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CBD Regulatory Debacle

Project CBD

CBD regulatory debacle ensues as UK bureaucrats try to shoehorn a plant extract into a framework meant for synthetic food ingredients

Illinois judge gives 185 social equity cannabis stores the go-ahead, finally


An Illinois judge released 185 social equity cannabis retail licenses. Find out what it means for Illinois cannabis consumers on Leafly. The post Illinois judge gives 185 social equity cannabis stores the go-ahead, finally appeared first on Leafly.

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Is Importing Cannabis Equipment Worth It?

Canna Law Blog

Given the growth of both the cannabis industry and international trade, it’s more important than ever to understand the basics, and challenges of, purchasing cannabis-related goods overseas. Root Sciences, a cannabis extraction company, has been learning this the hard way.

Virginia: Approved Budget Recriminalizes Public Marijuana Possession Over Four Ounces of Marijuana


The language, which creates two new misdemeanors, will take effect with Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s signature. The post Virginia: Approved Budget Recriminalizes Public Marijuana Possession Over Four Ounces of Marijuana appeared first on NORML.

Where the Money Grows: Learning the Industry Trends in Medical Cannabis, Recreational Marijuana, Hemp, and Beyond

Speaker: Jonathan Bench, International Cannabis and Securities Business Attorney at Harris Bricken

The U.S. cannabis industry is still in its infancy, even though states began engaging with legalization in one form or another in the late 1990s. Today, many opportunities exist for individuals and businesses that want to engage in the industry. Join international cannabis and securities business attorney Jonathan Bench as he provides some pitfalls and best practices for companies & individuals looking to engage with the U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Canadians OK Driving High on Cannabis

Cannabis Life Network

An online survey conducted by EKOS says 33 percent of Canadians are OK driving high on cannabis. Although the language of the survey findings report insists this is “drug-impaired driving.”

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14 Things You Need To Try If You Have Sleep Problems

United Patients Group

Sleep is vital for our physical and mental health. It allows our bodies to repair and regenerate, and it gives our brains time to process information and consolidate memories. But for many of us, getting a good night’s sleep is a constant battle.

Sleep 87

Answer of the Day for Jun 3, 2022


Are cannabinoid receptors present in pain transmission circuits? Cannabinoid receptors are present in multiple areas of the pain transmission circuitry. CB receptors are present on peripheral sensory nerve endings as well as the spinal cord and supraspinal regions in the brain. Current Psychiatry.

Is cannabis a blood thinner?

The Cannigma

Ever wondered how cannabinoids like THC or CBD affect your blood? It may seem like a weird question, but it is a vitally important one for anyone taking anticoagulant medications and considering using cannabis.

How I got one of NJ’s first 11 cannabis dispensary licenses


Tahir Johnson explains how he joined New Jersey’s legal weed market and shares his plans to launch Simply Pure Trenton before 2022 ends. The post How I got one of NJ’s first 11 cannabis dispensary licenses appeared first on Leafly.

Laws passed in New Brunswick after Organigram outbreak

Cannabis Life Network

Sixteen people fell seriously ill with a severe form of pneumonia in 2019 and one man died. New Brunswick Health shelved any response to the outbreak caused by Organigram for months before laws finally passed.

Law 83

8 Interesting Health Benefits of Cannabis That You Should Know

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis is a multifaceted, historically significant, and even contentious plant. Cannabis’s adaptability and utility have catapulted it into various sectors and products, particularly in the medical area. When it comes to cannabis, we are just beginning to grasp its full potential.

Here We Go! The Latest Lawsuits to End Federal Prohibition

Canna Law Blog

High profile lawsuits to end cannabis prohibition are nothing new. We’ve covered efforts going back several years, though none of these has succeeded.

Law 81

The best rated weed dispensaries in Oklahoma


Looking for the best dispensaries in Oklahoma? Leafly List shows you our highest-rated pot shops in Oklahoma according to reviews by real people on The post The best rated weed dispensaries in Oklahoma appeared first on Leafly. Leafly List dispensaries oklahoma

There’s a Newly Developed Psychometric Assessment of Cannabis Intoxication


The search continues for a reliable method of testing for cannabis intoxication. While alcohol intoxication can be detected with breathalyzers, these devices have been found to be not so accurate when it comes to blood THC content.

Canada: B.C. to decriminalize small amounts of drugs, first province granted exemption

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis Law TV

British Columbia to decriminalize drugs

Cannabis Life Network

In British Columbia, outside of Vancouver, it will be illegal to possess LSD. For three years after January 31, 2023, though, possessing up to 2.5gs of a few other drugs will no longer be an offence in the Canadian province.

We smoked Lil’ Kim’s new Hardcore strain to see if it’s really an Aphrodisiak


If you like smoking before sexy time, the debut drop from Kim's new Aphrodisiak brand lives up to its name–here's where to grab it. The post We smoked Lil’ Kim’s new Hardcore strain to see if it’s really an Aphrodisiak appeared first on Leafly.

A Recent Study Shows That Hemp Feed Can Help Decrease Stress in Cattle


Plenty of information exists on how cannabis can be beneficial for humans, but have you ever wondered what the benefits could be for cattle? Well, a research team from Kansas State University (K-State) investigated the potential benefits of feeding hemp to cattle.

Canada: Alberta worker placed on one-year unpaid suspension for cannabis use

Cannabis Law Report

Canada’s Leader Post reports. The employee was originally terminated after consuming cannabis while attending a company training course.

Stand For Craft Releases White Paper

Cannabis Life Network

Stand For Craft has released a white paper highlighting the Canadian government’s financial hindrances on small craft cannabis producers. The report criticizes the federal excise tax or “sin” tax, disproportionately affecting smaller craft farmers.

Does weed help with ADHD?


With ADHD, life can feel like everything is happening all at once, making it hard to focus or prioritize. Is there evidence that cannabis can ease or manage its symptoms? The post Does weed help with ADHD? appeared first on Leafly. Health ADHD

Unique Challenges in Cannabis Patent Valuation

Canna Law Blog

Patents are increasingly a significant proportion of a cannabis company’s claimed valuation. As cannabis companies identify ways to differentiate their business from competitors, patents play an important role in ensuring that competitors cannot duplicate their products or processes. .

Canada: The Constitutional Right to Marijuana in Canada: R v Parker

Cannabis Law Report


Law 83

Can certified cannabis chemists build a professional industry?

Cannabis Life Network

In its youth, the cannabis industry can use some direction. Certifying chemists under good professional guidance can build a more professional industry, but is the same true for cannabis? As the industry evolves, forebearers penalized as criminals are becoming teachers.

Star signs and cannabis strains: June 2022 horoscopes


Check out these out-of-this-world strains for the month of June 2022 and read up on advice for your astrological sign. The post Star signs and cannabis strains: June 2022 horoscopes appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle Horoscopes lifestyle moon-cookies space-queen strains

Can you fly with delta-8 products?

The Cannigma

The legality around flying with Delta-8 is complicated. Delta-8 is already a controversial chemical compound before you add in the restrictive rules and regulations that come with airline travel.

How Marijuana Helps Hypertension


If you search the Internet, you’ll quickly find that medical marijuana’s effect on the heart is quite the subject of debate. Some scholarly articles purport that marijuana can negatively affect the cardiovascular system, while others indicate that it has benefits for heart health.

Canopy Growth Not Growing

Cannabis Life Network

Canopy Growth is not growing. The Canadian cannabis company reported a 4th quarter loss of C$578 million, culminating in a C$4.1 billion loss since 2015. Compared to the previous quarter, revenue crashed. Net sales are down 21% to C$111.8 million.

28 grams of game: How Runtz’ Yung LB smoked the industry


The man who brought Runtz, Joke's Up, and more to the masses shares his journey with Leafly. The post 28 grams of game: How Runtz’ Yung LB smoked the industry appeared first on Leafly. Industry Lifestyle cannabis marketing runtz strain of the year

Argentina’s New Hemp and Medical Cannabis Regulator

Canna Law Blog

Earlier this month, we discussed the approval of a new regulatory framework for hemp and medical cannabis by Argentina’s legislature. At the time, we focused our attention on those who, reflecting antiquated thinking on cannabis, voted against the bill.