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Cannabinoids: THC

The cannabis plant has been harvested and used by humans throughout history for a variety of purposes. It is because of its complexity, sophistication and cultivation that cannabis has survived for centuries. Cannabis contains chemical compounds that have varying pharmacological and medicinal properties. During the past several decades, scientists have studied and analyzed the entire cannabis plant. THC was discovered by Scientist Raphael Mechoulam in the 1960s.

New York City: Lawmakers Advance Bills Limiting Drug Testing for Cannabis as a Condition of Employment, Probation


Members of the New York City Council approved a pair of municipal bills this week limiting situations where those seeking employment or on probation may be drug tested for the past use of cannabis.

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Clinical Trial: Oral THC Administration Associated with Opioid-Sparing Effects


Trauma patients administered oral THC consume fewer opioids than do similarly matched controls, according to clinical trial data published in the journal Trauma Surgery & Acute Care. 2020 Opioids Research SCIENCE dronabinol Marinol opioids THC

Should Medical Marijuana Have A THC Cap?

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Because medical marijuana (MMJ) is still a fairly new enterprise in the U.S., One of the biggest questions that has come to the forefront is “Should medical marijuana have a THC cap?”. What does a THC cap mean? Is there a THC cap for medical marijuana?

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Chronic use or a cannabinoid deficiency – Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome or THC in reverse

Cannabis Life Network

We recently proposed a theory explaining how a condition that induces intense pain and profuse vomiting after chronic use of cannabis, known as Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS), might function.

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How CBD:THC Blends Work: Half Baked – Exploring the Biases of NAM

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With that being said, CBD does heal and help with many conditions, especially epilepsy. The post How CBD:THC Blends Work: Half Baked – Exploring the Biases of NAM appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks.

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DIY Marijuana Topicals: Pain Relieving Frankincense and Cannabis Massage Oil

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Note: You can make this DIY Cannabis Massage Oil in THC and/or CBD versions! It’s easy to make from just three ingredients that were used in Biblical times: olive oil, frankincense, and cannabis. Cannabis. For many ancient cultures, cannabis was revered as a sacred plant.

CBD and THC Ratio

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Many consumers love to smoke, vape, or eat marijuana because of its THC compound, which takes users to cloud nine after about 30 minutes of consumption. However, some people hate getting high, and even the lowest dose of THC-rich products could alter their thinking. What is THC?

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THC Provides More Symptom Relief Than CBD, According To New Study


government and people who are uncomfortable with the high that is produced by the main psychoactive cannabinoid occurring in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), have accepted CBD with open arms in recent years by adding it to coffee, skincare regimens, and personal lubricant.

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THC May Not Be Only Factor Influencing Marijuana’s “High”


Why do weaker strains of marijuana sometimes result in a stronger high? It’s generally accepted that the cannabinoid compound known as THC is responsible for creating the psychotropic reaction to marijuana known as a “high.” THC Isn’t The Only Factor.

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CBD Vs THC Benefits & More

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The two most common compounds found in the cannabis plant are CBD and THC. While CBD offers a more relaxing effect and uplifts the mood, THC is popular for its “high” effects. Cannabis and its derivatives have been around for centuries. Introduction.

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More Marijuana Weight Loss Evidence: THCA-A


There’s a lot of evidence to support the benefits of marijuana for weight loss and weight control. One recent study sheds new light on the mechanisms by which a lesser-known marijuana cannabinoid, called THCA-A , helps regulate metabolism and weight. Beyond THC.

Cannabis May Enhance Cognition and Memory

In 2017, researcher Andreas Zimmer of the University of Bonn in Germany published his study titled Cannabis reverses aging process in the brain. This study gives hope to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and other brain-affected conditions.

PA: Health Secretary to Add Anxiety Disorders and Tourette Syndrome to Medical Marijuana Program Serious Medical Conditions

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After a careful review of the medical literature available about these conditions, I have decided to approve this recommendation,” Dr. Levine said. Patients should consult with their health care provider to see if medical marijuana will be beneficial for them. Medical Cannabis News

CBD, THC – Alternative Delivery

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CPA’s” PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. CBD, THC – Alternative Delivery – we have spoken to a number of start-up businesses about the potential medical uses of cannabis in myriad from. THC travels through the liver to the brain to induce a head high.

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Video: Cops Search For Marijuana in Hospital Room of Missouri Man Suffering from Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer


A Missouri man suffering from stage-four (IV) pancreatic cancer endured a police raid on his hospital room Thursday, as officers searched his belongings for cannabis. By the time his condition was diagnosed, it had already spread to his liver, qualifying his cancer as stage IV.

THC vs CBD: Whats the Difference?

The Herb Collective

As the legalization of cannabis becomes both recreationally and medically common around the world, many will wonder what the difference is between these two compounds. How can one be considered to be recreationally pleasurable while the other one is medically effective for so many conditions?

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How Does Medical Marijuana Treat Seizures?

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Over the past few years, a lot of research has been conducted about seizures and medical marijuana. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the research results and some of the popular strains and dosages, and advise you on how to get a medical marijuana recommendation for seizures.

Why Does Marijuana Make You Lose Weight?


As leading researchers summarize: The effect size of cannabis use on body mass index (BMI) is large and the magnitude of the difference in BMI of users and non-users is of clinical significance. Already know that medical marijuana is right for you? Marijuana & Obesity Rates.

Solving Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

Cannabis Life Network

Cannabis is revered for relieving so many ailments without itself causing a plethora of side effects. Some people find THC to be uncomfortable, though. The post Solving Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks.


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The benefits of CBD-rich cannabis concentrates for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) are well-known among football players and other pro athletes. government still maintains that cannabis is a dangerous drug with no medical value. government-held patent pertaining to “cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants,” CBD and THC can limit “neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke or trauma.”.

THCA vs. THC: What's the Difference

The Herb Collective

When you think of cannabinoids in marijuana, you probably think of THC and CBD. This is a cannabinoid found in cannabis that eventually converts to the psychoactive THC as the plant dries. So what’s the difference when comparing THCA vs. THC?

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5 Things Veterans Deserve to Know About Medical Marijuana


As we honor those who have served in the United States armed forces, CannaMD has organized five of the most important things every veteran deserves to know about medical marijuana, PTSD , and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Medical Marijuana Patients Still Receive VA Benefits.

Why People Choose THC Oil: Its Benefits and Effects

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Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the element in cannabis that gets a person high. But, this is just one of the more than 400 compounds that are found in cannabis. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. CBD combats THC’s effects. THC Oil Benefits.

Medical Marijuana and Muscle Spasms


Can compounds within marijuana reduce or eliminate the discomfort of muscle cramps? These conditions may lead to spasticity, and cause muscles to remain in a state of continuous contraction, causing stiffness or tightness of the muscles and interfering with normal speech, movement and gait.

What Marijuana Patients with Heart Problems Need to Know


In January of 2020, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a review titled Marijuana Use in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease. Marijuana Heart Study Summary. adults who have reported ever using marijuana have cardiovascular disease.

Decreasing Anxiety Medication with Medical Marijuana


You’re probably here because you’re wondering if medical marijuana could help you combat your anxiety and help you stop relying on pharmaceuticals – and according to peer-reviewed research , it probably can! On the contrary, medical marijuana has no severe side effects.

US Federal Air Surgeon Clarifies Rules On Pilots And THC /CBD

Cannabis Law Report

The Federal Air Surgeon’s office has received a number of inquiries about marijuana, due to the recent increase in the number of states around the country that have approved its use for medical and recreational purposes. Cannabis Law NewsHere’s the Guideline in Full.

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How Medical Marijuana Helps Nausea


Can medical marijuana reduce the discomforts of nausea and the debilitating experience of vomiting? To understand the ways in which marijuana can reduce or eliminate nausea and the urge to vomit, we first need to understand the causes of these conditions.

Dosing Cannabis/Medical Marijuana: 10 Key Things to Consider


People often ask “I suffer from x condition – please give me advice on what CBD:THC profile to take, and how much and how often.” Related to this are other questions, such as “What strain should I take, and what range of cannabinoids and terpenes are best for my condition/s?”

Study: Potential Adverse Drug Events When Combining THC with Other Medication

The Joint Blog

According to a new study in the Journal of Clinic Medicine , the use of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) could have adverse drug effects when combined with other medications due to drug-drug interactions. Cannabis Sativa, a.k.a THC clearly reduces the body’s response to infections.

New Mexico: Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization, Other Reform Bills


State lawmakers have approved a series of bills reducing penalties for marijuana possession offenses and strengthening and expanding legal protections for medical cannabis patients. Senate Bill 323 amends minor marijuana possession penalties. MEDICAL CANNABIS.

Study: THC May Reduce Opioid Use in Trauma Patients

The Joint Blog

According to a new study published in the journal Trauma Surgery & Acute Care , trauma patients who are administered THC capsules consume fewer opioids than do similarly matched control subjects. 66 patients participated in the study: Half received THC, and the other half did not.

CBD And Medical Marijuana: All You Need To Know

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Medical marijuana, along with other cannabis products, is growing in popularity across the country. As a result, people are becoming more and more curious about the natural compounds found in marijuana and how it may be able to help them. What Is Medical Marijuana?

Can A State Recriminalize Recreational Marijuana?

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The laws surrounding both recreational and medical marijuana (MMJ) are constantly changing. Just about every major election sees alterations to which states currently allow their citizens to use marijuana recreationally and/or for medicinal purposes. What are the current marijuana laws?

Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South


Virginia has been one of the most reluctant states to consider marijuana law reform, though it recently began allowing some forms of cannabis oil for approved patients. Then, in 2017 and 2018, Virginia finally made some moves to establish its own medical marijuana industry.

Prevent Migraine with Cannabis and Diet

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Migraine is a fickle, unpleasant neurological condition. Cannabis seems to be a flexible, ubiquitous option that may […]. The post Prevent Migraine with Cannabis and Diet appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks.