Vermont Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Sales


On Thursday 8 October, 2020, Governor Phil Scott (R) announced that he’ll allow a marijuana sales legalization bill passed by the legislature (S.54) to take effect. This makes Vermont the 11th state in the US to legalize recreational marijuana.

Maine Finally Allows for Recreational Marijuana Sales in October, 2020


As for legal recreational cannabis, it was approved of with the passing of the Marijuana Legalization Act in 2016, put forth by Maine’s Question 1. The Marijuana Legalization Act was supposed to take effect within 40 days of November 8, 2016.

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Pennsylvania Governor Encourages Recreational Legalization to Help the State’s Economy  


Lawmakers are looking at ways to increase the state’s revenue, and to no surprise, some suggest legalizing recreational cannabis. Tom Wolf is one of those lawmakers who is pushing for the legalization of recreational cannabis.


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Yesterday, Vermont became the 11 th state to legalize recreational marijuana sales and the second to do so via legislation (Illinois was the first in … Read More. The post UPDATE: VERMONT OFFICIALLY LEGALIZES RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA SALES first appeared on Cannabis Law Report.

Recreational Legalization Bills Advance In New Mexico House And Senate


A bill to legalize the recreational use of cannabis was just approved by the House Judiciary Committee in Santa Fe, New Mexico, making it one step closer to becoming law. “We came to the conclusion that legalization is coming,” Sen. Armstrong, and Angelica Rubio, HB 356 would legalize the recreational possession and use of cannabis by adults aged 21 and older. Unlike the proposal in the House, growing at home would not be legal under the Senate bill.

Cannabis Legalization for Recreational Purposes in Canada

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Cannabis is legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes in Canada. It was legalized nationwide under “Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations,” which was later improved … Read More.

Recreational Cannabis Legalization Bill Advances In New Hampshire


A bill to legalize recreational cannabis for adults in New Hampshire has advanced in the state’s House of Representatives. “For the first time in history the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted to recommend that we put an end to the prohibition of cannabis and enact a law to provide for the legalization, regulation and taxation.”. The post Recreational Cannabis Legalization Bill Advances In New Hampshire appeared first on MassRoots.

Guam Legalizes Recreational Marijuana


With cannabis legalization in the U.S. This small island in the western Pacific Ocean legalized medical cannabis in 2014. Now in 2019, a bill to fully legalize the drug passed by a narrow margin and was signed into law by Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. Although it encountered opposition – as legalization always does – Guerrero believes that this is the best way to curb the illegal drug market. Rules for Legalization. .

Recreational Cannabis In Ohio Set Back A Second Time Due To COVID-19


Ohio’s recreational cannabis initiative has been delayed due to coronavirus social distancing measures, and the petition’s language is also undergoing revisions at the request of Ohio’s Attorney General. In March, the Attorney General of Ohio informed the petitioners by letter that proposed legislation, which would amend the state’s constitution in order to legalize recreational cannabis, was insufficient and required additional information.

Illinois Legalizes Recreational Cannabis!

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Although the final bill is waiting signature from the governor, as of May 31, 2019, Illinois is poised to move forward as the eleventh state to legalize adult use marijuana. Governor Pritzker said about the bill: “Illinois is poised to become the first state in the nation that put equity and criminal justice reform at the heart of its approach to legalizing cannabis, and I’m grateful that the Senate has taken this important step with a bipartisan vote.”.

Puerto Rico: November Surprise for Recreational Cannabis?

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It is possible this spirit of compromise is due in part to Delgado’s indications he would take steps to allow recreational cannabis use in Puerto Rico. However, recreational cannabis appears to be a bridge too far for some of the party faithful.

Cannabis In Canada: Two Year Anniversary of Legalization

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On October 17, 2018, the Canadian government decriminalized weed for recreational use. Today marijuana is a popular recreation enjoyed by more people than ever with a developing industry for entrepreneurs and tastemakers alike. The same day cannabis was legalized […].

Cannabis cowboys: A 900-mile trip with Montana’s marijuana legalization campaign


To ask Montanans about marijuana legalization, Leafly's writer road-tripped with Pepper and Ted. "We The post Cannabis cowboys: A 900-mile trip with Montana’s marijuana legalization campaign appeared first on Leafly.

Election 2020: South Dakota cannabis legalization guide


3 by becoming the first state to pass both medical and adult-use legalization on a single day. The post Election 2020: South Dakota cannabis legalization guide appeared first on Leafly. South Dakota voters could make history on Nov.

Canadians have spent $908 million at recreational cannabis stores since legalization, StatCan

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OTTAWA — Canadians spent about $908 million on non-medical cannabis in the first year since legalization, but online sales dropped as more brick-and-mortar locations opened, said Statistics Canada. 17, 2018, when cannabis was legalized, to the end of September 2019. Canada legalized cannabis on […]. Blog Business Cannabis Canada Cannabis Legalization Featured Marijuana Legalization Marijuana News cannabis canada recreational cannabis Statistics Canada

New York Expected to Legalize in 2019


Just fewer than two years since insisting it was a “gateway drug,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is singing a different tune regarding the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in The Empire State. “It’s But I, as of this date, I am unconvinced on recreational marijuana.”. Fast forward to present day, and Governor Cuomo is in favor of establishing a regulated, legal market. Stringer estimated that the legal cannabis market in New York could exceed $3 billion.

Kelowna opens 1st legal cannabis store: Hobo Recreational Cannabis

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On July 25, Kelowna opened its first legal cannabis store– Hobo Recreational Cannabis– which means that you can now officially buy legal cannabis in the Okanagan Valley’s biggest city. The post Kelowna opens 1st legal cannabis store: Hobo Recreational Cannabis appeared first on Cannabis News | Lifestyle Tips | Expert Opinions | Stocks. Business Cannabis Canada Featured Marijuana News hobo recreational cannabis Kelowna okanagan

Election 2020: Montana cannabis legalization guide


Montana advocates overcame a COVID-19 shutdown to put adult-use cannabis legalization on the Nov. The post Election 2020: Montana cannabis legalization guide appeared first on Leafly. Politics cannabis legalization Election 2020 Montana recreational legalization

The Differences Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis

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More and more states are considering and passing adult-use marijuana regulations, which give all adults over the age of 21 legal access to a variety of cannabis products for recreational use. However, many states with recreational legislation also have medical marijuana rules in place — but why? The truth is there are good reasons you might still pursue a medical marijuana card even if your state does have legal recreational dispensaries.

Election 2020: Arizona marijuana legalization initiative guide


Some of the donors who defeated Arizona's 2016 legalization bid are now in prison. The post Election 2020: Arizona marijuana legalization initiative guide appeared first on Leafly. 2020 could be the year Arizonans finally get it done.

Marijuana Legalization on the Ballot in Arizona


Arizona voters will have a chance to cast a ballot in support of recreational marijuana this coming November. However, a recent survey showed that over 62 percent of likely voters now support legalizing cannabis, suggesting a recent change of heart in the Grand Canyon State.

COVID-19 delays Maine’s recreational marijuana rollout


The post COVID-19 delays Maine’s recreational marijuana rollout appeared first on Leafly. Industry Politics adult-use cannabis cannabis stores coronavirus COVID-19 Maine marijuana legalizationAfter preparing to launch in spring 2020, state officials have decided to delay the start of retail sales.

Rhode Island governor plans to legalize recreational marijuana


Gina Raimondo will propose a framework to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, reports the Providence Journal. “Like it or not, we’re going to be incurring public safety and public health expenses because it’s legal in Massachusetts…And I think it is time for us to put together our own regulatory and taxing framework.” ” The call for legalization would be part of the state’s budget plan for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

Study: Adult-Use Legalization Markets Not Tied to Vaping-Related Lung Illness


"The five earliest states to legalize recreational marijuana -- Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington -- all had less than one EVALI case per 100,000 residents.". Legalization EVALI legalization lung illness vaping

Vaping 186

Montana advocates meet deadline for cannabis legalization measure


If the signatures are verifies, adult-use legalization will be on the statewide ballot in November. The post Montana advocates meet deadline for cannabis legalization measure appeared first on Leafly. Politics adult-use legalization Election 2020 legalization Montana recreational legalization

Recreational Legalization Harms Medical Marijuana Sales


Despite the fact the recreational marijuana makes it easily accessible by all, it has devastating effects on the medical market. Historically, according to the Tampa Bay Times , marijuana legalization caused people to leave the medical realm in droves. According to the Tampa Bay Times , recreational legalization cuts well-established medical marijuana programs off at the knees. e-news Medical Cannabis Recreational Marijuana

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal In Oklahoma?

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These days the legality of marijuana varies from state to state. Medical marijuana (MMJ) is now legal in Oklahoma – but is recreational. marijuana legal in Oklahoma? Currently, no – the use of recreational marijuana is still prohibited in the state. But there are constant changes to these laws, surrounding both recreational and MMJ use, so here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know. MMJ in Oklahoma was officially legalized back in August 2018.

Wisconsin Governor Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana And Decriminalize Recreational This Year


Evers aims to legalize medical cannabis, decriminalize recreational possession and use, and expunge qualifying arrest records. This morning, I announced that in my budget, I am calling for Wisconsin to join over 30 other states and the District of Columbia in legalizing medical marijuana. Legalizing cannabis for a medicinal purpose in Wisconsin is inspired by Evers’ own experience with a debilitating disease. Decriminalization, Not Legalization.

Oglala Sioux Tribe approves medical, recreational marijuana


Members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe passed a referendum to legalize medical and recreational marijuana on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, according to preliminary results from the tribe’s election commission. The post Oglala Sioux Tribe approves medical, recreational marijuana appeared first on Leafly.

Pennsylvania governor calls for marijuana legalization to boost economic recovery


Tom Wolf puts recreational legalization at the top of his autumn 2020 legislative agenda. The post Pennsylvania governor calls for marijuana legalization to boost economic recovery appeared first on Leafly.

Years after legalizing marijuana, voters see it as a huge success


The post Years after legalizing marijuana, voters see it as a huge success appeared first on Leafly. Politics adult-use legalization cannabis legalization legalization vote marijuana legalization recreational marijuana storesA new survey finds that most residents in adult-use states applaud the end of prohibition.

Mainers spent $250,000 on cannabis during first weekend of retail sales


Industry Maine recreational legalization recreational marijuana retail marijuana salesIn Bangor, the cops got tired of answering questions about the new law. Pro tip: Ask Leafly!

Retail 114

These States Could be the Next to Legalize Cannabis


Cannabis legalization is happening regardless of the US federal government’s draconian stance on the subject. Suppose the United States federal government doesn’t do something about their outdated stance on cannabis legalization. Mississippi Could Legalize Medical Cannabis. Mississippi is on the verge of seeing legal access to medical cannabis. Arizona Has its Sights on Recreational Cannabis. Montana is Reforming its Cannabis Legalization Laws.

New Jersey Voters To Vote On Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

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New Jersey voters will vote next year on whether to legalize recreational cannabis. The recreational use question was added to the November 2020 ballot on Monday by New Jersey lawmakers. If approved, the ballot question would amend the state constitution to legalize recreational cannabis for those twenty-one and older. Recreational cannabis would be subject to the state’s sales tax of 6.625%.

Is There a Difference Between Recreational and Medical Cannabis?


It wasn’t until 2012 that Washington State and Colorado introduced America’s first legal recreational cannabis bills. Prior to this, the only cannabis available legally in North America was medical marijuana. Dozens of states now permit the sale and consumption of medical cannabis for qualifying conditions, while a total of 11 states have so far legalized [ ] The post Is There a Difference Between Recreational and Medical Cannabis?

U.S. States with Legal Recreational Marijuana

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And, other states allow people to use marijuana for recreational use. Here are those states: Alaska Marijuana has been legal for recreational use since February 2015 in Alaska. It is legal for adults 21 and older to have up to an ounce of marijuana and six plants. California In November 2016, it became legal to use marijuana recreationally under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64). However, it was legal in Portland since November 2013.

Luxembourg’s government reportedly weighs plan to legalize recreational marijuana

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Luxembourg’s federal government is reported to be weighing plans to legalize recreational cannabis through a tightly controlled market that would offer entrepreneurs a limited number of production and retail licenses. Luxembourg’s Radio 100.7 had access to a “first concept” of what would serve as the basis for the upcoming recreational cannabis framework in the small European country.