Luxembourg’s government reportedly weighs plan to legalize recreational marijuana

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Luxembourg’s federal government is reported to be weighing plans to legalize recreational cannabis through a tightly controlled market that would offer entrepreneurs a limited number of production and retail licenses.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal In Oklahoma?

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These days the legality of marijuana varies from state to state. Medical marijuana (MMJ) is now legal in Oklahoma – but is recreational. marijuana legal in Oklahoma? Currently, no – the use of recreational marijuana is still prohibited in the state.

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Which California Cities Don’t Have Recreational Marijuana Retailers?

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Marijuana is now currently legal throughout California, which means you’re permitted to carry and smoke a legal amount anywhere in the Golden State without the risk of being arrested or fined. Which California cities don’t have recreational marijuana retailers?

Marijuana Comparison: Medical vs Recreational Potency

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There’s somewhat of a debate going on in the legal marijuana world. More specifically, it’s medical vs recreational potency. There are several things that determine a marijuana strain’s potency. Medical vs Recreational Potency 101.

Recreational Legalization Harms Medical Marijuana Sales


Marijuana supporters may applaud efforts to fully lift prohibition at a state and federal level, but they could not have anticipated the ramifications of those actions. Historically, according to the Tampa Bay Times , marijuana legalization caused people to leave the medical realm in droves.

ChiWeed Directory of Marijuana Recreational Businesses

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Good news to cannabis enthusiasts as Illinois becomes a legal market for marijuana come 2020 with the passing of House Bill 1438, the state of Illinois has moved to having legal recreational, adult-use cannabis.

Kelowna opens 1st legal cannabis store: Hobo Recreational Cannabis

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On July 25, Kelowna opened its first legal cannabis store– Hobo Recreational Cannabis– which means that you can now officially buy legal cannabis in the Okanagan Valley’s biggest city. Business Cannabis Canada Featured Marijuana News hobo recreational cannabis Kelowna okanagan

Canadians have spent $908 million at recreational cannabis stores since legalization, StatCan

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The post Canadians have spent $908 million at recreational cannabis stores since legalization, StatCan appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks.

Study Finds ‘Recreational’ Cannabis Consumers Using It Medically


Customers at adult use stores often use 'recreational' cannabis for pain and insomnia, researchers discover. The post Study Finds ‘Recreational’ Cannabis Consumers Using It Medically appeared first on Leafly. Health adult-use cannabis medical marijuana

Recreational Legalization Bills Advance In New Mexico House And Senate


A bill to legalize the recreational use of cannabis was just approved by the House Judiciary Committee in Santa Fe, New Mexico, making it one step closer to becoming law. While the details may not yet be settled, recreational legalization may occur in New Mexico as early as this year.

Seniors Are Erasing the Line Between Medical & Recreational Cannabis Use


A Colorado study finds that nearly half of all seniors enjoyed legal cannabis last year: some medically, some recreationally, some for both. The post Seniors Are Erasing the Line Between Medical & Recreational Cannabis Use appeared first on Leafly.

Recreational Cannabis Legalization Bill Advances In New Hampshire


A bill to legalize recreational cannabis for adults in New Hampshire has advanced in the state’s House of Representatives. The legislation aims to legalize the possesion and use of up to one ounce of marijuana for adults 21 and older for recreational purposes.

Rhode Island governor plans to legalize recreational marijuana


Gina Raimondo will propose a framework to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, reports the Providence Journal. ” Rhode Island’s first recreational stores could open by next January if lawmakers approve the proposal. (via Wikimedia Commons). Rhode Island Gov.

What is the difference between medicinal and recreational marijuana

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The usage of marijuana has also increased with more states legalizing the plant. Currently, marijuana can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes depending on where you reside. These compounds are the active ingredients in marijuana.

What’s The Difference Between Medical And Recreational Marijuana?

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Diehard medical marijuana purists will wear themselves out arguing the difference between medicinal and recreational cannabis if engaged in a debate. Continue reading What’s The Difference Between Medical And Recreational Marijuana?

Recreational Marijuana Laws: Everything you Need to Know

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The recreational marijuana proposal has been passed by the voters of Michigan in November. Today’s article is going to answer some of the questions related to the latest recreational marijuana law. Marijuana – What Is It? Workplace and Marijuana.

California Has Legalized Recreational Marijuana: So Why Is It Still So Hard To Buy In Certain Counties?

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In November 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64, also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), which legalized cannabis in the state. This should have made recreational cannabis sales legal everywhere in the state starting in January 2018.

Medical Marijuana Users Outnumber Recreational Consumers 2 To 1

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Twice as many Americans report using marijuana to alleviate medical conditions than for recreation, new study finds. Continue reading Medical Marijuana Users Outnumber Recreational Consumers 2 To 1 at The Fresh Toast.


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For that reason, many have been anxiously awaiting any indication from officials as to how recreational marijuana sales will proceed in the city. Under the proposed ordinance, Chicago would be divided into seven zones for recreational marijuana dispensaries.

Petition filed to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma

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A petition has been filed in an effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma. 12, would add an amendment to the Constitution, which would generally legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for people aged 21 and older under state law. OKLAHOMA CITY —.

U.S. States with Legal Recreational Marijuana

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Every state has its own laws about marijuana. Some states do not allow for any use of marijuana, so it is always illegal. Other states allow for the use of medical marijuana. And, other states allow people to use marijuana for recreational use. ounces of marijuana.

Hawaii Once Again Says No To Recreational Marijuana

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Hawaii Once Again Says No To Recreational Marijuana Hawaii Senate Majority Leader J. Kalani English’s recreational marijuana bill died over the weekend as it missed a key deadline, despite serious support for the legislation from Democrats.

Croatia Introduces Bill to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Use

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Tital Croatia News reports… Croatia Marijuana Bill Goes to Public Debate Soon. In recent years, HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) has begun to change its rigid views on marijuana. Recreational Marijuana Decriminalized in Croatia: Legal for Medical Use.

Oceanside considers allowing growing of recreational cannabis

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Oceanside could be the next city in San Diego County to approve the commercial cultivation of recreational cannabis. Cannabis industry representatives say medical cannabis is only about 20 percent of the market and that it’s impractical for growers to exclude recreational uses. “It’s

Recreational vs Medicinal Marijuana – Does It Matter Anymore?

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With marijuana laws changing at a rapid pace across the states, you might be wondering if there is still a significant difference between recreational and medicinal cannabis use. Yes, there are still a few key distinctions between the two types of marijuana classifications.

A New Year in Illinois – First Day of Recreational Marijuana Sales

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Illinois started off the decade by opening its doors to the world of adult-use recreational marijuana. On January 1, 2020, the state of Illinois had its first day of legal marijuana sales. By: Nabil Rodriguez.

Difference between Recreational and Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is a type of plant that is utilized for recreation, medicinal use, personal use, religious use, and even used in industrial settings. According to this mail order dispensary , these are the most common ways people can marijuana. What is Medical Marijuana?

Is There a Difference Between Recreational and Medical Cannabis?


It wasn’t until 2012 that Washington State and Colorado introduced America’s first legal recreational cannabis bills. Prior to this, the only cannabis available legally in North America was medical marijuana.

Why Recreational — Not Medical — Marijuana Access Reduces Opioid Overdoses

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New research shows recreational marijuana laws reduce annual opioid deaths by 20-35%. Continue reading Why Recreational — Not Medical — Marijuana Access Reduces Opioid Overdoses at The Fresh Toast.

Illinois Legalizes Recreational Cannabis!

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Although the final bill is waiting signature from the governor, as of May 31, 2019, Illinois is poised to move forward as the eleventh state to legalize adult use marijuana. Illinois has allowed medical marijuana in the state since 2013. The post Illinois Legalizes Recreational Cannabis! By: Justin McNaughton , Senior Counsel.

Illinois: Recreational marijuana sales tax approved in Urbana

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WAND) – Urbana’s city council has approved a tax on recreational marijuana sales. When recreational marijuana use becomes legal in Illinois on Jan. URBANA, Ill.

ICYMI: California Merges Medical And Recreational Marijuana Licensing

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California Marijuana Cannabis Harris Bricken Hilary Bricken Medical Marijuana Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) Recreational MarijuanaCalifornia is taking a business-friendly approach to cannabis commercial activity.


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As we entered 2020, twelve states had legalized adult-use, recreational marijuana. As the wave of legalization spreads, so do the challenges faced by the marijuana industry, jurisdiction by jurisdiction – and there’s no simple highway between the dawn and the dark of night.

Illinois Recreational Cannabis Bill Passes the Senate, Putting them One Step Closer to Legalizing Marijuana


As New York and New Jersey limp along in their attempts to legalize marijuana, Illinois could be poised to win the coveted position of 11 th state to allow recreational cannabis, according to the Chicago Tribune. Pritzker is a strong supporter of marijuana legalization.

Illinois: Buffalo Grove establishes new tax on recreational marijuana sales

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Buffalo Grove has yet to allow retail sales of recreational marijuana in the village, but it now has a tax in place if it becomes a reality next year. 1, when the possession and recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in Illinois.