Oregon: Cannabis Social Consumption Bill SB 639 Is About Civil Rights


Martinez points out that taking direct actions like opening a private social consumption space before public consumption spaces are legal to push the issue into the mainstream discussion and bring into question unjust laws is something that is much easier for white men, but dangerous territory to cross into for a woman of color. Martinez says this approach further marginalizes the poor, who are disproportionately punished for public consumption. “In

NORML’s Madeline Martinez Says Cannabis Social Consumption Bill SB 639 About Civil Rights

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Martinez says this approach further marginalizes the poor, who are disproportionately punished for public consumption. “In The post NORML’s Madeline Martinez Says Cannabis Social Consumption Bill SB 639 About Civil Rights appeared first on Canna Newswire. SALEM, Ore.

Oregon NORML, In Partnership With The Oregon Justice League, Files “Legalization Justice Act of 2020”


She generated international headlines when she opened the World Famous Cannabis Cafe in 2009, the nation’s first public-facing cannabis consumption lounge. 3) Allows existing cannabis dispensaries to add a social consumption space. (4)

Crop-to-Kitchen Event Featuring Cannabis Edibles Makers and Industry Experts Proves a Hit with Bay Area Consumer Attendees

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Standing room only event rallies locals around legalizing cannabis cuisine. The standing-room-only event featured the authors of Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen and key business professionals in the Bay Area cannabis space. CONSUMABLES EVENTS

Legal Cannabis Mellowed Outside Lands Megafestival


Inside the safest, most secure cannabis sales and consumption in Golden Gate Park history. Lifestyle adult-use cannabis California Events MusicThe post Legal Cannabis Mellowed Outside Lands Megafestival appeared first on Leafly.

Sensi’s Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide for the Holidays

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Cannabis Event. Consumption

First Annual Bay Area Cannabis Pride Celebration

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This is a non-consumption gathering and all attendees must be 21 and over. EVENT DETAILS. This is a non-consumption gathering. EVENTS LGBTQAn inspiring evening celebrating the roots of cannabis access, LGBTQ leadership, and compassion activism.

Bay Area Women in Cannabis Celebrate International Women’s Day And Women’s History Month

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Premiere Film Screening and Special Events planned for March 8, 2019. Featured speakers at the event include activist and actress Beata Po?niak We felt International Women’s Day was the perfect time to launch this event.”. EVENT DETAILS: DATE : Friday, March 8, 2019.

And Best Democratic Experiment Goes to. (Legal?) Weed at the Oscars

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Finally, seeing as how the City of Los Angeles does not yet allow onsite consumption at MAUCRSA-licensed retail or microbusiness facilities within the City, I also wonder to what the MarketWatch article was referring when it mentioned “L.A.’s Now featuring cannabis!

Is Vaping Cannabis Safe? What You Need to Know.


Given recent events reported in the news about illness, lung damage and deaths from vaping , we wanted to provide you with information about vaping cannabis. Smart Consumption is Safe Consumption.

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This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Dec. 21-28


” Having learned that oils, oral sprays, and oil capsules were legalized in October along with fresh and dried cannabis flower, Pallister’s government has considered adding them to the public-consumption ban they passed on all other forms of cannabis.

US Coastguard Orders Active Duty Services To Stay Away From Cannabis. Full Stop

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They are also barred from participating in “any event or with any entity that sells, promotes, celebrates, encourages, or seeks to further the use of marijuana and illegal THC-based products.”. The U.S.

Nevada: A Monumental Year for Cannabis Reform


While Nevadans will unfortunately have to wait another two years for the fate of public consumption lounges to be decided upon, monumental legislation passed in the 2019 legislative session regardless. “We educated them on the policies we helped pass, what didn’t pass, statistics on cannabis, starting a chapter in Northern Nevada and highlighting Old Pal as not only the sponsor for the event, but as a company who supports cultural change.”

Crop-to-Kitchen High Tea with Kikoko a Pinky-Raising Success

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San Francisco Consumption Event Amplifies Mission of Legalizing Cannabis Cuisine. Said C2K co-founder and co-host, Kimberley Belle, “This was the fourth community meet up and the first consumption event Crop-to-Kitchen has ever hosted! CONSUMABLES EVENTS

Crop-to-Kitchen Announces High Tea with Kikoko

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SAN FRANCISCO – May 21, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Crop-to-Kitchen, the SF-based community organization of cannabis and food and beverage professionals working to legalize on-premise consumption of responsibly infused canna-cuisine announces a special event sponsored by Kikoko. EVENTS

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Divided States: NJ, NY and Massachusetts Uniquely Approach Cannabis Legalization


Massachusetts : Licensed marijuana cafes could eventually open in Massachusetts, after the state Cannabis Control Commission voted to approve a “social consumption” pilot program in up to a dozen Massachusetts cities and towns.

Tie-Dye Party

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The Summit Lounge is the only BYOC social consumption lounge in the state. EventsWho’s ready for a tie-dye party? Join Canna Care Docs at The Summit Lounge for an afternoon of tie-dye, ice cream and cannabis education!

Greenlight Law Group Provide Commentary On Current Cannabis Bills In Front Of Oregon Legislature – February 2019

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HB 2233 is nearly identical to SB 639, however it only provides for the regulation of temporary events and cannabis lounges. Again, this proposal will attract even more cannabis tourism but will also facilitate safe and lawful consumption for tourists and residents alike. They write.

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Colorado’s Response To A Burgeoning Nationwide Marijuana Market: Part II – Marijuana Hospitality Establishments

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This new set of marijuana business licenses will create the marijuana variant of alcohol establishments albeit with marijuana specific restrictions and procedures and provide a marijuana consumption location open to the public; including mobile options. .

How Does Marijuana Laws Affect Tourism?

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Marijuana laws revolve around distribution, possession, cultivation, and consumption. Canada and Uruguay are the only sovereign states with marijuana laws that allow consumption and sale of cannabis. The event entailed educational classes, yoga, spa treatments, and unlimited cannabis.

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Heady Vermont Launches New England Cannabis Guide and Digital Media Platform

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Woman-run cannabis media and events company looks to boost cannabis tourism in the region. BURLINGTON, Vt. – August 12, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Heady Vermont is proud to announce the launch of its first print publication, The New England Cannabis Guide.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/1/19


And officials in San Francisco, California are considering a proposal to allow marijuana to be socially consumed and sold at temporary events. Legislation is pending, Senate Bill 639, to allow the social consumption of cannabis by adults in licensed and regulated establishments.

The Carbon Footprint of Legal Cannabis


Lighting, heating, cooling, and drying cannabis generate huge energy bills, while outdoor grows can reduce their consumption to nearly zero.

Why Governors Veto Medical Cannabis Legislation


The proposed laws would have touched several areas of the cannabis spectrum, from business licenses to consumption. Not to diminish licensing, but the consumption bills dominated the news. While we have seen a sharp rise in cannabis access across the U.S.,

Oregon Cannabis Legislation Update

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Description: Prohibits employers from not hiring or firing a candidate/employee for off-hours cannabis consumption. 5) Social Consumption/ Cannabis Lounges / Tasting Rooms. Oregon Update . A quick rundown of some of the bills we’ve been tracking so far this year.

U.S. Chemist Roger Adams Isolated CBD 75 Years Ago

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For the first but not the last time, events on the global stage had an impact on his life, career and research. In my opinion, this drug is bad for human consumption and should be painted so,” he lectured. Roger Adams illustration by Ross Marinaro.

Is Cannabis “Green”?


Lighting, heating, cooling, and drying cannabis generate huge energy bills, while outdoor grows can reduce their consumption to nearly zero.

The Top Cannabis Reform Groups to Follow (and Join)


While cannabis legalization has always been the goal, groups like NORML understand the importance of safe consumption. Additionally, their sister organization, the NORML Foundation, works to educate the public through public advertising events. Getting involved matters.

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Could I lose my flat if I grow cannabis there?

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Anyone who dares to cobble together a growbox inside their home and fill it with cannabis plants will be evicted in the event of an unplanned visit. The basic tendency seems to be that a lease can be terminated if the cultivation volume exceeds the amount for private consumption.

California’s Permanent Cannabis Regulations: Our Feedback to the BCC


In the proposed regulations a “temporary event license is required for any date in which the applicant engages in onsite cannabis sales or allows onsite cannabis consumption.” If you’re at an event with over 50 people in California, odds are someone is consuming cannabis.

Washington Cannabis: The Proposed Hemp Overhaul is Here

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Washington’s hemp law is also extremely confusing thanks to RCW 15.120.020 which prohibits the “production of any part of industrial hemp, except seed, as food, extract, oil, cake, concentrate, resin, or other preparation for topical use, oral consumption, or inhalation by humans[.]”

An Overview of the Biggest Marijuana Players in South America


Despite significant leaps forward in public attitude toward marijuana, including the decriminalization of public marijuana consumption, Colombia might still need a few years before the public embraces full legalization.

Beyond the Crackdown: New York Classifies Hemp-CBD as a Dietary Supplement (Part One)

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Eater first broke the story, but the crackdown made national news with the Wall Street Journal , the New York Times , NBC , and Fox all publishing stories on the event. The CBD Agreement applies to processors who wish to create Hemp-CBD products intended for human consumption.

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Guest Post – Europe: How The Novel Food Authorisation Is Affecting the CBD Oil Industry

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In other words, we can say that Novel foods are those foods which don’t have a proper and significant history of consumption. This is because the CBD industry was unable to show a proper consumption of their products in the history of the EU.

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Light Deprivation and Cannabis: Jonathan Valdman of Forever Flowering Greenhouses Weighs In


In 2019, Jonathan founded The Heart of Cannabis (THC), a family-friendly event featuring seasoned panellists and vendors to bridge the gap between the Cannabis Culture and the Cannabis Industry.

Ignite Launches Innovative CBD-Infused Toothpicks, Amplifying the Return of a Long-Standing Mouth Accessory Trend

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Featuring a familiar form factor, Ignite’s CBD-infused toothpicks are fast-acting and perfect for on-the-go consumption and expression of a certain ‘edgy’ attitude that is well suited for fans of Ignite. “We

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Tristate Cannabis Legalization Update: Who’s Next?

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Social equity provisions and priority to communities impacted by the War on Drugs are the key pillars, however advocates continue to push for home grow, delivery, and on-site social consumption licensing. In fact, there will be a press event at the capitol building in Albany today presenting a united coalition of operators, patients, unions, and advocates, striving to end prohibition and create a regulated cannabis market. By: Kristin Jordan.