Fri.Jan 17, 2020

How Effective Is Marijuana In Treating IBS?

The Fresh Toast

One of the worst parts of suffering from a debilitating disease is not knowing for certain where it comes from or what causes it. Such is the case of individuals suffering from IBS. Continue reading How Effective Is Marijuana In Treating IBS? at The Fresh Toast.

US border reports increased cannabis seizures in first year of legalization


There's been a nearly 75% increase in US-bound cannabis seizures between November 2018 and October 2019, the first year of Canadian cannabis legalization. The post US border reports increased cannabis seizures in first year of legalization appeared first on Leafly.

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Marijuana Comparison: Medical vs Recreational Potency

Otherside Farms

There’s somewhat of a debate going on in the legal marijuana world. More specifically, it’s medical vs recreational potency. Which is stronger, and why? There are several things that determine a marijuana strain’s potency. There are also several things that separate the two.

Stages of the marijuana plant growth cycle


It’s important to understand the changes a growing cannabis plant undergoes during its life cycle, as each stage of growth requires different care. The post Stages of the marijuana plant growth cycle appeared first on Leafly. Growing flower growing tips harvesting

Canopy Growth delaying launch of infused beverages

Cannabis Life Network

SMITH FALLS, Ont. Canopy Growth Corp. is delaying the launch of its cannabis-infused drinks. The company says work to scale up to commercial production is not complete and it is delaying the launch date while it completes the final steps.

Weed and weight: Why are cannabis consumers slimmer?


It’s true: Long-term cannabis is associated with lower body mass index. Here’s what we know about the connection between weed and our waistlines. The post Weed and weight: Why are cannabis consumers slimmer? appeared first on Leafly. Canada Health health weight loss

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Where is cannabis legal?


State laws are constantly shifting on cannabis legalization. Learn more about states where marijuana is legal—either for adult-use, medical use, or both. The post Where is cannabis legal? appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 adult-use cannabis legalization medical cannabis medical marijuana

What Happened at Pasha Brands?

Cannabis Life Network

It’s been tough sledding lately for self-styled LP-for-craft-growers Pasha Brands (CSE:CRFT). The company’s stock was halted on November 28, 2019 ahead of an announcement that three of the board’s four directors had resigned.

The Roll-Up #124: How to get kicked out of a one-horse town


We talk with Mikel Weisser about the fine art of cannabis legalization campaigning in rural Arizona. The post The Roll-Up #124: How to get kicked out of a one-horse town appeared first on Leafly. Podcasts Politics podcasts the roll-up

INCBA 2020 Event Dates

Cannabis Law Report

2020 Event Dates*: January 23, 2020: Social Event, Los Angeles. Cannabis Compliance West INCBA Social. Thursday, January 23, 2020. RSVP here! January 30, 2020: Webinar. CBD & Hemp: A comparison of US and European Paths to Market. Register here!

Will the FDA Soon Treat Hemp CBD as a Dietary Supplement?

Canna Law Blog

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may soon change its tune on hemp-derived CBD (Hemp CBD) thanks to a bill recently filed by chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) and cosponsored by Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY), James Comer (R-KY) and Chellie Pingree (D-ME).

DEA 87

Oregon: OLCC Rules & Regs Updates + Recent Fines & Compliance Issues

Cannabis Law Report

January 17, 2020. OLCC Commission Adopts Updated Rules for Marijuana Program. Approves Marijuana Licensee Stipulated Settlements.

Today’s Answer of the Day


True or false? The plasma half-life of THC is approximately 20 to 30 hours, and the tissue half-life is also approximately 20-30 hours. False. While the plasma half-life is approximately 20 to 30 hours, the tissue half-life may be considerably longer and depends upon frequency of use.

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RI Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo Announces State Budget Program Inc Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

Rhode Island’s governor released a nearly $10.2 billion state budget plan Thursday that closes the deficit, invests more in education and proposes to legalize recreational marijuana despite opposition from legislative leaders.

7 Ways To Consume CBD

Otherside Farms

Why should you stick to boring old CBD pills when you can order yourself a CBD infused pizza? The versatility of CBD oil combined with human creativity has led to some interesting ways CBD can be consumed.

British Virgin Islands To Provide 100 Locals With Half An Acre Of Land To Grow Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

Forward thinking annoucement by Premier Andrew Fahie of the BVI who might have just discovered a way to keep the pump and dump US & Canadian cannabis companies out of their hair.

First probable vaping-related illness reported in Newfoundland and Labrador

Puff Puff Post

JOHN’S, N.L. Health officials in Newfoundland and Labrador have reported the province’s first probable case of a lung illness related to vaping.

Rohnert Park City Settles With Vehicle Drivers Who Were Robbed By Public Safety Officers

Cannabis Law Report

This story needs no comment, although plenty could be said.

How is Cannabis Improving the Eating Lifestyle of People Around the World?

Otherside Farms

The newest food trend around the globe is an increase in beverages and foods containing cannabidiol, the chemical compound found in cannabis plants. The Food and Drug Administration allows the use of CBD to treat pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and some types of epilepsy.

Food 52

Sacramento Bee Profiles City’s New Cannabis Boss

Cannabis Law Report

Sacramento Bee reports…… Seven months after the previous boss left, Sacramento’s new cannabis manager started work this week.

How To Choose The Right MMJ Strain For Your Patient

MMJ Recs

If you are an MMJ caregiver, you’ve probably wondered, “How do I know which medical marijuana strain to give to my patient?” Choosing the right MMJ strain is super important because different medical marijuana strains have very different effects on patients.

Press Release: Canopy Growth Revises Beverage Launch Timeline

Cannabis Law Report

Canopy Growth Revises Beverage Launch Timeline. JAN 17, 2020 By COMMUNICATIONS.

What You Should Know About Cannabis Suppositories

The Fresh Toast

Cannabis suppositories have earned support thanks to their effective and fast acting relief. Continue reading What You Should Know About Cannabis Suppositories at The Fresh Toast. Cannabis How-To Medical Marijuana News CBD suppositories THC suppositories

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Alert: Virtual Gateway to MassCIP Transition Moved to Monday, January 27

Cannabis Law Report

Update: Virtual Gateway to MassCIP Transition Moved to Monday, January 27.

How a global journey inspired Endoca CBD’s founder to create change


Endoca's founder traveled all over the globe and found inspiration to change the world- starting with the creation of safe, organic CBD. The post How a global journey inspired Endoca CBD’s founder to create change appeared first on Leafly. CBD Strains & products cbd denmark Endoca CBD sponsored article

CBD 47

MJ Biz Report: Recent decisions on tax fines offer ray of hope for cannabis industry around burdens of IRS’ 280E

Cannabis Law Report

The U.S.

From the Playboy Mansion to Cannabis Radio, One Woman is Still Making Waves

Cannabis Maven

Cannabis Healing with Paxton Quigley radio was born in June 2018. Culture

Medical Cannabis Stock Management In Germany Proving To Be Patchy At Best

Cannabis Law Report

Supply disruptions are rippling through Germany’s growing medical cannabis market, but the country’s federal government says there are no signs at the moment of widespread product shortages.

Ostrowitz Sells CannaRegs To Fyllo & Joins New Set Up At “Chief Strategy Officer”

Cannabis Law Report

There’s nothing said in the release about how much Fyllo paid for CannaRegs but the release said there’s recently been another $US18 million raised which suggests a good cash and stock deal for Ostrowitz, no wonder she’s smiling.