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Cannabis cultivation checklist: all you need to know to make your plants thrive

The Cannigma

The more effort you put into controlling your environment, the better chance you’ll enjoy trichome-rich cannabis nugs. Before germinating your first seeds , it’s essential to review the basic elements of cannabis cultivation. Just as a mighty oak begins life as an acorn, every marijuana strain starts as a seed.

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Cultivating Knowledge: The Science and Art of Growing Medical Marijuana at Home in Florida

MMJ Recs

One significant aspect of this evolution is the ability of individuals to cultivate their own medical marijuana at home. In states like Florida, where medical marijuana is legal, home cultivation has become a topic of interest, blending the science of horticulture with the art of cultivating a medicinal plant.


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Top 10 Best Strains for Making Extraction & Concentrates

Marijuana Seeds NL

It’s almost 710, AKA OIL day which means the cannabis community is celebrating what some strains do better than others - produce high levels of resin. That’s why we’ve put together the top 10 best strains for making extracts and concentrates, to ring in this year’s 710 days with the most sticky-icky and tastiest buds. . OG Kush

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5 common cannabis growing mistakes and how to avoid them

The Cannigma

Chances are, you’ll run into a few issues on your first couple of cultivation attempts. Indeed, it’s virtually unheard of for first-time cultivators to “underwater” their plants. That’s why some cultivators recommend using a soil-water meter to gauge their soil’s moisture content.

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What is PGR cannabis and how can you spot it?

The Cannigma

In the mad scramble to capitalize on the higher demand for weed due to increased legalization, some cultivators have resorted to questionable growing methods. Arguably, the most notorious of these “cultivation hacks” is the use of PGRs. Instead, what customers get are artificially dense nugs with mild trichome counts.

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The best strains of all time: 100 top cannabis strains to try


People always ask us what strains to try, and our answer generally depends on how a person wants to feel, what situation they’ll be in, and what other strains they like. Here is our curated list of the 100 best strains as of 2021. Download our 100 best strains list here. SLEEPY STRAINS. Strain type: Indica.

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