Tue.Nov 05, 2019

Poll: Most Americans Support Ending Federal Cannabis Criminalization


More than six in ten US adults say that they favor “changing federal law to legalize marijuana for recreational use,” according to national polling data compiled by Politico and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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InMed Submits Clinical Trial Application to Evaluate INM-755 in Phase 1 Trial

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New Hemp Testing Guidelines Make Meeting 0.3% THC Limit Difficult

Medicinal Genomics

Last week the USDA issued its much-anticipated interim final rule for hemp manufacturing. While several lawmakers and industry stakeholders celebrated the announcement , not everyone on the cultivation side is so positive.

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Nevada NORML’s Veteran’s Virtual Lobby Day


To honor both those who have bravely served and those who still suffer due to federal cannabis laws, Nevada NORML will be hosting a unique event on Veteran’s Day.

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Cannabis Patent Litigation: What Constitutes Infringement?

Canna Law Blog

As expected, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has continued to increase the number of patents issued containing the words “cannabis” or “marijuana” this year.

Breaking News: CSU Raids continue in Squamish

Cannabis Life Network

Grassroots Medicinal, located on Tantalus Dr. and 99 North on 2nd Ave in Squamish, B.C., has been raided by the province’s Community Safety Unit (CSU). This comes on the heels of last Wednesday’s raid of The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary in Vancouver, B.C.

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Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to hear arguments on Gov. Charlie Baker’s vape ban

Cannabis Law Report

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Monday announced it will hear arguments in December from the case challenging Gov. Charlie Baker’s vape ban. Sua Sponte- SJC-12834. The state must submit its brief to the court by Nov. 13, and the plaintiffs and interveners must do the same by Nov.

Canadian colleges collaborating on cannabis

Cannabis Life Network

EDMONTON – Five Canadian colleges and a national advocacy body have formed the Canadian College Consortium for Cannabis, an entity that will serve as a first-of-a-kind in the post-secondary sector.

Mexico’s Supreme Court Gives Legislators Until 30 April 2020 To Approve Cannabis Legilsation

Cannabis Law Report

Mexico’s Supreme Court gave Congress another six months to approve legislation that legalizes all forms of cannabis, postponing until the end of April the deadline for when the Latin American country would create the world’s largest adult-use market by population.

How indie cannabis is teaming up to take on big bud business


Competition through co-operation: Cannabis co-ops are creating opportunities that may give the little guys more room to grow. The post How indie cannabis is teaming up to take on big bud business appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry cannabis business Cannabis Industry

How Effective Are CBD Gummies?

Cannabis Law Report

There is simply no denying the benefits of CBD any longer and it seems that they debate is now centered on the best delivery system. Is it better to vape or are topical oils, lotions and creams more effective? And then there are the CBD edibles and whether these are the better option.

Holt Renfrew launches cannabis pop up in time for holidays


Tokyo Smoke teams up with Canada’s top luxury department store, setting sights on Vancouver and Toronto's Mink Mile. The post Holt Renfrew launches cannabis pop up in time for holidays appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry Strains & products Canopy Growth

Lose Weight With CBD Oil – Try It Today

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CBD oil has a number of uses. While it is typically used for dealing with anxiety, insomnia, pain and other such issues, it can also be used for weight loss. One of the reasons it works for weight loss is its anti-inflammatory property.

We tried ‘CBD-infused clothes’ to see if they did anything


We were sent "CBD-infused clothes" (or, more accurately, CBD-infused compression sleeves with capsaicin.) Here's what we thought. The post We tried ‘CBD-infused clothes’ to see if they did anything appeared first on Leafly. Strains & products cbd reviews

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Using CBD Oil For Anxiety

Cannabis Law Report

Anxiety is a daily occurrence for most of us. You might feel anxious before a meeting, an examination, or a big event. However, what is not natural is feeling extremely and excessively anxious with no relief.

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France Approves Medical Cannabis Research for 2020

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Research will be funded via the country’s 2020 social security budget. Lawmakers in France approved the budget to allow for a two-year experiment to determine the health benefits and risks associated with medical marijuana.

Using CBD Oil For Insomnia

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According to modern research, 25% of all Americans deal with insomnia at one point or another in their lives. . This sleep disorder can hamper a person’s quality of life leading them in a vicious cycle of fatigue, discomfort, and other health-related concerns.

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Today’s Answer of the Day


Is cannabidiol metabolized or excreted without being metabolized? Cannabidiol is metabolized in liver microsomes by cytochrome P450 (CYP) 2C19 to an active metabolite 7-hydroxy-cannabidiol (7-OH- CBD).

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What You Need To Know About Using Kratom For Energy

Cannabis Law Report

The body relies on energy to repair, function, build and maintain cells and tissues. Low energy levels can result in decreased strength, fatigue and lack of concentration. Here’s what you need to know about Kratom and how it can help increase energy. . What Is Kratom? .

Jodie Emery – License to Chill – Episode 6

Cannabis Life Network

Today, Bert welcomes famed cannabis activist and politician Jodie Emery.

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52 Apply For Michigan Recreational Business Licenses Day 1 Of Applications

Cannabis Law Report

MJ Biz report…… Marijuana regulators in Michigan received 52 recreational cannabis business license applications on the first day of the application period, a modest number because most communities initially decided to opt out of the program.

Cannabis Seeds and Clones – Beginning to Grow

Cannabis Life Network

Seeds soak up water and love and sprout fruitful resources in return. Place the right seed in the right soil, or in the right tent with its own lamp, and you will be blessed with a generous pot plant.

Jamaican Regulators Say They Want To Slash Cannabis Business License Waiting Time From 2 Years To 6 Months

Cannabis Law Report

MJ Biz ahas the story. Jamaican regulators want to substantially reduce the amount of time it takes entrepreneurs to get a cannabis business license, but banking remains the biggest hurdle to the fledgling industry’s growth.

Hobo Cannabis Company announces fifth location in Kits

Cannabis Life Network

Located in Vancouver’s popular Kitsilano neighbourhood, this marks Hobo’s third Vancouver location VANCOUVER, BC (November 5, 2019) — Hobo Cannabis Company (“Hobo”) today announces the opening of its fifth store nationally, located in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood (1952 West 4th Avenue).

Marijuana Moment Report: Small Increase In Banks & Financial Institutions Serving Cannabis Industry

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Here’s the introduction to their report…… But this last quarter, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) reported that 563 banks and 160 credit unions were serving cannabis companies as of September 30, compared to 553 banks and 162 credit unions at the end of the previous quarter.

InMed Submits Clinical Trial Application to Evaluate INM-755 in Phase 1 Trial

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Are UK Regulators About To Pounce On The UK CBD Industry

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According to this article just published in CBD Testers , “the U.K Foods Standards Agency (FSA) is set to start enforcement action on CBD products and business as it pushes for adherence to the European Union’s Novel Food regulations” The article reveals.

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What You Need To Know About Marijuana And Birth Control

The Fresh Toast

While most doctors remind patients of the risks of using cannabis when they start a birth control regime, many patients still have unanswered questions. Continue reading What You Need To Know About Marijuana And Birth Control at The Fresh Toast.

Press Release: Cabot Wealth Management Upped Gw Pharmaceuticals Plc (GWPH) Stake by $914,524; Share Price Declined; Unitedhealth Group (UNH) Holder New England Investment & Retirement Group Has Raised Stake

Cannabis Law Report

Cabot Wealth Management Inc increased its stake in Gw Pharmaceuticals Plc (GWPH) by 34.2% based on its latest 2019Q2 regulatory filing with the SEC. Cabot Wealth Management Inc bought 5,317 shares as the company’s stock declined 2.22%.

How the Cannabis Industry Can Learn from the Lessons of Alcohol Prohibition

Cannabis Maven

Both lessons and parallels can be drawn between cannabis and alcohol prohibition. Industry

Lesotho: Two Senior Health Ministry Officials Overseeing Cannabis Industry Licensing Linked To Company Planning To Produce Medicinal Cannabis In The Country

Cannabis Law Report

News 24.om reports…… Two senior Lesotho health ministry officials, who oversee cannabis industry licensing, are linked to a company that plans to manufacture medicinal cannabis in the kingdom.