Texas Marijuana Policy Lobby Day


On Thursday, hundreds of Texans joined us at the Texas State Capitol to discuss marijuana policy with legislators! Participants then crafted a message to place on their postcards which they delivered to offices along with policy overviews and then requested their Senator and Representative co-sponsor important legislation. The import of these drastic changes over the years are not lost and I am so thankful for all of the work that Texans have done to destigmatize marijuana.

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Grassroots Activism and Marijuana Policy: A Winning Combination


When NORML was founded in 1970, roughly 12% of Americans supported legalizing marijuana. Currently sixty-five percent of adults nationwide support ending marijuana prohibition and establishing a regulated market where responsible consumers can legally purchase marijuana.

Policy 256

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What Is the MORE Act, and How Could It Change Marijuana Policy Forever?


The MORE Act, which was introduced to the US Congress last month, would completely decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. The issue isn’t if marijuana will be legalized anymore. The bill contains a section that relabels marijuana and marihuana as cannabis.

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NORML Issues Cannabis Policy Guidance For Lawmakers and Prosecutors For Protecting Public Health During COVID-19 Crisis


Today, NORML and it’s national network of advocacy chapters released a memo to state lawmakers, regulators, prosecutors, and other interested parties providing guidance for how they can take emergency actions to better promote the health and welfare of cannabis consumers and the general public during the COVID pandemic.

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Florida Dispensaries: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policies


To that, end we’ve organized official policies – including delivery details and more – for all Florida dispensaries , below. UPDATE (3/19): MEDICAL MARIJUANA PHYSICIAN APPOINTMENTS. We implement a strict wellness policy that no team member attends work unless they are 100% well.

Gubernatorial Report Card: Learn Where Your Governor Stands on Marijuana Policy


This extensive database assigns a letter grade ‘A’ through ‘F’ to states’ governors based upon their comments and voting records specific to matters of marijuana policy.

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Anatomy of a Cannabis Insurance Policy: Exclusions

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Today I want to look at some policy exclusions to point out potentially problematic terms that you may notice when reviewing your insurance contract during your annual insurance audit. Many business owners never have anyone on their team read their policies.

House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Considers ‘Cannabis Policies for the New Decade’


Members of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health today held a legislative hearing, “ Cannabis Policies for the New Decade ,” during which they considered multiple legislative bills aimed at amending federal cannabis laws. This marks the first time that members of the Energy and Commerce Committee have debated issues specific to marijuana policy reform. Strait, Senior Policy Advisor, Diversion Control Division, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Policy 166

Federal policy kills buzz for advertising pot

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Facebook, which like Google prohibits marijuana ads, has kicked some weed sellers off Instagram. CBS declined to air a commercial touting the benefits of medical marijuana during the Super Bowl. After decades of prohibition, many consumers need a push to give marijuana a try.

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Rest in Peace Mark Kleiman, Giant of Cannabis Policy

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Kleiman was probably the most influential scholar on cannabis policy. He was a strong opponent of the War on Drugs going back to the early 1980s, yet he also opposed a full commercial model for marijuana legalization. Federal cannabis policy is still a disaster.

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Check your governor’s grades on cannabis policy


The post Check your governor’s grades on cannabis policy appeared first on Leafly. Politics adult-use cannabis legalization medical marijuanaNine governors got an “A”, eight got an “F.”.

New Jersey: Assembly Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Legislation


As currently written, the measure decriminalizes the possession and distribution of up to two ounces of marijuana by adults — making these activities punishable by a $50 fine. Under current law , marijuana possession offenders may receive up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Jason Straw: Medical Cannabis Policy, ISNA 2020 Conference

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In Indianapolis on January 29, a quiet, eager audience of nurses give their rapt attention to Jason Straw as he takes center stage at the 2020 ISNA Policy Conference. ISNA 2020 POLICY CONFERENCE AGENDA, Jason Straw- Cannabis Policy. FDA and marijuana.

Maine Office of Marijuana Policy Moves To New Address + Latest Alerts

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Here’s their latest update… While our physical office remains closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) … Read More.

House Veterans Affairs Committee Passes Multiple Marijuana Bills


On March 12th, the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC) passed two separate pieces of legislation pertaining to cannabis policy. doctors to fill out the state-legal medical marijuana recommendations. We must reform our federal cannabis policy.”

Gallup: Seven in Ten Americans Say That “Smoking Marijuana” Is Morally Acceptable


Seven in ten Americans say that it is morally permissible for adults to “smoke marijuana,” regardless of the plant’s legal status, according to nationwide polling data compiled by Gallup. 2020 Legalization Policy Polling Uncategorized featured Gallup legalize

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Analysis: Adult-Use Marijuana Legalization Associated with Tourism Spike


The enactment of adult-use cannabis legalization laws in Colorado and Washington is associated with increased tourism in both states, according to data published in the Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy. ” 2020 Policy Research SCIENCE SOCIETY Colorado economy tourism Washington

Weedmaps Dodges Class-Action Lawsuit by Implementing New Advertising Policy

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Weedmaps, founded in 2008 and based in Irvine, California, is a well-known website for those in search of a local marijuana dispensary. Where the marijuana market is more saturated, Weedmaps changes for higher placements in listings.

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Canada Votes 2019: The Federal Parties and their Cannabis Policies

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The post Canada Votes 2019: The Federal Parties and their Cannabis Policies appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks. The 2019 Canadian federal election is looming, and with each passing day it seems that the polls are looking tighter and more volatile.

Anatomy of a Cannabis Insurance Policy, Part 1: The Basics

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Insurance in the cannabis industry is big business, and business owners need to know what policies are available and what those policies cover. Because in insurance policies, like all other business contracts (e.g.

Policy 104

Rep Blumenauer: Upcoming Veterans Medical Marijuana Vote In Congress


As a founding Co-Chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, I am pleased to report to you that my legislation to allow VA doctors to fill out state-legal medical marijuana recommendations is scheduled for a committee vote tomorrow.

MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) Publishes Vapes Policy Paper: “Regulating Cannabis Oil Vaporizers”

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In the recent wake of vaping-related illnesses and fatalities, the Marijuana Policy Project has released a report, titled Regulating Cannabis Oil Vaporizers, that examines the issue and provides recommendations for policymakers who wish to respond. MPP Policy Paper - Vaporizers.

Oregon – OLLCC: Social Distancing Policies for Marijuana and Liquor Businesses

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Social Distancing Policies for Marijuana and Liquor Businesses. Per Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-12 on March 23, 2020, all cannabis and liquor businesses must designate an employee or officer to establish, implement, and enforce social distancing policies, consistent with guidance from the Oregon Health Authority. Please designate an employee or officer and develop a plan to implement and enforce social distancing policies. March 23, 2020.

US Navy Policy Documents Cannabis & Hemp

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NEW Policy on Hemp Products. Find further information on the new policy clarifying Navy’s stance on hemp-derived products here. POLICY DOCUMENT. marijuana those hemp products containing up to 0.3 THC in marijuana and in. WHAT’S NEW IN OPNAV N170D?

Recent Legal Actions Causing U.S. Employers to Revisit Marijuana Policies


Thanks to the stigma created by almost a century of prohibition, marijuana still fights to shake the age-old stigma. They treat marijuana like any other illegal substance, even if the drug is legal statewide. Despite the reality of the situation, employers appear to be terrified of marijuana. Marijuana Reforms Having an Impact. . Despite marijuana being legal in some form in most U.S. But recent marijuana reforms in the U.S. Do their policies make sense?

Article & Program Report: Perfecting Cannabis Policy

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The Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy continued to place a spotlight on issues of equality, inequality, equity, and inequity with its most recent program, “Pot and Parity.”. Martin began with a brief history of cannabis policy in Massachusetts.

Not-very-NICE: UK Cannabis Policy and Harm to Patients


The supportive regulatory environment has facilitated a mounting body of clinical and transnational research demonstrating the efficacy of medically prescribed marijuana. UK cannabis policy is not serving the interests of patients.

Germany Considers Marijuana Legalization in a “Historic Policy Turn”


Germany is considering joining the list of industrialized nations who plan to legalize recreational marijuana in the near – albeit unspecified – future. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing party, the Christian Democratic Union, opened up to the idea of legalization in what German broadcaster Deutsche Welle calls “…a historic policy turn for the conservative party.”. Luxembourg already announced its intentions to legalize marijuana. e-news cannabis Germany Marijuana

House Committee Markup Announced To End Marijuana Prohibition


The House Judiciary Committee has posted a markup date for HR 3884 , the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act. Earlier this month, a Pew poll found that 67% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana.

Colorado: Legislation Signed into Law Providing Governor Expanded Authority to Pardon Marijuana Offenders


Jared Polis signed legislation into law which provides the office with expanded powers to pardon those with past marijuana convictions. The post Colorado: Legislation Signed into Law Providing Governor Expanded Authority to Pardon Marijuana Offenders appeared first on NORML.

Pennsylvania could cap prices on medical marijuana


Are you paying too much for medical marijuana? Pennsylvania’s closed-loop system of limited marijuana permit holders is not a competitive free market. ’s medical marijuana law will start bringing some transparency to consumer-level prices.

Congressional Hearing Scheduled: Marijuana Laws In America


“For the first time in recent memory, there will be a candid conversation in the Judiciary Committee about the failures of marijuana prohibition in the United States and how people have been impacted,” said NORML Political Director Justin Strekal.

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Pennsylvania: Marijuana possession arrests decline statewide


Preliminary data*, released on request from the Pennsylvania State Police Uniform Crime Reporting System, reveals that overall arrests for marijuana possession showed a decline in 2019. Now, there is a clear downward trend in arresting marijuana consumers.”

Virginia: Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect July 1


Richmond, VA: Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has signed legislation ( Senate Bill 2 | House Bill 972 ) decriminalizing marijuana possession. The prohibition on marijuana has clearly failed, and impacts nearly 30,000 Virginians per year. 2020 Virginia General Assembly.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hires Former Director of Federal Policy Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)

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Marijuana Moment write. The former director of federal policy for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has joined the staff of newly sworn-in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as a senior counsel and policy advisor.

Marijuana Banking Passes Critical Committee


In the first of what is anticipated to be multiple Congressional votes to address the federal prohibition and criminalization of marijuana, the House Financial Services Committee will today voted to advance The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1595 , 45-15. NORML Political Director Justin Strekal said: “This is a positive step forward to address an untenable tension between state-legal cannabis marketplaces and federal marijuana prohibition.

Former UN drug policy chief joins Thai cannabis company as president

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s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) from 2017 to 2018, where he voiced criticism of nonmedical marijuana programs and even some “poorly regulated” ones. Former UN drug policy chief joins Thai cannabis company as president. MJ Biz reports.