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How trichomes make terpenes and cannabinoids in supercell pathways

Cannabis Life Network

A study from the University of British Columbia froze trichomes with liquid nitrogen. Using modern techniques, they found new keys that better explain how trichomes make non-polar terpenes and cannabinoids without destroying plant cells. (1) Researchers peered into cryofixated Purple Kush cells with an electron microscope.

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Why are cannabis trichomes shaped like mushrooms? Breaking the cuticle

Cannabis Life Network

They include a family of cannabinoid acids and terpenes but are conversely toxic to cannabis plants. Thankfully, terp production occurs within trichomes — glandular hairs that cover your favourite frosty nugs. And trichomes have many tricks to prevent a toxic leak of cannabinoids and terpenes, which includes their mushroom shape.

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An Introduction to Cannabis Trichomes

Kind Meds (Cannabis Education Blog)

If you’re not already familiar with the ins and outs of the cannabis plant, then you might not know about cannabis trichomes. How can trichomes best be utilized by cannabis fans? Today, we’d like to answer each of these questions and give our readers a thorough overview of cannabis trichomes. What Are the Trichomes on Cannabis?

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What are trichomes?

Marijuana Seeds NL

If you’re familiar with the stickiness of good bud, then you’re already familiar with the peculiar term of ‘trichomes’. Trichomes comes from the Greek word Trích?ma In weed’s case, trichomes are the sticky-icky microscopic crystals that contain the plant’s beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. What are trichomes?

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Terpenes! What Are They? And Why Do They Matter?

Peninsula Alternative Health

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants and some animals which are responsible for the aromas, flavors, and even colors. In cannabis, terpenes are found in the trichomes (the small resin glands) on the surface of buds. It’s not just THC that is the beneficial compound in cannabis.

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How to make THC Crystals

The Cannigma

This novel cannabis concentrate is the raw form of THC, the main intoxicating compound found in cannabis flower. What are THC crystals? THC crystals are THCa crystalline or THCa isolate. Cannabis plants don’t directly produce THC; they turn the “mother cannabinoid” cannabigerolic acid (CBGa) into THCa.

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What are THC crystals? THCa crystalline and its uses

The Cannigma

It’s also important to understand the difference between THCa and THC and the role of decarboxylation. What are THC crystals? The more accurate term for THC crystals is THCa crystalline or isolate. Pure THC is liquid at room temperature and can’t hold a crystalline structure. What is THC? How to make THC crystals.

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