St Louis Mayor Signs Into Law Bill To Decriminalize Cannabis Possession & Cultivation

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Louis on Monday signed a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession and cultivation for adults, a local reform that comes as efforts to legalize cannabis statewide in Missouri are also gaining momentum. Louis Mayor Signs Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession And Cultivation.

Thailand Decriminalizes Cannabis, But Not Really

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As of yesterday, June 9, 2022, the home cultivation of low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis in Thailand is legal. The legalization of home cultivation should facilitate access to medical cannabis, which has been legal in Thailand since 2018.


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Medical Cultivation OK’d in Brazil

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On June 14, the Sixth Panel ( Sexta Turma ) of Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice’s ( Superior Tribunal de Justiça , or STJ) issued a decision allowing cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

Seattle Decriminalizes Psychedelics

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Seattle just became the largest city in the United States to decriminalize a wide range of psychedelic substances including psilocybin, ayahuasca, ibogaine, and mescaline. What substances are decriminalized? Decriminalization vs. Legalization.

Italy Gets One Step Closer to Decriminalizing Cannabis


A ballot campaign launched by several pro-cannabis organizations and political parties in the country last week earned the required 500,000 signatures to continue down the road to cannabis decriminalization. Cannabis reform is booming in Italy.

Mexico Supreme Court Decriminalizes Cannabis Use

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Monday, Mexico’s Supreme Court overruled cannabis prohibition, effectively decriminalizing the plant for adults nationwide. Adults wanting to cultivate and consume their own cannabis will be able to apply for permits from the health secretariat. Cannabis Law News

Wisconsin Governor Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana And Decriminalize Recreational This Year


Evers aims to legalize medical cannabis, decriminalize recreational possession and use, and expunge qualifying arrest records. Our budget will decriminalize possession of marijuana in amounts of 25 grams or less, and we’ll also be creating a path for expungement for these crimes for those who’ve completed their sentence or probation,” wrote Evers on Twitter. Registered, card-holding patients would also be permitted to cultivate up to 12 mature plants at home.

Citywide Psychedelic Decriminalization Doesn’t Protect Commercial Activities

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Over the last year, a handful of cities have passed decriminalization measures for psilocybin and other plant psychedelics. Denver was the first jurisdiction to pass a decriminalization measure, and Oakland, Santa Cruz, Ann Arbor, and most recently, Washington, D.C.

Webinar – July 28 2021: Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar Q&A

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The Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative Communications Committee took questions from participants during the Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar which took place onMay 25th, 2021. issues as this is where the Decriminalization efforts this Webinar was addressing take place.

New Hampshire: House Lawmakers Approve Bill Allowing Personal Possession of Marijuana


New Hampshire House lawmakers today approved legislation, House Bill 1648 , eliminating criminal and civil penalties for activities involving possession and home cultivation of personal use quantities of cannabis. 2020 Decriminalization decriminalization depenalization New Hampshire Sununu

The Effort to Decriminalize Psilocybin in California is Underway

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Psilocybin has been in the news with increasing frequency as research into psychedelic therapy has proliferated, and a number of local jurisdictions, including the cities of Oakland, Denver , and Santa Cruz have decriminalized psilocybin to varying degrees. Denver Decriminalizes Psilocybin.

CA: Arcata City Council Councilmember Sarah Schaefer Agrees To Lead Psychedelics Decriminalization Proposal

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Another California city is pursuing a resolution to decriminalize psychedelics, with an Arcata City Council member agreeing to sponsor the measure. Third California City Seeks To Decriminalize Psychedelics. Decriminalize Nature Humboldt. Marijuana Moment reports.

Maltese Cannabis Advocacy Group ReLEAF Says Cannabis Must Be Decriminalized in 2021

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The cannabis legalisation platform ReLeaf Malta has reiterated a call for the full decriminalisation of adult cultivation of cannabis by 2021. . The post Maltese Cannabis Advocacy Group ReLEAF Says Cannabis Must Be Decriminalized in 2021 first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

Possessing And Cultivating Psychedelics Would Be Legalized In Michigan Under New Senate Bill

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Marijuana Moment reports… Michigan senators on Thursday introduced a bill to legalize the possession, cultivation and delivery of an array of plant- and fungus-derived psychedelics like psilocybin and mescaline. Decriminalization of entheogenic substances makes sense.

Seattle City Council Affirms Support for Decriminalization of Entheogens

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Lewis (District 7 – Pioneer Square to Magnolia) expressed enthusiasm following the passage of Resolution 32021 , declaring that the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of anyone engaging in entheogen-related activities should be among Seattle’s lowest law enforcement priorities.

Colorado: Recent Poll Suggests Colorado voters would support a statewide measure to decriminalize possession of psilocybin mushrooms

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Half of likely Colorado voters would support a statewide measure to decriminalize possession of psilocybin mushrooms and establish a system of legal cultivation and sales … Read More. Psy Business & Law News Partnered With CFN

Cannabis laws in Germany: Is weed legal?

The Cannigma

Medical: Legal Recreational: Largely decriminalized. Possession, cultivation, import, export, and sale remains illegal in Germany, but people who are arrested with small amounts for personal use (around 6-15 grams) typically don’t face prosecution.

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Is Wisconsin ‘Behind the Curve’ on Marijuana Laws?


The state is one of just 17 in which the possession, sale, or cultivation of cannabis in any amount can result in criminal prosecution. The post Is Wisconsin ‘Behind the Curve’ on Marijuana Laws? Politics adult-use cannabis decriminalization legalization wisconsinappeared first on Leafly.

Seattle City Council approved resolution Monday to decriminalize a wide range of activities around psychedelic drugs,

Cannabis Law Report

Seattle’s City Council approved a resolution Monday to decriminalize a wide range of activities around psychedelic drugs, including the cultivation and sharing of psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, ibogaine and non-peyote-derived mescaline. Seattle Medium have the story.

The Future of Federal Marijuana Laws Remains Dazed and Confusing


federal law as a Schedule 1 drug puts us far behind our international partners and scientific competitors, including the U.K., Most Americans have access to either medical or adult-use cannabis under state laws. Marijuana’s categorization under U.S.

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Another City In US Decides To Decriminalize “psychedelic mushrooms”

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A new resolution has been passed in Central California to decriminalize the use of psychedelic mushrooms. The city council voted to approve a measure on Tuesday reports ABC news.

Cannabis laws in Japan: Is weed legal?

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While many countries around the world have legalized or decriminalized cannabis or have eased up on enforcement in recent years, in Japan in 2018 there was a sharp increase in cannabis-related arrests — and 80% of them were possession charges. The post Cannabis laws in Japan: Is weed legal?

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Louisiana Is Blazing Trails With New Cannabis Laws


In addition to numerous expansions to the state’s medical marijuana (MMJ) program, the state’s decriminalization of cannabis went into effect in August, beginning the reversal of decades of harm done by the war on drugs.

Louisiana House Approves HB 652, A Marijuana Decriminalization Bill


The Louisiana House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that effectively decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana. If the measure is passed by the upper house of the state legislature, it would become law if signed by Democratic Gov.

Oakland (City) officially decriminalizes plant based psychedelics

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On Tuesday night, the Oakland City Council passed a resolution that decriminalises the use, possession, and cultivation of natural psychedelics derived from plants and fungi, including ayahuasca, peyote, and DMT. WHEREAS, there is a lack of clarity as to whether such practices can be subject to law enforcement and therefore those seeking to improve their health and well-being through the use of Entheogenic Plants use them in fear of arrest and prosecution; and . Cannabis Law News

CNN: Italy will likely hold a referendum on decriminalizing cannabis next year

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Italy will likely decide whether or not to decriminalize cannabis in a referendum next year, after campaign groups managed to gather the required 500,000 signatures in a week.

Trinidad & Tobago Cannabis Decriminalization Now In Play

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It is now law after President Paula-Mae Weekes proclaimed the legislation on Friday, even as Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi said the President had given assent to the bill and would proclaim it on Monday. What the law says. It is insane these laws were in operation so long.”.

California: Decriminalize California filed a proposed ballot measure last week that seeks to legalize the possession, cultivation and retail sale of psilocybin mushrooms in California.

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Marijuana Moment Reports… Activists filed a proposed ballot measure last week that seeks to legalize the possession, cultivation and retail sale of psilocybin mushrooms in California. Decriminalize California, the group behind the petition, previously filed a narrower initiative to decriminalize the psychedelic statewide.

California Activists Seek Decriminalization of Magic Mushrooms

Marijuana Lawyer Blog

With the 2020 ballot fast approaching, California activists are keenly working towards securing a measure that would decriminalize psilocybin, also commonly known as ‘magic mushrooms.’. Together with the required $2,000 fee, an advocacy group by the name of Decriminalize California submitted ballot language to the state attorney general’s office in September. Representatives for Decriminalize California have stated the group currently aims to raise $1.5

Cannabis Legalization & Decriminalization Bills For Virginia Shot Down In Committee

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WAVY) — A local delegate’s push to legalize marijuana for recreational use was shot down, as well as several other major bills aimed at decriminalizing or legalizing the drug, before they even reached the full General Assembly this year. Today the House Courts of Justice Committee defeated both my marijuana legalization and decriminalization bills,” said Heretick in a press release Wednesday night. Cannabis Law NewsLocal News Outlet 10WAVY reports.

California Moves Toward Psychedelic Drug Decriminalization with Sensational New Bill


Could California be on the brink of decriminalizing psychedelics? Senate Bill 519 “would make lawful the possession for personal use, as described, and the social sharing, as defined, of psilocybin, psilocyn, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ibogaine, mescaline, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), ketamine, and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), by and with persons 21 years of age or older,” according to the text of the bill , which was authored by state Sen.

Tasmania: Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) Says How About Decriminalizing Cannabis. State Attorney General Says No Way Jose

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International and interstate examples of success, growing public support and the clear failure of current laws to stop drug use means the time is right for drug law reform in Tasmania, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA). Mirage News reports.

Cherokee Nation Just Decriminalized Weed Possession in State Where Pot Is Still Illegal


The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians tribal council, which oversees Native communities located on the western edge of North Carolina, has voted to decriminalize the possession of an ounce of cannabis for those 21 years and older, Cherokee One Feather reports. . Image via.

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Ohio Governor Signs Bill Decriminalizing Hemp

The Joint Blog

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s has signed into law legislation that decriminalizes hemp, the non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana. Governor DeWine recently signed Senate Bill 57 into law, according to the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). or less of THC to qualify under the new law. The new law sets up a licensing structure for farmers interested in growing the crop. Universities also have the opportunity to cultivate and process hemp for research purposes.”

Australian Capital Legalizes Marijuana Possession and Cultivation


According to CNN , the Australian capital of Canberra fully legalized possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis after a vote on September 24 th. Citizens over the age of 18 in the city and surrounding territory will receive the privilege on January 31 st , 2020, when the law takes effect. Meanwhile, the old drug laws apply. This is also why marijuana laws radically differ depending on the state or territory in question. Current Laws. . New Law. .

What are the cannabis laws in Mexico? Is weed legal?

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Medical: Legal Recreational: Decriminalized (expected to be legal imminently) . Mexican lawmakers in March, 2021 approved a law to legalize recreational cannabis, and some analysts believe the country could become the world’s largest cannabis market.

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Woody Harrelson’s Hollywood Dispensary, Thailand’s Cannabis Plant Giveaway, & Vermont’s First Cannabis License


Woody Harrelson’s new dispensary opened for business, Thailand announced its giveaway of 1 million cannabis plants, and Vermont awarded its first cannabis cultivation license. The actor was famously arrested in 1996 after planting hemp seeds in protest of an unfair Kentucky law. .