Utopia Shines Bright Like a THC Diamond in California


Making hash from 300 pounds of cannabis per day, Utopia distills the essence of cannabis, “THC diamonds,” for aficionados only. The post Utopia Shines Bright Like a THC Diamond in California appeared first on Leafly. Strains & Products California hash

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‘Blow Themselves Up:’ Police Worried About Butane Hash Oil Extractions at Home

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“What’s going to happen — and this is just my prediction — is that people are going to do a butane hash extraction at home and they’re going to blow themselves up,” said Sgt. ” Pilon said before cannabis was legalized, Edmonton police dealt with six butane hash oil labs. “It’s butane honey oil, so it’s not hash.

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What to Buy When You’re Uptight About Cannabis


Skittish of THC, podcast celeb Dennis Norris II finds satisfaction at Portland’s Serra dispensary. Podcasts Strains & Products LGBTQ podcasts Portland The Hash topicalsThe post What to Buy When You’re Uptight About Cannabis appeared first on Leafly.

5 Ways to Counteract a Negative Marijuana Experience


No longer is it just flowers, hash and edibles of varying degrees of quality. Cannabis Dosing CBD dosing microdosing THCWe are moving into a new world of MMJ.

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How Much Marijuana for a Stick of Butter? (and Other Dosing Dilemmas)

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” Two and a half milligrams of THC is going to be more than plenty for some folks, while 100 mgs is not going to be enough for others. While the United States government says the national average is 10% THC, low-end schwag can be as low as 3%, while some top shelf strains tested at 40%.

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Almost Deadly Butane Explosion Proves the Dangers of Making Marijuana Concentrates


Marijuana may have gotten stronger over the years, but for some, even a jump from the single digits to (in some cases) over 30% THC isn’t enough. Concentrates are highly potent forms of marijuana, in some cases reaching a THC concentration of 90%.

Highly Potent Marijuana Has Health Experts Worried


Of course, many people like having the option to buy dry herb with a THC level of 20 to 30% (or more, in a few cases). But while THC potency increases in the U.S., Drug Enforcement Administration found the potency increased from about 4% THC in 1995 to about 12% in 2014. THC.”.

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Strike Oil: Desire for Cannabis Oil Heats Up


In commercially-produced cannabis oils, the concentrations of CBD and THC tend to be well-controlled, which makes it easy to calculate dosage and effect. Take it from this consumer, oils offer a steadier “high” than flower because the oil has consistent THC and CBD levels. The benefit then was that you could get the full spectrum of the plant, which you gave up when you were using “BHO” which is short for “Butane Hash Oil.”.

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How Much Marijuana for a Stick of Butter? (and Other Dosing Dilemmas)

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” Two and a half milligrams of THC is going to be more than plenty for some folks, while 100 mgs is not going to be enough for others. While the United States government says the national average is 10% THC, low-end schwag can be as low as 3%, while some top shelf strains tested at 40%.

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Arizona Supreme Court Reverses Lower Court Rulings that Would Have Outlawed Cannabis Extracts

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This decision was thus extremely problematic for patients that rely on extracts for precise dosing of THC and CBD for pain relief, as well as the dispensaries that sell them. The oral argument was even more gratifying, as the justices quoted our arguments regarding the inevitability of ostensibly illegal “finger hash” when handling legal leaves or flowers, and the inability to make a medical product simply by adding dried leaves or flowers to brownie batter.”.

The Australians Are In Scotland Trying To Grow Medical Cannabis, LeafCann The Braveheart Of Medical Cannabis !

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This is about the third story we’ve seen in the past fortnight about the Aussies going overseas to try and grow medical cannabis. May we be bold as to suggest that it is such a nightmare to crawl through the red tape in Australia that Australian companies. increasingly being bought up by the Canadians and the Americans) are shifting to greener pastures to try and get crops in the ground.

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Super Skunk Automatic: Another potency racer from Sensi‘s auto breeding garage

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For the breeding process of this autoflowering version, the Sensi breeders tweaked the Super Skunk genetics by recombining its components Skunk #1 and Afghani hash plant with one of their best autoflowering hybrids. Along with Sensi Seeds‘ Skunk #1 Automatic, grower Ellis D.

The Difference Between CBD Isolate And Distillate

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Both isolate and distillate are two such derivatives that can be used even by those who don’t appreciate the famous stoning effects of THC and who have no desire to smoke cannabis. It may contain THC, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other compounds.

What is 710? A New Holiday for Those Who Feel 420 is a Bit Too Dry

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Hash may have been the first popularly acknowledged concentrate but now you can also get oil, budder, wax, shatter, crumble and dabs. When it comes to cannabis, many slang terms have developed over the years.

8 Different Ways To Consume Marijuana

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Using a bong can also transfer more THC into the bloodstream than regular smoking, giving you a better high. Many people choose these to get the maximum effect from the THC in their products. Dabs are concentrates including shatter, butane hash oil (BHO), and wax.

10 Cannabis World Records That Will Trip You Out

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Coming in at 26 to 28 percent THC, an ounce of Loud Dream can go for around $800. #5: pounds, was 30 inches long, and contained premium flower, bubble hash, and solventless concentrate. It has been measured at more than 33 percent THC. #10:

Interstitial Cystitis & Perimenopause


I’ve never smoked and don’t care for smoking,” Lana said, so her brother suggested a combination cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) patch. “I She lives in a state where cannabis laws are still being hashed out.

What Is Microdosing? A Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

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Those suffering from severe pain may require high doses of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, a primary compound in cannabis) for maximum effectiveness, but others have reported better results with less THC. The advantage here is that you can hash out the exact dose of THC you’re getting. So, with that said, you may have to play around with the dose to find the right amount of THC for you. In recent years, microdosing has gained popularity in the cannabis community.

Why Are Pre-Roll Joints Always Such Popular Sellers on 420?

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Another popular trend in pre-rolls is the THC infused variety. These pre-rolls are boosted with a variety of concentrate that will increase the THC content of the joint. THC is the psychedelic compound in marijuana that will increase creativity and a sense of euphoria.

Is Taking CBD Oil While Pregnant Safe? 19 People On Reddit Share Their Opinions & Experiences

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For example it may contain CBD CBC CBG CBT THC (a low %, close to other ones as a 1:1:1:1 ratio is preferred, not enough to feel the effects of a “high”) THCG TCHA THCB. CBD and pregnancy is a tricky subject.

Sensi’s Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide for the Holidays

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For a diverse range of cannabis accessories, check out Etsy.com where you’ll find everything from stash boxes, travel kits, hoodies, and roach clips to rolling trays, mugs, and, natch, a Darth Vader weed grinder , or my favorite, THC wall art.

Your Guide To CBD Oil For Cats Seizures

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Popularly known as marijuana, weed, pot, or hash, it started as hemp in India and was called Cannabis Sativa. Two major components of cannabis (marijuana) are THC and CBD. THC is considered as the recreational aspect of marijuana since it makes people high.

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Motley Fool Article: 5 Countries With the Highest Cannabis Spending by 2024

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Or, in layman’s terms, the Supreme Court has essentially affirmed the legality of recreational marijuana and is simply waiting for lawmakers in the country to hash out the details. MF report. United States: $30.1 billion in cannabis spending by 2024. As should be no surprise, the U.S.

Isolating Specific Desirable Compounds: Learn All There Is to Know About the Top 3 Cannabis Extraction Techniques

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More often than not, the most sought after cannabinoids are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, known as CBD and THC respectively. Butane hash oil is created when you use butane as the solvent in the extraction process. In simple terms, shatter is a hardened butane hash oil.

Most Popular Marijuana Strains in California

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While strains like White Widow, Blueberry, G-13 Hash Plant, and Kali Mist were once the most popular strains in California and Europe, newer hybrid strains are taking over the landscape that add even more exotic elements.

5 Vaping Cannabis Hacks

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The kit contains all the tools you need to make batch after batch of custom THC vape juice. This works on almost any concentrate except bubble hash. While you can’t mix any nicotine ejuice into your THC juice, you can mix liquidizer flavors.

Total of 17 Possible Cannabis Edible Products Will Reach Store Shelves


Aside from edibles, high-THC concentrates will also be available. These include wax, resin, shatter, hash, kief and vape cartridges. With edibles just months away from legalization, the cannabis industry gears up for what it hopes will be an entirely new, highly profitable market.

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You can now get a license to grow and sell cannabis from the state of California


We’re also going to see, for the medical folks, if it’s in 10-milligram doses, we’re going to be able to still sell those for a limited amount of total THC.