Mon.Nov 04, 2019

Iowa Officials Vote to Recommend Medical Marijuana for PTSD

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On Friday an Iowa state board voted to recommend that medical marijuana should be a prescription option for treating post-traumatic stress disorder and intellectual disability with aggression, reports the Associated Press.

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Study: Terminology Doesn’t Influence Public’s Perception of Cannabis


Use of the term ‘cannabis’ instead of ‘marijuana’ does not influence the public’s perception of the plant or their attitudes, according to data published in the journal PLOS One. Researchers affiliated with Vanderbilt University in Tennessee surveyed a nationally representative sampling of adults regarding the terms ‘marijuana or ‘cannabis.’

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Senior Citizens Are The Biggest Marijuana Users In Canada

The Fresh Toast

As marijuana sales reach an all-time high in Canada, senior citizens have a significant hand in rising legal cannabis use in the country. Continue reading Senior Citizens Are The Biggest Marijuana Users In Canada at The Fresh Toast.

Walk-in clinics at Walmart are getting schooled in cannabis


Clinics in 74 Walmart stores across Canada to receive medical cannabis training from Canopy partnership. The post Walk-in clinics at Walmart are getting schooled in cannabis appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry Canopy Growth news

Los Angeles Cannabis Retail Licensing May Get Derailed

Canna Law Blog

Getting a cannabis license in Los Angeles has been notoriously difficult—and may be about to get worse as news dropped last week that a Los Angeles City Council member is recommending that the most recent phase of licensing applications essentially be suspended.

Cannabis Practice Kight Law Included In US News & Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” 2020 List

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Congratulations to Kight Law firm. Kight Law is proud to announce that it is included in the US News and Best Lawyers list of “Best Law Firms” of 2020 , which states: “ Firms included in the 2020 Edition of U.S.

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Governors Meet to Coordinate Cannabis Reform in the Northeast

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“We need regulation, we need to make sure we’re protecting public health, public safety. But that’s regulation, not prohibition,” Governor Wolf said. “It’s It’s also really important that we work together as a region to make sure that we’re on the same page.”. Authored By: Patrick McKnight.

Hemp, CBD, or THC? Discover which topical ingredients are right for Canadians


Cannabis-infused topicals come in many forms and formulations. Weed through the marketing terms and learn the differences between hemp and cannabis-derived ingredients, as well as what to look for in therapeutic and aesthetic topicals. The post Hemp, CBD, or THC?

Introducing Gateway Proven Strategies

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I first met Bob Hoban a decade ago when our two law firms began the uncertain journey into providing legal services to cannabis clients entering Colorado’s great marijuana social experiment. Who could have foreseen the explosion of a true international cannabis industry back then? Bob Hoban did.

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Today’s Answer of the Day


Does CBD influence endocannabinoid levels? CBD decreases the FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase )-mediated and MAGL (monoacylglycerol lipase)-mediatedhydrolysis of endocannabinoids. Also, CBD inhibits the cellular re-uptake of endocannabinoids by binding to fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs).

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Macedonian-based grower is on a mission to produce high quality, low-cost solutions to meet unmet market needs.

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Demand for medicinal cannabis in Europe has reached new levels and is expected to grow by more than 400% through 2023. With a market of over 742 million people and a total healthcare spend of €2.3 trillion, the continent is on track to become the largest medical cannabis market in the world.

How Can I Buy Medical Marijuana In Napa?

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Although recreational marijuana is currently legal in the state of California, there are some cities and counties that have decided they still want their jurisdiction to be cannabis-free.

Medical cannabis trial will target 20,000 UK patients

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Up to 20,000 patients in the UK are to be given medical cannabis over a two-year period in an initiative that aims to create the largest body of evidence on the drug in Europe.

Survey Finds Strong Majority of Physicians Believe Marijuana is a “Legitimate Medical Therapy”

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According to a new study – titled A survey of the attitudes, beliefs and knowledge about medical cannabis among primary care providers – around six in ten primary care physicians believe that medical cannabis is a “legitimate” therapeutic option.

Harborside & Nor Cal Opinions. Dispensaries, Don’t Despair. There Are Solutions

Cannabis Law Report

If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: aBIZinaBOX Inc. CPAs – Jordan S. Zoot, CPA. PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. The recent Tax Court decision in Northern California Small Business Assistants Inc.

Three Tax Court Judges Find Section 280E Unconstitutional

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

By: Allen Todd Paxton , Associate. It was business as usual for the ten member majority, but three dissenting judges of the United States Tax Court (“Tax Court”) broke new ground in Northern California Small Business Assistants Inc. , [1] finding section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code unconstitutional. The petitioner in the case is a California medical marijuana dispensary organized as a C corporation.

Pennsylvania Aims To Move Forward Both On Medicinal & Adult Use Cannabis Programs

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Authored By: Patrick McKnight. 4 November 2019 . Pennsylvania Considers New Recreational Cannabis Legislation. A new effort to legalize recreational cannabis is coming to the Keystone State.

How Cannabis Literally Alters Your Perception Of Time

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Marijuana slows down our perception of time to the point where we’re enjoying and noticing everything around us right in the moment. Continue reading How Cannabis Literally Alters Your Perception Of Time at The Fresh Toast.

UK: Illegal Cannabis Grow Discovered After Police Arrest Kids Running Down The Street With Cannabis Plants

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Another one of those “you couldn’t make it up stories” Children in Thornaby North Yorkshire were reported to police for taking drugs out of a property on Stranton Street in the town.

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5 Canadian medical cannabis products that could become recreational


Learn about five medically-exclusive products that may soon pop up in Canada's recreational market. The post 5 Canadian medical cannabis products that could become recreational appeared first on Leafly. Canada Strains & products Industry medical cannabis products

Can You Get High from CBD?


You’ve probably heard the statement, “THC is psychoactive, but CBD is non-psychoactive.” ” Well, this statement is wrong.

Aurora Cannabis launches national safety campaign on edibles

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Aurora Cannabis has announced the launch of Ready for Edibles , a national bilingual campaign dedicated to educating new and experienced cannabis consumers on responsible consumption and safe storage of edible medical cannabis products before they become available for sale.

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