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Is cannabis oil legal in the UK?

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At present, cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is a well -known name. A few years back, the name was unknown to maximum people. However, the present scenario changed a lot. CBD oil is the oil derived from the cannabis plant.

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Women & Weed – Experiences in the Cannabis Industry

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One week removed from the Lift & Co. Cannabis Conference, I find myself circling back and reflecting. Attending the weekend as media, I was asked on several occasions about my experience covering this industry and about my writing. The reactions to my favorite subject, the pairing of sex and cannabis, varied to say the least. […]. The post Women & Weed – Experiences in the Cannabis Industry appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

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Louisiana medical marijuana maker planning major expansions, launch of hemp-derived CBD products


Wellcana Group has big expansion plans for its LSU-licensed medical marijuana operations in Louisiana and is separately courting farmers to grow hemp to support the company’s launch soon into CBD products. Wellcana — which already operates out of Baton Rouge and is one of only two companies approved in the state to produce medical marijuana — is scouting out land in a less-populated area between Baton Rouge and Lafayette for additional cultivation room for medical marijuana, officials said.

BLK MKT cannabis brand sparks controversy over racist marketing


The internet reacts to one cannabis brand's controversial use of a racist slogan to market their products. The post BLK MKT cannabis brand sparks controversy over racist marketing appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry illicit market

Heather Burke principal at Origin Law presentation on cannabis appellations in California

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We’ve read over the years how California wishes to develop the cannabis appellation concept to mirror the wine industry but there’s been little analysis of the subject from a legal perspective. Heather Burke to the rescue.

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It’s MLK Day. Don’t Forget Cannabis is a Civil Rights Issue.

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Happy MLK Day! For our international readers, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a federal U.S. holiday marking the birthday of its eponymous civil rights hero.

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Describe the hepatic metabolism of CBD. Phase I of the metabolism of CBD by the liver involves CYP 2C9/2C19/3A4/1A2/2D6. Phase I produces 7-OH-CBD, COOH-CBD and other compounds. Phase II involves glucouronidation to produce COO-CBD-Glucouronide.

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Med Men: Call The Doctor – Social Media Bankruptcy Rumours Abound

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Grizzle sum it up in one succinct sentence… “They spent like drunken sailors in pursuit of market dominance but severely miscalculated.” ” Here’s their report… They write.

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Rule Your Extraction Business With an Iron Fist Extractor

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If you’ve ever wondered how award-winning extracts are made, Iron Fist Extractors is the answer. These finely engineered, closed-loop extractors are designed to produce full spectrum extracts with amazing terpene profiles.

Guam: Cannabis Control Board wants to restrict licenses to deter tax cheats

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The Pacific Daily News reports on measures that Guam authorities want to take to stop cheating on taxes and ensure the safety of cannabis products sold in Guam.

Cannabis in Russia – Laws, Use, and History

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It’s illegal to possess, sell or grow cannabis in Russia. The country has the highest number of people incarcerated for drug offences in Europe (per capita), and most were imprisoned under the notorious Article 228.

Oklahoma’s 195 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Generate More Revenue The City’s Bars

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Oklahoma City medical marijuana dispensaries are plentiful, and so too are the profits they generate for the city. Writes the Oklahoman. The city alone, not including any of the other cities in the metro area, now has nearly 195 dispensaries open and operational.

Why You Should Incorporate Marijuana When Combating Obesity

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It’s important to adopt healthy habits and try different treatment options like cannabis usage to combat obesity and/or to prevent obesity. Continue reading Why You Should Incorporate Marijuana When Combating Obesity at The Fresh Toast.

Recreational Marijuana Laws: Everything you Need to Know

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The recreational marijuana proposal has been passed by the voters of Michigan in November. But what does it really mean? If you are having trouble understanding it, we are here to help you out. Today’s article is going to answer some of the questions related to the latest recreational marijuana law.

Cannabis in Namibia – Laws, Use, and History

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In 2006, Namibia’s government made changes to their cannabis laws. Now, prison sentences of up to 40 years are in place for offences, though in practice, these are seldom used for cannabis-related crimes. Despite the risk of imprisonment, the drug is still commonly used across the country, and trafficking along the borders is a serious issue. The post Cannabis in Namibia – Laws, Use, and History appeared first on Sensi Seeds Blog. Legal & Politics

CA: Humboldt Region Being Sucked Dry of Water By Cannabis Growers

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The most disappointing thing about thsi story is the fact that we have now seen regular articles and posts on the issue for at least the last 18 months and it appears that organisations such as the Hoopa Valley Tribal Environmental Protection Agency are being ignored and bypassed because of the lure of the mighty dollar. Proof that the cannabis industry might as well be the fracking or mining indistry when it comes down to brass tacks. All praise goes to those who patiently highlight the issues time after time. We’re hoping that cannabis growers might at some point realise that resources aren’t infinite. Then again they might just not care. Environmental Health News reports… Weed and water woes in the legendary Emerald Triangle. Dried up streams and dying fish are putting the top cannabis-producing region in the country under the microscop. HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.—In early September, the run of Supply Creek near Ken Norton’s office on the Hoopa Valley Reservation has gone dry. The boulders and logs placed to create salmon and trout habitat lie bare under the sun. Norton, director of the Hoopa Valley Tribal Environmental Protection Agency and a member of the tribe, is worried about the stream’s future. Under California’s new cannabis regulatory system, 266 marijuana farmers are applying for permits to grow on the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s traditional lands—some of which are now privately held and lie outside reservation boundaries. More than 20 of the grows are in Supply Creek’s steep headwaters. After years of habitat restoration work, Norton is concerned that cannabis farms may lower flows and kill off young fish. “From the tribe’s perspective, within our aboriginal territory, there are 266 applications, and the county takes each of these applications individually,” Norton told EHN. “They do not look at the cumulative impact on the area.” Salmon and trout have traditionally been a staple food for the Hoopa and other northwestern California tribes. Coho, chinook and steelhead populations are now at a fraction of their numbers before white settlement. During the region’s timber boom, which began soon after white settlement in the 1850s and began to fade in the 1960s, clear-cutting and logging road construction caused the loss of salmon and trout breeding and rearing habitats in the streams of the Emerald Triangle— the pot aficionado’s name for Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties, now famous for producing high quality cannabis rather than fish. In recent years, marijuana farmers in some watersheds have diverted so much water that long stretches of streams have run dry. The environmental impacts of industrial cannabis farming in the Emerald Triangle are unique. In Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, the vast majority of legal cannabis farmers grow indoors in the Denver area, using the metropolitan water supply and wastewater system. In Washington state, growers have set up on traditional agricultural lands. In Oregon, land use laws have kept most growers out of steep timberlands where their farms might affect threatened salmon. Today, about 60 percent of the marijuana consumed in the US is grown in California, most of it in the rugged, forested mountains of the Emerald Triangle. Clandestine marijuana farms (or grows) have existed here since the 1970s, and Norton has been aware of grow sites in and around the Hoopa Valley reservation for decades. In the early days, these pot farms were small and scattered. But in recent years the industry has intensified. A wave of newcomers planted larger farms, using greenhouses and artificial lights to extend the growing season and yield up to three marijuana crops in a single year. The cannabis boom has polluted waters with fertilizers, fuels and pesticides, triggered erosion that buries the rocky habitats where salmon and trout spawn and grow, and drained streams of water in the dry season. “The problems we have are not necessarily those of growing weed,” Scott Greacen, Conservation Director of Friends of the Eel River, told EHN. “But of growing weed in this place where we have both a really vulnerable physical geography and endangered salmon and steelhead to lose.” The Eel River is vital habitat for threatened runs, and parts of the watershed, particularly the tributaries of the South Fork, are crowded with grow sites. Read the full article: [link]. Gumballs

Raphael Mechoulam: Celebrity Profile & Rare Interviews

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Raphael Mechoulam, otherwise known as the “Father of Cannabis Research”, paved the way for much of what we know about cannabis science. After isolating THC in 1964, Mechoulam gave way to the discovery of the endocannabinoid system — arguably the most important medical discovery of the 20th century. The post Raphael Mechoulam: Celebrity Profile & Rare Interviews appeared first on Sensi Seeds Blog. Culture

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THC Global ready to manufacture medicinal cannabis with receipt of final licence

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Hot on the heels of a new partnership with MGC Pharma (ASX: MXC) THC Global (ASX: THC) has received a licence to manufacture therapeutic goods at its state-of-the-art facility in Southport.

Cannabis Edibles Pose Serious Risks to Our Kids

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This article was originally published on The Conversation, an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts. Disclosure information is available on the original site.

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Cannabis: Can I Buy This? The Current Legal Landscape for Connecticut’s Marijuana Industry and Predictions for 2020

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Authored By: Thomas Wilkeson. With the arrival of the new year, it is time to take stock of Connecticut’s legal landscape regarding the marijuana industry and what can be expected for the near future.

Oregon Cannabis Sales Hit $790 Million 2019 Generating $110 Million Tax Revenue

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The Bend Bulletin reports. Oregon cannabis stores sold $793 million in products to consumers last year, generating more than $110 million in tax revenue for state and county coffers, according to an analysis of Oregon Liquor Control Commission data.

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