Mon.Jun 01, 2020

Marijuana Legalization and the Fight for Racial Justice


On May 25th, George Floyd was killed on camera by officers affiliated with the Minneapolis Police Department. As were many Americans, we were shocked and disheartened by this tragic and needless loss of life.

Star signs and cannabis strains: June 2020 horoscopes


There's all sorts of turmoil in the heavens this month as most planets go in retrograde; plus, two eclipses and the Summer Solstice. Find out which weed strain will help get you through the month. The post Star signs and cannabis strains: June 2020 horoscopes appeared first on Leafly.

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Virginia: Marijuana Arrests Decline Year-Over-Year


The total number of marijuana-related marijuana arrests declined more than eight percent from 2018 to 2019, according to annual data compiled by the Virginia State Police. State law enforcement officials recorded 26,470 arrests for marijuana violations in 2019, down from 28,866 in 2018.

Montana patients will be free to shop at any dispensary starting Tuesday


The policy of 'tethering,' which limited patients to a single dispensary, will end on June 2. The post Montana patients will be free to shop at any dispensary starting Tuesday appeared first on Leafly. Industry Politics dispensaries medical marijuana Montana

Louisiana: Bills Facilitating Expanded Cannabis Access Sent to Governor’s Desk


House and Senate lawmakers have approved a series of bills to facilitate patients’ access to medical cannabis products.

Access 206

Study: CBD Improves Autism


CBD is finally garnering enough scientific credibility to confirm what patients already know: The compound really works! And now, recent research out of Brazil adds one more disease to CBD’s bliss-list: autism. In the study’s own words, its results are “very promising.”

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Australia: Frozen Free Range Chickens Found With Cannabis Stuffing In Northern Territory!

Cannabis Law Report

you couldn’t make it up ! Traffickers have resorted to using frozen chickens to try and smuggle drugs into remote NT communities, reports Northern … Read More. Breaking News

New Cannabis Licensing Opportunities in California May be on the Horizon

Canna Law Blog

Last Thursday, Hilary Bricken, Griffen Thorne, and I put on a free webinar to answer all your California cannabis questions and while we did our best, we ran out of time to answer all of the excellent questions that were posed by attendees.

Mondaq: Australia: Turning over the leaf: TGA to review CBD scheduling

Cannabis Law Report

In brief – TGA to consider making CBD available over-the-counter in Australia following public consultation Potential for exponential growth of the market for CBD products … Read More. One-Hit Wonders

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Today?s Answer of the Day


Methadone, morphine and heroin are all narcotics. Do they all have a similar chemical structure? Morphine and heroin (which is derived from morphine) have a similar structure. Methadone, which is a synthetic narcotic, does not have a similar structure to morphine. See Answer. See Answer.


960 Hemp Growers Licensed For Kentucky?s 2020 Hemp Season

Cannabis Law Report

The Hemp Gazette reports… The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has licensed 960 hemp growers along with 150 hemp processors and handlers for the 2020 growing … Read More.

Is It Safe To Dose With MMJ If You Have Coronavirus?

MMJ Recs

COVID-19 is a serious illness, especially when it comes to how it can impact the health of the lungs. Many people who dose with MMJ do so through smoking or vaping, which can also affect the lungs. Understandably, you may be wondering: is it safe to dose with MMJ if you have coronavirus?

Hemp Hydrate expands retail distribution and direct-to-consumer platform

Cannabis Law Report


Hawaii Legislature Considers Bill Providing Employment Protections to Medical Cannabis Users

The Blunt Truth

On January 17, 2020, Hawaii Senators Rosalyn Baker (D) and Brian Taniguchi (D) introduced Senate Bill 2543 , which proposes to provide employment protections to job applicants and employees who use medical cannabis. If enacted, Hawaii would join the growing number of states to pass similar laws.

Kilo.IO has Launched a Free Platform for the Evolving Hemp Supply Chain

Cannabis Law Report

KILO AND COMPANY ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF KILO.IO – Transparent Tracking & Compliance Software, A Single Source of Truth For The Evolving Hemp Supply Chain. DALLAS, … Read More. Press Release US

Does Consuming Marijuana Help You Lose Or Gain Weight?

The Fresh Toast

Does Consuming Marijuana Help You Lose Or Gain Weight? THC has been shown to be an effective treatment for anorexia in animal studies, as well as severe weight loss in humans suffering from AIDS, but more work needs to be done. The post Does Consuming Marijuana Help You Lose Or Gain Weight?

Looters Trash Cannabis Retail In Chicago

Cannabis Law Report

Yesterday we reported on what happened to Cookies on Melrose in Los Angeles. Unfortunately Cannabis dispensaries are becoming an easy target for looters which is … Read More. Breaking News

43 West Coast cannabis dispensaries report looting in weekend rioting


Cannabis dispensaries were targeted in the weekend's looting because they carry cash and an easily sellable product. Professional burglars also exploited slow police response times. The post 43 West Coast cannabis dispensaries report looting in weekend rioting appeared first on Leafly.