Cannabis Use During Pregnancy at its Highest Since 2012


Unfortunately, cannabis use during pregnancy in Canada has increased since 2012, according to Global News. in 2012 to 1.8% The post Cannabis Use During Pregnancy at its Highest Since 2012 appeared first on WeedAdvisor. In a society that frowns upon tobacco and alcohol use during pregnancy, it should be shocking to us that consuming cannabis while pregnant is not equally ill-received.


Americans for Safe Access

American’s for Safe Access has achieved accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17065:2012 ( Certificate #5284.01 ) standard for certifying bodies through it’s PFC program, making it the first compliance program to obtain international accreditation specifically for the cannabis industry.

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Paper – Cato Institute: The Effect of State Marijuana Legalizations: 2021 Update

Cannabis Law Report

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In November 2012, Colorado and Washington approved ballot initiatives that legalized marijuana for recreational use under state law.…

Answer of the Day for Apr 26, 2021


Therapeutic advances in psychopharmacology 2012; 2(6): 241-54. What are endocannabinoids? Endocannabinoids (also called endogenous cannabinoids) are endogenous agonists of the receptors to which delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also binds.

Answer of the Day for Apr 19, 2021


Therapeutic advances in psychopharmacology 2012; 2(6): 241-54. Why is a neuromodulatory system found in vertebrates referred to as the endocannabinoid system?

A Founder Looks at 50: The Rick Steves Advice for Surviving the Pandemic


Rick was both a principal sponsor and a major financial supporter of the successful Washington state marijuana legalization initiative approved by the voters of his state in 2012, making Washington, along with Colorado, the first two states to end criminal prohibition and replace it with a legal regulated system.

Report:  Charles S. Gascon / As More States Legalize Marijuana, Economics Comes into Play

Cannabis Law Report

The topic of marijuana (cannabis) legalization moved into headlines following Colorado’s and Washington’s decisions to permit recreational use of the drug in 2012.

Kettle Falls Five Matriarch Advocates for CJS Medical Marijuana Amendment in DC

Americans for Safe Access

For those unfamiliar with the story, Rhonda and her late husband Larry’s property in Washington State, near the town of Kettle Falls was raided in 2012 by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for growing medical cannabis The last 5 years have been a nightmare for Rhonda Firestack-Harvey, who is well known among medical cannabis advocates as a member of the Kettle Falls Five.

DEA 155

Harris Bricken: Distressed Asset Investors (Finally) Descend on California Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

In my ten years of advising and guiding cannabis companies from a corporate, transactional, and M&A perspective, and especially since 2012 (when Washington and Colorado … Read More. One-Hit Wonders

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam – About, History, & Past Exhibitions

Sensi Seeds

In 2012 a second venue in Barcelona, Spain, was opened. The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum was founded in 1985, and to this day, remains one of Amsterdam’s most iconic cannabis destinations.

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The Barcelona Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum — How to visit, Collection, and History

Sensi Seeds

In 2012, almost three decades after the opening of the Amsterdam Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, a second museum location opened in a former palace in Barcelona.

Hash 66

Deryn Blackwell: Did Cannabis Save His Life?


Because, after battling off leukemia, Deryn was diagnosed with the extremely rare and very hard to treat Langerhans cell sarcoma in 2012. Last year, Deryn Blackwell and his mother, Callie, was all over the news. Deryn would undergo three failed bone marrow transplants, and doctors told him that his fourth would be his last chance. Soon after his operation, Deryn trapped his finger. Source. Patient Stories cancer patient rights Patient stories

Is There a Difference Between Recreational and Medical Cannabis?


It wasn’t until 2012 that Washington State and Colorado introduced America’s first legal recreational cannabis bills. Prior to this, the only cannabis available legally in North America was medical marijuana. Dozens of states now permit the sale and consumption of medical cannabis for qualifying conditions, while a total of 11 states have so far legalized [ ] The post Is There a Difference Between Recreational and Medical Cannabis? appeared first on Legalize it. We Think So.

Gallup: Super-Majority of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana


Sixty-six percent of respondents endorse legalization, a total that is consistent with other recent polls and that is nearly 30 percent higher than 2012 totals — when Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize adult marijuana use. A super-majority of Americans, including majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents support making marijuana use legal in the United States, according to nationwide polling data compiled by Gallup, first reported by Forbes.

Data 153

Rick Steves: I support home cultivation rights for all marijuana consumers


In 2012, I was proud to help fund and promote the passage of I-502 which legalized, taxed, and regulated marijuana in my home state of Washington. Now, seven years later, I’m delighted to see more and more politicians, not just on the West coast, stepping up to address marijuana policy reform and fighting to uphold the civil liberty of adults who enjoy smoking pot responsibly.

Colorado NORML and Denver NORML Host Citizen Lobby Day to Push for Consumer Protections


With Colorado lawmakers convening for their seventh legislative session since voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 64, which ended the prohibition of marijuana in 2012, marijuana law reform advocates from several organizations coordinated a citizen lobby day to push for workplace drug testing reforms, social consumption, parental protections and expanding access to the state’s medical marijuana program.

Federal Report: Youth Marijuana Use Steadily Declining


Since 2012, when Colorado and Washington became the first states to regulate adult use access, past-year youth use has fallen eight percent. The self-reported use of marijuana by teenagers continues to decline nationally, according to federal data reported by the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The agency’s 2018 report finds that past-year marijuana use by those ages 12 to 17 has fallen consistently since 2002, from 15.8

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ACLU Report: Racial Disparities Persist in Marijuana Possession Arrests


Colorado and Alaska, which legalized adult-use marijuana sales in 2012 and 2014 respectively, had the lowest disparities in unlawful marijuana possession arrest rates.

Which States Scored Over a Billion in Cannabis Tax Revenue in 2020?


The state legalized adult-use cannabis in 2012, and sales began in 2014. For the past four years, Washington has reliably earned more than $400 million in cannabis tax revenue, and as of 2020, its combined total since legalizing in 2012 is over $2 billion.

NORML Remembers Mikel Weisser


Mikel taught middle school in Western Arizona before becoming a full-time activist in 2012. NORML offers its condolences to the family and friends of Mikel Weisser.

61 Tons of Medical Marijuana Consumed in Arizona Last Year


tons of marijuana edibles were sold in 2018 alone, which is the same amount as all of the medical cannabis products combined that were consumed by patients in the entire year of 2012. The number of registered medical marijuana patients has also grown exponentially since 2012 when there were only approximately 40,000 patients.

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In new book, WSU Vancouver professor sees benefits of legalized marijuana

Cannabis Chronicles

In the months after Washington voters approved legalized marijuana in 2012, Clayton Mosher, a sociology professor at Washington State University Vancouver, noticed what he believed to be unnecessary safety concerns. One of the chief concerns following the 2012 vote was that easier access to the drug would lead to more motor vehicle crashes.

Safety 100

NORML Remembers Dr. Mark Kleiman


After Washington State approved its adult-use legalization initiative in 2012, BOTEC was hired to consult on the law’s implementation. NORML regrets the passing of Prof. Mark A. Kleiman , an academic expert on cannabis policy who often shared and debated his well informed views on marijuana policy reform with those of us who were committed to advocating for a policy of adult use legalization.

Cannabis Tied to Lower Blood Pressure in Hypertension Patients, Study Finds

The Cannigma

Using cannabis for several months is associated with a reduction in blood pressure among older adults with hypertension, according to a prospective study published last week.

Colorado may see its biggest overhaul of marijuana laws since recreational legalization – Cannabis Business Executive


They don’t make cannabis products like they used to, and there’s an increasing number of Colorado lawmakers who think that’s problematic.

Amy’s Story

Canna Care Docs

After my 4th spinal surgery in 2012, I became fully disabled. We are happy to share an inspiring story about how medical cannabis has completely changed Amy’s life. The decision to come to Canna Care Docs was a 2-year long process. In June of 2018, I was still recovering from my fifth back surgery and still using a walker. As time & my tolerance to my pain meds grew, so did the dosages.

Why a Hemp Expert Uses Cannabis to Treat Her Crohn’s Disease


In 2012, Mary Pryor, who would eventually become the CMO of Tonic CBD and co-founder of Cannaclusive, an inclusive-based cannabis marketing company for brands, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. “Cannabis is medicine.”.

Marijuana Legalization May Decrease Crime in Nearby States


To figure out how cannabis legalization influences crime in neighboring states, the researchers gathered before-and-after legalization crime data from 2003 to 2017 in states that bordered Colorado and Washington — the two states that first legalized recreational marijuana in 2012.

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Veteran Derek Harris Freed After Receiving Life Sentence for $30 of Marijuana


However, in 2012 prosecutors argued that Harris should be resentenced under the Habitual Offenders Law. After spending nearly a decade behind bars for selling a small amount of marijuana, Derek Harris is finally going to be free to reunite with his loved ones. Who is Derek Harris? .

Newly Released App Aims to Help Those Seeking a Career in Cannabis

Canna Newswire

With Washington and Colorado legalizing cannabis for recreational use in 2012, thirteen more states have slowly followed suit. Hapitrees” now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to help you discover the best of cannabis in your area.

The U.S. Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Cannabis Case

Dykema (Cannabis Law Blog)

After an audit of Alpenglow’s 2010, 2011 and 2012 tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service (the “IRS”) assessed a deficiency against Alpenglow by denying a variety of its business deductions under section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”) and by concluding that Alpenglow had “committed the crime of trafficking in a controlled substance in violation of the CSA.” On June 24, 2019, the U.S.

Yes, Cannabis Can Be Kosher, Says Rabbi Yaakov Cohen

The Cannigma

In 2012, the family flew out to California so they could start medical cannabis treatment and found a doctor who helped them prepare cannabis-based juices for their son. Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A rabbi and a pot farmer walk into a cannabis processing facility.

Another ruling that US Tax Court rules cannabis deductions are not allowed

Cannabis Law Report

million for the 2012 tax year, Bloomberg reported. The U.S. Tax Court again ruled that Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Service tax code is constitutional and cannabis companies aren’t entitled to common business deductions. The Tax Court concluded that marijuana remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance, and thus, under current federal law, the IRS is correct in disallowing standard tax breaks for cannabis businesses.

Surgeon General’s Advisory Highlights Need for Further Cannabis Regulation, Not Criminalization


Since 2012, when Colorado and Washington became the first states to regulate adult-use access, past-year youth use has fallen eight percent. Remarks made today by the United States Surgeon General highlighting “the importance of protecting our nation from the health risks of marijuana use in adolescents and during pregnancy” fail to acknowledge the role that a regulated market can play in mitigating the use of cannabis by potentially high-risk populations.

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Medical Marijuana Strains for Appetite Suppression


Additionally, a 2012 study using rats revealed that CBD actually reduced their appetites. Finding the right product for any weight loss journey or diet can be overwhelming.

Good news, governor: Cannabis will not kill your kids

The Cannigma

Yes, a study from 2012 found that cannabis may have a neurotoxic effect on adolescence brains and called for more prevention of adolescent cannabis use.

How to get your Medical Cannabis card in Delaware

Canna Care Docs

The Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) implemented the Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) on July 1, 2012. The first registration cards were issued to qualified patients and their designated caregivers in September 2012. Who can apply for a medical cannabis card in Delaware?