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Hydrogen Cyanide Could be the Missing Link in Vaping Illnesses


The string of vaping-related illnesses and deaths have caused a whirlwind of public hysteria and blind reactions from lawmakers. Initially, the CDC targeted vitamin E acetate, an oily substance used to dilute black market THC devices.

Better Than Cannabis?

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In recent years, cannabis has been at the center of one of the most important developments in modern science - significantly advancing our understanding of health and disease

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Replacing Ice with Cannabinoids: Numbing Pains

Cannabis Life Network

Medics have treated injuries with ice and heat for thousands of years. Therapy by numbing is an obvious asset, but a more intricate event occurs. The act of icing and applying heat to an injury falls deeply in tune with cannabinoid therapy.

Cannabis as a Treatment for ADHD


Slowly but surely, medical cannabis in general is becoming a less controversial topic on a global basis. With countless studies having categorically illustrated the potential benefits and applications of medical pot, its place in medicine is no longer a subject of debate.

FBI: Marijuana Arrests Rise For Third Straight Year, Outpace Arrests For All Violent Crimes


The total number of persons arrested in the United States for violating marijuana laws rose for the third consecutive year, according to data released by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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How cannabis terpenes work on your body and mind


Learn how terpenes work on physiological and psychological pathways to influence the effects of your cannabis. The post How cannabis terpenes work on your body and mind appeared first on Leafly. Canada Health Science & Tech health terpenes wellness

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Majority of Virginians Favor Legalizing Marijuana


A University of Mary Washington survey shows 61 percent of Virginians favor legalizing the adult use of marijuana. Virginia attitudes, like American attitudes, are increasingly supportive of ending the failed policy of marijuana prohibition and replacing it with a legal marketplace in which products can be safely regulated for responsible consumers. “It comes as no surprise that a majority of Virginians support legalizing marijuana.

New Study Aims To Learn If Cannabis Can Help Treat Autism


The United States Department of Defense and GW Pharmaceuticals are collaborating on a new clinical trial at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York.

MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) Publishes Vapes Policy Paper: “Regulating Cannabis Oil Vaporizers”

Cannabis Law Report

Here’s their full statement. WASHINGTON, D.C. —

Integrating Medical Cannabis Into Your Health Regimen


Healthcare in the Western world is dominated by doctors, physician assistants, nurses and other professionals who practice “standard” medical care.

Is CBD an Endocannabinoid Reuptake Inhibitor?

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Transcript. This transcript has been slightly edited for linguistic clarity

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U.S. House Approves Marijuana Banking Bill

The Joint Blog

In a historic 321 to 103 vote, the United States House of Representatives has passed a bill to allow banks to work with marijuana businesses that are legal under state law. The measure now heads to the Senate, where its passage would send it to President Trump for consideration.

Pennsylvania: Expedited Pardon Process Now Available for Those with Low-Level Cannabis Convictions


Those with low-level marijuana convictions are being encouraged to seek pardons from state officials. The Pennsylvania Board of Pardons has created an expedited process to review and grant pardon applications for those with marijuana-related records.

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California vape maker Kushy Punch caught making illegal products


State officials suspect legal products were going out the front door, while illegal products slipped out the back. The post California vape maker Kushy Punch caught making illegal products appeared first on Leafly. Industry California vape safety

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Cannabis Legalization: Canada vs. USA

Cannabis Life Network

When you compare cannabis legalization in Canada to how some American states are going about it. You’ll realize that the quality and price of Canadian cannabis is nowhere near the same level.

Oregon: After hemp crop tanks, CBD producer sues Oregon hemp seed seller for $44 million, lawsuit says

Cannabis Law Report

Oregon Live reports. A Kentucky-based company that produces CBD has filed a $44 million lawsuit against an Oregon company it claims sold it nearly worthless hemp seeds that ruined a massive 2019 crop.

Nevada NORML Takes Washington, DC


Once again, Nevada NORML has remained hard at work, advocating for both patient access and rights as well as the criminal justice reform that this country desperately requires.

End-of-life hospital care in California could soon include cannabis


The California State Legislature unanimously approved SB305, titled “Ryan’s Law.” It’s now on its way to Governor Newsom, who is expected to sign it in the coming weeks. If all goes as predicted, it will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

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The lesser-known cannabis compounds

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When most of us think about Cannabis, the two active substances that come to mind are THC and CBD. THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol) is the prominent mind-altering component that gives cannabis most of its psychological changes.

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NORML: FBI: Marijuana Arrests Rise For Third Straight Year, Outpace Arrests For All Violent Crimes

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How did this happen ? NORML report. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, police made 663,367 arrests for marijuana-related violations in 2018. That total is more than 21 percent higher than the total number of persons arrested for the commission of violent crimes (521,103).

Hemp is Driving Real Estate Action and It’s Not Just Farms

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It’s common to see articles these days related to the positive economic impacts of hemp legalization. Most of these articles focus on job creation, opportunities for farmers, or opportunities for businesses chasing the CBD craze.

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How to choose a cannabis strain for studying


Studying while high is not for everyone. That said, there are myriad situations in which cannabis can be helpful as a study tool for some. The post How to choose a cannabis strain for studying appeared first on Leafly.

4th annual Fore20 Golf Tourney Recap Video 2019

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The official recap video of the 4th annual Fore20 Golf Tournament and Pop-Up Market is finally here!

Zimbabwe Gazettes Regulated Cannabis For Approved Suppliers & Growers

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The Harare Chronicle reports. GOVERNMENT has regularised the growing, processing and supply of industrial hemp (Cannabis) by farmers across the country for industrial purposes.

New Study To Test Effectiveness Of Cannabis Compound CBDV In Treating Autism

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Previous success from treating epilepsy with Cannabinoids now motivates doctors to investigate the plant’s effectiveness in treating symptoms of autism.

You’re Wrong, Governor: Vape Bans Will Only Make Things Worse


Airplanes are falling out of the sky, and governors respond by banning buses. The post You’re Wrong, Governor: Vape Bans Will Only Make Things Worse appeared first on Leafly. Health Politics Los Angeles massachusetts The Haymaker vape safety

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6 Hot-for-Pot Cities Driving the US Market

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On the Horizon: New Oregon Cannabis Regulations

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The 2019 Oregon legislative session resulted in the adoption of several new laws concerning cannabis. You can read our definitive list here , our preview of the session here and a mid-session update here.

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Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak Appoints Tyler Klimas To Head Up State Cannabis Compliance Board

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Sisolak appointed Tyler Klimas, a state government and federal affairs veteran, as the first CCB executive director. Also see. Nevada governor names head of new cannabis regulatory panel. Leafly reports… Less than a month after being placed on leave by Nevada Gov.

Why has Leafly created a new visualization system for cannabis?


The indica/sativa paradigm is outdated. Learn why Leafly has created a new visualization system to help you find the best cannabis strain for you. The post Why has Leafly created a new visualization system for cannabis? appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 cannabinoids Leafly terpenes

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