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Cannabis cultivation checklist: all you need to know to make your plants thrive

The Cannigma

Before germinating your first seeds , it’s essential to review the basic elements of cannabis cultivation. Just as a mighty oak begins life as an acorn, every marijuana strain starts as a seed. New cultivators should always work with a reputable company that guarantees their seeds are 100 percent feminized.

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Cultivating Knowledge: The Science and Art of Growing Medical Marijuana at Home in Florida

MMJ Recs

One significant aspect of this evolution is the ability of individuals to cultivate their own medical marijuana at home. In states like Florida, where medical marijuana is legal, home cultivation has become a topic of interest, blending the science of horticulture with the art of cultivating a medicinal plant.


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Top 10 Best Strains for Making Extraction & Concentrates

Marijuana Seeds NL

It’s almost 710, AKA OIL day which means the cannabis community is celebrating what some strains do better than others - produce high levels of resin. That’s why we’ve put together the top 10 best strains for making extracts and concentrates, to ring in this year’s 710 days with the most sticky-icky and tastiest buds. . OG Kush

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Grow Tech: Gadgets for the Home Cannabis Cultivator

Freedom Leaf

By becoming your own master cultivator, you gain autonomy throughout the entire growth process, ensuring both safety and quality. Home cultivation can improve your health and wellness. Certain pesticides, funguses and fertilizers found in cannabis originating from industrial cultivation facilities can have detrimental effects.

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Strains Explained – Everything You Need to Know

The Joint Blog

Cannabis strains can be broken down into classifications as well as all the flashy street names you may hear them referred to. As mentioned above, the three classifications that are typically used to categorize a strain effect are sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Do The Names Of The Strains Have Any Significance? Yes and no.

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Marijuana Today: Woodstock MJ vs 21st Century Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

Hydroponics was one of the major innovations of the 1980s. Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants in a liquid mixture of water and nutrients. Hydroponics allowed the plant to go from terrarium to consumer in a few hours at most, cutting back on THC loss. Hybridization is the other breakthrough of the 1980s.

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South African Research Team Says Cannabis is ‘Very Promising’ as an Opioid Replacement


Study Will Test Three Unique Strains . Exodus and Tallyman are the names of the two chemovars, or strains , being used for this study into cannabis as an opioid replacement. A third strain, 9 Pound Hammer, is also expected to be introduced at some stage in the near future. What Have the Study’s Findings Revealed So Far?