Cannabinoids: THC

The cannabis plant has been harvested and used by humans throughout history for a variety of purposes. It is because of its complexity, sophistication and cultivation that cannabis has survived for centuries. Cannabis contains chemical compounds that have varying pharmacological and medicinal properties. During the past several decades, scientists have studied and analyzed the entire cannabis plant. Raw cannabis is not intoxicating.

Serious Conditions Are Responding To Cannabinoid Therapy

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As medical cannabis emerges from the dark days of prohibition, researchers are finding a wide range of conditions responding successfully to it. Because cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug in the U.S., So far, science is telling us that yes cannabis has anti-seizure actions.

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A Brief Examination Of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

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CHS typically affects long term consumers of cannabis more so than casual users. It's a condition characterized by chronic cannabis use, cyclic episodes of nausea and vomiting, and excessive bathing as a form of relief.

Cannabis for Lupus: Here’s How Cannabinoids Relieve Inflammation


Fortunately enough, a large body of evidence shows that cannabis may prove to be a good treatment option for lupus. I wanted to see just how good cannabis might be for this condition, and so I decided to go over the available research. Is cannabis the next best thing?

Why Terpenes Are Vital To Your Cannabinoid Therapy


Why Terpenes Are Vital To Your Cannabinoid Therapy. An intro to terpenes and how they work in hemp and cannabis. We, here at StrainConnect, are your go-to resource for all things hemp CBD and cannabis. These varieties of cannabis are considered different cultivars. ABOUT.

Study Shows Cannabinoids Inhibit Tumor Growth

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Research Suggests Chemopreventive Benefits Of Cannabis. In a study published in the August edition of the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Japanese researchers found cannabinoids to be useful in battling cancerous tumors. How Cannabinoids Were Found To Combat Cancer.

Can cannabis products be used to increase overall health and well-being?

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There’s also no doubting the market boom of cannabidiol (CBD) products in the past two years has gone a long way to changing peoples’ perceptions of cannabis overall as we have seen legal cannabis products command a place in the health supplement market. Cannabis & mental health.

How Does CBD Affect the Endocannabinoid System?

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The endocannabinoid system exists to respond to endogenous cannabinoids produced by the human body. However, scientists have learned that the system will also recognize and respond to cannabinoids from external sources, including the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol.

CBD Isolate Vs. Full Spectrum CBD

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Due to its non-psychoactive healing properties, Cannabidiol (CBD) has become a very popular option for patients seeking a natural alternative to treat conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and more. UNDERSTANDING THE BENEFITS OF DIFFERENT CANNABINOIDS.

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New study shows CBD as effective antidepressant in mice

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CBD oil is even becoming a trendy skincare ingredient, thanks to it’s skin-conditioning and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabinoids CBD Oil Marijuana 101 News

Here Are 5 Myths You Might Have Heard Regarding Medical Cannabis

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No matter what country you grew up in the Western World, the global war on drugs will have most likely made its way into your classroom or in the news and you will have heard cannabis talked about in a negative light and quite often mentioned in the same vain as much harder drugs.

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Rationale for Genetically Guided Cannabis Therapy

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Over the years of helping clients optimize their health through nutrigenomics, I’ve seen some amazing results including successful weaning off harmful pharmaceuticals, and reversals of difficult to treat conditions (ie: cancer, autoimmune). Cannabis, COMT and psychotic experiences.

Hemp-derived CBD Vs Cannabis-derived CBD in topicals


With the medical world embracing this cannabinoid medicinal properties, consumers are left with a plethora of questions. One of these questions revolves around whether Hemp-derived CBD and Cannabis Derived CBD are the same? Is there a difference between Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD?

Exploring the endocannabinoid system and the impact of CBD


The ESC has shed light on why cannabis produces psychoactive effects, how intractable epilepsy can be treated, and what chemical reaction is behind the euphoria of the “runner’s high.” CBD promotes the release of 2-AG into the ECS, where it can impact the two main cannabinoid receptors.

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NORML Responds To Latest Cannabis and Psychosis Claims


A widely reported study appearing today in the British journal The Lancet alleges that an estimated 30 to 50 percent of psychosis cases in Europe are due to cannabis exposure, and that exposure to elevated levels of THC increases this risk.

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Sickle Cell and Cannabis

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Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a hereditary condition caused by a mutation in the haemoglobin gene, which leads to symptoms of anaemia, extreme pain, and organ damage if unmanaged. In normal conditions, the cells temporarily deform in order to be squeezed through narrow blood vessels.

Most Interesting Scientific Reports On Cannabis


In this article, we have curated for you the most interesting scientific reports on the potential use of cannabis in the relief of symptoms or diseases. Diet-rich fats reduce the sensitivity of cannabinoid receptors to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) . Health cannabinoids CBD cbd oil THC


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The benefits of CBD-rich cannabis concentrates for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) are well-known among football players and other pro athletes. government still maintains that cannabis is a dangerous drug with no medical value. government-held patent pertaining to “cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants,” CBD and THC can limit “neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke or trauma.”. Cannabinoids to the rescue.

DIY Marijuana Topicals: Pain Relieving Frankincense and Cannabis Massage Oil

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Note: You can make this DIY Cannabis Massage Oil in THC and/or CBD versions! It’s easy to make from just three ingredients that were used in Biblical times: olive oil, frankincense, and cannabis. Cannabis. For many ancient cultures, cannabis was revered as a sacred plant.

Breaking Down The Cannabis Plant

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A Cannabis plant is made up of 400 different chemicals that have physical and psychoactive effects when consumed together. In this blog, I will introduce the prominent chemicals found in the Cannabis plant, as well as how they interact with the human body.

Chronic Pain & Cannabis

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Prominent health organizations acknowledge the benefits and lack of side effects of using medical cannabis for controlling chronic pain Chronic pain is widely accepted by the medical community to signify disease itself, which can be made much worse by environmental and psychological factors. Cannabis helps cancer and HIV patients and others who suffer from the most severe cases of chronic pain. A combined therapy of opiates and cannabis could result in reduced opiate dosages.

Raphael Mechoulam: Pioneer Cannabis Researcher

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1930) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem isolated and synthesized the main psychoactive compound in cannabis: THC. Back then, accessing cannabis for research purposes was not necessarily simple. As far back as the 1800s,scientistsrealized that there arevaluable effects incannabis.

Medical Cannabis Gains Support in Kentucky


Legislation to legalize medical cannabis cleared the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Eric Crawford, a resident of Mason County, is another medical cannabis proponent who provided anecdotal evidence at the committee hearing.

Survey: Three Of Four Military Veterans Would Consider Using Medical Cannabis


Seventy-five percent of military veterans say that they would consider using either “cannabis or cannabinoid products as a treatment option,” according to member survey data compiled by the group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). Under existing federal regulations, physicians affiliated with the Department of Veteran Affairs are forbidden from providing medical cannabis recommendations, even in jurisdictions that legally permit private practitioners to do so.

Is Raw Cannabis Beneficial and How Does it Work?


In recent years, a lot of people have been advocating the use of raw cannabis for medicinal purposes on the premise that the active chemical compounds in the raw plant have unique health benefits. Who started the raw cannabis movement? How does raw cannabis work?

Cannabis for Sciatica: Can It Actually Help?


While doing research on cannabis for sciatica, I noticed that a lot of online vendors who sell CBD products hail this isolated cannabinoid as the best possible cannabis solution for the condition. Is cannabis good for sciatica? Can cannabis cure sciatica?

Toddler Finds Relief With Cannabis Salve


The use of topical cannabis products to treat symptoms of psoriasis and arthritis, or to help reduce localized pain and inflammation is a relatively new concept in modern medicine. Topical Cannabis to Treat Lamellar Ichthyosis Symptoms.

Santé Cannabis and Spectrum Therapeutics Launch Transformative Medical Cannabis Training Program for Québec Healthcare Professionals

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16, 2019 /CNW/ – Québec doctors have a new tool at their disposal for learning about medical cannabis and its viability as a treatment option for their patients. Logo : Santé Cannabis and Spectrum Therapeutics, the medical division of Canopy Growth (CNW Group/Canopy Growth Corporation).

5 Medical Cannabis Strains That Can be Used to Treat PTSD

5 cannabis strains to treat PTSD? The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors all over the body. When the body is defensive against trauma or illness, this system begins to fail, resulting in physical, mental and/or neurological conditions. Cannabis offers significant therapeutic benefits for a wide range of medical conditions. 5 cannabis strains to treat PTSD: 1.

Cannabis Can Both Suppress and Strengthen the Immune System


Grasping the complex interaction between the immune system and cannabis might be complicated at first, but the whole topic becomes much clearer once you become familiar with several important facts. In order to fully understand how cannabis affects the immune system, we first need to get acquainted with the endocannabinoid system. The first thing you should know about the endocannabinoid system is that it’s home to a vast network of cells that have cannabinoid receptors on them.

Israeli Medical Cannabis Innovation


With a deep well of agrotechnological prowess and entrepreneurial spirit to draw from, Israel has rapidly become a global medical cannabis industry leader. Today CannaTech would like to feature some of Israel’s most innovative medical cannabis start-ups.

Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South


Virginia has been one of the most reluctant states to consider marijuana law reform, though it recently began allowing some forms of cannabis oil for approved patients. These were moms and dads and grandparents of children [with intractable epilepsy] who were using medical cannabis oils.

How Does Cannabis Help Insomnia?

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Whether it’s the result of our busy schedules, the ever-increasing stress and anxiety of daily life, or a serious underlying condition, millions of adults will experience some form of insomnia at some point in their lives. And that is how cannabis can help. Cannabis Insomnia

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Terpene Spotlight: Limonene

Cannabinoid Receptors , referred to as CB1 and CB2, are an essential part of the human body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors all over the body. When the body is defensive against trauma, this system begins to fail, resulting in physical, mental and/or neurological conditions. The odor represents a distinction between cannabis varieties which indicates that different plants can offer different benefits.

Cannabis for IBS: Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Medical Marijuana


Many people are using cannabis for IBS with great success in managing symptoms like nausea, cramps and stomach pains. The science and research behind cannabis and IBS has linked the imbalances of our endocannabinoid system with certain IBS symptoms. Research on cannabis and IBS.

Cannabis as Medicine: 101

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For most cultures, the use of cannabis as a medicine can be traced back to thousands of years ago. The Canadian government paid less attention to cannabis having medicinal properties, and added it to a list of restricted drugs under the Opium and Narcotic act in 1923.

Cbd Oil For Sex


What connection does cannabis plant have with orgasm? Stimulation of these neurochemical pathways by cannabinoids leads to many positive effects, including orgasm. The ability of the cannabis plant to manipulate this endocannabinoid system has triggered a lot of interest in scientists.

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Terpene Spotlight: Farnesene

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal aid to treatment numerous ailments. The entire cannabis plant is beneficial. There is archeological evidence that proves that humans have used cannabis for at least 10,000 years; recorded history, for at least 5,000 years. Cannabis has been a source of food, fuel, paper, and building materials, a textile fiber, and a folk medicine remedy for thousands of years. Cannabis also has terpenes.

Terpene Spotlight: Caryophyllene

The cannabis plant is one of the oldest medicinal plants known to humans, with historical references dating back 5 to 10 thousand years. For centuries, humans have relied on the medicinal functions of the cannabis plant despite not having the science or the ability to understand just how the plant works biologically and physiologically. Their discovery was the catalyst which allowed for more cannabis research. A 2016 article titled Cannabis sativa and Hemp by Joshua A.

The History of Cannabis in Medicine

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This portrait of cannabis use can be ascribed to a feature of its culture. However, cannabis has been used as medicine in different fields for many years. Cannabis contains three species: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Hybrid.