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The Difference Between Indica and Sativa

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Indica and Sativa? A: Scientifically (and legally), all cannabis plants are Cannabis. Sativa. Genetically, and in terms of interbreeding, all cannabis is in the same family. Q: What is the Sativa cannabis high? Health indica sativa

Cannabis Sativa Vs. Cannabis Indica

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When we do research into cannabis, we find that the topic of Sativa vs. Indica to either be misunderstood or the information we find to be very vague. In this post, we will get a better understanding by looking at the detailed differences between the two species of cannabis.

Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

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Marijuana comes in various different strains, generally divided into three types: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Sativa and indica are two distinct types of marijuana plants, but the two can also be bred together to create hybrid plants. What is Cannabis Indica?

Indica vs. Sativa, Whats the Difference?

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What is the difference between indica and sativa? Most popular literature will tell you that indica and sativa are two species of cannabis with unique drug-type characteristics. Moreover, that within the species of indica and sativa, there are (a seemingly innumerable amount of) “strains” or types, each of which vary from one another in terms of their cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles. moderate THC and moderate CBD content). Sativa.”

Classifying Cannabis: A guide to terpene profiles & percentage scales

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For the uninitiated, the terminology of the cannabis industry can seem like its own language- a jumble of words like indica, sativa, landrace, THC, CBD, terpenes, edibles, extractions, shatter, flower, budder, concentrates… the list goes on and on. Where it all started Cannabis originated from landrace varieties. Blog Culture Featured Health Marijuana News Science Technology CBD CBN hybrid indica limonene linalool myrcene sativa terpenes THC

5 of the Best Sativa Cannabis Strains for Delivery in Los Angeles

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TOPS Cannabis delivers high-quality cannabis products throughout the Los Angeles , Orange County , and San Bernadino area. Here, we cover some of the best sativa strains for delivery in Los Angeles. For the uninitiated, modern cannabis options can be confusing.

WTF Is Cannabis Ruderalis?

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If you’ve ever dealt with an auto-flowering weed strain before, you were looking at the fruits of “cannabis ruderalis.” ” You’ve heard of Cannabis sativa. And you’ve also heard of Cannabis indica. So, what the heck is Cannabis ruderalis ?

5 Medical Cannabis Strains That Can be Used to Treat PTSD

5 cannabis strains to treat PTSD? Cannabis offers significant therapeutic benefits for a wide range of medical conditions. 5 cannabis strains to treat PTSD: 1. OG Kush is a very popular indica-dominant hybrid strain for PTSD, depression and mood disorders. It’s characteristics include mellow indica-like body effects, but with an almost euphoric effect, like a sativa. Use it throughout the day and save your Indicas for nighttime.

3 Medical Cannabis Strains Used to Treat Cancer

In 1975, The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a revolutionary study within the medical industry which showed that tumor growth slowed or stopped in laboratory mice after the use of THC and cannabis compounds. Since then, numerous studies have been published to support the idea that cannabis can aid in improving quality of life and possibly modifying malignancy. 3 cannabis strains to treat cancer: 1.

Raptors vs Warriors Game 5 – Kevin Durant Ruptured Achilles – How can he heal with Cannabis?

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Studies have shown that Cannabis has many healing properties such as relieving anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation and more. There is currently developing research in the connection of Cannabis & sports. What type of Cannabis products may help Durant’s injuries? .

Three Great Florida Medical Cannabis Strains Offered by Trulieve

This means that each strain has a unique genetic lineage, individual effects, odor , taste and THC percentage. Super Sour Diesel/Sativa. It does not produce a overly-mellow result as with Indicas. The THC content: 25%. It’s also well-known and preferred because OG Kush has one of the highest THC percentages. OG Kush shows primarily sativa properties as it can energize and tackle stress at the same time. The THC content: 24%. The THC content: 22%.

5 Flavorful Herbs to Mix with Cannabis

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It’s gained a shining reputation for being a safer and healthier way to consume cannabis simply because it doesn’t produce many of the carcinogens and other harmful compounds that form when marijuana is smoked and burned instead. Dry herb vaping is all the rage these days.

Raptors vs Warriors Game 5 – Kevin Durant Ruptured Achilles – How can he heal with Cannabis?

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Studies have shown that Cannabis has many healing properties such as relieving anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation and more. There is currently developing research in the connection of Cannabis & sports. What type of Cannabis products may help Durant’s injuries? .

Boosting Your Mood With Cannabis


Whether you’re experiencing PMS or in the throes of menopause, cannabis can offer relief. Cannabis and its cannabinoids and terpenes can positively affect the ECS, bringing it into homeostasis or balance. Women, Cannabis and Mood. How Women Take Cannabis.

World Mental Health Day

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How can medical cannabis help? Cannabis has been legalized in Canada for almost one year. This landmark allowed for cannabis and mental health to be discussed further… How can cannabis be used to reduce mental health issues? Cannabis and Anxiety.

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Popular Medical Cannabis Strains for Cancer Symptoms


In recent years, patients turned to medical cannabis to address these symptoms. Now, with medical cannabis expanding across the country, more patients are asking which are the most ideal medical cannabis strains for cancer treatment assistance. .

How to Choose the Perfect Strain for Your Medical Needs

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As legal cannabis grows in popularity, more people are becoming interested in using the plant both medicinally and recreationally. Regardless of if you’re using cannabis medicinally or recreationally, the best thing that you can do when using cannabis is to start small. Sativas.

Laughter – the overlooked benefit of cannabis use

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– describing cannabis. It is actually referencing something that is closely linked to cannabis use: laughter. As far as this author has been able to ascertain, there are no studies that specifically link laughter and cannabis together. Cannabis is absolutely ideal for this.

Hemp Misclassification Inadvertently Decriminalizes Marijuana in Texas


The main problem here is that, due to hemp being defined by its THC content, law enforcement now has to test any marijuana confiscated from defendants. The government’s first mistake was to lump hemp and marijuana together as controlled substances by banning “cannabis” altogether. law classifies “hemp” as any cannabis plant containing 0.3% THC or less, while anything higher is marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are not scientifically different based on THC levels.

Medical Marijuana Guide: How To Choose The Best Marijuana Strains For Your Pain?

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Cannabis is native to central Asia and could be one of the earliest crop plants ever cultivated. What’s new is our understanding of how chemically diverse cannabis is and how it works. Sativa. Sativa and other cannabis species contain different mixtures of compounds.

This Is How Marijuana Can Affect Sleep, According To 9 People On Reddit

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From sleeping pills to melatonin, the troubled sleeper has options, but what about cannabis or more specifically, how do cannabis products affect insomnia and other sleep deficiencies? . RELATED: How I Used CBD & THC Tinctures To Stop Anxiety From My Stressful Job.

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What’s the Difference Between Different Strains of Medical Marijuana?

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Sativa Strains. Indica Strains. The Indica strain offers more physical response than the Sativa strain. This is typically called the best of both worlds for this strain is a combination of both Indica and Sativa. The same for Sativa. THC Content.

Cannabis for Lupus: Here’s How Cannabinoids Relieve Inflammation


Fortunately enough, a large body of evidence shows that cannabis may prove to be a good treatment option for lupus. I wanted to see just how good cannabis might be for this condition, and so I decided to go over the available research. Is cannabis the next best thing?

Cannabis Suppositories: Sticking Weed Where?


Consuming cannabis is often discussed in three basic categories: inhalation, oral and topical. One less discussed consumption form is cannabis suppositories. Cannabis suppositories could be your ticket to relief. The post Cannabis Suppositories: Sticking Weed Where?

The truth about cannabis does not exist!

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The legal cannabis market is still in its infancy and there is no official body to check the origin and quality of the products on offer. How could there be, when cannabis is still banned at federal level? Despite what many people think, cannabis is still illegal here.

How Good Is Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?


Here’s whether cannabis can help. For patients who don’t respond well to conventional MS methods, cannabis treatment seems like a very reasonable choice. Scientific research on cannabis and MS. Cannabis for Lupus: Here’s How Cannabinoids Relieve Inflammation. Over 2.3

What are Cannabis Terpenes and How do They Affect Us?

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These terpenes are also present in cannabis flowers. So without further ado, let’s explore the world of cannabis terpenes, what they are, what their uses are and how you as a consumer can make informed decisions about terpene profiles when buying cannabis medically or recreationally.

Explaining the Science Behind MMJ And Joint Pain Relief

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When it comes to MMJ and joint pain relief, medical marijuana has two active chemicals that play a role in the process: THC and CBD. THC is the most well-known active chemical since this is the psychoactive stimulant responsible for the “high” many people associate with cannabis.

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Temperatures for Vaporising Cannabis


Cannabis vaporisers and temperature control. Normally, cannabis concentrates are vaporised at somewhat higher temperatures than plant matter. Antiemetic properties similar to THC, but more stable and less psychoactive. Some of the terpenes found in cannabis.

The History of Cannabis in Medicine

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This portrait of cannabis use can be ascribed to a feature of its culture. However, cannabis has been used as medicine in different fields for many years. Cannabis contains three species: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Hybrid.

Marijuana for Nausea: Helping Cancer Patients for Decades


It took a lot of time for humanity to “rediscover” the medical potential of cannabis. Although there’s still a long way to go, cannabis has been accepted by many as a tool for treating regular nausea, but also nausea caused by chemotherapy. And that’s where cannabis comes into play.

Medical Marijuana and Cancer: Finding the Most Effective Strains

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Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in different parts of the world, we finally began to rediscover the potential of this ancient medicinal plant. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, contains more than 400 natural compounds. Purple Hindu Kush is an Indica marijuana strain.

What Microdosing Cannabis Is Really Like, According To 14 Real People On Reddit

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Microdosing cannabis allows users to experience the health benefits of marijuana without getting too high. When talking about microdosing cannabis, the same principle applies. Instead of smoking a joint or a bowl, microdosing weed involves just a small amount of cannabis.

The Endocannabinoid System-History, Health and Why We Feel High

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The History and Science of Cannabis. The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes can be dated back to as early as 2700 B.C.; Having a THC concentration of less than 0.03%, hemp is a non-psychoactive plant. includes the use of cannabis for treating inflammatory conditions. .

Cannabis and Exercise: Is It a Good Idea?

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Most people don’t associate cannabis and exercise together, thanks in large part to misleading stereotypes of stoner culture. In fact, most stereotypes of cannabis use include unmotivated, lazy people melting into couches trying to satisfy an insatiable case of the munchies.

I’m A Mom Who Uses Cannabis & CBD Oil To Manage My Chronic Illness (Here’s Why)

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Like many people in this new age of cannabis legalization, I feel like I am rediscovering weed. I smoked in my late teens and early twenties, but as I started my career, got married, and had children, my cannabis use fell by the wayside. Cannabis has changed me. By: Jessica N.

5 Of the Best Cannabis Strains for Arthritis Pain Relief

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This is where the cannabis strains come in. Cannabis has been proven to help a lot of medical conditions, and one of them is arthritis. In this article, we will tell you about five of the best cannabis strains that can provide you with pain relief in arthritis. Death Bubba Strain.