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Maryland and Delaware’s Legalization Efforts, a Texas Rep.’s Decriminalization Bill, & New Orleans Legalizes Cannabis-Seltzers


Maryland and Delaware are exploring their cannabis policies, a Texas representative introduced another decriminalization bill, and New Orleans okayed cannabis-infused seltzers. Maryland and Delaware Expand Their Legalization Efforts Chesapeake Bay neighbors Delaware and Maryland are making a push for cannabis legalization.

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Nevada Supreme Court Holds Recreational Cannabis is Not a “Lawful” Off-Duty Product

The Blunt Truth

In the last two years, more jurisdictions have passed laws providing employment protections to applicants and employees using cannabis on their free time, including in New York , Washington, DC , and California. Ceballos v. NP Palace, LLC , Aug. 11, 2022.). He also sued for wrongful discharge. The Supreme Court of Nevada upheld the dismissal.


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Nevada SC Rules “state law protecting “lawful activities” or “lawful off-duty conduct” does not apply to non-medical cannabis consumption”

Cannabis Law Report

In a decision last week, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the state law protecting “lawful activities” or “lawful off-duty conduct” does not apply to non-medical cannabis consumption, according to an Ogletree Deakins report. Court Rules Off-Duty Recreational Cannabis Use Not Protected By Nevada State Law.

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Could Recreational Marijuana Use Jeopardize a Nevada Employee’s Job?

Cannabis Law Report

Recreational marijuana use is legal under Nevada state law. But could recreational marijuana use jeopardize an employee’s employment? Nevada voters voted to legalize recreational marijuana use effective January 1, 2017. Steven Washington. In Ceballos v. The Court also held that because NRS 678D.510(1)(a)

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Why Is Recreational Marijuana Not Legal In Florida?


In the recent November 2020 election, four states – Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota – have now joined 11 other states across the U.S. that have legalized recreational marijuana. Recreational Cannabis sales are big business in the U.S. Florida, however, is not one of them. Constitution.

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Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the U.S.?

The Joint Blog

From CBD to edibles to medical marijuana, legal cannabis has become the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. If you have your heart set on starting your very own cannabis, then you probably will be wondering where to legally get marijuana seeds from? Know your State Laws. States that have a complete marijuana ban.

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ABC News (USA): Cannabis bust on Indigenous land highlights legal divide

Cannabis Law Report

drug enforcement priorities on Native American lands, as more states roll out legal marketplaces for recreational pot. drug enforcement priorities on Native American reservations, as more states roll out legal marketplaces for recreational pot sales. SANTA FE, N.M.