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U.S. House Judiciary Committee approves bill to end cannabis prohibition

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Historic vote marks the first time the committee has approved comprehensive legislation to remove cannabis from the schedule of controlled substances and address harms caused by prohibition. In a 24-10 vote, this morning, the U.S.

Global Legal Chronicle Article: Medical Cannabis regulation slowly advances in Brazil

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Isabela Amorim Diniz Ferreira, Corporate lawyer from Farroco Abreu Advogados, specialized on regulatory matters and post-graduated in Economic Law by Fundação Getúlio Vargas de São Paulo (FGV/SP).

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Employees and bosses equally uninformed on medical cannabis rights


Cannabis in the workplace is a complex issue—employers now complain governments didn't do enough to educate them ahead of legalization. The post Employees and bosses equally uninformed on medical cannabis rights appeared first on Leafly. Canada Health employment

BREAKING: Bill To End Marijuana Prohibition Passes Key Committee


For the first time ever, a congressional committee has approved a piece of legislation to end marijuana prohibition in the United States.

Maelstrom of Morality – Medical Dispensaries return to B.C. court with an Appeal

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Vancouver‘s unlicensed medical dispensaries returned to court this week, appealing a December 2018 B.C. Supreme Court decision that had ordered them to shut down, keeping in time with the initial launch of the coincidental federal legalization late last year.

How to use CBD for anxiety


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders worldwide. Enter CBD, which has potential as a treatment for anxiety. The post How to use CBD for anxiety appeared first on Leafly. CBD Health anxiety cbd dosing

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Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Perpetuates Cannabis Myths

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Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently rehashed one of the most common cannabis myths. He called cannabis a "gateway drug" during a campaign event. The post Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Perpetuates Cannabis Myths appeared first on Medical Marijuana 411.

Cannabis Instead of Polypharmacy?

Project CBD

Polypharmacy - the use of five or more medications on a daily basis - is a modern-day health crisis. Could cannabis be the safer alternative prescribers and patients are looking for

Migraines and Cannabis – Introducing Beauty and the Beast

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Not all of us have suffered a serious headache and even fewer have experienced the power of a severe migraine. That faint sense of disorientated nausea begins to emanate from an uncomfortable pressure throughout the forehead.

Congress takes a historic first step on national cannabis legalization


A House committee is scheduled to consider the MORE Act, which would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. The post Congress takes a historic first step on national cannabis legalization appeared first on Leafly. Politics cannabis legalization Congress federal prohibition MORE Act

HISTORIC: A bill to end marijuana prohibition just passed


Today, you were a part of making history. The House Judiciary Committee just approved the MORE Act on a bipartisan vote of 24-10. This is legislation that tens-of-thousands advocated for by sending messages, making phone calls, and meeting with lawmakers in DC and district offices.


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During the past several years, the marijuana industry has faced many regulatory challenges, but none greater than that imposed upon them by the impact of Internal Revenue Code Section 280E.

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Does ingesting CBD with fatty food, as opposed without food impact the absorption of CBD? According to studies evaluating the metabolism of Epidiolex, (a CBD FDA-approved drug),consuming CBD with fatty foods may increase its absorption and blood levels up to 4-5 times.As

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OR: OLCC Affirms Authority to Prohibit Marijuana Adulterants Ban Vitamin E Acetate from Marijuana Vaping Products

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Portland, OR — At its monthly meeting on November 21, 2019, the Commissioners of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission affirmed the OLCC’s existing authority to ban adulterants, such as Vitamin E acetate, from inclusion in marijuana products.

El Paso, Texas City Council Votes in Favor of Cite and Release


Last week, City Representatives Alexsandra Anello (District 2) and Dr. Sam Morgan (District 4) filed a resolution seeking to implement a Cite and Release program after working closely with members of El Paso NORML and LegalizEP.

CDFTA Cannabis Tax Increases Frustrate the Industry

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By: Robert Finkle , Senior Counsel.

The Roll-Up #116: The Great Leafly CBD Test


We tested 47 products so you don't have to. The results: Shocking! The post The Roll-Up #116: The Great Leafly CBD Test appeared first on Leafly. Podcasts Politics podcasts the roll-up

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Trinidad & Tobago Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Heads To Parliament House

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At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Faris Al-Rawi estimates the bill could save Trinidad & Tobago up to $700 million per year. The Trinidad & Tobago Guardian reports. Leg­is­la­tion to have mar­i­jua­na de­crim­i­nalised is to be laid in Par­lia­ment to­day.

NJ Lawmakers Plan to Put Legalization on 2020 Ballot


Ontario working toward goal of open market for cannabis, Doug Ford says

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TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford says his government is still working toward its commitment to an open cannabis retail system, and more stores will be opening in the new year.

Is CBD legal in your state? Check this chart to find out


Three states still outlaw CBD, but it's allowed everywhere else. Check our chart to see where your state stands. The post Is CBD legal in your state? Check this chart to find out appeared first on Leafly. CBD Industry Politics Strains & products cbd FDA

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Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Alert

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Read Full Alert. Health and Safety Advisory -Test Status 191122. Cannabis Law News

URGENT: Biggest Marijuana News of the Year


We won’t lie, this is HUGE. This week, we will very likely have the first vote to outright end federal marijuana prohibition.

Overgrow the System With Cannabis Genetic Diversity

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Cannabis is a plant with freedoms greater than most commodities it seems. It is free enough that one individual can overgrow the system. Consumers seek a variety of genetics that expands into hundreds of different strains.

What’s the difference between CBD derived from hemp and cannabis?


Both hemp and cannabis can produce CBD, but they're different in the eyes of the law. The post What’s the difference between CBD derived from hemp and cannabis? appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 CBD cbd Hemp

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Not your usual investment seminar !

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You know the world is moving on, when, not far from Wall St, discussions include, INTRO TO PSYCHEDELIC MARKETS & CAPITAL RAISES FOR PSYCHEDELICS. Click on the image to learn more. Breaking News


House Committee Markup Announced To End Marijuana Prohibition


The House Judiciary Committee has posted a markup date for HR 3884 , the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act. Members of the Committee will consider the bill on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019, and they will likely hold a vote at that time.

Movember and Medical Cannabis

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The month of November has become synonymous with men’s health. The Movember campaign has brought awareness of prostate cancer to the forefront, with participants starting crucial conversations and collecting donations over a statement moustache.

How leading brands can differentiate with vape products


Vessel partners with cannabis brands that want to expand their product offering with vape cartridges, power, and accessories. The post How leading brands can differentiate with vape products appeared first on Leafly. Strains & products sponsored article vape pens vape safety Vessel

Greenheart CBD: a different kind of green crop grows in Ireland

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Presenting Greenheart CBD – a company about to embark on a journey in an industry that is exploding. In the heart of rural Ireland, as you would expect, fields of lush green crops are seen over the hills and for miles across the land.