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57% of Arthritis Patients Have Tried Cannabis. 90% Found It Helped


A mainstream arthritis group surveyed 1,000 patients and found more than half had tried medical cannabis. Most said it helped. The post 57% of Arthritis Patients Have Tried Cannabis. 90% Found It Helped appeared first on Leafly. Health arthritis medical cannabis

New Study Concludes That CBD Can Help Decrease The Severity Of PTSD Symptoms

Miss Marijuana

By: Madeleine Balestrier. A new study finds that CBD for PTSD symptoms can be effective. . About 8 out of every 100 United States citizens will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sometime in their lifetime, according to PTSD United. That’s 24.4 million people.

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Congress Votes YES to Protect Legal Marijuana


For the first time ever, the House of Representatives just voted to restrict the Department of Justice from interfering with the states that have legalized adult-use marijuana. The importance of this 267 to 165 bipartisan vote on the Blumenauer amendment cannot be overstated.

CBD for Brain-Damaged Babies?

Project CBD

Giving medical cannabis to infants is a difficult taboo to shift, but new research is paving the way.

Maine’s Cannabis Stores Will (Finally!) Open in 2020


After years of delay, the state adopted rules this week that will allow stores to open, finally. Here's what you need to know. The post Maine’s Cannabis Stores Will (Finally!) Open in 2020 appeared first on Leafly. Industry Politics adult-use cannabis Maine

Auto-Flowering Strains: A Revolutionary Approach to Growing Cannabis?


Cultivating cannabis remained popular in many parts of the world, including the US, until the start of the 20th century. At the turn of the century, states throughout the US started outlawing this plant. Many believe that cannabis and hemp was the victim of its amazing potential as a material.

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California launches anti-illegal pot campaign

Cannabis Chronicles

LOS ANGELES — Marijuana shoppers are going to be getting a message from California regulators: Go legal.

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Washington Consumes More Cannabis Than Any Region on Earth, Study Says


Wastewater surveys of 60 global cities ranked Puget Sound #1 in THC use per capita. The post Washington Consumes More Cannabis Than Any Region on Earth, Study Says appeared first on Leafly. Science & Tech consumption Washington

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E3 2019: Biggest Moments

Cannabis Life Network

The 25th Annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, took place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre this week, June 11-13, 2019. In case you didn’t catch the live streams here are the most notable mentions coming out of this year’s event.

Action Needed: Marijuana Vote This Week In Congress


This week, there will be a crucial vote on an amendment and it could be our biggest federal victory yet. We need your help to make sure we win.

House would block Feds from interfering with state pot laws

Cannabis Chronicles

WASHINGTON — The Democratic-controlled House has voted to block the Justice Department from interfering with states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

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Health Canada Considering Categorizing CBD as Natural Health Product


The class of less-regulated, non-intoxicating cannabis products could be sold over the counter. The post Health Canada Considering Categorizing CBD as Natural Health Product appeared first on Leafly. Canada Health

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How medical cannabis can help osteoarthritis

420 Clinic

When it comes to chronic disease, arthritis isn’t so much a novelty as it is an inevitability. Aging, injuries and a host of other lifestyle factors add to the risk of osteoarthritis.

House Committee on Small Business Holds Hearing On Cannabis


Today, the House Committee on Small Business held a hearing entitled Unlocked Potential?

Marijuana use doubles in U.S. pregnant women

Cannabis Chronicles

CHICAGO — Pot use in pregnancy has doubled among U.S. women and is most common during the first trimester, government research shows. Overall, 7 percent of pregnant women, or 1 in 14, said they used marijuana in the past month.

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US House OKs Plan to Block Federal Cannabis Interference


The Democratic-controlled US House of Representatives has voted to block the Justice Department from interfering with states that have legalized cannabis for adult use. The post US House OKs Plan to Block Federal Cannabis Interference appeared first on Leafly.

NJ Announces Medical Marijuana Program Rule Changes

Cannabis Law Report

Steve Schain , Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group. Steve Schain. On May 13th New Jersey’s Department of Health (“DOH”) amended it Medicinal Marijuana Program Rules, N.J.A.C. 8:64 Et.

Organa Kannalytics Presents Southeastern 2019 Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention

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NO! Cannabis Does Not Damage The Brain

Canabo Medical Clinic

A recent piece ( [link] ) published by two physicians discusses how cannabis can damage a developing brain. I am here to tell you cannabis does not damage the brain and to set the record straight on the risks and potential benefits for youth exposed to cannabis. While there are numerous studies showing cognitive side effects from the use of THC, recent studies have demonstrated a serious flaw in the study designs.

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New York’s Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Bill Is Dead


After a dramatic week of New York’s legislative session, the adult-use cannabis bill is dead. Read how the Democratic supermajority struggled to get it passed. The post New York’s Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Bill Is Dead appeared first on Leafly. Politics legalization New York

US Federal Air Surgeon Clarifies Rules On Pilots And THC /CBD

Cannabis Law Report

Here’s the Guideline in Full. –by Dr. Michael Berry, FAA Federal Air Surgeon.

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What was RedeCan hiding in their mouldy bud recall?

Cannabis Life Network

We probably all remember RedeCan’s mouldy and buggy bud. November 30 last year, their first bad batch contained visible white mould which pushed the strain, Bubba Erkle Cookies (B.E.C.) through an infamous recall.

Daddy Burt Hemp Co. Receives U.S. Hemp Authority Certification

Canna Newswire

LEXINGTON, Ky. June 17, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Daddy Burt Hemp Co. , a Kentucky based CBD company, was awarded the U.S. Hemp Authority’s official certification for hemp processors/manufacturers today. This recognition puts Daddy Burt Hemp Co.

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Shattering 4 Misconceptions About Cannabis Concentrates


Wax, shatter, dabs, oil, resin—cannabis concentrates are often highly misunderstood. Here we dispel some of the myths associated with concentrates. The post Shattering 4 Misconceptions About Cannabis Concentrates appeared first on Leafly. Science & Tech concentrates dabbing

And So It Died

Cannabis Law Report

Reports with endless reasons will be turning up for the next week. This initial report from MJ Biz with Sen. Liz Krueger’s statement is really all that needs to be said. This is not the end of the road, it is just a delay,” . Here’s the statement.

Congress Lays Out Expectations for FDA on Hemp-CBD in Budget Report

Canna Law Blog

The House Appropriations Committee (the “Committee”) publishes reports to accompany annual spending bills. One such report, released on June 3, provided insight on hemp-derived CBD (“Hemp-CBD”).

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LinkResPet Answers Pet Owners Demand For CBD In The US, Helping Pets From Coast To Coast

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LinkResPet to produce LYNKS CBD Pet Water in partnership with American Premium (OTC: HIPH ). 39% of dog owners and 34% of cat owners agree that they like the idea of CBD supplements for their pets. Brightfield Group suggests CBD pet market could be worth $1.16 billion by 2022.

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With CBD Legal, Wisconsin Is Warming to Cannabis


In the Midwest, attitudes toward CBD—and cannabis itself—are changing thanks to the plant's emerging health benefits and a growing focus on education. The post With CBD Legal, Wisconsin Is Warming to Cannabis appeared first on Leafly. Health Politics cbd Hemp legalization wisconsin

Colorado Updates Rules On Testing Requirements

Cannabis Law Report

See below. 20190619 IB Audited Products Testing Bulletin final. Cannabis Law News

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Driving while high: Marijuana users twice as likely to crash, AAA study finds

Cannabis Chronicles

Nearly 15 million people report driving while high on pot, making them twice as likely to be involved in a crash, a new AAA study has found. The study also showed more drivers view texting or talking on cellphones while driving to be more risky behavior than smoking weed and getting behind the wheel, according to the 2018 Traffic Safety Culture Index survey.

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New York State Decriminalizes Marijuana After Failed Legalization Attempt


It is no secret that legalization was a major point of contention for New York state in recent weeks. While lawmakers, lobbyists and everyday proponents hoped to see recreational dispensaries open their doors, the legalization bill was ultimately stalled after it hit too many political roadblocks. But not all was lost. Other, less sweeping measures were on the table as well, which ultimately passed with flying colours.

What Is Guaiol & What Does This Cannabis Terpene Do?


Originating in the guaiacum plant of the Caribbean, the terpene guaiol has been used in natural medicine for hundreds of years and is present in small amounts in some of some common cannabis strains. The post What Is Guaiol & What Does This Cannabis Terpene Do? appeared first on Leafly.

Law Firm, Drummond Woodsum Report On Maine Legislature, New Rules Adopted

Cannabis Law Report

The firm writes, ” As of 5:30 this morning, the adult use marijuana rules had been approved by the Maine State Legislature and were headed to the Governor’s desk for her signature. The rules will go into effect in 90 days, assuming the Governor signs the bill today.

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Hemp-CBD Laws: Alabama

Canna Law Blog

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp.

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