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What is bubble hash and can you make it at home?

The Cannigma

Bubble hash, also known as ice water hash, is a specific type of hash concentrate made with ice water. It’s called bubble hash because when smoked, it bubbles. It’s also called ice water hash or water hash due to the preparation method. What is hash made from?

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Kief vs. Hash—What’s the Difference and How Can They be Used?


From applying a topical products, to consuming a cannabis infused beverage or edibles ranging from cheesecake and cheese puffs, vaping cannabis or dabbing cannabis concentrates, the list goes on and on. When it comes to concentrates, edibles, and beverages the methods of infusion and extraction have developed and diversified substantially.

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Medical Marijuana Concentrates: The Complete Guide


It’s these outgrowths surrounding the marijuana flower that produce a plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Trichomes come in different varieties and the accumulation of them is used to create what is collectively called cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are much stronger than the average pre-roll.

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What are trichomes?

Marijuana Seeds NL

In weed’s case, trichomes are the sticky-icky microscopic crystals that contain the plant’s beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. They can contain over 100 varied cannabinoids for varying effects, terpenes for scent and flavonoids for taste. Weed concentrates. Concentrates. Trichomes comes from the Greek word Trích?ma

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Featured Cannabis Brand: AZ Nectar Farms

Kind Meds (Cannabis Education Blog)

Just as every cannabis user is different, the unique characteristics of the company producing your flower or concentrates can drastically affect the quality of the cannabis and the experience you’ll have with the product. Concentrates, we’d like to showcase one of our favorites for this month’s brand feature: AZ Nectar Farms.

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What is cannabis wax and can you make it?

The Cannigma

These high cannabinoid and terpene concentrates are extracted using a hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon blend as the solvent. Many concentrates are made using a solvent to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from weed and produce one of the most potent and enjoyable ways to consume cannabis. Typically butane is used.

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What Is Hash and How Do You Make It?

The Cannigma

Hashish or just hash, is a potent cannabis concentrate made by extracting the resin from cannabis plants and working and pressing it into solid form. Which hash is the finest depends on who you ask. What is the difference between hash and weed? The different types of hash. Old school hash.

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