Tiny but mighty: Micro-cultivators dominated 2021


Canadian micro-cultivation licences are at an all time high, proving that bigger isn't always better when it comes to cannabis. The post Tiny but mighty: Micro-cultivators dominated 2021 appeared first on Leafly.

NORML Formally Responds to DEA’s Proposed Changes to Marijuana Cultivation Rules


Under existing regulations, the agency only licenses one facility — the University of Mississippi — to cultivate cannabis for use in FDA-approved clinical trials. 2020 ACTIVISM GOVERNMENT Research SCIENCE Cultivation DEA University of Mississippi

DEA 271

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Missouri Marijuana Cultivation License: Everything You Need To Know

MMJ Recs

The state has deemed home cultivation legal and has given people the option to apply for a license that would allow them to cultivate medical marijuana in their homes. What is a Missouri Medical Cultivation License? Missouri Cultivation License rules.

California: NORML State Affiliate Criticizes “Onerous” Cultivation Tax Hike


NORML Board Member and California NORML Director Dale Gieringer said that the legal cannabis market in California is already "burdened by excessive taxes and regulation. California needs to be reducing, not increasing cannabis taxes to make the legal market more competitive.”.

New Hampshire: Lawmakers Advance Legislation Permitting Patients to Home Cultivate


The Governor has not publicly commented on the bill, but has previously spoken out against broader legalization efforts. The measure permits registered patients (or their designated caregivers) to cultivate up to three mature plants in a private location that it not subject to public view. NORML has long opined that patients ought to have the legal option grow their own cannabis as an alternative to purchasing it from licensed commercial producers.

A Farmer Turns to Cannabis Cultivation for Survival


These can range all the way from six months in jail to the death penalty for large-scale cultivation and distribution. Phung is definitely not the first Vietnamese farmer to turn to illegal cannabis cultivation out of desperation.

Panama, Guyana considering legalizing hemp cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Hemp Industry daily reports… Government officials in Guyana and Panama are considering legalizing hemp cultivation in their countries. The post Panama, Guyana considering legalizing hemp cultivation first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

Court: DEA Must Explain Its Failure to Act Upon Pending Marijuana Cultivation Applications


A federal court has ordered the Drug Enforcement Administration to respond to a lawsuit charging the agency with failing to move forward with a 2016 policy to expand the total number of federally licensed marijuana cultivators. ” To date, however, the agency has neither affirmed or denied any of the 26 applicants that have sought the DEA’s permission for a federal cultivation license.

Medical Cultivation OK’d in Brazil

Canna Law Blog

On June 14, the Sixth Panel ( Sexta Turma ) of Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice’s ( Superior Tribunal de Justiça , or STJ) issued a decision allowing cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

Protests Flare in Georgia After Cultivation Licenses Are Awarded


The state recently awarded cultivation licenses to six growers, all of whom are expected to launch their businesses in the next few months. Class 1 permits allow growers to cultivate the plant over 100,000 square feet of space.

Morroco Allows Limited Legal Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Read more: Morocco moves to legalize cannabis for medical and industrial use. Mugglehead. Fields of weed in Ketama, Morocco. The region has been called the hash capital of the country. Photo by GuHKS via Wikimedia Commons.

Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation


Facing product surpluses and plummeting prices, the Oregon Senate has moved forward with a plan to temporarily limit the state's supply of legal adult-use marijuana. The post Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation appeared first on Leafly. Politics cultivation Growing licensing Oregon

New York Senator Introduces Cannabis Cultivation Bill

Cannabis Law Report

Senator Jeremy Cooney of New York introduced a bill on July 20 that would build upon the state’s recreational cannabis law with a focus on getting cultivation up and running. A provisional license would offer a cultivator the same benefits as a cultivator’s license for the time being.

Montana: Adult-Use Legalization Law Takes Effect


Adults may legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana and/or privately cultivate up to four mature cannabis plants. The post Montana: Adult-Use Legalization Law Takes Effect appeared first on NORML. Legalization legalization Montana

Law 207

South Dakota: House Lawmakers Move to Repeal Citizen-Initiated Home Cultivation Rights


This vote is the latest of many actions taken by lawmakers to undue voters' actions on Election Day, when they approved a pair of ballot initiatives legalizing marijuana for both medical and adult-use purposes.

Getting Busted Around The World – The Consequences Of Cannabis Cultivation Crossword Puzzle

Cannabis Life Network

The post Getting Busted Around The World – The Consequences Of Cannabis Cultivation Crossword Puzzle appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Thailand Is on Its Way to Full Cannabis Legalization


From being the first Asian country to legalize medical cannabis to opening dispensaries for free medical cannabis oil and approving medical cultivation and distribution , Thailand has led the charge when it comes to cannabis legalization.

BREAKING: New York Legislature Approves Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana Revenue and Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes and regulates the adult-use, commercial marijuana market in New York State, while also permitting those over the age of 21 to cultivate personal-use quantities of cannabis in their own homes.

Americans Will Cultivate Over 4 Billion Grams Of Homegrown Cannabis in 2022


The legal cannabis industry in the United States has slowly expanded over the last decade. With legalization, patients and consumers have more freedom in product choice, and many are turning to homegrown cannabis. Cultivation Costs for Homegrowers.

IL Triton College rolls out new cannabis cultivation course

Cannabis Law Report

The course – aptly named cannabis cultivation – is folded into the college’s greenhouse grow operations certificate program where students can learn about the cultivation of cannabis plants, which can be used for recreational and medicinal purposes, as well as high-value crops and ornamental plants.

In Massachusetts, Cannabis Cultivation Workers Can Unionize


The promise of a developing cannabis industry is one of the strongest points in favor of cannabis legalization, both at the state and federal level. Not only would an expanded cannabis industry create jobs, but it would also funnel more money into states who choose to legalize.

Corruption in the Legal Cannabis Industry: Temptation Facilitated by Greed and Cannabis Cultivation


This is just one example of government corruption with respect to the legal cannabis industry. An Eruption of Government Corruption in the Legal Cannabis Industry. The newly emerging legal cannabis industry has cultivated more than just cannabis and jobs.

Tribe is Expanding Cannabis Cultivation, Overgrowing the State Program


The Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe is expanding cannabis cultivation efforts to fuel their expanding MMJ program that has already grown to serve over 10,000 patients, outstripping South Dakota’s state MMJ program by leaps and bounds. South Dakota isn’t exactly legendary for cannabis.

Video: Canada- B.C. company legally cultivating psychedelic mushrooms

Cannabis Law Report

Psychedelics Psychedelics General

New Mexico: House Lawmakers Approve Adult Use Marijuana Legalization Proposal


The measure, approved by a 39 to 31 vote, would allow adults to purchase at least two ounces of marijuana at a time and cultivate up to six mature plants for personal use. The post New Mexico: House Lawmakers Approve Adult Use Marijuana Legalization Proposal appeared first on NORML.

Possessing And Cultivating Psychedelics Would Be Legalized In Michigan Under New Senate Bill

Cannabis Law Report

Marijuana Moment reports… Michigan senators on Thursday introduced a bill to legalize the possession, cultivation and delivery of an array of plant- and fungus-derived psychedelics like psilocybin and mescaline.

Goa Chief Minister Re-Iterates His Government Will Not Allow Legal Cultivation Of Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has again reiterated that his government will not allow the legal cultivation of cannabis, a… Read More. The post Goa Chief Minister Re-Iterates His Government Will Not Allow Legal Cultivation Of Cannabis first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

Lebanon About to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Ashark Al Aw-Sat reports this week that……Cannabis cultivation for medical and industrial use is about to be legalized based on a draft law approved by the parliamentary committees on Wednesday and referred to Parliament for adoption.

Supreme Court trial on homegrow ban reveals a bigger issue in federal cannabis legalization


Does federal legalization only matter if the provinces agree? One man is challenging Quebec’s personal cannabis cultivation ban and, after three years, the case has reached the Supreme Court. Canada adult-use cannabis Canada Supreme Court federal legalization legalization politics

NYC’s Rooftop Cannabis Cultivation, NM’s First Consumption Lounge, & NJ’s Recreational Market Launch


New York City’s mayor has a bold plan to kick start cannabis cultivation, New Mexico got its first cannabis consumption lounge, and New Jersey finally opened its recreational cannabis market. What do you think of Eric Adams’ vision of cannabis cultivation in the Big Apple?

Policy Implications of Legalizing Cannabis Cultivation in Lebanon – Lebanese American University Presentation

Cannabis Law Report

In April 2020, Lebanon’s parliament, in an effort to boost the economy and government balance sheet, passed a law legalizing cannabis farming for medicinal and … Read More.

Australian Capital Legalizes Marijuana Possession and Cultivation


Another nation is toying with cannabis legalization, this time far beyond North American or European shores. According to CNN , the Australian capital of Canberra fully legalized possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis after a vote on September 24 th. Under the ACT’s current law, cultivating one or two cannabis plants or possessing 50g (1.76 ounces) of marijuana and cultivate up to two plants per person, or four per household.”.

New York Issues First Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivation Licenses

Canna Law Blog

The licenses: 52 conditional adult-use cultivation licenses based on the conditional license type rolled out by the CCB and Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) earlier this year. The CCB also addressed its consideration of the revised regulations for medical home cultivation.

Is the Future of Cannabis in Craft or Commercial Cultivation?


The future of cannabis seems to be drifting to mega-companies and corporations that cultivate greenery for the masses. Some would argue that the legal cannabis industry is shifting towards a craft industry very similar to beer. Cannabis Cultivation is a Craft and Prices Reflect That.

New Hamshire GOP Controlled House of Reps Says Yes To Bill To Legalize Cannabis Possession & Personal Cultivation For Adults.

Cannabis Law Report

The GOP-controlled New Hampshire House of Representatives on Thursday approved a bill to legalize marijuana possession and personal cultivation for adults. GOP-Controlled New Hampshire House Votes To Legalize Marijuana Possession And Cultivation. Marijuana Moment reports.

Montana Lawmakers Approve Legislation to Amend Voter-Approved Marijuana Legalization Law


The measure decreases the personal cultivation limit from four mature plants per adult and eight mature plants per household as originally approved by voters, to two mature plants per adult and four mature plants per household.

India: Goa govt considering legalising cannabis cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Goa’s Law Minister Nilesh Cabral said that his department has vetted the file from a ‘legal perspective’ after he received … Read More. The post India: Goa govt considering legalising cannabis cultivation first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. The Hindstan Times reports today.