NORML Formally Responds to DEA’s Proposed Changes to Marijuana Cultivation Rules


Under existing regulations, the agency only licenses one facility — the University of Mississippi — to cultivate cannabis for use in FDA-approved clinical trials. ” Specifically, the newly proposed rules expand the DEA’s authority by declaring it to be the only entity legally permitted to purchase, warehouse, and dispense any cannabis grown under a federal license. 2020 ACTIVISM GOVERNMENT Research SCIENCE Cultivation DEA University of Mississippi

DEA 183

New Hampshire: Lawmakers Advance Legislation Permitting Patients to Home Cultivate


The Governor has not publicly commented on the bill, but has previously spoken out against broader legalization efforts. The measure permits registered patients (or their designated caregivers) to cultivate up to three mature plants in a private location that it not subject to public view. NORML has long opined that patients ought to have the legal option grow their own cannabis as an alternative to purchasing it from licensed commercial producers.


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Montana: Adult-Use Legalization Law Takes Effect


Adults may legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana and/or privately cultivate up to four mature cannabis plants. The post Montana: Adult-Use Legalization Law Takes Effect appeared first on NORML. Legalization legalization Montana

Law 203

Court: DEA Must Explain Its Failure to Act Upon Pending Marijuana Cultivation Applications


A federal court has ordered the Drug Enforcement Administration to respond to a lawsuit charging the agency with failing to move forward with a 2016 policy to expand the total number of federally licensed marijuana cultivators. ” To date, however, the agency has neither affirmed or denied any of the 26 applicants that have sought the DEA’s permission for a federal cultivation license.

Panama, Guyana considering legalizing hemp cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Hemp Industry daily reports… Government officials in Guyana and Panama are considering legalizing hemp cultivation in their countries. The post Panama, Guyana considering legalizing hemp cultivation first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

Malawi legalizes cannabis cultivation for certain uses

Cannabis Life Network

BLANTYRE, Malawi — Malawi has legalized the cultivation of cannabis as the country seeks an alternative to tobacco, its main earner of foreign exchange which is under pressure from anti-smoking campaigns. Parliament on Thursday passed the bill to allow cultivation for medicinal and industrial uses. Legalization of this crop will contribute to economic growth as […].

Is the Future of Cannabis in Craft or Commercial Cultivation?


The future of cannabis seems to be drifting to mega-companies and corporations that cultivate greenery for the masses. Some would argue that the legal cannabis industry is shifting towards a craft industry very similar to beer. Cannabis Cultivation is a Craft and Prices Reflect That.

Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation


Facing product surpluses and plummeting prices, the Oregon Senate has moved forward with a plan to temporarily limit the state's supply of legal adult-use marijuana. The post Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation appeared first on Leafly. Politics cultivation Growing licensing Oregon

Goa Chief Minister Re-Iterates His Government Will Not Allow Legal Cultivation Of Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has again reiterated that his government will not allow the legal cultivation of cannabis, a… Read More. The post Goa Chief Minister Re-Iterates His Government Will Not Allow Legal Cultivation Of Cannabis first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

India: Goa govt considering legalising cannabis cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Goa’s Law Minister Nilesh Cabral said that his department has vetted the file from a ‘legal perspective’ after he received … Read More. The post India: Goa govt considering legalising cannabis cultivation first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. The Hindstan Times reports today.

Policy Implications of Legalizing Cannabis Cultivation in Lebanon – Lebanese American University Presentation

Cannabis Law Report

In April 2020, Lebanon’s parliament, in an effort to boost the economy and government balance sheet, passed a law legalizing cannabis farming for medicinal and … Read More.

Australian Capital Legalizes Marijuana Possession and Cultivation


Another nation is toying with cannabis legalization, this time far beyond North American or European shores. According to CNN , the Australian capital of Canberra fully legalized possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis after a vote on September 24 th. Under the ACT’s current law, cultivating one or two cannabis plants or possessing 50g (1.76 ounces) of marijuana and cultivate up to two plants per person, or four per household.”.

GL420 Enterprise is a Minority Woman Owned Cannabis Company in Los Angeles County, with a One-of-a-Kind Cultivation Facility that is now Open

Canna Newswire

February 9, 2021 / Canna Newswire / – GL420 Enterprise officially announces the grand opening of their 23,000 square foot state-of-the-art cultivation center located in the heart of Northridge. CULTIVATORS WOMEN IN CANNABISNORTHRIDGE, Calif.

A Double Edged Sword: Is Cannabis Cultivation Helping or Destroying our Planet?


As countries see to the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis and cannabis farming, they should establish accompanying policies looking out for the best interest of the planet. The post A Double Edged Sword: Is Cannabis Cultivation Helping or Destroying our Planet?

Lebanon About to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

Ashark Al Aw-Sat reports this week that……Cannabis cultivation for medical and industrial use is about to be legalized based on a draft law approved by the parliamentary committees on Wednesday and referred to Parliament for adoption. …/… Areas currently cultivated with “hashish” (cannabis), the income of farmers is estimated at about USD 600 million, while for merchants it may reach two billion or more.

Arizona: Prop. 207 Legalization Measure Officially Takes Effect


Provisions legalizing marijuana possession, use, and personal cultivation take immediate effect. 207 Legalization Measure Officially Takes Effect appeared first on NORML. The post Arizona: Prop. Ballot Initiative Election Arizona ballot initiative election featured Statepolicy

7 Amazing Tips For Successful Cannabis Cultivation

Otherside Farms

It’s reported that as many as 15% of US residents would grow cannabis at home if it was legal. So, based on these stats there’s no doubt that cannabis cultivation is growing in popularity. Read on to learn about our seven top tips for cannabis cultivation.

Rick Steves: I support home cultivation rights for all marijuana consumers


In 2012, I was proud to help fund and promote the passage of I-502 which legalized, taxed, and regulated marijuana in my home state of Washington. Legislation is currently stalled in the House and Senate to allow adults to cultivate up to six marijuana plants in their homes. Granting the right to home cultivation gives more power to the consumer and ensures the safe, convenient, and affordable access to marijuana for all.

DEA Promises Progress on Federal Cultivation Applications, But Provides No Timetable for Action


According to the agency’s filing today in the Federal Register, the DEA “intends to promulgate regulations” to evaluate several dozen applications before it from private entities that wish to cultivate cannabis for FDA-approved research. Scientists familiar with the product have consistently said that it is of inferior quality and fails to accurately reflect the types of marijuana varieties commercially available in legal states.

DEA 166

California Hemp Cultivation: It’s Complicated

Canna Law Blog

Those posts, however, were more geared towards the manufacture and sale of hemp-derived cannabidiol (“Hemp CBD”) products than the actual cultivation of hemp, which is becoming an increasingly important topic in the hemp industry in the wake of the federal Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (or “2018 Farm Bill”). There is actual law on the books for cultivation, but it mostly sat there for a few years and is only now coming to light.

How Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation Weathered the State’s Winter Storm


And now that he’s spent years here, navigating the cultivation side of the industry and monitoring broader trends in the U.S., MM: There is something quite special about your cultivation process. CB: It is indeed high-risk but a very high-reward method of cultivation!

Australia: Cannabis Possession Now Depenalized in the Capital Territory


Activities involving the personal possession and/or cultivation of cannabis in private are no longer subject to either criminal or civil penalties in the Australian Capital Territory, in accordance with legislation that took effect last week. Under the new law, those age 18 or older may possess up to 50 grams of cannabis and cultivate up to four plants per household without penalty. 2020 Home Cultivavtion Legalization Australia depenalization home cultivation

Ohio Awards Additional Medical Marijuana Cultivation License to Ohio Grown Therapies


Confusion over Ohio Grown Therapies’ pesticide plan in its initial application for a Level 1 medical marijuana cultivation license nearly lost the Johnstown company entry into Ohio’s nascent market, until the Department of Commerce reevaluated the business’s score and issued it a provisional license late last month. Now that is has secured a provisional cultivation license, Ohio Grown Therapies has nine months to obtain a final operational permit. “We’re

Quebec Judge strikes down provincial law forbidding home cultivation of cannabis

Cannabis Life Network

MONTREAL — A court has invalidated the provisions of Quebec‘s cannabis law prohibiting home cultivation of the drug. The post Quebec Judge strikes down provincial law forbidding home cultivation of cannabis appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks. Blog Cannabis Canada Cannabis Legalization Featured Latest Legalization News Law Marijuana Legalization Marijuana News Quebec Quebec cannabis quebec superior court

DEA: Marijuana Plant Seizures Spike, Arrests Fall in 2019


Commenting on the longer-term trends, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “Following the enactment of statewide adult-use cannabis legalization laws, both DEA-related marijuana arrests and seizures have fallen dramatically. 2020 GOVERNMENT LAW ENFORCEMENT Legalization Cultivation DEA eradication grow operations suppression

DEA 180

Thailand Legalized Medical Marijuana


Making history as the first country in Southeast Asia to do so, Thailand legalized medical cannabis on December 24, 2018. This came as a surprise to some considering that Thailand has a reputation for having notoriously harsh laws regarding the use, cultivation, production and transportation of any drugs. Recreational cultivation and possession of cannabis will remain illegal and punishable by time in jail. Why did Thailand Legalize Medical Marijuana?

California Cannabis Cultivator Brings RICO Claims Against Fellow Cultivator, But Not For The Reason You Might Think

Canna Law Blog

In what appears to be a first, a veteran commercial cannabis cultivator in Santa Barbara County has sued another cannabis cultivator for, among many other claims, violating the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The current case is unique because a California cannabis cultivator is suing another cannabis cultivator for violating RICO as a criminal enterprise. Federal Court Dismisses RICO Suit Against Sonoma County Cannabis Cultivator.

Grow Tech: Gadgets for the Home Cannabis Cultivator

Freedom Leaf

With the array of cannabis legalization laws taking effect in the U.S. By becoming your own master cultivator, you gain autonomy throughout the entire growth process, ensuring both safety and quality. Home cultivation can improve your health and wellness. Certain pesticides, funguses and fertilizers found in cannabis originating from industrial cultivation facilities can have detrimental effects. More Cultivation Articles.

Italy’s Supreme Court Rules Personal Marijuana Cultivation Legal

The Joint Blog

In a decision that has massive, long-lasting implications Italy’s Supreme Court has ruled that growing a small amount of marijuana for personal use is legal. Mantero presented an amendment to the 2020 budget calling for legalization and regulation of domestic cannabis use, but it was ruled inadmissible by the senate speaker from Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative Forza Italia party.

Marijuana Legalization on the Ballot in Arizona


However, a recent survey showed that over 62 percent of likely voters now support legalizing cannabis, suggesting a recent change of heart in the Grand Canyon State. Arizonans would also be allowed to cultivate up to six cannabis plants in their homes.

Illinois Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana


Pritzker has signed legislation legalizing the adult use of marijuana and regulating its commercial production and retail sale. Illinois is now the eleventh state to legalize adult-use marijuana, and it is the second state to legalize marijuana use via legislative action rather than by voter initiative. Patients enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program will be legally permitted for the first time to personally cultivate up to five marijuana plants.

Legislation to Legalize Personal Marijuana Cultivation Filed in Washington’s House and Senate

The Joint Blog

Companion bills that would legalize the personal cultivation of marijuana for those 21 and older has been filed in Washington State’s House of Representatives and Senate. where marijuana has been legalized. The post Legislation to Legalize Personal Marijuana Cultivation Filed in Washington’s House and Senate appeared first on TheJointBlog.

New York: An Analysis of Governor Cuomo’s Legalization Proposal


A complex and comprehensive plan laid out in over 200 pages of legislative text, the CRTA would implement one of the most tightly regulated, highly taxed and heavily controlled legal cannabis markets in the world. Patients and their caregivers could also apply for a permit to cultivate and process their own cannabis for their own personal medicinal use, with undetermined restrictions to be left to regulations put forth by the OCM.

NORML’s Statement Regarding the Designation of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries as “Essential Services”


’ Finally, NORML would like once again to reaffirm its longstanding position regarding the need for state laws to recognize and to permit patients to engage in personal cultivation. In those jurisdictions where home cultivation is not a legal option at this time, we strongly encourage dispensaries to be mindful of their patients’ needs and income limitations and, whenever possible, to price their products accordingly.

Six Tips for Cultivating Cannabis on a Terrace or Balcony


You’d be forgiven for thinking that in order to successfully cultivate cannabis outdoors, you’d need a significant amount of space to get the job done. After all, most outdoor cultivation guides tend to target growers with larger gardens, greenhouses and so on. But what if the only outdoor space you have is a compact terrace [ ] The post Six Tips for Cultivating Cannabis on a Terrace or Balcony appeared first on Legalize it.

First Legal Medical Marijuana Now Planted in Arkansas


For the first time in nearly a century, cannabis seeds have been legally planted in Arkansas. The state awarded a total of only five licenses for medical marijuana producers, and BOLD Team Cultivation is officially the first to begin the process. BOLD TEAM LLC said that they are, “pleased to announce that we have been granted approval to begin cultivation of medical marijuana.”

Legalization Proposals Progress Around the Country


Just about two months into the 2019 legislative session, legalization proposals are swiftly moving forward in states across the country. Senate Bill 686 seeks to legalize the use, possession, cultivation, and retail sale of small amounts of marijuana for adults. This marked the first time a legislative committee in Hawaii moved a legalization proposal forward. This bill does not allow for home cultivation or expungement of prior convictions.