Migraines and our need for cannabinoids

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Blog Cannabis 101 Cannabis Canada Cannabis News CBD News Culture Featured Health Marijuana News Science THC News ECS endocannabinoid system deficiency migraine nerve pain trigeminalWe recently explored different ways that diet can cause and prevent migraines.

Mother of 2 Says Medical Marijuana Is Saving Her Life


Suffering from a bacterial brain infection, Vanessa’s symptoms include nerve pain, intense body aches, nausea , headaches, insomnia , and more. The nausea was pretty intense, and the pain in my body was beyond unbearable, level eight, nine, 10,” Vanessa said. “I Gabapentin was for nerve pain, Microzene was my anti-nausea,” Vanessa explained. “I The pain is now down to level three and four.


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Table Talks: How To Bring Up CBD Over Family Dinner


Over the past few years, CBD has gotten more and more popular. Because CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, people often have a lot of misconceptions about it. Be Educated About CBD. Both THC and CBD come from the marijuana plant. This is because of the THC, not CBD. CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is a compound that is found in the marijuana flower. . CBD hasn’t become as popular as it is for no reason.

Popular Fashion Brand Merges With The CBD Industry

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The decision for a well-known women’s wear label to enter into the CBD market follows a recent launch of new CBD-infused products by global cosmetic brand Maybelline New York. Stacey Bendet, the CEO, creative director and founder of Alice + Olivia, publicly stated she has been using CBD products for over two years since independently discovering Kush Queen. Vetiver is thought to aid circulation problems and nerve pain.

Your guide to hemp, cannabis, and all things CBD.


Your guide to hemp, cannabis, and all things CBD. If you’re here, it means you may be interested in CBD for yourself, a friend or a loved one, or perhaps you’re an industry professional conducting research. An increasing number of people are just like you, CBD- or cannabis-curious (we like to say “canna-curious”), and you’ve probably already witnessed a lot of varying information the Internet has to offer. THC, then it is considered hemp.

Stop Hurting, Start Living: A Guide to Medical Marijuana for Back Pain


A man in blue shirt feeling pain on his back. Back pain from work. spine pain. Did you know that back pain affects about 31 million Americans at any given time? One option to combat the pain is to use medical marijuana. Does Medical Marijuana Relieve Back Pain?

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Cancer Patients?

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Patients often turn to alternative therapies to help them cope with the pain of the disease and the disabling effects of the treatment drugs. Additionally, medical cannabis has been shown to relieve pain. CBD and THC.

Cannabis for Sciatica: Can It Actually Help?


While doing research on cannabis for sciatica, I noticed that a lot of online vendors who sell CBD products hail this isolated cannabinoid as the best possible cannabis solution for the condition. Quite the contrary, the only official study that was ever performed on sciatica sufferers was with isolated THC. Also, there are many positive testimonies from people who’ve been self-medicating with “regular” cannabis, which contains THC, CBD, and many other cannabinoids.

How I Used Cannabis To Treat My MS, Chronic Pain, and Depression

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RELATED: How Cannabis Helps Me Be A Better Mom Despite My Chronic Pain & Illness. I started using CBD drops daily and vaping with a 1:1 CBD:THC pen. I was actually able to sleep the whole night without waking up even once with pain or fear of my health. Cannabis is anti-inflammatory and has pain relieving properties. I increased my cannabis dosage and started noticing my nerve pain reducing tremendously. By: Bainti Parmar .

‘Too costly, not enough evidence it works’, says UK in blow to cannabis campaigners

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Doctors are unwilling to prescribe medicinal cannabis, it said, as they are worried about the possible long-term effects on the brain, particularly from longer term exposure to THC, the psychoactive constituent in cannabis. THC (delta-9-Tetrahydracannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the two elements that have been most investigated for their medicinal value. If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation. AUTHOR: Mark Taylor.

5 Ways Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

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And in places where it is legal, cannabis is prescribed by doctors as an effective relaxant and pain suppressant. Marijuana carries strong anti-cancer property, and its various compounds like CBD and THC have been shown to combat and kill cancer cells. Reduced Pain. One of the popular uses of marijuana in cancer patients is pain reduction. Cannabis is effective in controlling both bone and nerve pain.

Sleep 40

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As a medical marijuana patient living with chronic nerve pain and disc deterioration, pain management is an on-going challenge. A side effect of chronic pain is fatigue, headaches or migraines, depression and more. After ceasing prescribed pharmaceutical use, I introduced Ggr into my wellness routine in addition to incorporating a CBD product and other Trulieve THC products (indica for nighttime use; sativa to add variety).

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Marijuana

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The focus is mainly on the two out of 100 chemicals known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol(CBD). Medical marijuana usually offers a high content of CBD, cutting out on the euphoric effects. Recreational marijuana comes with a higher level of THC and is meant to provide consumers with the ‘high’ which comes as a side effect to its consumption. Medical cannabis contains a higher concentration of CBD, unlike its recreational counterpart.