Mon.May 18, 2020

Louisiana: House Lawmakers Advance Measures to Greatly Expand Medical Cannabis Access


House lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved two bills to amend the state’s medical marijuana program in a manner that significantly expands patients’ access to cannabis products.

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Los Angeles explosion shows perils of illicit cannabis market


12 firefighters were injured in an explosion at a butane wholesaler serving the illegal market. The post Los Angeles explosion shows perils of illicit cannabis market appeared first on Leafly. Industry public safety

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7 Snacks For Sweet Tooth Stoners With The Munchies

Cannabis Life Network

Do you have a sweet tooth that must be satisfied every time you get stoned? We’ve put together 7 snacks for sweet tooth stoners with the munchies in order to help you decide on which sweet snack to buy the next time you sesh.

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5 weed strains to help you chill out


Some people smoke to get creative, some smoke to get a bunch of stuff done, but most folks smoke to chill out. Here are 5 strains to help you relax. The post 5 weed strains to help you chill out appeared first on Leafly.

The Best Weed in the World Hails from These 8 Countries

Cannabis Law Report

Traveling the world looking for the best marijuana isn’t something new. The fact that it’s legal in many parts of the world is great news … Read More. Pot Luck

Buy This Dog’s Artwork, Get A Free Gift Of Weed


When the recreational possession and use of cannabis is legalized, but a regulated retail market is not, people are forced to think of creative ways to obtain and provide weed. In this case, though, the creativity comes from a cute canine named Sudo.

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Cannabis Business Litigation: What’s the Point of Mediation?

Canna Law Blog

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called “ Cannabis Business Litigation: What’s the Point of a Demand Letter?

6 Secrets from ACMPR Growers on Getting Best Medical Marijuana Crop Possible

Cannabis Law Report

Some of the most knowledgable cannabis growers in the world aren’t growing on a professional level. Instead, they’re growing for personal medical reasons from home … Read More. Medical Cannabis News

Today’s Answer of the Day


Is the endocannabinoid system linked to the opioid system? Opioid receptors and CB receptors are located within the same neurons within the CNS. In addition, cannabinoids activate kappa and delta receptors to initiate a release of endogenous opioids. See Answer. See Answer.

Kalamazoo approves rules to allow recreational marijuana businesses

Cannabis Law Report

KALAMAZOO, MI — The city of Kalamazoo approved new rules to allow cannabis businesses including growers, processors, retailers, consumption lounges and others. The Kalamazoo City … Read More. Breaking News

CBD Oil Delivery to Canada

Otherside Farms

In times like these where we have been given one option only– to stay indoors. We could feel a little lethargic or depressed due to things such as lack of sunlight, outdoor air, or physical activity.

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Second-straight month, Oregon breaks sales records for regulated cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

$89 million in sales, April alone. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission reports marijuana sales were up 45% in April, compared to last year, making April … Read More. Breaking News

Finding the Best CBD Oil Online

Otherside Farms

CBD oil, is a must-have product that everyone’s talking about but can it really improve your health? . Science found evidence that this component can help patients dealing with many health issues- some of these conditions include many types of cancer and even rare forms of epilepsy.

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Unsurprisingly LA Warehouse Explosion Has Ties To Cannabis Business

Cannabis Law Report

MJ Biz are a little more circumspect with their headline that runs … ” L.A. explosion investigation includes possible marijuana industry connections” But then their report … Read More. Breaking News

Crafty (+) Plus Vaporizer Review: Still Ruling the Roost?

The Joint Blog

The Crafty brand form Storz & Bickel has been a big name in the vape scene since 2004, and for a good reason; the Germans don’t play when it comes to engineering stuff. The Crafty+ vaporizer is another piece of quality engineering from this brand.