New Legislation Introduced To Protect State-Legal Marijuana Programs


The most essential component in creating a stable business environment to meet consumer demand is certainty, and that is what states and businesses would have with Congressman Correa’s legislation to protect state-lawful programs from potential rouge US Attorneys under a Department of Justice likely to be led by known drug warrior William Barr. To date, these statewide regulatory programs are operating largely as voters and politicians intended.

Attorney General Nominee Commits To Leave State-Legal Marijuana Programs Alone


His statements came response to questions from Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) — each of whom represent states where marijuana is legally regulated for either medical or recreational purposes. With this commitment, Congress has a clear mandate to take action and end the underlying policy of federal criminalization,” said NORML Political Director Justin Strekal. “In Advocacy Attorney General GOVERNMENT Legalization Policy SOCIETY


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New York’s Cannabis Packaging, the FCF’s Cannabis Policy, & a California MMJ Assistance Program


New York proposed a set of packaging and marketing rules for recreational cannabis, a Fan Controlled Football player was cut for smoking cannabis on the field, and a California program is making medical cannabis more affordable for patients.

What Is the MORE Act, and How Could It Change Marijuana Policy Forever?


Currently, public support for legalizing weed nationwide is at an all-time high: 62 percent of Americans favor legalizing the adult use of marijuana, while over 90 percent want access to medical cannabis. The issue isn’t if marijuana will be legalized anymore. The question is how and when , but America’s elected leaders haven’t agreed on how legalization should be implemented. It’s actually a reestablishment of the legal term [for] cannabis.

Policy 219

Thailand’s Cannabis Turn-Around, Texas GOP’s Drug Policy Platform, and a New Study on Cannabis Road Safety


Thailand left its war on drugs in the past, the Texas GOP platform raised some questions, and a new study revealed how cannabis legalization affects road safety. Since legalization, over 4,000 prisoners with cannabis-related charges have been freed.

Press Release: Maine Office of Cannabis Policy Report on Cannabis Program Shows Success in Launch, Diminished Illicit Market? 

Cannabis Law Report

Report shows Maine’s adult use program is ahead of pace set by other states, to serve as foundation for expansion of stakeholder outreach by OCP . The findings of this report serve as an excellent baseline for us to measure the continued evolution of our programs,” added Gundersen. “OCP

Tax expert says there could be significant revenues in cannabis legalization, some lawmakers still skeptical

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

Comments and questions raised on Tuesday during an interim legislative tax policy committee point towards lengthy debates on recreational cannabis legalization in the upcoming legislative session in January.

New York: An Analysis of Governor Cuomo’s Legalization Proposal


A complex and comprehensive plan laid out in over 200 pages of legislative text, the CRTA would implement one of the most tightly regulated, highly taxed and heavily controlled legal cannabis markets in the world. development and hiring programs.

Ohio Program Trains Cannabis Offenders for Industry Jobs

Cannabis Law Report

A licensed medical marijuana cultivator in Ohio has teamed up with a nonprofit serving formerly incarcerated people to provide an employment education program for past cannabis offenders. Global Advocacy & Policy Global ForumCannabis Now reports.

CDC Dishes Out Workplace Cannabis Policy Advice to Companies That Hire Drivers


this substance needs to be addressed by all workplace motor vehicle safety programs.”. In addition to this, the NIOSH says that employers ought to develop cannabis policies that abide by “current laws in each state where your company operates.”

Massachusetts: Cannabis Control Commission Launches Programming for Massachusetts’ Third Cohort of Social Equity Program Participants

Cannabis Law Report

WORCESTER, MA— The Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) hosted a virtual orientation seminar on Thursday, March 3 for participants of the third cohort of Massachusetts’ first-in-the-nation Social Equity Program. Global Advocacy & Policy Global Forum

House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Considers ‘Cannabis Policies for the New Decade’


Members of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health today held a legislative hearing, “ Cannabis Policies for the New Decade ,” during which they considered multiple legislative bills aimed at amending federal cannabis laws. This marks the first time that members of the Energy and Commerce Committee have debated issues specific to marijuana policy reform. He continued: “The fact of the matter is that legalization and regulation work.

Policy 164

Federal policy kills buzz for advertising pot

Cannabis Chronicles

With a growing number of states legalizing weed for recreational and medical purposes, the U.S. Though many weed sellers — legal and black market — continue to operate accounts on Instagram, some complain that the social-media site shuts down their accounts with little warning or explanation. New York state has a small medical program and is expected to approve recreational weed this year.

Policy 136

Illinois Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana


Pritzker has signed legislation legalizing the adult use of marijuana and regulating its commercial production and retail sale. Illinois is now the eleventh state to legalize adult-use marijuana, and it is the second state to legalize marijuana use via legislative action rather than by voter initiative. Patients enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program will be legally permitted for the first time to personally cultivate up to five marijuana plants.

Travelers Institute Announces Fall 2021 Virtual Programming

Cannabis Law Report

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Travelers Institute , the public policy division of The Travelers Companies, Inc. The webinar series, which launched in 2020, will be hosted by Joan Woodward, President of the Travelers Institute and Executive Vice President of Public Policy at Travelers.

Policy Analysis Paper: Medicinal cannabis and driving: the intersection of health and road safety policy

Cannabis Law Report

Recent shifting attitudes towards the medical use of cannabis has seen legal access pathways established in many jurisdictions in North America, Europe and Australasia. Behaviours and Health Risks Program, Burnet Institute, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia. Abstract. Background.

California cannabis tax program helps communities recover from the war on drugs

Cannabis Law Report

CN) — A program outlined in Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use in 2016 in California, is to give back to those harmed by the War on Drugs. The CalCRG program uses a cannabis excise and cultivation tax to give out $35.5 Courthouse News.

The STATES Act Reintroduced: Bipartisan Measure Limits Federal Government’s Ability To Interfere With State-Sanctioned Marijuana Business, Policies


This Act amends the Controlled Substances Act to reduce the number of instances in which federal law enforcement agencies could carry out legal actions against state-licensed cannabis businesses or other related enterprises. It is time for the federal government to cease standing in the way of these voter-backed regulatory policies being implemented throughout the country,” said NORML Political Director Justin Strekal. INDUSTRY LEGISLATION Policy

Policy 168

Last Prisoner Project and Dodi Blunts Launch Apprenticeship Program, Plus Upcoming Events

Cannabis Law Report

Marshawn Lynch’s Dodi Blunts teams up with Last Prisoner Project to launch apprenticeship program for justice-impacted individuals… Here’s what they are saying. Read more about the program and our first apprentice, Katree, here. Global Advocacy & Policy Global Forum

Canada – British Columbia Launches “B.C. Indigenous Cannabis Product (BCICP) program.”

Cannabis Law Report

This is what they are saying in their press release let’s hope it actually works out… In keeping with its commitment to develop a robust and diverse legal cannabis economy in B.C. Indigenous Cannabis Product (BCICP) program. The program is available to B.C.-based,

Small wins for cannabis in 2020 legislative session

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

Despite almost a year of work from a group assembled by Lujan Grisham to come up with proposed legislation for cannabis legalization, the proposal she backed failed early on in the session. Cannabis legislation was not a complete loss for Gov.

Missouri Medical Cannabis Policy Alert

Cannabis Law Report

Again, ask them to vote YES to override SB 226 so that your business may deduct ordinary business expenses like any other legal business in Missouri. Support for this legislative fix is not an endorsement of Missouri’s medical marijuana program.

Marijuana Legalization on the Ballot in Arizona


However, a recent survey showed that over 62 percent of likely voters now support legalizing cannabis, suggesting a recent change of heart in the Grand Canyon State. 207 will do more than simply legalize cannabis in Arizona.

Florida Atlantic University offers cannabis studies program

Cannabis Law Report

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is offering a cannabis studies program to their academic repertoire, offering courses in several areas including cannabis in healthcare, agriculture, law and policy, and licensing to sell the product.

Application for Cohort Three of the Commission’s Social Equity Program Opens June 21

Cannabis Law Report

Worcester— The Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) is pleased to announce the application for the third cohort of Massachusetts’ first-in-the-nation statewide Social Equity Program will open Monday, June 21. “We Global Advocacy & Policy Global Forum

Researchers To Investigate Arkansas’ Medical Cannabis Program


The NIDA-funded investigation will delve into the health-related repercussions of Arkansas’ medical cannabis program , which was initially approved by voters back in 2016. ACHI identifies itself as a sovereign health policy center that was formed in 1998.

Report: Marijuana Legalization Not Associated with Adverse ‘Spillover’ Effects in Neighboring States


The enactment of adult-use marijuana legalization laws is not associated with any significant increase in cannabis-related activity in neighboring states and counties, according to a federally funded report published by the nonprofit Justice Research and Statistics Association and first reported by Two: What are the impacts on criminal justice resources in states that border the states (Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah, and Kansas) that have legalized marijuana?;

Tennessee Broadens its Medical Cannabis Program


Wait, Tennessee has a medical cannabis program? I was born and raised in East Tennessee, and I moved to Oklahoma because medical cannabis is not legal nor accessible in Tennessee. The Evolution of Tennessee’s Medical Cannabis Program.

UMB Welcomes its First Wave of Medical Cannabis Program Graduates


program. Stretching over two years, the program demonstrates growing acceptance for the cannabis plant, which is currently legal in 36 U.S. Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program kicked off two years ago and has since managed to garner plenty of interest.

UW-Platteville cannabis program is growing as legal status in Wisconsin remains hazy

Cannabis Law Report

UW-Platteville has had a certificate program in its Continuing Education Institute for helping people learn about the cannabis industry since 2020. Students can specialize in one of four programs — health care and medicine, law and policy, business or agriculture.

Last Prisoner Project Launches Reentry Partnerships Program to Empower Cannabis Prisoners as They Return to Society

Cannabis Law Report

LPP’s reentry resources are focused on ensuring that our constituents have the tools and support they need to successfully rebuild their lives as well as create pathways to employment within the legal cannabis industry. “We Global Advocacy & Policy Global Forum

CDC Issues Best Practices For Fleet Marijuana Policies

Cannabis Law Report

January 2022) – The CDC recently issued guidance to businesses developing marijuana policies, balancing state legalization efforts and fleet safety. Per the CDC, marijuana should be addressed in motor vehicle safety programs. 20 January 2022. by Todd A.

Manager/Director – Drug Markets and Legal Regulation Drug Policy Alliance New York,

Cannabis Law Report

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the leading organization in the U.S. We have played a pivotal role in transforming the national conversation about drug policy. The Manager/Director reports to DPA’s Managing Director of Policy (MDP) and is part of DPA’s national policy team.

Opinion – Comments On Policy: Advocacy, Action and Influence – “Budget Applauded”

Cannabis Law Report

Alongside the numbers of any Budget the government can choose to send policy signals while budget implementation legislation typically introduces a sweeping range of legislative amendments impacting various sectors. They write by way of introduction. Budget 2022.

Humboldt County Offers Support Program for Cannabis


On Monday, the county opened up the application period for “Project Trellis,” a support program to provide a boost to local cannabis growers. Additionally the Local Equity Program Manual outlines the services available to those who meet the eligibility requirements.

Biden nominates Rahul Gupta to head Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

Cannabis Law Report

Rahul Gupta, the former chair of the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board who also served as the lead on drug policy in Biden’s presidential transition team, is being selected to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). Marijuana Moment reports.

NY Office of Cannabis Management – Director of Policy (Deputy Director, NS)

Cannabis Law Report

Director of Policy (Deputy Director, NS) #10901. The Policy Director will also oversee the development and implementation of the Office’s public health educational campaign as well as the monitoring, surveillance, and reporting on key metrics related to the impacts of cannabis legalization.