Thu.Jan 09, 2020

Rhode Island governor, legislative leaders disagree over medical cannabis rules


Rhode Island's medical cannabis legislation is caught in a power struggle between the governor and legislators. The post Rhode Island governor, legislative leaders disagree over medical cannabis rules appeared first on Leafly. Politics medical cannabis rhode island

Ready to Lobby?


2019 was a record year for marijuana reform, with more NORML chapters holding lobby days than ever before. With the 2020 legislative session already in full swing in many states, NORML chapters across the country are organizing lobby days to advocate for sensible reform policies in their state.

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Should Pets Be Protected from Second-Hand Cannabis Smoke?


Having pets about the place is great. And assuming you’re a responsible pet owner, you’d never even think about deliberately getting your cat or your dog high. Even if it’s purely for therapeutic purposes, pets should never be given products containing THC or CBD without first consulting with a vet.

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How cannabis can help with migraines


Several studies point to the effectiveness of cannabis on migraines. Read more on the studies that support it and how to dose. The post How cannabis can help with migraines appeared first on Leafly. Health endocannabinoid system migraines

Six Friendly Stranger Trademarked Retail Locations to Open in Ontario in Early 2020

Cannabis Life Network

TORONTO, Jan. 9, 2020 /CNW/ – Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp (“FSHC” or the “Company”) today announced that it has granted trademark licenses for the use of its trusted and recognized brand to six Ontario retail license holders.

More on MORE: Next Stop Is The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee.

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Alabama AG Writes Letter To Lawmakers. ” I Write To Inform You I Oppose Legalization”

Cannabis Law Report

AG Steve Marshall links opioids with cannabis, believes cannabis to be addictive and believes “big money” is pushing canabis legalization too actively. Here is is full letter which in the main creates as close a link between opioids and cannabis as he possibly can.

AGLC reverses course, will buy from micro producers


In a correction, a representative from Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis has indicated interest in product from micro cultivators. The post AGLC reverses course, will buy from micro producers appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry craft cannabis

French Murder & Hate Crime Defendent Not to Stand Trial “on the basis of claim that he suffered from temporary insanity because of cannabis use.”

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis Now reports that this controversial case in France , the admitted perpetrator in an anti-Semitic murder will not stand trial and will be going to a drug rehab facility instead of prison — on the basis of his claim that he suffered from temporary insanity because of cannabis use.

Cannabis retail guide: The Village Bloomery


See inside this literal mom and pop shop, an homage to great design in Vancouver, BC. The post Cannabis retail guide: The Village Bloomery appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry retail retail sales retail stores

California Lists THC and Cannabis Smoke as Reproductive Toxins

Cannabis Law Report

California officials have updated the parameters of Proposition 65 to include cannabis smoke and THC as reproductive toxins that will require warning labels on all packaging.

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Looking into Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary?

Otherside Farms

This might not seem your usual conversation topic when it comes to a dispensary, but they are available and they are being used. People like to go to physical shops and have a browse and a mooch around looking at all the products and promotions and get a feel for things that you can’t get online.

Massachusetts – Cannabis Control Commission: Commission Announces Applicant Forum for January 23,Approves 31 Provisional Licenses for Marijuana Establishments

Cannabis Law Report

Commission Announces Applicant Forum for January 23, Approves 31 Provisional Licenses for Marijuana Establishments. The Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) today approved 31 new provisional licenses for Marijuana Establishments.

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Utah Cannabis: State of the State

Canna Law Blog

As I wrote in a prior blog post , Utah’s cannabis market has special characteristics that you are unlikely to find in other states. This is due in large part to Utah’s hardworking, predominantly conservative, and compassionate culture.

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Washington: Senator Wants “Weed” Odour Task Force

Cannabis Law Report

Washington State Senator, Sen. Judy Warnick (R), has introduced a bill to create a state task force that would look at the problem of strong smells associated with cannabis production and processing. . Proposed Bill.

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Cannabis in India – Laws, Use, and History

Sensi Seeds

Cannabis has been illegal in India since 1985. Despite this fact, it’s still widely used across the country, and is valued not only as a social pastime, but also as an integral part of some religious practices. Indeed, cannabis use is mentioned in The Vedas (the Hindu sacred text) and Shiva is sometimes referred to as the ‘Lord of Bhang’. The post Cannabis in India – Laws, Use, and History appeared first on Sensi Seeds Blog. Legal & Politics

Massachusetts Compliance & Training Program For Cannabis Companies (Nation’s First) Deemed A Success

Cannabis Law Report

MJ Biz reports. It was down to the wire for some Massachusetts marijuana companies to meet a Jan. 1 deadline to train managers and employees under a new compliance and safety program that is the first of its kind in the nation.

The Week in Weed: January 10, 2020

The Blunt Truth

Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana. Let’s start with a look at the new marijuana market in Illinois. First day sales topped $3 million and 77,000 transactions at more than 40 dispensaries. All those new customers have led to shortages ; clearly, pegging supply to demand is a complicated business. Moving on to South Dakota, where no type of cannabis is legal. Will that change in 2020?

NH House Says Yes To Two Bills Expanding Medical Cannabis Conditions

Cannabis Law Report

The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved two bills to make medical marijuana available to more patients by expanding the state’s list of treatable conditions, but a more expansive measure died in the Senate.

Today’s Answer of the Day


Does ketamine inhibit endocannabinoid release? Ketamine actually enhances the release of endocannabinoids. See Answer. See Answer.


German Prosecutors Say Serving Hemp Tea Is A Crime Worth 3 Years Of Jailtime

Cannabis Law Report

Notice the headline says “hemp”, not cannabis. It makes no difference to German prosecutors who say hemp tea is banned under the German Narcotics Law, which specifies that hemp products cannot be used for intoxicating purposes. The win our prize for killjoys of the week.

Constellation Admits Publicly That It Has Written Down Canopy Investment By $534 Million

Cannabis Law Report

The brewer of Corona and Negra Modelo said Wednesday it wrote down the fair value of its Canopy investment by $534 million during the quarter. Reports the NY Times.

Cannabis Consultant Tells Media That “Bad Actors” Can Still Bypass Weedmaps Security To List Illegal Dispensaries

Cannabis Law Report

It’s understood that people will always try to cheat the system but we are at a loss as to why Weedmaps can’t just police this issue with human beings. We’d understand if there were 10’s of thousands of new businesses signing up everyday.

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Congress: House Small Business Committee Advances MORE Act

Cannabis Law Report

Politico have reported… The House Small Business Committee has waived its jurisdiction on the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act, making it the second Democratically-controlled committee to advance the legislation.