focusing on Oversight of Oregon’s Recreational Marijuana Industry

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Portland, OR — The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has published the latest episode of its occasional podcast, “In the Weeds – The Ultimate OLCC Potcast.” Episode Four of “In the Weeds” focuses on the THC vaping respiratory illness crisis and Oregon’s ban on flavored THC vaping products. “In

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Maryland

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill gives the US Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) regulatory authority over hemp cultivation at the federal level.

No, CBD isn’t safe for everyone: CBD myths Canadians need to know


CBD is often touted as a cure-all, but that's not the whole story. Learn everything you need to know about how CBD works—and how it doesn't—here. The post No, CBD isn’t safe for everyone: CBD myths Canadians need to know appeared first on Leafly. Canada Health cbd FAQ general hemp Hemp science studies

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