Cracking Down On Compliance

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Operational compliance has become paramount to the success of many cannabis businesses following new state regulations that went into effect earlier this year. For others, non-compliance has been a great downfall. MARGOLIN & LAWRENCE APRIL 30, 2019.

CannTrust affirms its commitment to regulatory compliance and restoring trust

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The post CannTrust affirms its commitment to regulatory compliance and restoring trust appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks. As part of its Review of Operations, CannTrust reduces workforce and spend while preserving key talent.

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Green Flower Starts Producing Educational Content On Legal Cannabis Compliance

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You’ll Master Topics Essential To Success In Commercial Cannabis Compliance, Including: Protecting Intellectual Property. Federal, State & Local Compliance. Legal Officer. Director of Compliance.

Why Marijuana Compliance is Important


One of the biggest advantages to legalization in Canada is the advantage of marijuana compliance. Despite the Canadian cannabis industry being in its infancy, marijuana compliance has already either failed to prevent defects (as was the case with Redecan) or was flatly ignored (the situation with Bonify). As advocates for legalization, it is important to remember why marijuana compliance is important. Marijuana Compliance Ensures Security.

Former Winston & Strawn Partner Joins Green Thumb As “interim chief legal and compliance officer”

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31 that it had hired Beth Burk as interim chief legal and compliance officer. She had most recently spent four years as global chief compliance officer at professional services firm Aon Corp., as its assistant general counsel for litigation and compliance.

Deloitte expands cannabis practice with Cannabis Compliance Inc. acquisition

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Toronto, November 26, 2019 – Deloitte has acquired Mississauga-based Cannabis Compliance Inc. Specializing in licensing and compliance, CCI has become a trusted advisor to many Canadian cannabis business leaders. Here’s the press release in full.

Bob Carp Cannabis Lawyer & Sector Legal & Compliance Publisher Disbarred From Massachusetts Bar

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The Gloucester Daily Times reports today that ……… An attorney who lists addresses in Gloucester and has headed up a law office in Newton specializing in legal marijuana issues has been disbarred from practicing within the state.

Massachusetts Compliance & Training Program For Cannabis Companies (Nation’s First) Deemed A Success

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1 deadline to train managers and employees under a new compliance and safety program that is the first of its kind in the nation. The state’s Responsible Vendor Training Program is designed to support licensee compliance and enhance the safety of customers and employees. MJ Biz reports.

Study: Marijuana Retailers Not Selling to Underage Customers


Researchers reported, “Compliance with laws restricting stores to selling recreational marijuana to individuals 21 or older presenting a valid ID was high. … There are several explanations for this high compliance.

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3 Compliance Risks Cannabis Dispensary Owners Can Eliminate Right Now

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Legal cannabis in the U.S. Following the rules requires navigating a complex and ever-changing labyrinth of cannabis regulations, a daunting task even for the most seasoned compliance officers. Cannabis compliance is not once-and-done. William Sumner. GUEST WRITER.

The Dangers and Consequences of Non-Compliance: WeedAdvisor’s Role in Prevention


How, in a country with the most restrictive legal cannabis regulations, can such blatant non-compliance occur? There is also the possibility of accidental non-compliance – although Canada is yet to see this happen. WeedAdvisor’s approach to compliance is proactive.

Italy new parliamentary cannabis legalization intergroup announced

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Its primary objective is to set a schedule for the discussion of the 2016 citizens’ initiative for cannabis legalization. Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance BlogA new parliamentary intergroup was announced in Italy on October 24, 2019.

Press Release: LegitScript Announces New CBD e-Commerce Certification Program to Ensure Accountability, Regulatory Compliance

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LegitScript, the global leader in merchant and product certification and monitoring in the e-commerce and payment sectors, has launched a new certification program for legally compliant CBD products and websites.

Most Californians Want Legal Marijuana Shops, Despite Resistance from Municipalities


Despite having several years and a large market, California’s legal cannabis industry is struggling. Consequently, consumers are faced with the impact of overpriced cannabis and the inconvenience of having to travel long distances for legal marijuana.

California: UCBA ( United Cannabis Business Association) 11 Sept 2019 Open Letter, “BRING WEEDMAPS INTO COMPLIANCE – ENFORCE AB 97” To Governor Gavin Newsom & Lori AjaxTo

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Every day that Weedmaps continues to advertise for unlicensed retailers they are putting consumers at risk and suppressing the growth and very existence of the legal market,” the letter stated. BRING WEEDMAPS INTO COMPLIANCE – ENFORCE AB 97. Here at CLR we aren’t in disagreement.

Guest Post:The legal status of CBD Oil in Germany

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The legal status of CBD Oil in Germany. Due to the changing laws as you cross borders, the legality of CBD has been a rather complex issue. That being the case, we decided to give you a complete overview of CBD’s legality in Germany and its government. Author: Brian Cusack.

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Guest Article: The Legal Status of CBD Oil in Spain

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While in some countries cannabidiol is legal, it is illegal in other countries. There is a lot of constraints attached to the legal status of cannabidiol. The legal status of CBD oil in Spain. There have been recent regulatory changes in the legal status of CBD oil in Spain.

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Luxembourg Planning to Legalize Cannabis


A government coalition formed by three parties – the Liberals, Social Democrats and Greens – decided to start the process of fully legalizing marijuana in Luxembourg, making it the first European country to do so. Luxembourg already has a solid foundation for a legal framework.

Vaping Epidemic Boosts the Case for Legalization


These incidents have boosted popular support to legalize and regulate marijuana. This is perfectly understandable, given that the prime suspect behind the epidemic – vitamin E acetate – was found in most illegal vape samples, but not legal ones.

Guest Post: The Legal Status of CBD Oil in Italy

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However, with each passing year, the legal status of cannabis and CBD products only gets murkier.” However, with each passing year, the legal status of cannabis and CBD products only gets murkier. Legal status medical cannabis in Italy.

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Marijuana Officially Legal in Illinois


In May Illinois sent a marijuana legalization bill to Governor J.B. On June 25 th , Pritzker signed the bill, officially making Illinois the 11 th state to legalize cannabis, and only the second state to pull this off through its legislature, according to Vox. Other states passed legalization through ballot initiatives. But like any legalization law, Illinois has its own unique conditions and benefits. Personal growing will only be fully legal for medical use.

Netherlands ‘legal supply’ coffee shop trial to proceed from 2021

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Reforms to the Netherland’s opaque cannabis laws are finally underway after an agreement was struck on a four-year trial to provide cafes with a legal and regulated supply of product. Featured Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance Blog coffee shops netherlands

EU To Increase Permitted THC Levels In Legal Cannabis Products

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The European Union is set to increase the permitted THC levels in legal cannabis products from 0.2 Featured Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance BlogIf you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: Mark Taylor. PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT.

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History As UK Imports First Legal Bulk Cannabis Shipments

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The Canadian company, which is currently building out its UK operations, said the product was successfully dispensed from Canada under the UK’s new legal framework.

Elizabeth Warren’s Cannabis Legalization Plan

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Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) has unveiled her plan to legalize cannabis if she is elected president — the plan includes expungement of past convictions, research funding, medical cannabis access for veterans, and more. Legalization works. Ganjapreneur reports.

Illinois Legalizes Marijuana


Pritzker campaigned on a pledge to legalize marijuana. Given his clear pro-legalization stance, Illinois will soon win the trophy as the 11 th state to legalize recreational marijuana. Pritzker had previously made it clear he would sign any legalization bill into law. The governor is no doubt referring to the economic opportunities associated with legalization, such as job creation and tax revenue. When it comes to pushing legalization, opposition is inevitable.

Trivializing Legal Advice

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Corporate finance and investment and M&A activities have existed from the time business began being conducted through legally recognized artificial business entities. California is struggling with the implementation of a highly regulated legal marketplace for cannabis.

Federal Legalization – Then What?

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Federal Legalization – Then What? Let’s think through a couple of scenarios and have a peek at the landscape in a post-legalization world. Federal Legalization – Then What? Will Federal legal cannabis be treated as if it is a type prescription drug ?

Finnish Cannabis Association Collecting Signatures To Get Referendum On Cannabis Legalization

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Finland was the first Nordic/Baltic country to legally allow some forms of cannabinoid therapeutics, but instead of seizing the opportunity, the country has fallen short in harvesting the full medicinal potential of the plant. Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance Blog

UK: Lib Dem Candidate For London Mayoral Race 2020 Says Legalize Cannabis, Reduce Crime Create Better Health Outcomes

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Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance BlogHere’s the nub of her pitch to voters… The legalisation of cannabis should be tested in London to improve public health and stop young people being drawn into crime, a London mayoral candidate has said.

Article – Faegre Baker Daniels: Key Considerations for U.K. Investment in the Legal Cannabis Industry Abroad

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investors in cannabis-related entities, where the activity is legal in its jurisdiction but not legal in the U.K., That said, the legal position is not clear cut. investment community as to the boundaries of legal risk and compliance.

Legalization, Not Restriction, is the Solution to the Vaping Crisis


Legalization the “Most Responsible Solution”. . For instance, Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Health made a statement vouching for the safety of their legal vape products and discouraged individuals from purchasing illegal ones. e-news cannabis LEGALIZATION Marijuana Vape Vaping

Will President Trump's U.S. Attorney General Nominee Barr Marijuana Legalization?

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Attorney General, and it is unclear whether this nominee will be better or worse than the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions when it comes to the growing cannabis momentum toward federal legality. President Trump recently announced his nominee for U.S.

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What Patients Need to Know about Medical Cannabis and Travel

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Compliance and LegalizationWith medical cannabis , you’re hoping to get back to living your best life and doing the things you love. For many people, this includes travel.

From DEA to Legal Cannabis: Charles Feldmann Weighs In


In 2009 as the regulatory framework began to shift in Colorado, Charles recognized the need for his niche expertise in assisting cannabis entrepreneurs to comply with strict regulatory compliance protocol. CannaTech alumnus sponsor and cannabis legal expert.

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