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NORML Op-Ed: Claims of ‘Fentanyl-Laced Cannabis’ Are Common, But Are They Accurate?


By taking cannabis products off street corners and placing them behind the counter, lawmakers can provide consumers with a safer experience and greatly reduce their risk of being inadvertently exposed to contaminated products.

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CBD for Pain: What Does the Science Say?

Project CBD

A new book by three distinguished scientists reviews the current status of CBD as a treatment for acute and chronic illness


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Survey: Medical Students Rarely Exposed to Scientific Data About Cannabis


“The use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes has been legal in certain jurisdictions of the United States for several decades.

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OSHA report ties cannabis worker death to dust inhalation


New reports question the death of a staff member at a Trulieve facility in Massachusetts earlier this year. The post OSHA report ties cannabis worker death to dust inhalation appeared first on Leafly. Industry Cannabis Industry massachusetts OSHA worker safety

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Where the Money Grows: Learning the Industry Trends in Medical Cannabis, Recreational Marijuana, Hemp, and Beyond

Speaker: Jonathan Bench, International Cannabis and Securities Business Attorney at Harris Bricken

The U.S. cannabis industry is still in its infancy, even though states began engaging with legalization in one form or another in the late 1990s. Today, many opportunities exist for individuals and businesses that want to engage in the industry. Join international cannabis and securities business attorney Jonathan Bench as he provides some pitfalls and best practices for companies & individuals looking to engage with the U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Who is Brownie Mary and what is her significance to cannabis culture


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) have treatment options, but currently, there is no effective cure. Many individuals and organizations work hard to support HIV/AIDS patients.

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Is CBL a cannabinoid

Cannabis Life Network

Cannabicyclol (CBL) is a compound found in cannabis. Many describe the substance as a phytocannabinoid even though CBL is void of activity at cannabinoid receptors. Defining the molecule as a cannabinoid involves a chemical view rather than a pharmacological interpretation.

Why does weed give you the munchies?


Everyone's gotten the munchies when high, but what is it about weed that causes it? Learn about why food tastes so good when high and why you might crave bizarre food combinations. The post Why does weed give you the munchies? appeared first on Leafly. Health munchies

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Mother considering filing wrongful death lawsuit after worker dies at Truelieve Holyoke cannabis cultivation facility

Cannabis Law Report

LORNA MCMURREY, a 27-year-old West Springfield woman, died in January after a shift working at a Holyoke cannabis cultivation facility.

The best budtenders in Canada do these 5 things really well


From a friendly demeanour to a wealth of cannabis knowledge, here are some basics about being a good budtender from pros in Canada. The post The best budtenders in Canada do these 5 things really well appeared first on Leafly. Canada budtenders retail retail stores

Study Finds Competitors’ Aspergillus Assays Return False-Positive Results

Medicinal Genomics

Our latest pre-print study , provides evidence that two competitors’ Aspergillus qPCR assays inappropriately amplify Aspergillus tamarii, causing false-positive results that could potentially lead to millions of dollars in crop loss. Investigating Discordant Results.

The 10 best ways to enjoy smoking alone


Cannabis is a community-building plant, but sometimes we just want to toke it alone. Here are the best ways to enjoy weed solo. The post The 10 best ways to enjoy smoking alone appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle art cannabis and sex DIY food lifestyle Music

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Pro-Cannabis Amazon Contradicted By Algorithm

Canna Law Blog

Amazon’s prohibited product algorithm gets drug paraphernalia analysis wrong. Amazon’s prohibited product algorithm is creating issues in the ancillary cannabis business space. In doing so it directly contradicts the company’s pro-cannabis public image.

Germany prepares to turn over a new leaf with legal weed


Germany is gearing up to offer legal, adult-use weed to it's population in 2024. Find out details on German weed legalization on Leafly. The post Germany prepares to turn over a new leaf with legal weed appeared first on Leafly. Industry adult-use cannabis Germany politics

The “Lazy Stoner” Stereotype Isn’t Backed by Science


“Marijuana makes you lazy, apathetic, and emotionally detached.” For decades, critics of marijuana use have sounded this dire warning, and pop culture has long embraced and reinforced the stereotype of the lazy stoner. But science tells a different story.

Psychedelics may flatten your brain’s landscape, but in a good way


New research shows that LSD and psilocybin can help your brain shift gears between dynamic activity states. The post Psychedelics may flatten your brain’s landscape, but in a good way appeared first on Leafly. Health brain studies lsd psilocybin psychedelics research


Cannabis laws in Monaco

The Cannigma

Medical: illegal Recreational: illegal. Both medical and recreational cannabis are illegal in Monaco. While the plant is illegal, penalties for consumption are often not enforced for small amounts and consumption is fairly common.

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Are you too high? A promising new ‘comedown drug’ may be on the way


A drug that blocks the brain's cannabinoid receptors is now in clinical trials and showing promising results. The post Are you too high? A promising new ‘comedown drug’ may be on the way appeared first on Leafly.

Answer of the Day for Oct 4, 2022


What common cancer-related symptoms do cannabinoids seem to treat?

Get stuck on Original Glue—October’s Leafly HighLight strain


This diesel power house pairs with fall flavors and fun. The post Get stuck on Original Glue—October’s Leafly HighLight strain appeared first on Leafly.

High-Precision Check Weigher Receives NTEP Certification

Cannabis Law Report

Achievement marks the first weighing system certification specific to the cannabis industry LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Canapa by Paxiom is proud to announce that its Pre-CheQ Analyzer from WeighPack Systems has been awarded the NTEP Certificate of Conformance from the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

How to get hired as a budtender in Canada


Budtenders work to help consumers explore different types of cannabis products all across Canada—but who educates them? The post How to get hired as a budtender in Canada appeared first on Leafly. Canada adult-use cannabis budtenders dispensaries

Green Light Law Group Webinar: Practical Guide To Oregon’s New Psilocybin Draft Rules

Cannabis Law Report

Green Light Law Group attorneys will dive into the new draft rules and give insight into the most important take-aways and potential pitfalls for the Oregon psilocybin business community. This discussion will be good preparation for anyone who wants to submit comments to the Draft Rules.

We asked budtenders: What’s the best cannabis in Canada?


We asked budtenders across the nation what they smoke after-hours. Here's what they said is the best weed in Canada. The post We asked budtenders: What’s the best cannabis in Canada? appeared first on Leafly. Canada Strains & products

Aird Berlis: Psychedelics: Will Policy Liberalization and Lower Barriers to Access Lead to Future Legalization?

Cannabis Law Report

Aird & Berlis’ Sherri Altshuler & Jeffrey Merk answer the big questions on psychedelics in Canada By Sherri Altshuler, Jeffrey K. Merk Oct 03, 2022 As perceptions towards psychedelics shift from opposition to cautious optimism, there are many questions and uncertainties that remain.

Heritage Cannabis Announces the Introduction of RAD Razzlers Gummies to the Canadian Market

Cannabis Law Report

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$cann #cann—Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. CSE: CANN) (OTCQX: HERTF) (“Heritage” or the “Company”), today announced the upcoming launch of RAD Razzlers, a cannabis gummy that marks the entry into a new product category for Heritage.

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Cannabis Law Report

Here’s the top 10 – read the full list at the link In order to efficiently practice blockchain, one must first understand the reason behind its growth, its benefits, and what it actually offers outside the decentralized market.

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Cannabis is legal in Michigan, but mothers may face a CPS (Child Protective Serices) investigation if they use it says report

Cannabis Law Report

M.Live reports Beneath the tender body in her arms, she was gripped with fear. It was 2016. Josey Scoggin of Kalamazoo clutched the breastfeeding newborn to her chest. She has a genetic disability, uses a wheelchair and has legally ingested medical marijuana since she was 14.

Make cannabis Class A drug, say Conservative police commissioners at Tory party annual shindig

Cannabis Law Report

Next they’ll be wanting to schedule tea & coffee as class A drugs. The BBC reports A group of Conservative police commissioners is calling for cannabis to be reclassified from a Class B to a Class A drug. This would put it in the same category as heroin, cocaine and ecstasy.

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Family-Owned Cannabis Retailer Purple Lotus Doubles Delivery Radius In Bay Area With New Oakland Warehouse

Cannabis Law Report

Latest Expansion Increases Access to On-Demand Cannabis Delivery to Bay Area Patients and Customers in Tri-Valley Region, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS

Global Medical Marijuana Market Trends/Analysis Report 2022: A $65.8 Billion Industry by 2030 – Rapid Adoption of Cannabis in Therapeutic Applications – ResearchAndMarkets.com

Cannabis Law Report